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Dispute resolution in Iceland


Juris‘ dispute resolution group offers litigation expertise across a variety of industries, including the real estate, banking and financial services, public and fishing sectors. The ‘highly skilled’ team is experienced in complex cross-border mandates, and includes multiple Supreme Court attorneys. Andri Árnason, whose area of particular focus is financial disputes, co-leads the department alongside Stefán A. Svensson, who covers financial, competition, and planning litigation. Edda Andradóttir is noted for her work representing governmental groups, while Andri Andrason is a key contact for banking clients.

Practice head(s):

Andri Árnason; Stefán A. Svensson

Other key lawyers:

Andri Andrason; Edda Andradóttir


‘Highly skilled team with good communication skills.’

Key clients

Icelandic Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs

RÚV ohf.

Landsbankinn hf.

Míla hf.

Kvika banki hf.

University of Iceland

Drífa ehf.

Lyfja hf.

Árvakur hf.

Gamma Capital Management hf.

Municipality of Ísafjörður

Icelandic Society of Judges

Work highlights

  • Representing Landsbankinn hf. in cases regarding the legality of variable interest rates in consumer mortgages.
  • Representing Kvika in a case relating to the enforcement of collateral in derivative transactions.
  • Representing Huginn in a case regarding the legality of distribution of mackerel fishing quotas.

Lex Law Offices

Lex Law Offices‘s team is experienced in both litigation and arbitration proceedings, and represents clients at all levels of the Icelandic judicial system, including the Supreme Court, where the team is regularly active. The group attracts a diverse range of prestige clients, including commercial and investment banks, shipping companies, insurance companies, and public institutions. Supreme Court attorney Kristin Edwald is a leading name in insurance and corporate disputes, and co-leads the department alongside Arnar Þór Stefánsson, a seasoned litigator with broad sector expertise. Óskar Sigurðsson specialises in real estate disputes, while Garðar Víðir Gunnarsson is an energy expert with notable strength in arbitrations.

Practice head(s):

Kristín Edwald; Arnar Þór Stefánsson

Other key lawyers:

Garðar Víðir Gunnarsson; Óskar Sigurðsson


‘Broad coverage of knowledge that can handle most areas.’

‘Quick response and effective work.’

‘The team is very good.’

Key clients

ADG ehf. (AERO Design Global)

Kara Connect ehf.

ST ehf.

Bláfugl ehf. airline (Bluebird).

Bondholders of WOW air hf.

Samherji hf.

Landsbankinn hf.

Arion banki hf.

Frigus II ehf.

Nýr Landspítali ohf. (The New National Hospital)

Fjallabyggd Municipality

Thordur Mar Johannesson

Lífeyrissjóður Verslunarmanna – Pension Fund of Commerce

Salt Pay IIB hf.

Sjóvá-Almennar Insurance

Municipality of Árborg

Hejsa ehf.

Work highlights

  • Representing Landsbankinn hf. in a case brought by a former owner of a payment card company against the bank and certain other financial institutions claiming tort liability.
  • Representing Lifeyrissjodur Verslunarmanna in a dispute where X, a fund member, is challenging a change made to the pension fund’s amendments that were implemented in December 2022.
  • Representing Nýr Landspítali ohf., the entity tasked with administering the New National Hospital project (NLSH), before the Public Procurement Complaints Commission in a case regarding a complaint lodged by a bidder in tender on the total Exterior Wall System for NLSH.


LOGOS fields a team with expertise in all forms of litigation, with a strong record before courts of all levels, including the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and the European Court of Human Rights. The group works as part of the firm’s full-service offering to provide comprehensive support, with areas of strength including contentious insolvencies, competition damages claims, construction damages claims, and corporate investigations. Team lead Heiðar Ásberg Atlason is a leading name for bankruptcy law, financial restructurings, and contract law. Other key team members include competition law specialists Halldór Brynjar Halldórsson and Helga Óttarsdóttir, as well as Supreme Court attorney Ólafur Eiríksson, whose practice covers white-collar crime, tort, and employment law.

Practice head(s):

Heiðar Ásberg Atlason

Other key lawyers:

Helga Óttarsdóttir; Ólafur Eiríksson; Hjördís Halldórsdóttir; Halldór Brynjar Halldórsson


‘Sound base, which contributes to a proper level of knowledge.’

Key clients

Morgan Stanley Inc.

Goldman Sachs Inc.

Siminn hf.

HSBC Bank plc.

Marel hf.

Deloitte ehf.

Eimskipafelag Islands hf.

Arion Bank hf.

Icelandair ehf.

