Dispute resolution: white-collar crime, investigation and fraud in Israel

Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co

The team at Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co is involved in nearly every one of Israel's largest public corruption cases, and is also taking lead roles in a variety of corporate crime matters involving money laundering, tax offences, bribery, and securities offences, among others. The white-collar department is led by Dror Matatyahu, who is instructed by political figures, company directors, and corporates, and is widely recognised by clients and peers as a leading figure in Israel's white-collar crime space. Among Matatyahu's recent highlights, he is representing clients in relation to PM Netanyahu's corruption and breach of trust cases, and is also acting in a high-profile corruption investigation in the defence and security sector. The practice group is also involved in a number of high-value tax and money laundering cases involving parties in the diamond industry.

Practice head(s):

Dror Matatyahu


The team of Mr Dror Matatyahu are the BEST. Dror is the most recommended lawyer I know. He helped me and my family in the very hard and ugly period of my life and we are very thankful for this!

What makes the company unique is that they take every client and go inside his problem and really want to do the best for him, not just for the money. They are really professionals in this matter.

Dror Matatyahu knows to put is hand on the problematic point and knows how to take care of every point in the legal indictment. He goes inside the problem and feels it like it is own problem and calculates every step-by-step. The lawyer Dana Shol is there with an answer to every issue we had in the best way.

Extremely professional, knowledgeable, analyzing the entire picture of the case, excellent preparation for investigations. They have deep knowledge of the prosecution party’s practices and techniques. Unique capabilities to conclude out of court settlements, but also very respectable at courts.

Dror Matatyahu is a unique criminal lawyer; he has both extensive knowledge and vast experience. He is fully committed and responsive to any case that he takes, he has a lot of common sense, respect, patience and care for his clients.  He is very kind and honest, which makes the process, which is usually very tense and difficult for clients, completely different and easier for the client.

The partner I worked with for many years is Dror Matatyahu. He stands out because of his excellency and exceptionality in his professionalism, legal knowledge, and experience before the courts.

Adv. Matatyahu has extensive experience in representing very senior public servants in Israel and senior businessmen. There are very few lawyers with such rich experience in high profile cases.

Attorney Matatyahu is a litigation artist in his field. His court appearance is inspiring.’

The team strengths and key capabilities are: deep understanding the issues involves, high level of studying the issues, perfection, legal creativity and great attitude and support.

The office of Fischer Behar Chen is the highest-quality office for white-collar crime in Israel. Attorney Dror Matatyahu accompanies me and it must be said that he is simply a first class professional attorney.

Advocate Dror Matatyahu is a professional with a very high level of knowledge. He is able to speak brilliantly to judges and lawyers. I highly recommend his legal services.

Key clients

MK David Bitan

Mr. Or Elovitch

Adv. Uri (Uriel) Messer

Mr. Eli Tobol

Mr. Hanania Isacharov

Mr. Golan Davidi

Mr. Yitzhak Rever

Ms. Reut Benodis

Mr. Moshe Agavi

Mayor Yossi Bachar

The Israel Brothers

Mr. Yoel Israel (owners of The Israel Brothers)

Mr. Yehoshua (Shuki) Gabay

Mr. Shuki Sagis

Mr. Moshe Rahmut

Ms. Sivan Tzibolski


New Giltech

Mr. Yuri Shaklover

Chen Shaklover

EDF Energy

Work highlights

  • Leading the defence team of MK David Bitan in his pending criminal proceedings for allegedly committing financial offences while serving as Deputy Mayor of Rishon Lezion. His charges include receiving bribes, breach of trust, money laundering, tax offences, and various other financial crimes.
  • Representation of Mr. Or Elovitch, one of the most well-known businessmen in Israel, in investigations by the Israeli Securities Authority and the Police, in relation to one of the largest securities affairs that has ever taken place in Israel, and in “Case 4000” which concerns the alleged bribery of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu by Mr. Elovitch.
  • Representation of Adv. Uri Messer, a close advisor to former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert. Adv. Uri Messer was investigated along with the former Prime Minister, for suspicions of breach of trust and bribery. Negotiated the terms of release for Adv. Messer, including the preparation of his testimony against PM Olmert.

