Dispute resolution in Liechtenstein

Gasser Partner Attorneys at Law

The ‘outstanding know-how’ at Gasser Partner Attorneys at Law allows the practice to handle ‘cases of high, cross-border complexity’ for clients including international investment funds, Liechtenstein foundations and high-net-worth individuals. The sizeable team handles matters including asset recovery, debt enforcement and litigation at all levels of the Liechtenstein court system. Arbitration is also a notable focus for the firm, with partners routinely appointed as arbitrators in mandates pertaining to foundation and trust law. Described as ‘the best lawyer in Liechtenstein‘, Johannes Gasser heads the practice, alongside senior partners Hannes Arnold and Thomas Nigg. Sebastian Auer is ‘making his name in the practice, especially in private client related matters’.

Practice head(s):

Johannes Gasser; Hannes Arnold; Thomas Nigg

Other key lawyers:

Sebastian Auer


‘Strong and very responsive team with deep knowledge of technical and strategic procedural skills’

‘Johannes Gasser is our go-to person for any dispute related to trust, commercial or private client matters.  He is a strong litigator with great business understanding and strategic skills. Sebastian Auer is also making his name in the practice, especially in private client related matters.’

‘Very responsive.’

‘Thomas Nigg is very competent in his area.’

‘The entire team in the field of dispute resolution has outstanding know-how and a reputation that extends beyond the borders of Liechtenstein. New issues and situations are creatively tackled and managed, even in cases of high, cross-border complexity.’

‘Johannes Gasser is an outstanding lawyer with a vast wealth of experience. In the field of dispute resolution, Johannes Gasser is, in my view, by far the best lawyer in Liechtenstein and has impressive knowledge of other legal systems such as Austria, Switzerland and Germany.’

‘Excellent know-how and service.’

‘Johannes Gasser and Hannes Arnold are very good.’

Schurti Partners Attorneys at Law Ltd

Schurti Partners Attorneys at Law Ltd provides an ‘exceptional service to corporate and individual clients’ who include insurance companies, financial intermediaries and a variety of stakeholders in trust and foundation matters. The ‘astounding’ team handles a wide variety of cross-border disputes and is praised for its knowledge of ‘jurisdictions around the world in which Liechtenstein holding structures are likely to be tested’.  Moritz Blasy, hailed as ‘experienced, intelligent and fearless’, heads the practice alongside the ‘wise’ Andreas Schurti. Andreas Vogel is recommended for his ‘deep knowledge of regulatory laws in the financial sector.’ Nicolai Binkert contributes additional expertise in foundation and trust law, while Simon Ott regularly handles white-collar crime cases. Christian Scheffknecht frequently provides key support to Blasy on high profile trust litigations.

Practice head(s):

Andreas Schurti; Moritz Blasy

Other key lawyers:

Andreas Vogel; Simon Ott; Nicolai Binkert


‘The best law firm in the region, providing an exceptional service to corporate and individual clients.’

‘Moritz Blasy is experienced, intelligent and fearless. He is completely focused on achieving the best possible results for clients.’

‘Dedicated and hungry lawyers, who are willing to go the extra mile for their clients.  Simon Ott is super-smart and very focused; he defines goals and seeks to accomplish them, mostly successfully. Nicolai Binkert and Moritz Blasy are also very smart people with a wide and impressive knowledge of the law. I don’t think you would like to see them representing the other side in a dispute.

 Andreas Vogel stands out for his deep knowledge of regulatory laws in the financial sector, combined with litigation skills. In addition, he is capable of anticipating the course of a dispute and, thus, to provide valuable strategic advice.’

‘We found the team unique in their awareness not only of Liechtenstein law and business but their awareness of how these interact with the laws and practices in other jurisdictions around the world in which Liechtenstein holding structures are likely to be tested.’

‘Andreas Schurti is wise, calm, and takes a mature view of complicated situations.  He gives sophisticated technical advice based on a lifetime of experience.’

‘Schurti Partners has one of the leading teams in dispute resolution matters. They handle several of the most complex and large international matters and earn the trust of large international clients. Their expertise in this area is astounding. In particular, they have a very strong team for all white-collar crime matters.’

‘Andreas Vogel is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone seeking representation in litigious matters in Liechtenstein.’

