Planning and zoning in Israel

Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Agmon with Tulchinsky Law Firm, which is the result of a December 2022 merger between Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hachohen & Co. and Tulchinsky Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co, provides ‘unrivalled service‘ across all core aspects of planning and zoning-related matters. The group is widely recognised for its premier regulatory offering, including its close connections with the relevant government authorities, which support its involvement in major real estate projects. A strong performer in the residential, commercial, office and hotel sectors, the team counts local authorities, contractors and developers among its key clients. Market leader Avi Porten advises on the full range of issues, including representing clients before planning and construction committees. Eyal Mamo is also noted for his broad planning and zoning expertise. Barak Schwarzgoes out of his way to achieve the best outcome‘.

Practice head(s):

Avi Porten; Eyal Mamo

Other key lawyers:

Barak Schwarz


‘The practice is comprised of professional, experienced and rare out-of-the-box thinkers. They provide an excellent and unrivalled service in various aspects of my business activity: litigation, regulation, commercial, planning and zoning.’

‘Our experience with the team at Agmon is an experience of full cooperation and identification with the company and the project they are supporting. It is evident that there is cooperation and mutual fertilization within the firm that helps the work to be more comprehensive, broader, keeping an eye on the overall picture and not just to the area of expertise of the department with which we work.’

‘I felt like “an only child” – as if we are the main client, at the top of the team’s priority. I didn’t have to remind them that there’s a hearing, or to submit the materials – they are the ones that reminded us to do it, while providing ongoing updates on the handled matters. They are “living the case” – constantly thinking how they can improve the outcome and the procedure.

Professional team, experienced and connected with municipalities and other authorities. Dedicated and ambitious.

‘Avi Porten – A seasoned, sharp lawyer, with exceptional knowledge of the market, and a clear vision of where the market is headed. He is an expert in his field, always providing a unique tailored advise for the issue at hand.’

‘Adv. Avi Porten and Barak Schwarz were available to address any need and stage in the project, including issues that required a strategic response beyond legal advice.’

Barak Schwarz is an uncompromising and task-driven lawyer. He always asks the right questions and definitely goes out of his way to achieve the best outcome. His experience in the market, efficient service, and meticulousness is a valuable asset for us.’

Every time I need assistance, Barak Schwarz is available to me. He is thoroughly versed in all details of the case, even more so than me and my team. Even during Covid lockdown, he and his team kept on working, and providing us with updates regarding the cases and hearings. He manages to find very creative solutions to multiple issues, even in a short and stressful period of time.’

Key clients

Mateh Yehuda

The Builders Association of Israel

Fattal hotels

ICC Jerusalem International Convention Center

Bezeq the Israeli Telecommunication Corporation Ltd.

Energix Group

ICL Corporate (Israel Chemicals TASE: ICL)

Sha’are Zedek Medical Center

Goloventzitz family

Zion Oil and gas Inc.

Paz oil


Weizmann Institute

Mifal Ha Pais

Balilius Family

Reality Investment Fund

Work highlights

  • Representing four developers (ICC Jerusalem International Convention Center, Israel-Canada, Balilius Family Partnership and the Goloventzitz family) on the large-scale Jerusalem Gateway Project.
  • Represented the Israel Builders Association in an administrative suit against the Ramat Gan Planning & Construction Committee, following its decision to boycott the Tama 38 project.
  • Represented Doral in the process of approving a plan for the construction of a photovoltaic facility in the North of Israel.

Arnon, Tadmor-Levy

Arnon, Tadmor-Levy‘s ‘informed, proactive and business-oriented‘ team is equipped to advise on all stages of the planning and building process, from obtaining initial approvals through to zoning designations and permitting procedures. The group also brings to bear significant experience in contentious matters, including planning and building violation disputes. Aner Hefetz handles the full range of planning and zoning matters, with specialist expertise in accessibility law. Hagit Bavly and Asaf Eylon focus on transactional and regulatory real estate matters respectively. Naftali Nir is also noted. Sigal Shapira is noted for her specialist experience in the urban renewal sphere. Shoam Keren is also recommended.