Islenskir adalverktakar hf.

Laxar fiskeldi ehf.

Norvik hf.

Securitas hf.

Landsbankinn hf.

66 North Lux SARL

Kvika Bank hf.

Vordur Insurance

MAST (The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority)

IFR – Reykjavik Sports Club for Disabled

Lyf og heilsa ehf.


Jin Shan

Saint Lawrence Aviation Leasing Ltd.

Avolon/CIT Aerospace Int.

RRPF Engine Leasing Ltd.

Gylfaflot 2 ehf.

GF-4 ehf.

Nestak ehf.

Valitor hf.

Estate of Brotafl ehf.

Istak hf.

Origo hf.

The Icelandic Visual Art Copyright Association

Work highlights

  • Representing HSBC Milan Branch in a litigation valued at more than $30m relating to the winding-up process of LBI ehf.
  • Representing Arion Bank hf., the country’s largest financial institution, in a landmark case concerning variable interests rates in consumer loans.
  • Representing the former director of Wow air hf., in a case in which the bankrupt estate of the airline claims damages from its directors, as well as its former parent company.

Réttur – Adalsteinsson & Partners

Réttur – Adalsteinsson & Partners represents a diverse client base in a range of high-stakes cases, including commercial litigation on behalf of leading corporate groups, as well as criminal cases and matters concerning human rights issues. Jointly leading the department are Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir, a seasoned litigator with experience before the European Court of Human Rights; Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson, an expert in commercial, property, and constitutional law; and Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir, who is noted for her strength in litigating cases with a cross-border dimension. The team additionally includes Katrín Oddsdóttir, who is a thought leader on matters of human rights, immigration rights, and the protection of the environment.

Practice head(s):

Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir; Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson; Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir

Other key lawyers:

Katrín Oddsdóttir


‘They have a special and unique knowledge of copyright matters, and their ability to handle these matters is exemplary.

‘We appreciate their extensive knowledge of copyright and related matters. Quick response in sensitive matters and exceptional behaviour with clients who seek their help.’

Key clients

Icelandic Water Holdings hf.

Icelandic Writer’s Association (RSÍ)

Fossatún ehf.

Flux ehf.




The Icelandic Nature Conservation Association (INCA)

Icelandic Symphony Orchestra

Skagastál ehf., At Iceland ehf. et al.

Myndstef (The Icelandic Visual Art Copyright Association or IVACA)

Work highlights

  • Represented Fossatún ehf. in a landmark court case before the Supreme Court on the constitutional (negative) freedom of association and the requirements of legal clarity and precision that the legislator must fulfil, when intending to limit such fundamental rights.
  • Represented Erla Bolladóttir in pleadings before the Special Court of Reopening of Adjudicated Cases and, after a judgement rendered not in favour of our client, was able to obtain a settlement directly with the Prime Minister of Iceland, resulting in the client receiving damages for the amount of ISK32m and an apology.
  • Representing Skagastál ehf., At Iceland ehf., et al., landowners in a court case against the Icelandic State and the municipality Hvalfjarðarsveit.

ADVEL Attorneys at Law

ADVEL Attorneys at Law fields a highly experienced litigation team, with key strength in complex international and cross-border mandates. Team lead Guðmundur Siemsen covers contract issues, corporate matters and public procurement work. Also key are Dóra Sif Tynes, a notable expert in matters involving the EEA, and Árni Freyr Árnason, who regularly acts for foreign clients in litigation in Iceland.

Practice head(s):

Guðmundur Siemsen

Other key lawyers:

Dóra Sif Tynes; Árni Freyr Árnason


‘The team is excellent and has a great commercial understanding.’

‘Guðmundur Siemsen is a great litigator. A very safe choice in Iceland.’

Key clients

The Icelandic Government

Arion bank

Advania Group

Municipality of Hafnarfjörður

N1 hf.

Stræto bs.

Sýn (Vodafone Iceland)



Orkuveita Reykjavikur

Bilaleiga Flugleida (Hertz Iceland)

Work highlights

  • Representing Arion Bank as the bank’s attorney in a case filed by EC-Clear.
  • Representing Brim in employment dispute resolution and litigation.
  • Representing Orkuveita Reykjavikur in disputes concerning the alleged health complications suffered by an employee of Orkuveita Reykjavikur, and an employee of a tenant at Orkuveita Reykjavikur’s headquarters.