Work highlights

  • Defended the interests of a client in mutual legal assistance proceedings in which a foreign forfeiture order should have been enforced against assets in Liechtenstein.
  • Representing the descendant of a late billionaire in litigation in several jurisdictions involving various stakeholders of the settlor.    
  • Representing a director of a company incorporated in Liechtenstein in civil proceedings which have been brought by 30 shareholders of the company.

advocatio Rechtsanwälte Grabher Dür

A ‘very powerful’ law firm, advocatio Rechtsanwälte Grabher Dür regularly handles national and cross-border litigation in matters pertaining to investment funds, foundation law and banking law. The team also handles white-collar crime cases and is increasingly active on life insurance related contractual litigation. Practice head and ‘top lawyer‘, Johannes Grabher, is noted for his ‘many years of experience’ and ‘proven competence’, while Johannes Dür is praised for his ‘outstanding legal knowledge’. The practice is a key destination for domestic and international clients from the insurance sector and financial service providers.

Practice head(s):

Johannes Grabher

Other key lawyers:

Johannes Dür


‘Outstanding professional competence, precise working method, 100% committed to the client, proactive thinking, creative solution proposals. In summary, a very competent and powerful law firm. The client is at all times the centre of interest and action.’

‘Johannes Grabher is an absolute top lawyer with passion, who, due to his many years of experience, proven competence and the will to act in the best interest of the client, forms the ideal foundation for a positive outcome of every legal proceeding.’

‘Dr. Grabher is very kind, competent, fast and solution oriented.’

Work highlights

  • Represented two directors of a foreign fund administrator in a white-collar crime case.
  • Represented an insurance company in various legal disputes in connection with asset-linked life insurance policies.
  • Representation of a high-net-worth individual in connection with a claim for damages in the millions against an asset manager.


BATLINER WANGER BATLINER Rechtsanwälte AG is active across the legal spectrum, including on civil and arbitration proceedings related to Liechtenstein foundations, corporate and contractual matters and IP disputes, such as trademark rights and copyright protection. Particularly noteworthy is the practice’s ongoing involvement in the bankruptcy proceedings of Gable Insurance, a complex matter involving multiple jurisdictions and areas of law and one which demonstrates the firm’s reach. The team is led by Ralph Wanger and Hansjörg Lingg; both offer a range of experience in areas such as arbitration and procedural law.

Practice head(s):

Ralph Wanger; Hansjörg Lingg

Key clients

Gable Insurance

Work highlights

  • Acting as the trustee in the bankruptcy proceedings of Gable Insurance AG, an insurance company which operated in 11 countries.

Marxer & Partner Attorneys-at-Law

Marxer & Partner Attorneys-at-Law handles a broad range of disputes including corporate litigation, liability arbitration cases and trust and foundation law cases.  The team is particularly active on white-collar criminal matters, such as money laundering, with a recent multij-urisdictional mandate involving parallel MLAT proceedings and a significant amount of frozen assets. The practice is jointly led by Stefan Wenaweser, Robert Schneider , Jochen Schreiber and Christian Ritzberger.

Practice head(s):

Stefan Wenaweser; Robert Schneider; Jochen Schreiber; Christian Ritzberger

Müller & Partner Rechtsanwälte

Jointly headed by Wolfgang Müller, Roland Müller, Robert Neudorfer, Egon Hug and Martin Zech, Müller & Partner Rechtsanwälte has an established contentious practice with a particularly strong track record in proceedings related to banking and finance and trust and foundation law. The firm routinely represents Liechtenstein trusts, international banks, and insurance companies in compensation suits, asset recovery and asset restitution cases, as well as mandates pertaining to embezzlement charges. Additionally, the firm is regularly involved in bankruptcy proceedings, with lawyers from the firm acting as both liquidators or administrators.

Practice head(s):

Wolfgang Müller; Roland Müller; Robert Neudorfer; Egon Hug; Martin Zech

Niedermüller | Attorneys at Law

Able to handle ‘complex matters with ease’, Niedermüller | Attorneys at Law is ‘one of the leading firms in Liechtenstein in complex multi jurisdiction dispute resolution matters’, including ‘commercial disputes, liability matters, shareholder disputes and white-collar crime.’ The practice also assists a largely international client base with asset recovery. Practice head Matthias Niedermüller ‘knows the game of litigation inside out’ and is praised for using creative thinking to find ‘appropriate solutions for the most difficult cases’.

