Leading Silks

Abraham Chan SC – Temple Chambers 'Abraham is a star advocate; he is practical and thoughtful in his strategy, his advocacy is measured and forceful, he is extremely knowledgeable on the law, and he has a comprehensive grasp of the finest details of a case.'
Norman Nip SC – Rede Chambers ‘Norman is easy to work with and has very thorough knowledge of the law. He is always well prepared for the questions from the court and has very good cross-examination skills.’
Wayne Walsh SCParkside ChambersWayne's advice is clear and user friendly. His experience as former DPP gives his advice on criminal law and practice great authority.'
Selwyn Yu SCSelwyn Yu SC’s Chambers ' Selwyn fights to the last minute for each client. He cares immensely for each case.'

2022 Silks

Leading Juniors

Joseph LeeDes Voeux ChambersThere is no doubt that Joseph is one of the most outstanding criminal barristers in town and a lot of solicitors would immediately think of him whenever there is a criminal or regulatory matter. His advocacy and cross-examination skills are incomparably good and effective, and Joseph is regarded as a barrister who is able to lead others and conduct complex cases independently.'
Benson TsoiParkside ChambersBenson is the leading junior at the Hong Kong Bar. Legally resourceful, a powerful advocate, and intensely committed in all he does.'
Jonathan Ah-WengParkside ChambersJonathan is a sophisticated counsel who impresses with his ability to dissect and handle complex cases to achieve good outcomes for his clients. He is a thorough criminal litigator and his mixed practice in civil matters gives him an edge in defending commercial crimes.'
Isaac ChanRede Chambers ‘Isaac is one of the very few barristers in this jurisdiction that has an extensive practice in both civil and criminal law. His advice is often practical, user-friendly, and carefully thought out, and he is also a very strong advocate, which is demonstrated by his ability to explain complex matters of jurisprudence in simple layman terms that is easy to understand and follow.'
Osmond LamParkside Chambers 'Osmond is extremely experienced and very well-thought of as a barrister. He knows more about his area of the law than most other barristers in Hong Kong, including Silks, and he is a very hard worker and he keeps up-to-date with the latest authorities.'
Bernard MakParkside Chambers 'Bernard is very experienced in insider dealing and market misconduct cases. He is a pleasure to work with, he is known for his ability to come up with an extremely persuasive argument that no one else could think of, and he can turn bad cases into good ones.'
Randy ShekDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Randy's advocacy is of a high quality; he is a passionate defence counsel who always fights for clients till the end. He stands out from his peers.'

Rising Stars

Joshua Chan – Temple Chambers ‘Joshua has wide experience of regulatory disputes, acting for and against prime regulators such as the Securities and Futures Commission. His ability to quickly get on top of the facts is outstanding.’
Jason Ko – Denis Chang’s Chambers ‘Jason is an all-rounded barrister that you can always count on to provide practical and solid advice to lay clients. He is an excellent advocate in Chinese and English, his presentation is calm, clear, and persuasive, and he is able to get a good reading of the judge’s approach and can think on his feet accordingly.’
Andrew Christopher Lau – Denis Chang’s Chambers ‘Andrew has very strong written and advocacy skills in criminal and regulatory matters. As a young practitioner, he always shows confidence when he conducts trials as a defence lawyer, and his confidence is based on his excellent cross-examination skills and familiarity with legal principles.’
Kelly Shum – Rede Chambers ‘Kelly is very intelligent, hard-working, can handle problems efficiently, has good drafting skills, and her legal research is always thorough and to the point. With her sound legal knowledge and good judgement, she is always able to present her arguments clearly and convincingly.’

Regulatory, investigations and crime in Hong Kong Bar

Parkside Chambers

Parkside Chambers boasts a number of highly experienced barristers with strong criminal and white-collar crime practices. Head of chambers Wayne Walsh SC frequently represents a wide range of clients, including high-net-worth individuals, financial institutions, and government departments, in financial crime prosecutions and regulatory compliance investigations. Amongst the juniors, Osmond Lam is of note for his well-established criminal practice, and he represented the appellant in HKSAR v Lung Siu Chuen, a case concerning a police superintendent charged with two counts of fraud after he was granted a house and mortgage loans valued at $6m. Benson Tsoi is notable for his defence work regarding allegations of organised or white-collar crime, as is demonstrated by his representation of a defendant in HKSAR v Tsai Lu Chin Lin, and their subsequent acquittal of a wide conspiracy to commit money laundering under the pretence of international shipping and trading. Insider dealing and market misconduct inquiries are strengths of Bernard Mak.


‘Parkside is a well-respected set of chambers.’

‘Wide-ranging practice with talented individuals.’

‘Parkside Chambers is a mixed commercial, family and criminal set. It has a strong white-collar crime practice.’

‘Parkside Chambers is one of the top commercial crime chambers in Hong Kong.’

‘They have excellent Juniors.’

‘Parkside Chambers offers a wide range of skill sets that can cover both criminal and civil needs.’

Work highlights