Other key lawyers:

Aner Hefetz; Hagit Bavly; Asaf Eylon; Naftali Nir; Goor Koren; Sigal Shapira; Shoam Keren


‘The Yigal Arnon team is great to work with. They are very responsive, informed, proactive and business-oriented. Working with YA, I always know what my legal position is, am offered solutions and have at my disposal the resources I need to meet our goals. I think that their main advantage is the ability to combine first-class treatment given by big team of highly professional lawyers, together with personal attention for each client.’

A strong and very professional team that provides very good response times with 24/7 service.’

‘The partners in YA that I work with are Naftali Nir, Goor Koren and Nir Rodnizky. They are highly professional, creative and very pleasant to work with. I truly see Naftali, Goor and Nir as true partners to our success.’

‘We are a non-profit and as such, this is a one-time project that stands outside of our core competencies. The lawyers at Yigal Arnon understand this and pay extra attention to ensuring that we get the additional guidance and protection we need.’

‘Both Asaf Eylon and Guy Fatal have held our hand through all of the unfamiliar processes. They have taken the time to ensure that we fully understand our options and helped us with difficult decisions.’

‘A very dedicated and professional team.’

‘In light of the firm’s representation of various entities: developers, banks and apartment owners in real estate projects, a great deal of knowledge has accumulated that serves our interest as apartment owners who have joined together to establish a project. Special mention should be made of the personal involvement of the department head, who is available to each of the apartment owners.’

‘Very professional, collaborates with different departments within the firm, gives full solutions to any legal issues.’

Key clients

The Israeli Knesset

The big synagogue in Tel Aviv

Afikei Smadar Ltd. / Afikei Hayarden Group

Azrieli Group Ltd.

Zahav Al HaPark

Apartment for Rent – The Governmental Company for Housing and Rental Ltd.

Haim Zaken construction and investments ltd.

Kotler Adika construction company ltd.

Mizpe Harel entrepreneurship ltd.

Arazim (G.U.Y) Ltd.

Alual Construction company ltd.

Azorim Construction (1965) Ltd., from the Azorim Group [AZRM (TLV)]

Hasharon Hotels Ltd.

Ad 120 Residence Centers For Senior Citizens Ltd

Ministry of Transportation

Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG)

JV of Y. H. Dimri Construction & Development Ltd. and Ophir Urban Renewal Group Ltd.

JV of Mishab Housing Construction & Development Ltd., Mivney Ophir Group and Y.H. Dimri Construction & Development Ltd.

Avi Cranes Group Ltd.

Israel Weapon Industries (I.W.I.) Ltd

Mishab Housing Construction & Development Ltd.

Israel Discount Bank Ltd.

State of Israel (Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environmental Protection)

Association for the Well Being of Israel’s Soldiers (“AWIS”)

Oranim Academic College of Education

Shaniv Paper Industries Ltd.

Houses owners in large scaled urban renewal projects (Asherman St.,Tel-Aviv, Havradim St., Ha’LH St., Aliyat Hanoar Street St., Givatayim)

Y.H Dimri Construction and development Ltd.

Ramat Gan Municipality

The “City Architects”

Transportation Master Plan

State of Israel (Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environmental Protection)

Work highlights

  • Advised the Knesset of Israel on procedures for approving a plan to expand the Knesset, including representation in planning and construction committees.
  • Represented the Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv as special director, including negotiations with the Tel Aviv municipality for the renovation and restoration of the synagogue and planning and zoning-related matters.
  • Represented the Azrieli group in planning procedures for the Spiral Tower, including the approval of a city building plan for the expanded Azrieli Center and the approval of a design plan for the joint complex.

Goldfarb Seligman & Co.

'A top planning team', Goldfarb Seligman & Co. has a strong track record of involvement in Israel's most significant construction projects. The group acts for entrepreneurs, contractors, land rights owners and infrastructure companies on a wide range of planning and zoning matters, with strong experience in both real estate and infrastructure development. Levy Amitay supports clients at all stages of project development, including planning and zoning matters. Avi Arad represents public companies, private companies, holding groups and entrepreneurs on planning and zoning issues. Sagiv Hanin demonstrates 'in-depth understanding of planning and licensing regulations as well as legislative trends'.

