Risk management and investigations: Independent local firms in Japan

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune

The team at Anderson Mori & Tomotsune is distinguished by its ‘high level of expertise and excellent communication skills’ and possesses a wide-ranging proficiency encompassing fraud, bribery, and information leak mandates. The group's collective experience spans internal investigations, quality control issues, corporate criminal defence work, and government investigations. All three co-heads, Kazuhilo Kikawa, Yoshihiro Kai, and Hidetaka Miyake, have an ‘exceptional background’ derived from their former roles as prosecutors specialising in regulatory and criminal defence, corporate internal investigations, and compliance. Adding to the team’s depth, of counsel Kazuo Sakakibara has significant expertise in bribery regulations, internal investigations, and government inquiries, while Hiroki Wakabayashi leverages his background as a judge.

Practice head(s):

Kazuhilo Kikawa; Yoshihiro Kai; Hidetaka Miyake

Other key lawyers:

Kazuo Sakakibara; Hiroki Wakabayashi; Ryohei Onishi; Takamasa Nakahara; Mayumi Okazaki; Yuki Arima


‘A very high-profile law firm, this team is a group of lawyers with a high level of expertise and excellent communication skills.’

‘With an exceptional background of expertise and experience, Hidetaka Miyake is an honest and trustworthy lawyer who understands his clients’ needs.’

Key clients

Nippon Light Metal Holdings Company, Ltd.


Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

The team at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, which has ‘the expertise of a lawyer and the practical abilities of a businessman’, possesses substantial proficiency in crisis management work and investigations, handling both domestic and international bribery, corruption, unfair competition and insider trading matters. Department co-head Yasuhiko Fujitsu specialises in capital market-related issues, including irregularities, insider trading, and market manipulation mandates, while working closely with cross-border crisis and risk management specialist and co-head Hideaki Umetsu. Fellow co-head Hiroshi Yamauchi focuses on internal investigations and criminal matters. Senior associates Takaaki Kanayama and Kazuhito Imaizumi further bolster the team, with extensive experience in criminal cases, internal investigations, regulatory affairs, and dispute resolution.

Practice head(s):

Yasuhiko Fujitsu; Hideaki Umetsu; Hiroshi Yamauchi

Other key lawyers:

Suguru Miyata; Hiromasa Arai; Takaaki Kanayama; Kazuhito Imaizumi


‘Mori Hamada & Matsumoto is one of the few Japanese law firms that can respond very quickly, globally and provide reliable solutions.’

‘Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi is fully experienced in compliance-related matters and can provide reliable solutions to the clients based on his great experience.’ 

‘The risk management team of Mori Hamada & Matsumoto is very responsible to the client and supports many clients with regard of forensic investigations.’

‘Mori Hamada & Matsumoto is the most famous team as the legal practice has deep experience in the investigation of accounting fraud in Japan. We are very satisfied their performance.’

‘Mr. Yasuhiko Fujitsu, is the one of the most famous lawyers who has deep experience. Mr. Suguru Miyata is also experienced in the investigation of accounting fraud in Japan and he had been in the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission. They have conducted an outstanding performance.’

‘They have the expertise of a lawyer and the practical ability of a businessman. They are what clients hope for when facing serious incidents.’

‘A mindset that never forgets humour even in tough situations.’

‘The team has a very strong technical ability and expertise to handle very complex transactions including cross-border disputes. They always provide consistent, timely advise and solutions.’

Key clients

Japan Display Inc.

Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.


KYB Corporation

Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu

The team at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu is ‘hardworking and committed to excellent service,’ acting for clients in high-profile regulatory investigations and white-collar crime cases, specialising in compliance cases with a cross-border element. The sizeable team fields former judges, prosecutors, accountants, government officials, and PR specialists, and is well-equipped for a broad range of situations. Takayoshi Tao heads up the practice, with expertise in financial and securities regulations, accounting fraud and third-party investigations. Core team members include Daisuke Fukamizu, who focuses on white-collar crime, regulatory compliance, antitrust and corporate crisis management issues; Yoshihiko Matake , who has experience assisting multi-national clients with white-collar crime defence, export control and anti-corruption matters; and senior counsel Hideaki Kobayashi, who excels in corporate crisis cases. Ayumi Fukuhara and Tomohiro Hen, who handles regulatory and compliance investigations, enhance the team’s cross-border expertise, which is further supported by the promotion of John Lane to partner.