Hadad, Roth & Co

Hadad, Roth & Co was founded in 2018 by a group of partners formerly at Weinroth & Co. The firm is developing into a capable full-service outfit, though it stands out in particular for its strength in litigation and white-collar crime. The practice group is led by Amit Hadad, a protégé of the highly respected Jacob Weinroth, and the youngest attorney to represent PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Indeed, Hadad is representing Netanyahu in two fraud and breach of trust charges, and is also co-representing the Israeli PM in related bribery charges. The team handles a variety of civil and criminal claims, but has been especially active in matters involving money laundering and tax offences. Further, in addition to acting for a range of national and municipal political figures, the team is also instructed by celebrities, CEOs and NGOs.

Practice head(s):

Amit Hadad

Key clients

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Boaz Harpaz

Adv. David Shimron

Yossef and Aviv Nahmias

Kobi Peretz

Mr. Moshe Leviev

Work highlights

  • Representing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three cases (Case 1000, Case 2000, and Case 4000) involving allegations of fraud, breach of trust, and bribery.
  • Represented Boaz Harpaz, a former confidant of IDF ex-chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi, in relation to an indictment alleging forgery, fraud, and obstruction of justice arising out of an investigation of the infamous Harpaz Document.
  • Represented Adv. David Shimron, PM Netanyahu’s cousin and former lawyer, who is suspected of influencing a defence contract for the purchase of submarines.

Kosteliz & Co., Law Office

Litigation boutique Kosteliz & Co., Law Office is acting for key parties in high-profile public corruption matters, cross-border bribery and money laundering cases in the private sector, and various other securities, tax, and unjust enrichment claims. Department head Yaron Kosteliz has extensive experience of administrative litigation, military law, and complex civil and criminal litigation. Indeed, Kosteliz is a key legal adviser to Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu. In addition to his standout public sector work, Kosteliz is acting in a major bribery case in the defence sector, a cross-border bribery case in the real estate and construction sector, a tax evasion and aiding and abetting matter in the diamond industry, and several securities violations matters. Another name to note is Yoav Segel, who focuses on civil and commercial litigation, but also handles administrative actions.

Practice head(s):

Yaron Kostelitz; Yoav Segal

Key clients

Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu

Mrs. Sara Netanyahu

Eliezer Sandberg

Avigdor Liberman

Mr. Mattan Dehan

Mr. Shai Ben David

Adv. Shlomo Deri

Former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Bakshi Doron

Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer (Ernst & Young, Israel) – Ronen Kimchi, CPA

Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer (Ernst & Young, Israel) – Ofer Erez, CPA

Mr. Benjamin Arbit

Mr. Ilan Carmit

Mr. Meir Turgeman

Work highlights

  • Represented the Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu in all of the cases where public wrongdoing was attributed thereto. Representation included in police investigations, discussions with the Attorney General, and the State Prosecution, and more.
  • Representing Mrs. Sara Netanyahu in the investigations and hearings held on the charges brought against her for fraudulently obtaining unlawful benefits and breach of fiduciary duties in her official capacity as the Prime Minister’s wife.
  • Represented Mr Eliezer Sandberg in relation to allegations of taking and assisting in bribery of various civil servants, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty as a civil servant, as well as falsifying invoices in connection with the affair dubbed the “Submarine Case” or “Case 3000”.

Meitar Law Offices

True to its reputation for international work, Meitar Law Offices  stands out for representation of foreign individuals and corporates in extradition proceedings and in the Israeli components of international criminal matters. Moreover, the firm is also acting for Israeli corporates, business-people, and public sector authority figures in some of the most high-profile corruption and bribery matters in the Israeli market. Yuval Sasson heads the firm's homeland security, cyber, defence and aerospace team, and has expertise in anti-money laundering and FCPA matters. Another key figure in the team is Eyal Rosovsky, who has marked strengths both in civil and criminal litigation. Israel Leshem leads the firm's wider litigation group.

Practice head(s):

Yuval Sasson

AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co

AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co's white-collar department specialises in corporate corruption and financial crimes in the private sector, where it is currently taking leading roles in two of the market's most significant bribery, money laundering, and corruption matters. The department is headed by Sharon Kohane, who joined the firm in 2017 from the taxation and economics department of the Tel Aviv District Attorney's office, and jointly chairs the Israeli Bar Association's anit-money laundering committee. Kohane is acting for Lev Leviev and LLD Diamonds in the so-called "black diamond affair", and is also acting for the CFO of Shikun & Binui in relation to its widely-publicised international bribery and money laundering case.