Practice head(s):

Levy Amitay; Avi Arad

Other key lawyers:

Orna Verhovsky; Sagiv Hanin


‘A top planning team: experienced, professional and fully capable of handling numerous matters simultaneously. Excellent attorneys and service, handle both planning and licensing matters with equal ease and are very familiar with the Israel Land Authority.’

‘They have vast experience and up-to-date knowledge on the procedures —both legal and commercial.’

‘Sagiv Hanin’s general approach is non-controversial — he manages to lead procedures in a very gentle and kind way.’

‘Sagiv Hanin is a great attorney, a very good team leader who leads by personal example in both service and professionalism. He’s a true expert in planning and zoning, who stands out for his in-depth understanding of planning and licensing regulations as well as legislative trends.’

Key clients

Bayside Land Corporation Ltd.

Neve Gad Ltd.

Gindi Friedman Real Estate Entrepreneurship Ltd.

Azorim Group

Property and Building Group

Canada Israel Group

Zemach Hammerman Ltd.

Minrav Holdings Ltd.

Ayalon Highway Company Ltd.

Cross Israel Highway Ltd.

Coca Cola Israel (The Central Bottling Company)

The Elad Group

Amot Investments Ltd.

Menivim – The New REIT Ltd.


Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering Ltd.

Negev Natural Gas

Paz Ashdod Refinery Ltd.

Darom Natural Gas Ltd.

Shufersal Ltd.



Israeli Properties Rental Corporation Ltd. (ISPRO)

El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.

New Lineo Cinema (2006) Ltd.

Rami Levi Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006 Ltd.

Big Shopping Centers Ltd. (“BIG”)

Magen David Adom In Israel (MDA)

Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Corporation Ltd.

The Arison Investment Fund

Igudan, the Dan Region Association of Towns for Sewage and Environmental Issues

K.B.A Town Builders Group

The Local Committee of Planning and Construction – Jerusalem District.

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI)

Apartment for Rent – Rental Housing Government Company Ltd.

Overseas Commerce Ltd.

Mekorot Water Company Ltd.

Avney HaChoshen Tourism Ltd.

The City People Group

Dor Chemicals Ltd.


Green Park (G.Y.A) Entrepreneurship & Real Estate Marketing Ltd.

Tiberias Hot Springs Co. Ltd.

Milouot Corporation for the Development of Haifa Bay Settlements Ltd. moshavim in Northern Israel.

Representing dozens of private clients in various planning matters.

Mehadrin Ltd. and Pri Or Ltd., subsidiaries of the PBC Group

The Knesset

Kfar Saba Water Plant – Cooperative Agricultural Society Ltd.

Kfar Netter Local Council

Rozio Group

Urban Brand Ltd.

Ezra Lemarpe

The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.

BE Drugstores Ltd.

Etz HaShaked

Rafael Feed Mills Ltd.

Yossi Avrahami Civil Engineering Works Ltd.

Israel Railways Ltd.

The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.

Sorek Operation and Maintenance Company Ltd.

The Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering

Sde Warburg


A. Adler Properties Ltd. (“Adler Group”)


Angel Bakeries

Maman Group

Rompart Israel Ltd.

Massad-Oz Management & Engineering Ltd.

Dan Public Transportation Co. Ltd.

Reality Investment Funds

Israel Canada Rem (ICR), a real estate and infrastructure company owned by Israel Canada (T.R) Ltd. (50%) and Jordache Enterprises, Inc. (50%). Formerly known as Minrav Projects Ltd.

Vitania Ltd.

The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Advising Ayalon Highways on the planning and zoning aspects of large-scale national infrastructure projects, including the Fast Lanes project, the Ofnidan project and the Rapid City project.
  • Advising Canada Israel Group on various residential and commercial projects, including planning proceedings, objections and municipal tax.
  • Advising Coca-Cola Israel on various projects in the planning and zoning field, including planning, licensing, municipal tax and litigation.

Erdinast Ben Nathan Toledano & Co. with Hamburger Evron

Erdinast Ben Nathan Toledano & Co. with Hamburger Evron's planning and zoning practice is regularly called upon by entrepreneurs and corporations to advise on major projects. The group is well versed in all key pillars of real estate including residential, commercial and infrastructure development. It is also recognised for its niche expertise in representing municipalities on planning and zoning issues. Haim Waintrob advises developers and construction companies on all stages of their projects, from formulating city building plans, through to representing clients before appeals committees. Ronen Yardeni acts for several developers on Tama 38 projects, among other matters.

Practice head(s):

Haim Waintrob; Ronen Yardeni

Key clients

Shikun & Binui Real Estate Development

Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy

EDF-EN Israel

Joint Venture of Shikun & Binui and The Meshulam Levinstein Group

Rotem Shani


EWAVE real estate

Zilbermintz and Son Ltd.


Blue Square Real Estate Ltd.

The Israel Land Development Company (ILDC)

The ‘Hof Hatchelet’ plan

Representation of landowners in the ‘Sde-Dov’ airport evacuation

Plan 3700 Tel Aviv – representation of the Pozailov Family, Shikun&Binui, and hundreds of private real estate owners in the north-west of Tel Aviv

Rubinstein Avraham & Co. Building Co. Ltd


Dizengoff Center

Israel Levy – Real Estate Developer

Kardan Real Estate Ltd.

Allied Real Estate

Work highlights

  • Advising a joint venture between Shikun & Binui and the Meshulam Levinstein Group on the planning and zoning aspects of a major project.
  • Advising EDF-EN Israel on numerous renewable energy projects throughout Israel, including on the planning, licensing and establishment of the facilities.
  • Advising hundreds of private landowners in relation to the Hof Hatchelet plan, which was recently approved by the district committee.

Meitar law offices

Meitar Law Offices strikes a balance between acting for public and private sector clients, recently undertaking work for a varied mix of municipalities, infrastructure agencies, private entrepreneurs and construction companies. The firm handles the full scope of planning and zoning matters, with strong experience in planning approvals, licensing procedures, civil litigation and municipal taxation. Tamar Migdal heads the department and is recognised for her specialist expertise in the areas of land expropriation law and diminution of value claims. Associate Lior Levi is particularly well versed in planning approval procedures.

Practice head(s):

Tamar Migdal

Other key lawyers:

Lior Levi


‘Highly professional and very accessible.’

‘Professionalism and responsiveness are their key attributes. Tamar Migdal, as the lead partner, and Lior Levi, as the lead associate, push forward and are well-connected. As a bonus, they have the complete Meitar firm at their disposal for help and support.’

Tamar Migdal is super professional and her availability and engagement is higher than expected.’

Key clients

Acro Real Estate

Azorim Construction Company Ltd

National Outline Plan / 47

Elad Israel Residence

Delek Group Ltd.

Ramat Hasharon municipality and the local committee of Ramat Hasharon

Shufersal Ltd.

Cross Israel Highway (Highway No. 6)

Caesarea Development Corporation Ltd.

Intergamma Ltd.

Oron Group Ltd.

Amot Investments Ltd.

Mivne Group

JTLV Investments

JVP – Jerusalem Venture Partners

Metropolis P.A.A. 2011 Urban Renewal Ltd.

Ezra & Bitzaron

Reality Investment Fund

Ackerstein Industries Ltd.

The Economic Company for Bnei Brak

Microdaf Ltd.

Bazan Group

Azrieli Group

Reuven Ella Holdings Ltd. And Issta Lines Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Represented the Ramat HaSharon Municipality and the Ramat HaSharon Local Committee in an administrative plea against the approval of the Taas HaSharon master plan.
  • Represented the Kibbutzim Settlement Movement HQ in a claim filed against three local committees (Ramla, Gezer and Modi’in region) concerning planning approval for the construction of depot complexes.
  • Represented Elad Israel Residence in zoning procedures to approve a new master plan for the HaArgazim neighbourhood project.

Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. Advocates and Notary

Over the past year Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. Advocates and Notary's group changed significantly following the firm's mergers with real estate and wealth management boutique Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad & Co and real estate and planning practice Yuval Gal-On & Co. Yuval Gal-On now heads the department and brings to bear strong experience gained during stints serving as legal counsel to the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee, as well as other local municipalities and municipal corporations. Dan Or advises on planning, construction, zoning and environmental matters and is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Yuval Gal-On

Other key lawyers:

Dan Or

Key clients

Local Building and Planning Committee Givatayim

Shikun & Binui Real Estate Ltd.