Practice head(s):

Takayoshi Tao

Other key lawyers:

Yoshihiko Matake; Daisuke Fukamizu; Tomohiro Hen; Ayumi Fukuhara; John Lane; Takayuki Inoue; Hideaki Kobayashi


‘The team have been particularly good at bridging the gap between a Japanese client and Australian lawyers and the legal system. They have done so by having a team which includes both Japanese lawyers and lawyers from other parts of the world. That team works cooperatively, enabling them to effectively translate the requirements.’

‘The individuals I have worked with principally are Yoshihiko Matake, John Lane and Ayumi Fukuhara. I have found each of them to be excellent. They are hardworking and committed to excellent service for their clients, but also work with us cooperatively to obtain the best results for our clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending each of them to clients.’

Key clients

LINE Corporation


Mitsubishi Electric

Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Tokyo Electron Ltd.

Kubota Corporation




Hino Motors, Ltd.

Aida Engineering

Work highlights

  • Managed an internal investigation of Hino Motors, Ltd. regarding violations of emissions and fuel efficiency regulations at the Japanese automobile manufacturer.
  • Conducted a global investigation in relation to Mitsubishi Electric’s improper quality management practices.
  • Conducted an investigation of FUJITEC CO., LTD. in relation to its corporate governance issues.

Nishimura & Asahi

The team at Nishimura & Asahi fields a diverse array of legal professionals, including former prosecutors, high-tech crime specialists, government officials, private attorneys, and international legal experts, and delivers comprehensive advice that spans the full spectrum of domestic and cross-border crisis management. The department excels in handling corporate crisis scenarios involving fraud and white-collar crime elements, and instances of misconduct. Leading the practice is Hiroshi Kimeda, whose extensive experience spans corporate scandals involving window-dressing, financial statement misrepresentation, antitrust violations, bribery, and regulatory breaches. Other members of the team include Kei Umebayashi, who is highly skilled in criminal investigations; Kaku Hirao, who handles misconduct issues, regulatory infractions, and emergency response matters; and Tomoyuki Numata, who specialises in issues related to international cartels, unilateral anticompetitive practices, and merger filings.

Practice head(s):

Hiroshi Kimeda

Other key lawyers:

Kei Umebayashi; Kaku Hirao; Tomoyuki Numata

Atsumi & Sakai

The team at Atsumi & Sakai has a wealth of experience when advising on risk management issues spanning diverse industries and businesses. Comprising former prosecutors, public accountants, criminal defence lawyers, and foreign lawyers well-versed in cross-border issues, the team offers assistance across a wide spectrum of areas including whistleblowing issues, data security work, foreign investigations, and risk management audits, among others. Leading the practice are Makoto Takahara, who is an expert in corporate governance, risk management, and general compliance; Makoto Nakano, who heads up the whistleblowing response team; and Masahito Fukuda, who leads the white-collar crime team. Kohei Murakawa specialises in domestic and international dispute resolution, while Yusuke Miura provides counsel to both Japanese and international clients on various antitrust and competition matters.

Practice head(s):

Makoto Takahara; Makoto Nakano; Masahito Fukuda

Other key lawyers:

Yusuke Miura; Kohei Murakawa

City-Yuwa Partners

The team at City-Yuwa Partners offers a comprehensive service in the field of risk management and investigations, providing counsel on compliance issues, crisis management, whistleblowing, and criminal cases. Leading the practice is Michio Masaki, who has a wealth of experience from his background as a prosecutor in the Special Investigation Department of the Tokyo District. Assisting the team, Miya Miyama specialises in conducting international and external investigations related to corporate scandals, while Kentaro Sadahiro, a legal consultant with expertise in investigations and negotiations, offers support, with a specific focus on medical malpractice and industrial accidents.

Practice head(s):

Michio Masaki

Other key lawyers:

Miya Miyama; Kentaro Sadahiro

Miura & Partners

The team at Miura & Partners has extensive experience in conducting internal investigations, both within domestic boundaries and across various jurisdictions, encompassing the US, China, and numerous Southeast Asian nations. Practice head Masayuki Atsumi has valuable experience in a range of investigations related to antitrust law, anti-bribery matters, and other white-collar crimes; he shares the helm with Ryoko Yamaguchi, who is a specialist in investigations concerning financial instruments and exchange law. The department’s other co-heads include Takashi Kiuchi, who focuses on accounting fraud and financial regulation work; and Yuhei Sakao, who has expertise in global investigations related to the FCPA, whistleblowing issues and corporate malfeasance matters.

Practice head(s):

Ryoko Yamaguchi; Takashi Kiuchi; Masayuki Atsumi; Yuhei Sakao

Key clients

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation