Leading Silks

Charles Hollander QC - Temple ChambersHe is sharp, focused and always has the bigger picture in mind. Exceptional on his feet.'
Victor Joffe QC - Temple Chambers 'A formidable counsel you would like to have on your side.'
Benjamin Yu SC - Chambers of Benjamin Yu SC 'A star of the Bar in commercial dispute matters.'
Charles Manzoni SC - Temple Chambers 'A first-class barrister; legally and tactically astute, sharp and a superb advocate.'
Charles Sussex SCDes Voeux Chambers 'An excellent advocate and cross-examiner.'
Clifford Smith SCDes Voeux Chambers 'One of the most user-friendly members of the Bar. Incredibly bright.'
Edward Chan SC  - Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers  ‘Edward is always extremely well-prepared, and knows his matters inside out.’
Paul Shieh SCTemple Chambers 'A heavyweight silk, whose submissions are highly respected by the bench.'
Rimsky Yuen SC – Temple ChambersA very hands-on silk, he pays attention to minute details and provides very practical, commercial and sound legal advice to clients.’
Victor Dawes SC - Temple Chambers 'His advocacy skills are top-notch without being unnecessarily aggressive.'
Abraham Chan SC - Temple Chambers 'Abraham is a composed silk, who is a pleasure to work with.'
Alexander Stock SC - Temple Chambers 'A calm advocate with excellent judgement, and quietly persuasive in court.'
Ambrose Ho SC - Rede Chambers ‘A very experienced senior counsel at the Hong Kong Bar.’
Anson Wong SCDes Voeux Chambers 'Anson is very sharp, user-friendly and always reachable.'
Barrie Barlow SCDes Voeux Chambers 'A resolute silk.'
Bernard Man SCTemple Chambers 'An intelligent, genuine 'all-round' silk'.
Horace Wong SC  - Rede Chambers  ‘An accomplished SC.’
Jason Pow SC - Jason Pow SC’s Chambers 'Well known for his niche practice in defamation matters.'
Jat Sew-Tong SC - Temple Chambers 'A heavyweight of the Hong Kong Bar. He has a very sharp mind and impeccable advocacy skills.'
José-Antonio Maurellet SCDes Voeux Chambers 'A great lateral thinker.'
Wong Yan-Lung SCTemple Chambers 'Wong is a superb advocate, who pays attention to the minutiae.'
Douglas Lam SCDes Voeux Chambers 'Well known for his expertise in restructuring and insolvency work.'
Eva Sit SC - Temple Chambers 'Eva is incredibly bright and one of the sharpest minds at the Hong Kong Bar, and is also a strong and tenacious advocate.'
Jenkin Suen SC - Des Voeux Chambers 'Jenkin is a hard worker and gets into the details of a case, becoming a master of the facts. He is a robust cross-examiner who provides thorough and considered advice.'
Jin Pao SCTemple Chambers 'A sharp advocate.'
Laurence Li SC - Temple Chambers 'A very persuasive advocate with a sharp mind. A solution-driven, analytical thinker.'
Rachel Lam SCDes Voeux Chambers 'She is meticulous, calm and composed.'
Richard Khaw SC – Temple Chambers 'He is easy to work with and great with difficult clients.'

2020 Silks

Jonathan Chang SC - Temple Chambers 'Jonathan is a detail-orientated, client-focused and user-friendly silk.'

2021 Silks

Law Man-Chung SC - Temple Chambers 'A good strategist who works exceptionally hard. A thorough silk.'
Norman Nip SC - Rede Chambers  ‘A very meticulous silk. He has the ear of the Hong Kong judiciary.’