Tabib Environmental Waste Management

Ayalon Assets and Investments Ltd. of the Ayalon Insurance Group

Shtang Recycle-Gosh Dan Ltd.

Keren Nadlan Ltd.

Zichron Yaakov Local Council

Bat Yam Beach Towers Ltd.

A committee of dozens of residents in the Tel Aviv Dizengoff Tower

A committee of 120 Ra’anana Residents

Zevuloun NGO

Manos Group

A Kfar-Saba conservation property rights owners

Chen Hamakom Ltd.

The Fifth Front – Israel’s Architects Association

Therapeutic Riding and Dog Training NPO

Work highlights

  • Represented the Local Building and Planning Committee Givatayim on the preparation of an urban renewal plan for the entire Givat Rambam neighbourhood in the city of Givatayim.
  • Represented Ayalon Assets and Investments (AAI) in proceedings against the Bat Yam Municipality concerning its attempts to obtain unlawful payments as a condition of AAI’s continued use and operation of a housing cluster located in the city of Bat Yam.
  • Represented Shtang Recycle-Gosh Dan in the process of erecting a facility for treating and recycling construction waste at the Hiriya Recycling and Waste Site, vis-à-vis the Tel Aviv District Building and Planning Committee and Igudan (the Dan Regional Association for Environmental Infrastructure).

AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co

AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co assists clients in all aspects of planning and zoning, with extensive experience in licensing processes, land betterment taxes, environmental issues and litigation. The group represents a wide range of public and private clients operating in the infrastructure, residential and commercial sectors, including construction and infrastructure companies and private developers. Amir Amar advises on the full range of planning issues, with niche expertise in matters relating to the telecoms industry. Yacov Cohen is recognised for his strength in planning and building licensing, infrastructure and contentious matters.

Practice head(s):

Amir Amar; Yacov Cohen

Key clients

Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises Ltd.

Shapir industries Ltd.

Aura Israel Development and Investments Ltd.

PHI Networks

Delek – The Israel Fuel Corporation

Gindi Tower Tel Aviv Ltd.

The Bazan Group

Ono Academic College

Noble Energy Mediterranean Ltd.

Kavim Public Transportation Ltd.

Kesher Rent A Car Ltd- (Hertz)

Dunietz brothers group

Bank Hapoalim

The Ashtrom Group

Adama Agan Ltd.

Israel National Gas Lines Company Ltd.

“Meuhedet” Health Services

The Gabay Group

Africa Israel Group

Work highlights

  • Represented Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises in an administrative petition against the Tamara municipality and the mayor regarding their refusal to renew Nesher’s business licence at the Tamara Quarry.
  • Represented Aura Investments before the appeals committee of the Central District Planning and Building Committee in its successful appeal of an improvement levy demand.
  • Represented the Bazan Group in negotiating an agreement to end a high-profile dispute with the Haifa municipality following the collapse of an oil refinery.


FISCHER (FBC & Co.) finds favour for its 'in-depth knowledge of Israel’s planning and zoning ecosystem'. The team covers the full gamut of planning issues relating to residential, industrial and commercial development and routinely acts alongside the firm's real estate, environmental and litigation departments to provide full-service advice to clients. Amir Chen advises on the full life cycle of real estate matters, including all aspects of planning and zoning law. Efrat Sharon advises on planning approvals, construction licensing and planning-related litigation. In a significant coup, the already sizeable group was boosted by the arrival of a large team of partners from Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. Advocates and Notary, including former managing partner Eldad Koresh. It also welcomed a team from Weksler, Bregman & Co., Advocates including, 'tremendous asset' Tali Salton-Yeshua and up-and-coming partner Jonathan Libchik.

Practice head(s):

Tali Salton-Yeshua; Galit Shitzer; Efrat Sharon

Other key lawyers:

Amir Chen, Eldad Koresh; Jonathan Libchik


‘I work with FISCHER’s planning & zoning practice on a regular basis and they are first-rate lawyers, with a unique combination of in-depth knowledge of Israel’s planning and zoning ecosystem, coupled with the ability to effectively actuate our company’s business goals vis-à-vis the complex Israeli administration.’

