Leading Silks

Edward Chan SC  – Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers ‘One of the best silks in Hong Kong.’
Denis Chang SCDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Denis is a versatile, highly experienced advocate with amazing analytical abilities and a leave-no-stone-unturned attitude.’
Victor Dawes SCTemple Chambers ‘Victor always looks at the big picture. He is able to deliver clear and persuasive messages.’
Charles Hollander KCTemple Chambers 'Charles is a very effective advocate. His presentation and cross-examination are top notch.'
Charles Manzoni SCTemple Chambers ‘A top counsel in Hong Kong.’
Rimsky Yuen SC – Temple Chambers ‘Rimsky is a leader in the arbitration field. He is very meticulous and hands-on despite his seniority. He is very thorough in his submissions and advice.’
Abraham Chan SCTemple Chambers ‘A very good advocate.’
Ambrose Ho SCRede Chambers ‘An excellent advocate who marries sharp commercial acumen with a thorough approach to the law. He is highly effective, and approaches matters with great precision and clarity.’
José-Antonio Maurellet SCDes Voeux Chambers ‘An effective advocate in court. He has the respect of the bench and he is able to make attractive submissions in simple language, and walk through the most complex legal principles with ease.’
Anson Wong SCDes Voeux Chambers ‘A capable senior counsel who is very sharp and insightful.’
Horace Wong SCRede Chambers ‘An all-rounded barrister in commercial disputes.’
Nigel Kat SCParkside Chambers 'A punchy advocate who is better than most Hong Kong barristers at being a team player.'
Eva Sit SCTemple Chambers ‘Excellent advocacy. Excellent at conveying arguments by explaining complex law in commercial and corporate matters.’

2021 Silks

Norman Nip SCRede Chambers ‘He is hands-on, easy to work with, and has a great analytical mind. Good advocacy and cross-examination in both English and Chinese.’

2022 Silks

Sara Tong SCTemple Chambers ‘Sara is always on top of both the law and the facts of the case. She is diligent and her turnaround time is quick.’