Practice head(s):

Sharon Kohane

Key clients

Lev Leviev and the LLD Diamonds Company

The Shikun & Binui Group

Moshe Goldman

The Albar Company

Netivei Israel

Leib Waldman

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL)

The College of Management Academic Studies

The CEO of Iska Tova

Work highlights

  • Representing the businessman Lev Leviev and the LLD Diamonds Company which he owns, in regards to an investigation around the smuggling of diamonds worth of NIS300m and related money laundering.
  • Represents the CFO of the Shikun & Binui Group in a far-reaching and complex case, in which the company’s top executives are suspected of having bribed government officials all over the world with tens of millions of dollars in exchange for winning tenders.
  • Representation of the defendant Moshe Goldman in a trial for bribery, obtaining by deception, securities fraud and money laundering at the Court for Economic Matters in Tel Aviv.

Goldfarb Seligman & Co.

Goldfarb Seligman & Co. has a firm-wide reputation for handling highly sensitive international work. In particular, the white-collar and administrative litigation team has a wealth of experience in cross-border criminal and corporate corruption investigations, extradition proceedings, military and defence inquiries, and criminal negligence matters. The team is led by 'a young, emerging talent in the area of white-collar', Moshe Mazor. Mazor is acting for defendants in several high-profile bribery, securities, and tax investigations. Other work for the firm includes also representing a key state witness in PM Netanyahu's corruption case, and in Case 3000, the so-called "submarine affair".

Practice head(s):

Eli Zohar; Moshe Mazor


They have extensive experience in the representation of clients in white-collar crime files proceedings. They represent big companies from Israel and also foreign big companies in white-collar crime files. They can easily provide the support needed by clients, given their extensive knowledge of legislation and their practice in white-collar crime files.

The team leader Moshe Mazor is one of the young emerging talent in the area of white collar. He’s an expert in his field while combining interdisciplinary skills. He is also available around the clock.

The individuals that we have worked with, and mainly Mr. Moshe Mazor, are very qualified people, with very good theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In a nutshell, we can say that we recommend them for their expertise regarding complex white-collar crime files.

Key clients

Dr. Gonen Segev

Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering

Senior officials of Gindi Investments

Mr. Michael (‘Miki’) Gano

Mr. Nir Hefetz

Work highlights

  • Representing Dr. Gonen Segev, a former Israeli minister who, as part of a plea bargain, was recently convicted of spying for the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Represented Mr. Michael (‘Miki’) Ganor, who has signed a state witness agreement with prosecutors investigating the case known as “the submarine affair” or “Case 3000”.
  • Representing Mr. Michael (‘Miki’) Ganor, who has signed a state witness agreement with prosecutors investigating the case known as “the Bezeq Affair” or “Case 4000”, as well as in the “Attorney-General Job Affair”.

Herzog Fox & Neeman

Herzog Fox & Neeman is known for high-profile legal work firm-wide, and indeed, it's white-collar crime, investigations and compliance team has earned leading roles more than one of Israel's largest corruption cases. Joseph Ashkenazi recently argued one of the country's most significant political corruption cases, and Daniel Reisner is representing key clients in major cross-border bribery and corruption investigations in the construction and defence sectors. Another name to note is Ra’anan Sagi, whose practice focuses on matters of homeland security and public international law.

Practice head(s):

Yossi Ashkenazi; Daniel Reisner

Ilan Sofer & Co.

Ilan Sofer & Co. is a boutique firm that was established just two years ago, though given the experience and reputation of its founder, the firm has already become a prominent player in Israel's white-collar litigation market. The firm is headed by name partner Ilan Sofer, who is consistently involved in major criminal cases involving tax, securities, antitrust, and bribery. Of particular note, the team is representing Shikun & Binui in what is one of the largest bribery investigations in Israel. In addition, Sofer is acting for a witness in Case 3000 (the country's infamous submarine scandal), and is also acting for a key state witness in the cases against PM Netanyahu concerning breach of trust and corruption.

Practice head(s):

Ilan Sofer


Brilliant, responsible, and knowledgeable.

Key clients

Nir Hefetz

Shikun & Binui

Miki Ganor

Moshe Yosef

Albar Car Lease Company

Jacky Ben Zaken


Boaz Dekel

Dor Alon (“Am-Pm”)

Eli Gigi

Adv. Abu Raya

Avi Shahar

Rabbi Avraham Wolff

Work highlights

  • Representing Nir Hefetz, who became one of the most important state witnesses in the 1000, 2000 and 4000 affairs in which the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu is the main suspect.
  • Representation of a large publicly traded company, Albar Car Leasing Company, in a major criminal investigation regarding the import of Toyota, Lexus and Honda cars from the United States.
  • Representation of one of the key witnesses in the “3000” case (known as the “submarine scandal”), in which Prime Minister Netanyahu was a main suspect.

