Competition in Hong Kong Bar

Andrew Liao SC's Chambers

Andrew Liao SC's Chambers includes a number of juniors active in novel competition cases. Kenneth Lee leads William Tse in representing the defendant in the Meyer Aluminium and Shell v Taching Patroleum case, in which the Competition Tribunal grappled with issues of alleged price collusion in the sale of diesel oil.

Denis Chang’s Chambers

Denis Chang’s Chambers' reputation as a set for public law cases gives it a launch-pad for competition law work in Hong Kong, which its members handle for both the Commission and businesses. Members were on both sides of the five-respondent case surrounding bid-rigging in the YWCA's tender process for new IT systems: Tim Parker, who is also a member of Blackstone Chambers in London, represented SiS International, which was found to be the only respondent not to have violated the first conduct rule, and Carter Chim, who was the Competition Commission's case manager. In addition, Chim represented defendants in the Competition v W Hing Construction Company & Ors, concerning market sharing in the construction sector, in which the tribunal found that a criminal standard of proof applies in competition proceedings in Hong Kong. On a related note, Samuel Chan, who continues to be a member of chambers, was appointed as chairman of the Hong Kong Competition Commission in March 2020.

Des Voeux Chambers

Des Voeux Chambers' senior-junior Catrina Lam represented the Competiton Commission in the Nutanix case, and is instructed by it in an investigation into an alleged bid-rigging exercise for a project at a theme park; in the private sector, she also represents the claimants in the Taching Petroleum v Meyer Aluminium case over unpaid fuel invoices in which the defendants argue that Taching fixed prices with Shell. Connie Lee represented a contractor in the Competition Commission v W. Hing Construction Company case.

Temple Chambers

Temple Chambers includes commercial silks instructed in some of Hong Kong's agenda-setting competition cases. Abraham Chan SC, who has a strong track record of telecoms work, was lead counsel for the Competition Commission in Competition Commission v W Hing Construction, while Charles Hollander QC - a dual tenant at top-tier London competition set Brick Court Chambers - represented BT Hong Kong in the Competition Commission v Nutanix case; 2019 Silk Eva Sit SC  represented Innovix Distribution in that matter.