Leading Juniors

Edward AlderPrince's Chambers 'A go-to barrister for commercial work. He is a very measure demeanour but like a velvet hammer in court. He is definite silk material.'
Paul CarolanPrince's Chambers 'A highly regarded senior junior counsel.'
Julian Cohen  – Resolution Chambers ‘He is a fantastic advocate who is particularly skilled at cross-examination.’
Earl DengDenis Chang’s Chambers 'He is highly capable and sophisticated in advising on both the legal and practical aspects of different stages of commercial litigation.'
John HuiDes Voeux Chambers 'John is a very able advocate; he is quick on his feet and can make forceful and focused arguments in court. He stands out from his peers and gives you silk quality.'
Catrina LamDes Voeux Chambers 'Catrina is very prepared and meticulous. Her written submissions are excellent and her oral advocacy is outstanding. No weaknesses.'
Queenie LauTemple Chambers 'Queenie is great all round. Excellent advice work and she is clear and concise. She never fails to impress.'
Connie LeeDes Voeux Chambers 'Connie impresses as a very able and hard-working junior with a profound knowledge of the law.'
Thomas LeeRede Chambers ‘Thomas is a an able and impressive advocate as well as a hard working and knowledgeable junior counsel. His performances showed no weaknesses.’
Benny LoDes Voeux Chambers 'Benny is a brilliant, hard working and experienced barrister. He is very accomplished on commercial matters. Both litigation and arbitration are areas in which he has vast experience.'
Vincent LungParkside Chambers 'Vincent is very sharp on identifying legal issues and able to suggest solutions. He is also very commercial, practical and very client friendly. His advocacy is concise, to the point and focused, and at the same time, ready and able to address any queries which the judge has raised.'
Tim ParkerDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Tim is one of the best advocates in court. He is very intelligent and can think of arguments that other advocates do no typically cover. His arguments are highly persuasive.’
Richard YipDenis Chang’s Chambers 'Richard is thorough in his research and analysis. He is willing to go the extra mile in formulating different case plans for clients.'
Christopher ChainDes Voeux Chambers 'Christopher is highly effective as a senior junior counsel.'
Bonnie ChengTemple Chambers 'Bonnie is certainly one of the leading juniors. She is strong in her research, her critical analysis of the case, and in presenting the arguments in the most persuasive manner.'
Elizabeth CheungTemple Chambers 'Recommended for commercial injunctions. Elizabeth is very good and easy to deal with.'
Val ChowTemple Chambers ‘Val is very user-friendly. He is hard-working and produces work of the highest quality.’
Robin D’SouzaDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Robin is an eloquent advocate. He is superbly effective, pragmatic and analytical in his legal submissions.’
Martin HoTemple Chambers 'He delivers a high standard of work.'
Sabrina HoDes Voeux Chambers 'Sabrina is incredibly bright and truly hard-working. She is a fantastic junior, who is extremely good with details.'
Kenneth LamJason Pow SC’s Chambers 'Kenneth is a great advocate. He is always able to provide excellent and practical advice even when under time pressure.'
Tony Ko – Plowman Chambers ‘Tony is definitely one of the brightest barristers around. He is extremely capable technically and knows the law very well. His presentations are polished and persuasive.’
Eugene KwokPrince's Chambers 'Eugene is efficient and extremely user-friendly. His knowledge of the law is thorough whilst his strategic advice is practical.'
Jacky Lam – Plowman Chambers ‘Jacky is an excellent junior. His written work is first class and he has a good analytical mind. He is very capable in identifying the correct issue and analysing them properly.’
Julian LamTemple Chambers 'Julian is a very safe pair of hands. You can entrust him with any difficult legal issue and he will give you prompt and well thought-out advice. He is also very capable as an advocate.'
Keith LamTemple Chambers ‘Keith is one of the best from his generation.’
Kevin LeePrince's Chambers ‘He is an outstanding litigator.’
Joyce LeungRede Chambers ‘Joyce is an all-rounded counsel with elegant yet persuasive advocacy. She is able to convey complex legal issues in a simple and straightforward manner, making it easy for a lay client to understand. She is excellent at handling complex legal disputes.’ 
Tara LiaoDenis Chang’s Chambers 'Tara is very detail-focused and is able to spot issues that might otherwise be easily overlooked. She is a very solid advocate and works relentlessly.'
Andrew LynnResolution ChambersHe is practical, user-friendly, hard-working, and brilliant at thinking on his feet.’
James ManTemple Chambers 'James is extremely hard working. He pays attention to detail and is able to grasp concepts quickly. His Cantonese advocacy is particularly excellent.'
Clark WangRede Chambers ‘He is analytical, diligent and thorough in his research and preparation.’
Jeffrey TamDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Jeffrey is sharp, talented and well-prepared. He provides comprehensive and quality solutions.’
Ken ToSir Oswald Cheung's Chambers 'His advice is useful and practical and he is very efficient and diligent.'
Simon Wong – Denis Chang’s Chambers ‘Simon is very meticulous and his advocacy is very good. His advice is practical and easy to follow whilst his preparation is unquestionable.’
Thomas WongDenis Chang’s Chambers 'He is passionate about the law and his enthusiasm in addressing legal issues and creativity in solving problems are some of his strengths.'
James WoodDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘James is excellent both on paper and in court. He has extensive experience and operates at silk level.’
Colin Wright – Gilt Chambers ‘He has a thorough mastery of the law. His awareness of the commercial context in which legal disputes arise is a particular strength.’
Jason YuDes Voeux Chambers 'Jason is very knowledgeable on company law matters. He is also responsive and always has sound, practical advice. A rising star of the commercial Bar.'
Jeffrey ChauParkside Chambers 'Very hardworking, extremely thorough and thoughtful with great research skills.'
Alan KwongDes Voeux Chambers ‘Alan is a highly effective and eloquent advocate. He provides holistic and strategic advice; he is a very well-rounded counsel.’
K.K LauRede Chambers ‘K.K. has substantial experience and is a very shrewd litigator. He is very strong on strategy and he is extremely analytical.’
Jacqueline LawDes Voeux Chambers ‘Jacqueline is very diligent and hardworking. She is a very able junior who provides valuable support.’
Andrew MakSir Oswald Cheung's Chambers ‘One of the best commercial senior juniors in the field.’
Ernest NgParkside Chambers 'Ernest's advocacy is of high quality; he is consistently assertive and powerful in making oral submissions; he stands out from the peers of his seniority as his legal knowledge, advocacy, tactics and client-care skills are very well-balanced.'
Ronald PangPantheon Chambers ‘Ronald is an all-round counsel. He is responsive, analytical and efficient.’
Carol WongSir Oswald Cheung's Chambers ‘Carol is meticulous and prompt in legal drafting. Her legal opinion is comprehensive and succinct.’ 
Martin WongParkside Chambers 'Utterly dependable and reliable to provide sensible, measured, pragmatic and commercial advice.'