BBA//Fjeldco is a leading name for complex commercial disputes, with a strong track record in representing clients in both litigation and arbitration proceedings. The group covers disputes in a number of areas, including the insurance, banking and finance, and real estate sectors. Team lead Thórir Júlíusson advises on a range of financial disputes, and is a qualified Supreme Court attorney, while Baldvin Björn Haraldsson is highly experienced in arbitrations, and is admitted to practice in both Iceland and France. Also key is Kári Ólafsson, who specialises in commercial disputes, including those in the real estate and financial sectors.

Practice head(s):

Thórir Júlíusson

Other key lawyers:

Baldvin Björn Haraldsson; Kári Ólafsson


‘The team is very good at planning strategies. The team’s strengths and key capabilities are working fast and pinpointing any weakness or pitfalls to be aware of.’

‘Thórir Júlíusson stands out in relation to working out strategies and reasoning with the counterpart.’

‘The quality and capability of BBA//Fjeldco law firm is exceptional. I’ve worked with many partners and associates within the company and all have delivered what was expected, and often more. They are personal and professional, which is a blend that I like.’

‘Excellency and super quick response when needed. Super ambition in relation to documentation and problem-solving.’

Key clients

TM hf

Harpa Concert Hall

Benchmark Genetics hf

Eik fasteignafélag

Reiknistofa fiskmarkaða hf.

Verna hf.


Mannverk ehf.

Måsoval Eiendom AS

Deloitte Iceland

Deloitte Iceland works within the firm's global network to represent prominent clients in a range of commercial disputes. The department covers the real estate, energy, and financial sectors, with key strength in tax litigation. Competition specialist Hallmundur Albertsson leads the team alongside tax expert Guðbjörg Thorsteinsdottir and managing partner Haraldur Birgisson, a leading name for transfer pricing disputes.

Practice head(s):

Hallmundur Albertsson; Guðbjörg Thorsteinsdottir; Haraldur Birgisson

Key clients

Síminn hf.

Reiknistofa bankanna hf.

HS Orka hf.

Mannvit hf.

Gourmet ehf.

G2A ehf.

Hopp Leigubílar ehf.

Bru II Venture Capital Fund S.C.A., SICAR

Auðhumla svf.

Work highlights

  • Represented an industrial entity in defending its case before the tax tribunal in one of the first large transfer pricing cases in Iceland, which has now been appealed to the district courts.
  • Represented HS Orka hf. in a case, which ended with an out of court settlement, of a claim towards the Icelandic Government in relation to the legal basis of an electricity supply charge, which benefitted the whole sector.
  • Assisted a LUX creditor of Bru Venture capital in relation to a substantial claim in the estate of the fund Bru II Island hf.

Landslog – Law Offices

Landslog – Law Offices' team is regularly active in a broad range of high-profile cases, with significant experience before both the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court. Areas covered by the group include banking, real estate, IP, and administrative claims. Grímur Sigurðsson co-leads the department alongside Supreme Court attorney Áslaug Árnadóttir and Viðar Lúðvíksson, whose practice includes financial disputes and insurance law. Jón Gunnar Ásbjörnsson is also a key name within the team.

Practice head(s):

Grímur Sigurðsson; Áslaug Árnadóttir; Viðar Lúðvíksson

Other key lawyers:

Jóhannes Sveinsson; Jón Gunnar Ásbjörnsson


‘The team consists of some of Iceland’s finest lawyers. They provide a professional legal service and collaboration that has always been exceptional.’

‘We have worked with the firm Landslog for some years now and have always been very satisfied. Viðar Lúðvíksson has been the lawyer who has taken care of our legal issues. He has very considerate and excellent manners, yet he is a very determined and assertive litigator. His professional work both in regard to preparation and performance have been in a class of their own.’

‘I have only worked with partner Jón Gunnar Ásbjörnsson, but he has an excellent grasp of English, understands the commercialities of our case and is prompt in responding. He is tenacious and a good advocate.’

‘Very professional.’

‘Very experienced, very broad legal knowledge and skills.’

Key clients

Central Bank of Iceland

Hagar hf.

Isavia (Icelandic Airport and Air Traffic Management)

University of Iceland Lottery


Icelandic Prime Contractors

Bru II Island

Work highlights

  • Representing an organisation of mackerel fisheries in Iceland, in court proceedings against the Icelandic state, aiming to overturn the state’s allocation of mackerel quota.
  • Leading a class action on behalf of a group of shareholders in the collapsed bank Landsbanki, against one of the bank’s former owners, for allegedly deceiving and withholding information from the bank’s shareholders.
  • Representing Isavia in its dispute with Air Lease Corporation USA, regarding Isavia’s impounding of ALC’s Airbus A320 aircraft at Keflavík international airport.