‘FISCHER’s team excels at navigating the various complicated planning institutions, planning committees, the Israel Land Authority, the appeal committees and more.’

It is important to express how critical a role Tali Salton-Yeshua has played in paving the way for us to successfully move forward with many large-scale projects, which include planning procedures of hundreds of units, urban renewal plans, representation regarding planning procedures and improvement levy reductions. It is rare to find a law firm that provides its clients with such comprehensive service.’

‘Adv. Tali Salton-Yeshua, who leads FISCHER’s Planning and Zoning practice, is a tremendous asset in the field and an exceptional attorney with comprehensive and multifaceted experience. Due to her vast experience, and the important relationships she has built throughout the duration of her career, Tali is highly regarded by the planning authorities with whom she is regularly in contact.’

‘Jonathan Libchik, a prominent and talented partner, is a skilled attorney, who repeatedly demonstrated his comprehensive knowledge of all relevant laws and regulations, to our benefit. Libchik was consistently successful in various legal proceedings related to planning procedures required for the completion of our projects and his contribution to the team was immensely valuable.’

‘A very professional team. I received the best results over the last ten years with Tali Salton-Yeshua and her team. The team is extremely motivated and focused on their client’s targets.’

‘Tali Salton-Yeshua is one of the best lawyers I have ever met. She gets into the details, and yet looks at the big picture in order to achieve the best results. She knows how to help both sides reach their goals, with outstanding ideas.’

Key clients

Africa Israel

The Silverstein Company

Amot Investments Ltd.

Azrieli Group

Reit 1 Ltd.

Azrieli Group

Bank Hapoalim

Clal Industries Ltd.

Grapholit Printing Industries Ltd.

Harel Insurance Ltd.

Itzik Tshuva Group

Gazit Globe

The Colmobil Group

Lodzia Rotex Investments Ltd.

Menora Insurance Ltd.

Prashkovsky & Investment



Union Properties Ltd.

Ybox Real Estate Group

Amit Entrepreneurship Academy (AMIT Organization)

AFI Group

Discount Bank Ltd.

Israel-Canada Ltd.

Reality Investment Funds

The Kibbutz Movement Council

Izaki Group Investments


Sheba Medical Center

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc.

Universal Motors Israel Ltd. (UMI)

Grofit Construction Company

Tsabarim Entrepreneurship, Development and Investments Ltd.

Fresh Market

Amit Entrepreneurship Academy (AMIT Organization)

Eastern Holdings Co. Ltd

Menora Mivtachim Insurance Ltd.

The Tidhar Group

Work highlights

  • Advising the Silverstein Group on a new city plan which will grant additional building rights for the construction of three buildings for hotel, residential, offices and commercial uses, as well public areas covering approximately 200,000 sq m at a site near the coast of Tel Aviv.
  • Representing Africa Israel Residences in ongoing matters related to the company’s development activities, including advising on the planning procedures for its urban renewal plans.
  • Advising Aura Israel in a variety of planning and administrative litigation proceedings in connection with a project that the company is developing.

Herzog Fox & Neeman

Herzog Fox & Neeman advises industrial companies, government-owned entities, concessionaires and private clients on planning and zoning matters, with robust skill sets in project approvals, permitting procedures and contentious work. The group’s strong showing in municipal taxation is particularly noted and sources value its ‘profound knowledge on the different regulations across the different local authorities‘. Department head Sharon Petel advises on municipal taxation, planning and construction issues, with specialist expertise in planning and zoning litigation. Talia Blazer is particularly well versed in municipal tax-related issues.

Practice head(s):

Sharon Petel

Other key lawyers:

Talia Blazer


‘The HFN team is a very professional team, providing a very high level of responsiveness. As a customer you get a very high level of service and a sense of partnership.’

‘The team are always very prompt in their responses and offer a personal service to our foundation. They are thorough, efficient and professional in all their dealings on our behalf.’

‘The team demonstrates profound knowledge on the different regulations across the different local authorities.’

‘We have been working with Herzog for many years. The firm accompanies the company in many real estate projects; the accompaniment begins at the project planning stage and continues well beyond the end of the project. The service that the company receives from the firm is professional, reliable, and fast.’

‘The firm’s employees are hardworking, experienced people with excellent interpersonal skills.’