Practice head(s):

Matthias Niedermüller


‘Very smart lawyers with expertise in Liechtenstein and extensive knowledge and understanding of other jurisdictions. Prepared to work hard and to meet tight deadlines.’

‘Dr Matthias Niedermüller is both highly intelligent and incredibly practical. He is a great advocate who fully understands international practices and is expert in Liechtenstein law. He has great vision and strategy and gets things done.’

‘Niedermüller Attorneys is one of the leading firms in Liechtenstein in complex multi jurisdiction dispute resolution matters of all kinds. They have decades of experience in handling international dispute matters, including commercial disputes, liability matters, shareholder disputes, white-collar crime etc.’

‘Matthias Niedermüller without question is the leading individual in dispute resolution matters. He has over 16 years of experience in dealing with the most complex and demanding international multi-jurisdictional matters. He is regularly entrusted with the main dispute cases in Liechtenstein with other leading individuals being the opposing counsel.’

‘Mr Niedermüller knows the game of litigation inside out.’

‘The dispute resolution team is very eager, ambitious and talented. They have the ability to work very swiftly and to a very high standard. It is always a pleasure to fight battles together with Niedermüller’s team.’

‘Matthias Niedermüller is a top-tier litigator in Liechtenstein with a great deal of experience. He is excellent with clients and always available. I would not hesitate to recommend him.’

‘Mr. Niedermüller is an experienced lawyer and colleague who is reliable and reachable at almost any time.’

Lampert & Partner Attorneys at Law Ltd

Lampert & Partner Attorneys at Law Ltd is a boutique firm with a strong focus on matters involving money laundering, fraud, asset tracing and asset recovery. The practice acts for corporate clients, financial intermediaries and governments before all Liechtenstein courts. Practice head Siegbert Lampert is highly experienced in cases involving international mutual legal assistance.

Practice head(s):

Siegbert Lampert

Ospelt & Partner Attorneys at Law Ltd.

The ‘extremely knowledgeable’ team at Ospelt & Partner Attorneys at Law Ltd. represents clients in a variety of civil and criminal proceedings with a particular focus on matters relating to insurance companies, trusts and foundations. Experienced litigator Thomas Wiedl is described as a ‘top-class advocate’ and praised for his handling of ‘large and international‘ cases. Martina Knünz is described as a ‘heavyweight’ who is ‘at the top of her game’.

Practice head(s):

Thomas Wiedl

Other key lawyers:

Martina Knünz


‘Thomas Wiedl represented one of my clients in a large and international case very successfully.’

‘The team is extremely knowledgeable, very efficient and provides a world class service in a very cost-effective manner.’

‘Thomas Wiedl is a top-class advocate who is relentless in pushing the client’s agenda.’

‘The whole team worked very precisely and fast and answered all questions to my complete satisfaction.’

‘Thomas Wiedl had perfect solutions to every problem.’

‘Outstanding client care, attention to detail and thinking through every possible scenario before arriving at the best strategy.’

‘Dr Thomas Wiedl and Dr Martina Knünz are at the top of their game – real heavyweights who hold their own against the most aggressive opposition. They fight their client’s corner to the very end but with pragmatism and compassion.’ 

‘The whole team works together. If a contact person is not available, another person can help without any problems.’

Key clients

Adon Trading FZE / Mulberry Proje Ve dis Ticaret A.S.

Spar Handels AG

Gassnerbau AG

wefox Insurance AG

Banque Havilland AG

Work highlights

  • Advised Adon Trading FZE Dubai and Mulberry Proje Ve dis Ticaret in civil and criminal proceedings.
  • Advised SPAR Handels AG in civil proceedings.

Walser Attorneys at Law Ltd.

The team at Walser Attorneys at Law Ltd. acts for private and institutional clients, notably from Liechtenstein trusts and foundations, in areas such as contractual disputes, and representation before domestic administrative agencies. The practice is also active in arbitration, both at a national and international level, with the firm advising on complex proceedings involving significant sums of money. Manuel Walser heads the practice and is supported by Andreas Batliner and Lisa Sartor .

Practice head(s):

Manuel Walser

Other key lawyers:

Andreas Batliner; Lisa Sartor

Key clients

Allgemeines Treuunternehmen

CorPa Treuhand AG

CorPa Services AG

Mutual Consulting Establishment