Leading Juniors

Toby BrownParkside Chambers 'He is a very experienced litigator.'
Anthony Chan - Temple Chambers 'A well-seasoned advocate who provides incisive views on complex issues.'
Earl Deng - Denis Chang’s Chambers 'An effective advocate with solid legal knowledge.'
John Hui - Des Voeux Chambers 'John is a measured and steady barrister. He is an excellent advocate who is quick on his feet, and ready anytime to address an unexpected point.'
Catrina Lam - Des Voeux Chambers 'Catrina is a meticulous junior, who is very detailed when preparing her cases. A very user-friendly barrister.'
Gary Lam - Des Voeux Chambers 'A first-class litigator with a magnificent commercial sense.'
Queenie Lau - Temple Chambers 'She is an eloquent advocate, and handles difficult legal issues very elegantly on her feet. An incredibly bright junior who communicates very well with judges.'
Connie Lee - Des Voeux Chambers 'A bright and confident junior with outstanding judgement and analytical skills. She has a realistic and tactical approach to cases. A brilliant advocate.'
Thomas Lee - Rede Chambers  ‘He is great with clients.’
Benny Lo - Des Voeux Chambers 'Benny is a practical, meticulous barrister with excellent analytical skills. He is always on top of the details.'
Frances LokDes Voeux Chambers 'Frances works extremely hard and has great attention to detail.'
Phillip RompotisPrince’s Chambers 'An extremely experienced and knowledgeable barrister in the field of international arbitration.'
Sara Tong - Temple Chambers 'Sara is pro-active and conscientious. She is always well-prepared and quick on her feet - an incisive advocate in court and a great cross-examiner.'
Richard Yip - Denis Chang’s Chambers 'He is very commercially minded, diligent and client-focused. Attentive to details and excellent on his feet.'
Richard ZimmernDes Voeux Chambers 'Richard's advice is always clear, succinct and user-friendly.'
Christopher Chain - Des Voeux Chambers 'He has good advocacy skills and legal knowledge, and is excellent on paper. He is unfazed by more senior opponents.'
Bonnie Cheng - Temple Chambers 'An outstanding junior counsel. Very bright, dedicated and meticulous. She can single-handedly deal with complex commercial cases.'
Val Chow - Temple Chambers 'Val has solid legal knowledge and good commercial understanding. A responsive junior with a sharp analytical eye.'
Simon Wong - Denis Chang’s Chambers 'Simon is a great communicator, very meticulous, and provides sound practical advice. His arguments are well-structured and very persuasive. Sensible, commercial and very responsive.'
Colin Wright - Gilt Chambers 'Colin is a joy to work with. He has an immense legal knowledge and is unflappable in court.'
Andrew Lynn - Gilt Chambers 'He is practical, user-friendly, hard-working, and brilliant at thinking on his feet.'
Justin Ho - Temple Chambers 'Justin is an outstanding commercial junior; he has first rate analytical abilities and attention to detail, coupled with strong drafting skills.'
Martin Ho - Temple Chambers 'A brilliant junior with in-depth knowledge in the area of commercial litigation.'
Sabrina Ho - Des Voeux Chambers 'Sabrina is a pleasure to work with. She is responsive, collaborative and efficient. She can handle all the details and technicalities of a case. A very hard-working junior.'
Lawrence Hui - Liberty Chambers 'A very experienced junior counsel in this area, particularly in the media sector.'
Kenneth Lam - Jason Pow SC’s Chambers 'Kenneth is a very able and knowledgeable defamation practitioner. He knows his defamation law inside out, and he always provides very timely and detailed advice. He is also a skilled litigator.'
Eugene KwokPrince’s Chambers 'Eugene is efficient and extremely user-friendly. His knowledge of the law is thorough whilst his strategic advice is practical.'
Julian Lam - Temple Chambers 'Julian is a clear thinker, demonstrating attention to detail and sharp focus. His knowledge and grasp of the law is evident. His advocacy style is calm and authoritative.'
Wilson LeungTemple ChambersHe is very focused, hardworking and extremely thorough in his preparation. A fearless advocate in court.’
Tara Liao - Denis Chang’s Chambers 'Tara is intellectually very sharp. A very practical and effective junior with a meticulous eye.'
James Man - Temple Chambers 'James is pragmatic, knowledgeable and works like a machine. He has very strong technical skills and sound judgement, and can handle difficult judges and clients.'
Tim Parker - Denis Chang’s Chambers 'Tim is superbly clever, and a highly talented and effective advocate who is always well prepared and inspires great confidence.'
Tony Ko - Plowman Chambers 'A technically brilliant and tactically astute junior. He is especially good at securities litigation.'
Jacky Lam - Plowman Chambers 'Jacky is very dedicated, with a meticulous eye, and he always adopts a focused, pragmatic and commercial approach to cases. He has a fighter spirit, yet is very easy and friendly to work with.'
Kevin Lee - Prince's Chambers
Julian Cohen  - Resolution Chambers  'A brilliant advocate and strategist. He is very conscientious and succinct. A real force to have on your side for complex international disputes.'
Ashok SakhraniBernacchi Chambers 'A very eloquent and extremely smart junior.'
Clark WangRede Chambers  ‘Clark is excellent in understanding the client’s commercial goals and provides thoughtful strategic advice. He has a good command of the facts, and his legal submissions are succinct and to the point.’
Alexander TangDes Voeux Chambers 'He is bright and diligent.'
Thomas Wong - Denis Chang’s Chambers 'A junior who has litigation in his blood and is passionate about his work. He is very thorough and provides clear and succinct arguments on complex issues.'
Jason YuDes Voeux Chambers 'Jason is very knowledgeable on company law matters. He is also responsive and always has sound, practical advice. A rising star of the commercial Bar.'