Rising Stars

Albert ChanSir Oswald Cheung's Chambers  ‘Albert is a very capable junior. He is hard working, his research is meticulous and he has solid legal knowledge and analysis.’
Jeffrey ChauParkside Chambers 'Very hardworking and extremely thorough and thoughtful, with great research skills.'
Justin IsmailRede Chambers ‘Justin is eloquent and effective. His delivery is precise and persuasive. Backed with thorough research, he is always able to present a case at its best.’
Roger PhangRede Chambers ‘Roger is eloquent, logical and commercially savvy. He has a sharp mind and a great ability to think on his feet.’
Cherry XuDes Voeux ChambersCherry is analytical, thorough and adopts a practical approach. She is very industrious, and her advocacy is persuasive.’
Anson Wong Yu YatDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Anson is intelligent, detail-oriented and practical. He is highly capable of analysing and deconstructing complicated legal issues.’

Commercial disputes in Hong Kong Bar

Temple Chambers

Temple Chambers is revered in the field of commercial disputes, described as ‘undoubtedly the top set in Hong Kong’ and featuring ‘a wide bench of talents at all levels’. From the senior counsel, Alexander Stock SC is leading an ongoing high-value professional negligence claim in Asia-Pac Infrastructure Development Ltd v Shearman & Sterling. The case considers and applies the doctrines of maintenance and champerty in the context of assignment of causes of action. Abraham Chan SC is leading a high-value dispute over property development and joint-venture obligations. The set is bolstered by leading silk Charles Hollander KC who enjoys a reputation as a ‘hugely experienced practitioner’ and shares dual tenancy with London-based Brick Court Chambers. Turning to the set’s juniors, Queenie Lau is acting in the substantial audit negligence claim China Medical Technologies, Inc. (in liquidation) & Or v KPMG where the liquidators of China Medical Technologies have alleged severe negligence on the part of KPMG in their audit work - the Caymanian company collapsed in 2012, defaulting on US$426m of bond debt, allegedly as a result of fraud on the part of the company's CEO.


‘One of the go-to sets for commercial disputes.’

‘Their counsel produces excellent work.’

‘Strength at all levels.’

‘The counsel are very hard working and highly sought after. The leading counsel are probably the strongest in Hong Kong.’

‘The set is the strongest in Hong Kong.’

‘One of the most prominent civil chambers in Hong Kong. It has reliable and competent counsel at different levels of seniority.’

Work highlights

    Des Voeux Chambers

    Des Voeux Chambers is notable for being strong across the board, but have particular prestige in commercial disputes. Catrina Lam is regularly instructed in the area, and has undertaken several high-value and complex cases. Connie Lee was led by José-Antonio Maurellet SC in the high-value and challenging case Industrial Bank. Co. Ltd v. Richcrown International Industries Ltd & Ors. The matter pertained to a high-value claim by a Chinese national bank, and a related action to set aside the share charge over the controlling stake of a Hong Kong Listco; it involved complex legal issues regarding the legality of the securities. Elsewhere from the juniors, Benny Lo , as lead advocate, saw a successful application to dismiss a claim for legal fees in George Y C Mok & Co v New Land Properties Development Ltd & Anr on the grounds that the firm did not write down its fee terms.


    ‘A leading commercial set.’