‘Their strength is their professional people. They are also very persuasive in court.’

Key clients

Reality Investments fund

The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.

Rotshtein Real Estate Ltd.

Rotshtein Real Estate Urban Redevelopment Ltd.

H- Meitar Entrepreneurship Ltd.

Kartin Brothers Real Estate Investment Ltd.

Efhal Real Estate Ltd.

Assuta Medical Centers Ltd.

Nahalat Asher Limited Partnership.

Kata Urban Renewal Ltd; Kata Holdings Ltd; Kata construction entrepreneurship and investment 2002 Ltd.

Friends of Rambam Association


Maar Tzafon Partnership

MBC north Ashdod limited partnership

Israel Electric Corporation Ltd.

The Academic Center for Law and Business

Facebook Israel Ltd.

Shlomo A. Angel Ltd.

Glilot Square Ltd.

Y38 Real Estate Development Ltd.

Sharon laboratories holdings (2016) Ltd.

New Era Urban Renewal Ltd

Olnik Transportation, Earthworks and Roads Company Ltd.

Intel Israel (74) Ltd.

Mobileye – Intel subsidiary

Bar Ilan University

Efgad building and environment Ltd.

Aviv & Co. group real estate 1963 Ltd.

Azrieli Group Ltd.

G Israel commercial centers Ltd.

Gazit Globe Israel Group

Ram-Center (2013) Ltd

Nadlan Haham

Moshav Bnei Zion

Kibbutz Gazit

C. Cochav Hanegev

Jerusalem Jersey Ltd

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Gemview Ltd

Elapor Investments Ltd

Daves Ltd.

Economic & Cultural Projects for State Workers Ltd.

Ef’al Seminar

Vishay Israel

WeWork Israel Ltd.

Panormama Zafon LTD

S’energyRenewable Energy Ltd

The Third Place Ltd

Ofek Batan – Vardiya Partnership


The United Tourism Corporation Ltd



Clore Foundation

Paz Oil Company Ltd.

The Israeli Employment Service


Gat Rimon

Star Pumped Storage Ltd

OPC Energy Ltd

Levinsky College of Education

Naftali Nissan & Sons Ltd.

Yaakovi Iron for Concrete Company Ltd.

Zim Urban

Amot Investments Ltd.

Hutsot Alonim Ltd.

Margalit S.A. Vehicle Ltd.

Gabrielim Entrepreneurship and Investments Ltd.

Globus International Packaging and Shipping Ltd.

Mega Or

Work highlights

  • Represented Mobileye Vision Technologies in legal proceedings regarding a petition against the building permit given to its new research and development centre in Jerusalem.
  • Advised Israel Electric Corporation on its successful challenge to a NIS64m betterment levy charge.
  • Advised Paz Oil Company on planning and construction-related matters connected to its NIS170m acquisition of Super Yuda.

M. Firon & Co Advocates and Notaries

M. Firon & Co Advocates and Notaries frequently advises on planning and zoning issues connected to residential, commercial, hotel and infrastructure projects, with strong experience in regulatory procedures and contentious matters. The group's diverse client base is comprised of both private and public sector clients, including government agencies, real estate developers and private landowners. Barak Keinan's comprehensive experience spans all facets of planning and zoning and he represents Israeli telecoms giant Bezeq in all of its planning issues. Itzhak Narkiss, Tamar Firon Smorodinsky and urban renewable specialist Dana Biran are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Itzhak Narkiss; Barak Keinan; Tamar Firon-Smorodinsky

Other key lawyers:

Dana Biran


‘Firon’s team is a partner for the long run. They are very realistic and have a clear vision of how things must be planned from the start according to what we wish to achieve. They are experienced in arguing before all instances and know how to use every clause, section and sub-section in the relevant laws in our favor. The fact they have support from other departments of the firm is extremely valuable.’

‘Barak Keinan is an absolute expert in the world of planning and zoning. He is a walking database of the relevant law and never misses an opportunity to improve our position. He also knows every tactic in the book and is willing to fight with conviction to get the client a better result. He is well appreciated by peers and parties seem to take his advice under consideration.’

Key clients

Elbit Systems

Ashdar Building Company Ltd.