Krispin Rubinstein Blecher Law Offices

Krispin Rubinstein Blecher Law Offices has firm-wide expertise in administrative law and heavily regulated sectors. In the litigation space, the team is routinely involved in highly publicised criminal, administrative and disciplinary proceedings. Indeed, the practice group is acting for one of the key defendants in a criminal antitrust investigation into price collusion in the area of educational tours, and is also acting for a state witness in the cases against PM Netanyahu. The litigation department is led by Roy Blecher, who handles a wide variety of criminal negligence and financial claims, and has particular experience in matters involving the defence and aerospace industry.

Practice head(s):

Roy Blecher

Key clients

Ayelet Youngster, Gesher Tours

Mr. Ari Harow

Mr. Yoram Alon

Mr. Alon Kastiel

Mr. Ronen Moshe

Lt. Col. Yishai Rosilio

Mr. Eran Greenfeld

Work highlights

  • Represented Mr. Ari Harow, former Chief of Staff of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in relation to a charge of breach of trust. Following negotiations and arrangements as a witness, it was agreed that Mr. Harow would be sentenced to six months of community service instead of imprisonment.
  • Represented Mr. Yoram Alon, a metal exporter, in relation to charges of assistance to the enemy during war and additional security offences.
  • Representing Mr. Ronen Moshe, a well-known communications consultant, who previously served as a ministerial adviser to the Israeli government. The client is  charged with bribing senior government officials in order to promote and preserve its economic interests.

Ravit Zemach, Law Office

'A unique firm in terms of creativity and devotion to excellence', Ravit Zemach, Law Office has earned top roles in leading corporate and political corruption cases. The firm operates a sole practitioner model and is led by Ravit Zemach, whom some clients have gone so far as to label a godsend. Despite its size, the firm has noted experience in complex cross-border investigations and criminal matters. In a recent example of the types of standout cases in which the firm is involved, Zemach is acting for Shikun & Binui in relation to a large-scale investigation concerning the bribery of civil servants in Africa.

Practice head(s):

Ravit Zemach


Very creative, and highly professional. Can take any case (even the hardest), and win it.

Ravit is absolutely brilliant. She is a real winner and very dedicated to the client.

From my experience with the head of the Ravit Zemach Law Firm I am sure that this is a unique firm in terms of creativity, they thrive for success and devotion to excellency and professionalism.

I personally worked with Ravit Zemach , she has extraordinary legal capabilities and knowledge. I highly appreciate her ability to think out-of-the-box and reach her goals.

Ravit’s professional legal work is superb – she is very creative, extremely thorough and will not give up on any possible defense line. She is completely dedicated to the success of our case and I can truly say the case is important to her not less than it is important to me.

Key clients

Shikun Binui

Ronen Moshe

Hillel Cerny and “Holyland”

Asher Rosenbaum and Ilan Samuel

Sollel Boneh


Dov Weinstein (CPA) and his firm

We! Ankor and Former CEO Mr. Oshri Sharon

Eran Greenfeld

Work highlights

  • Represented Shikun & Binui in a joint investigation conducted by the police, the Israel Securities Authority, international law enforcement agencies and the Tax and Finance Department of the State Attorney office.
  • Represents Mr. Ronen Moshe, former adviser to Ehud Barak, Binyamin Ben Eliezer and other prominent public figures, regarding an indictment filed against him for alleged bribery of a senior civil servant.
  • Representing Mr. Hillel Cerny, the central entrepreneur behind the notorious Holyland real estate project in Jerusalem, in a range of matters including a Supreme Court appeal following a District Court incarceration sentence of 3.5 years, as well representation in a complex claim filed against him by the Jerusalem municipality local planning and zoning committee.

Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Office

The team at Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Office handles a huge range of white-collar criminal proceedings for CEOs, and other company directors and senior executives. Headed by Alon Ron, the department is particularly well-known for its work in securities fraud, insider trading, money laundering, and forex-related charges. In addition, the team is representing multiple defendants in an international bribery investigation involving Israeli construction company Shikun & Binui, and has been active in several high-profile diamond smuggling cases, including the highly publicised "black diamond" affair. Another name to note is Ayelet Leshem, who specialises in white-collar crime and has built a reputation practicing at some of the largest and best-known law firms in Israel.