    ‘They have a pool of very able junior counsel who can readily provide assistance in all sorts of cases.’

    ‘A top civil set in Hong Kong who dominate the market.’

    Denis Chang’s Chambers

    Denis Chang’s Chambers is home to numerous high-quality commercial practitioners. From the senior counsel, head-of-chambers Denis Chang SC continues to act for the company’s former director in the long-running against China Gas Ltd, in the consolidated action Xu Ying v China Gas Co. Ltd. & Others – the case involves issues regarding contractual duties and different economic torts. Representing the juniors, Jeffrey Tam acted on behalf of the applicant in Re Grand Cartel Securities Company Limited, a case concerning a securities broker which had ceased operations due to the pandemic; 113 clients failed to retrieve their securities and assets – the court found that the applicant had discharged its positive duty to contact clients about the return of their assets and allowed the applicants application to pay into the court the unclaimed client assets.


    ‘Members of Denis Chang’s Chambers have taken on many complex and high-profiled disputes of substantial value.’

    ‘The chambers now has a strong presence in areas of complicated commercial disputes. The barristers are generally very responsive and helpful.’

    ‘Denis Chang’s Chambers is well reputed.’

    ‘An established and traditional set.’

    ‘The chambers is one of the most reputable sets in Hong Kong.’

    ‘The set offers many competent counsels.’

    Parkside Chambers

    At the senior end of Parkside Chambers, Mark Strachan SC  is acting in the ongoing case Zhao Long (& ors) v Berpu Technology Co, Limited (& ors) which regards parallel proceedings in the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong over the ownership of high-value shares, raising questions of the enforcement of foreign judgments. Turning to the set’s juniors, Toby Brown acted for the petitioner in winding up proceedings in the case Re Up Energy Development Group Ltd, a case considered Hong Kong’s approach to winding up in concurrent jurisdictions.


    ‘A very good chambers.’

    ‘Great set of chambers with outstanding market leaders in their respective field, brimming with quality and expertise.’

    ‘The set has a few good individuals who will likely take silk in the near future.’

    Prince's Chambers

    Prince's Chambers is a reputable and experienced set, possessing a range of barristers who receive regular instruction in commercial litigation. From the silks, Jeremy Bartlett SC maintains his notable commercial practice and is acting in the ongoing litigation concerning a large-scale development Re Yifung Developments Ltd as he represents the financier of the project. Representing the juniors, Sebastian Hughes worked on an application to enforce People’s Republic of China judgments against a guarantor of bank loans in China NPL Holdings PTE LTD v Mo Haidan & Ors - the matter involves a Mareva injunction against a guarantor.

    Rede Chambers

    Established in 2022 with primarily former members of Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers, Rede Chambers is home to both considerable talent and a wealth of experience in commercial disputes. At the senior end, Ambrose Ho SC led Roger Phang in Chow Tai Fook Nominee Limited v Diamond City Limited, a dispute over loans from a Hong Kong company to a British Virgin Islands one, originally set up to purchase shares in SinoForest, which in 2011 collapsed after being described by Muddy Waters as ‘a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme‘. Horace Wong SC is leading an ongoing and complex case that evaluated the scope for making tortious claims against a foreign defendant in Fong Chak Kwan v Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board and others. From the juniors, Clark Wang is working on Daimler AG v Herbert Heinz Horst Leiduck and Anor, which considers the international sale of goods and involves issues of fraud and Mareva injunctions.


    ‘Members of Rede Chambers have ample experience in the field of commercial disputes.’

    ‘A set of up-and-coming chambers.’

    ‘A good mix of more senior counsel as well as a number of up-and-coming juniors who have good experience.’

    Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers

    Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers enjoys status as ‘one of the most reputable sets of chambers in Hong Kong’Edward Chan is regularly instructed in high-value and high-profile disputes. The juniors are active also, with Albert Chan being praised for his ability to ‘compose strong and powerful legal submissions’ .


    ‘A set with a long and prestigious history.’

    ‘Well-established reputation both as a group and in terms of individual counsel.’

    ‘Considerable strength in trial advocacy and handling complex civil matters.’