Rising Stars

Tommy Cheung - Des Voeux Chambers 'He is extremely hardworking, diligent and very responsive. He has great commercial sense and comes up with practical solutions for clients.'
Tom NgDes Voeux Chambers 'Tom is approachable and responsive. An excellent junior.'
Roger Phang - Rede ChambersRoger has very solid legal knowledge, and provides advice that is both practical and commercial. He is practicing at a level way beyond his level of seniority.’
Albert Chan - Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers 'A meticulous advocate and a reliable barrister. He expresses his points with force and clarity.'
Cherry Xu - Des Voeux Chambers 'Cherry is analytical , thorough and adopts a practical approach. She is very industrious, and her advocacy is persuasive.'

Commercial disputes in Hong Kong Bar

Temple Chambers

Temple Chambers enjoys a reputation for being ‘the leading chambers in respect of commercial litigation work‘ with ‘a very deep bench‘ – ‘the go-to set in the market‘. Bernard Man SC and Anthony Chan are acting for Giant Harvest in a dispute arising from Orange Sky Golden Harvest’s HK$3.3bn sale of its Mainland cinema business to the Nan Hai Group. Rimsky Yuen SC and Jonathan Chang SC are defending in Remedy Asia Ltd v Patrick Tong Hing Chi & Ors, a commercial claim against alleged shadow directors of a subsidiary company in liquidation. Abraham Chan SC is sought after for his expertise in handling commercial disputes which frequently overlap with public law issues. The senior end of chambers was recently bolstered with the elevation of Law Man-Chung SC to silk in May 2021; the set is also home to Charles Hollander QC, who shares dual tenancy with London set Brick Court Chambers, and Charles Manzoni SC (a dual silk in England), who remains a full member of 39 Essex Chambers.


A leading set of chambers with impressive and distinguished counsel.’

Great bench strength.’

A reliable set.’

Very strong in civil and commercial litigation at both senior and junior levels.’

Des Voeux Chambers

Des Voeux Chambershas good strength in depth‘ and ‘a fantastic stable of talent‘, with a team of ‘high-calibre barristers‘ noted for their expertise across a range of commercial litigation. Jenkin Suen SChas an excellent knowledge of the law and is also outstanding with litigation tactics. He always provides thorough and well-considered advice.’ Turning to the juniors, Gary Lam is acting in a ongoing shareholder dispute case, while Catrina Lam (leading Cherry Xu) appeared for the plaintiff in Better Marine International Limited v Zhong Shan Company Limited, an appeal concerning a dispute about a claim for commission arising from a ship building contract. At the senior end of chambers, José-Antonio Maurellet SC remains an associate member of London set 3 Verulam Buildings, and property expert John Litton QC remains a full member of English set Landmark Chambers.


Des Voeux Chambers is one of the leading sets in Hong Kong, especially for companies, commercial litigation and arbitration matters.’

A strong set, with quality barristers.’

Wide choice of counsel of different seniority and expertise.’

Prince's Chambers

Prince's Chambers is home to a team which is well versed in handling a range of commercial litigation, often including shareholder disputes and contentious insolvency matters. Arbitration is another core pillar of strength of the practice: Jeremy Bartlett SC has established experience in handing HKIAC arbitrations. At the junior end, Phillip Rompotis is appearing as lead counsel in litigation against the former directors of a company based in China, concerning allegations of theft of business from and subsequent irreparable damage to the company's Hong Kong-based entity. In another matter, Sebastian Hughes successfully represented the defendant in Bank of India v Gimajasa & Ors, a dispute concerning a revocation of a bank guarantee by the guarantor. Shipping cases, financial services disputes and asset-freezing matters are prominent in Edward Alder's workload.

Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers

At storied set Sir Oswald Cheung’s Chambers, Edward Chan SC  is a notable senior practitioner. The set handles a broad range of work, but matters with property cross-over are an area of particular note.


Very professional and helpful.’

Very capable and diligent counsel.’