Practice head(s):

Alon Ron


Their lawyers are distinguished by human and intellectual qualities. This office has a rare weave of excellent professional ability with human sensitivity.

Alon is very prominent in his deep and quick thinking ability. In the criminal field, he is probably among the three best litigators in Israel.

Key clients

Zvulun Leviev

Avihu Aibchitts

Azaria Levi

Ronit Biran

Gabi Yosipov

Omri Weissman

Arieh Lantsberg

Josie Zinger

Erez Miara

Aviv Talmor

Aviram Elad

Daud Gudovsky

Ayelet Hachmon Afik

Shimon Gapso

Anat Peled

Work highlights

  • Representing Zvulun Leviev in relation to charges for suspicion in involvement in illegal smuggling of diamonds from Russia to Israel, money laundering, customs and income tax violations in the scope of NIS300m. The case was dubbed the “Black Diamond Case” by the press.
  • Representing former chief financial officer and vice president of business development with NegevCeramics (NC), was charged with numerous securities laws offences and fraud, which he allegedly committed within the scope of his senior position at NC.
  • Representing the Manager for Central America operations in SBI, the international subsidiary of Shikun & Binui (S&B), in connection with allegations and charges of bribery of foreign public civil servants offences, allegedly committed by the client in the promotion of several construction projects of S&B overseas.

S. Horowitz & Co

S. Horowitz & Co is a 'professional and practical' firm with an impressive corporate client base and a market-leading reputation for litigation of all kinds. The white-collar crime group is led by Pnina Sheffer-Emmanuel, who is rated for her 'outstanding familiarity with, and profound expertise in, her field of practice'. Well versed in domestic regulation and compliance ranging from antitrust and taxation to sensitive issues of national security, the team advises domestic and international corporates on one-off issues concerning potential criminal offences, as well as on the establishment of company-wide compliance policies. The team is also regularly involved in criminal investigations covering fraud tax evasion, securities offences and bribery and corruption. Yehoshua Horesh is a standout partner in the wider litigation team.


Adv. Pnina Sheffer Emmanuel possesses outstanding familiarity with, and profound expertise in, her field of practice. Her qualities are reflected by focused, pragmatic and professional counselling, making her and the team an exceptional panel of experts whose valuable support is often second to none while setting a peak standard for legal services.

Characterised by professionalism, expertise, availability, responsiveness, focus and practicality.

Key clients


Baker & McKenzie

Lex Mundi



Denso Corporation

Kitov Pharma

Magnezi Group

IVM Minrav Sadyt



Tahal Group

Trafigura Group


Work highlights

  • Provided a legal opinion to Denso Corporation on the issue of bribery offences under Israeli law
  • Assisting Iscar with establishing its policy regarding trading with enemy states.
  • Providing a legal opinion to Lex Mundi regarding corruption and bribery laws.

Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg, Shenhav & Co.

Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg, Shenhav & Co. represents companies, directors and senior executives in relation to criminal charges and investigations, ranging from antitrust and environmental offences to securities violations and tax offences. In addition to representing clients before the Israeli courts and criminal authorities, the team also represented a client in a deposition report to the US SEC regarding insider trading in connection with the $15bn acquisition of Mobileye by Intel in 2017. Practice head and managing partner David Fohrer has particular expertise in financial litigation, Limor Levy is acting for a senior executive in an international bribery investigation, and Amir Avni is another key contact.

Practice head(s):

David Fohrer

Key clients

Family of the late Oron Yarden

Mrs. Esterina Tartman



Mr. Moshe Hevroni

Amit Systems

BDO Israel

Israeli Orthodox Charity Foundation

Colmobil Group

Talmor Jewelry

Mrs. Vera Yoffe

Work highlights

  • Represented public company Arad it’s shareholders, the subsidiary of the company, and senior executives of the company in criminal proceedings for violations of the antitrust law, fraud and coordinating prices in tenders.
  • Representing Mrs. Esterina Tartman, former member in the Israeli parliament, In proceedings with the tax authorities regarding suspected tax offenses.
  • Representing senior partners from the BDO accounting firm who provided services to Shikun & Binui, in an investigation opened into the possibility of bribery taken by a foreign public employee.

Naschitz, Brandes, Amir & Co.