Dan Hotels


Efgad Engineering and Construction Works Ltd.

EDF Energies Nouvelles Israel Ltd.

Clalit Health Services

Ken Hator Construction and Engineering Ltd.

Metropolis Urban Development Ltd.


Bahari Plotkin

Hanan Mor Group

Acro Real estate

Tidhar Group

Urban City Real estate Ltd.

Migdal Insurance Company

Aviv Group

Hameshkem company

Many private land owners

Work highlights

  • Representing residents in a Herzliya neighbourhood in a high-profile objection against the planned Metro route.
  • Representing Ashdar in over 98 different urban renewal projects, which will include approximately 2500 new residential units, in Ramat Gan, Kiryat Ono, Raanana, Ramat HaSharon, Tel Aviv, Herzelia and Kfar- Saba.
  • Representing Metropolis in several projects in Tel Aviv, including all planning stages and construction permits.

S. Horowitz & Co

S. Horowitz & Co's experienced team advises on all aspects of planning and zoning, with an emphasis on planning disputes. The group is also noted for its ability to team up with other departments in the full-service firm for support on complex matters, including its real estate, tax and environmental teams. Department co-heads Amir Caspari and Asaf Rentsler specialise in real estate litigation.

Practice head(s):

Amir Caspari; Asaf Rentsler

Key clients

The Committee of Landowners in Kikar Hamedina in Tel Aviv Ltd.

Israel Electric Corporation

Paz Oil Company Ltd. – Israel’s leading energy corporation

Israel Land Development – Urban Renewal Ltd.

Lime & Stone Production Company Ltd.

Readymix Industries (Israel) Ltd.

Adv. Dr. Yosef Segev

Yakhin Hakal Ltd.

Rani Zim Shopping Centers Ltd.

Village (“Moshav”) bnei zion

Minrav Group Ltd.

S.C Western Segment’s Construction L.P (China Railway Tunnel Group Limited)

Rights holders in Kfar Hasidim

Rights holders in the Old Train Station (“HaTachana”) complex in Tel Aviv

Dead Sea Works Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Representing Israel Electric Corporation in many proceedings concerning land use, including planning and zoning-related matters.
  • Representing Israel Land Development – Urban Renewal in settling a case against the NTA – Metropolitan Mass Transit System, concerning the expropriation of land intended for an urban renewal project.
  • Representing Readymix Industries (Israel) in all proceedings relating to the implementation of the provisions of the Planning and Building Law in its plants.

Weksler, Bregman & Co., Advocates

Weksler, Bregman & Co., Advocates' planning and zoning practice leans on the firm's real estate and urban renewal teams to advise developers, banks and other stakeholders on a range of planning and construction matters. The group has experience across key real estate classes, including residential, urban renewal, commercial, industrial and hotel projects, and it counts active real estate groups such as Africa Israel Residence and Gav-Yam among its clients. Transactional real estate specialist Avi Ben-Yaacov is the key contact.

Practice head(s):

Avi Ben-Yaacov

Key clients

Gav-Yam Real Estate Ltd. (part of IDB Group)

Bank Hapoalim B.M.

Gordon Gas & Chemicals Ltd.

Afi Residencies

AFI Properties Ltd.

Urdan Industries Metal Casting

Taya Communications Ltd.

Aminach Furniture & Mattress Industries Ltd.

The Aharoni Group

IGI Investments (Izaki Group – Renanot Enterprises and Investments Ltd)


Discount Leasing Ltd., Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd., and Credit Cards for Israel Ltd., Discount Bank for Israel Ltd. and Badal Computer and Administrative Services Ltd.

Africa Urban Renewal Ltd.

Gottex-Zara Group

The Journalists Group

Yuval Dovrat

Simon Sibony

Shkalim Family

Work highlights

  • Represented Gav Yam in proceedings for adding building rights to erect a new office and commerce tower in an existing seaside complex in Herzliya.
  • Represented Bank Hapoalim in its objections to several zoning plans that infringe on its rights in Ness Ziona, Rehovot, Holon, Hod HaSharon, Kfar Saba, and Ramat HaSharon.
  • Provided ongoing advice to Africa Israel Residences on planning and construction issues connected to the company’s projects