Naschitz, Brandes, Amir & Co.'s white-collar team has particular expertise in criminal tax matters, though it also acts for company executives and business owners in relation to securities violations, criminal fraud and money laundering allegations. In addition, the practice group has developed a reputation in criminal negligence and malpractice claims. The department is headed by Ori Spiegel, who joined the firm in 2017 after years working at the Israeli Tax Authority, where he headed the special tax cases department. Given his background at the Tax Authority, Spiegel is particularly skilled in criminal (and civil) tax litigation and investigations; however, his cases often involve a variety of financial offences such as bribery, fraud and forgery.

Practice head(s):

Ori Spiegel

Key clients

Liam Israel

Aviram Almog

Shely & Sons

Irena Woldberg (TheIsrael BeitanoAffair)

Drug Case Online

Yosef Schneersohn

Ephraim Elmsey

Tatiana Oshinker

Dror Elany

Hyper Toy and Adi Regev

M.A. Ilanot and Marcelo Goose


Director of the firm Kasselman Kasselman

Work highlights

  • Advised Irena Waldberg, former CEO of Israeli Promoters Association, in relation to an indictment by the Economic Department of the State Prosecutor’s Office for bribing Faina Kirschenbaum in relation to flights to Ukraine and Serbia in 2014. According to the original indictment on two different occasions, Irena paid plane tickets for David Godowski and others through a non-profit organisation that she ran.
  • Advising Liam Israel on allegations of bribery, fraud, tax and capital laundering transactions amounting to tens of millions of shekels.
  • Acting for Yosef Scheerson, former CEO and senior officer in a number of public and private companies in Israel, in relation to an indictment against him regarding a series of offences under the Securities Law and the Penal Code, in the amount of $60m.

Spigelman Koren Zamir & Co

The white-collar department at Spigelman Koren Zamir & Co is led by of counsel Daphna Weinberg, a 'top-choice' criminal defence lawyer with 'a strong track record and experience in Israel's top firms'. Weinberg has experience of a wide variety of criminal matters including economic and tax offences, environmental claims, and privacy violations and is involved in several of the country's best known cross-border corruption investigations. She also represents contractors and entrepreneurs in criminal negligence matters, business licensing violations, protection and employment violations, and sexual harassment claims.

Practice head(s):

Daphna Weinberg


Weinberg is one of the finest criminal defense lawyers in Israel. Her personal approach and treatment, alongside her track record and experience in Israel’s top firms, make her a top choice.

Quick and accurate advise. Have shown me in the last 20 years that they are on top of the issues and gave very helpful and correct advice.

Daphna is a very impressive lawyer, very knowledgeable in her field of expertise and yet with a wide vision in other disciplines.

Daphna Weinberg is one of the best lawyers I worked with. She is very dedicated and to her work and to her clients, she doesn’t forget anything she is really an expert in white-collar crimes.

Daphna is extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and tough correct negotiator.

Weinberg’s ability of team work is unparalleled and it is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to cooperate with her as colleagues due to her attentive approach to the case, the client and her peers.

Daphna Weinberg is a highly responsible, experienced and intelligent attorney. She is deeply committed to her clients, passionate about her work and extremely trustworthy.

Key clients

BDO Zeev-Haft

El-Al Israel Airlines

Mr. Dov Litvinof

Mr. Arnon Giladi


Mr. Amal Assad

Mr. Gal Granot Granot & Co. Law Firm

Nextcom Group

Bene Zion Premilitary Academy

Yakhin Group

Adv. Yoseph Shperling

Work highlights

  • Representing senior executives in the accounting firm that audited the reports of the subsidiaries of Shikun & Binui in South Africa, in a matter involving suspicions that senior officials at the construction company paid bribes to foreign public employees in return for promoting projects.
  • Representing two senior executives of El-Al Israel Airlines in an investigation being conducted by the securities authority regarding their suspected use of inside information. The investigation deals with the information allegedly received by the controlling shareholder and a director in the Company, utilising prior information about the Company’s financial results in order to sell company shares he held.
  • Represented Mr. Dov Litvinof since the start of investigation known as “The Israel Beiteinu party affair. Mr. Litvinof was suspected of bribery, brokerage of bribery and money laundering offences in connection with the illegal transfer of government support to various bodies. Following a complicated hearing, a plea bargain was reached, which led to the conversion of the suspicions detailed above into one offence of breach of trust, without any fraud offences.