Leading Silks

Charles Hollander QC - Temple ChambersA very detail-minded barrister with good memory of all the details, which is important to find the inconsistencies of the other side.
Victor Joffe QC - Temple ChambersWithout doubt one of the best if not the best company silks in Hong Kong, he is enormously knowledgeable in terms of the law and also extremely impressive on his feet as an advocate.
Benjamin Yu SC - Chambers of Benjamin Yu SCIncisive and full of gravitas, he is a heavyweight in commercial litigation including regulatory cases.
Charles Manzoni SC - Temple ChambersHe has excellent advocacy and analytical skills, both technical and practical.
Charles Sussex SC - Des Voeux ChambersAn outstanding senior counsel.
Clifford Smith SC - Des Voeux ChambersFirst-class and tenacious, he is a very experienced advocate and well-known to the judges.
Denis Chang SC - Denis Chang’s ChambersSupreme at strategic planning of litigation. He takes a holistic view and his rich legal knowledge and experience means he is able to anticipate parties' reactions accurately.
Edward Chan SC - Sir Oswald Cheung's ChambersA leading Hong Kong barrister, he is always extremely well-prepared and knows his matters inside-out.
Jeremy Bartlett SC - Prince's ChambersVery highly regarded for company law matters.
Paul Shieh SC - Temple ChambersA real heavyweight, his submissions are highly respected by the bench.
Rimsky Yeun SC - Temple ChambersPractical, responsible and hands-on, he has an exceptionally strong connection with the Hong Kong judiciary.
Victor Dawes SC - Temple ChambersHighly recommended for professional indemnity matters and securities litigation.
Abraham Chan SC - Temple ChambersAn extremely persuasive and organised advocate and a genuine authority on Hong Kong constitutional law.
Alexander Stock SC - Temple ChambersHis advocacy unruffled in the face of difficult opposition, and he works very well as a team member plus is extremely calm when under pressure - a very valuable quality with difficult lay clients in tow.
Ambrose Ho SC - Sir Oswald Cheung's ChambersA highly-regarded Chinese speaking Silk.
Anson Wong SC - Des Voeux ChambersA strategic thinker with exceptional cross-border knowledge.
Audrey Eu SC - Sir Oswald Cheung's ChambersA leading barrister for property disputes, she has an invaluable ability to apply the facts to different legal arguments.
Barrie Barlow SC - Des Voeux ChambersHe has a deservedly tough reputation.
Bernard Man SC - Temple ChambersAn excellent advocate with solid legal knowledge of a wide range of matters.
Horace Wong SC - Sir Oswald Cheung's ChambersA strong advocate, his knowledge of PRC law enables him to effectively handle matters involving a Mainland dimension.
Jason Pow SC - Jason Pow SC’s ChambersHigh attention to detail, very commercial and bright, he is a great advocate, especially in cross-examination.
Jat Sew-Tong SC - Temple ChambersA complete advocate: legally solid, tactically and politically savvy, he provides forceful courtroom advocacy.
José-Antonio Maurellet SC - Des Voeux ChambersFirst port of call for insolvency and restructuring cases, and user-friendly too.
Wong Yan-Lung SC - Temple ChambersA superb advocate who pays great attention to every detail.
Chua Guan-Hock SC Des Voeux Chambers Very diligent and good advocate, he is exceptionally good for technical matters.
Douglas Lam SC - Des Voeux ChambersHe has a broad and busy commercial dispute practice and a good reputation for restructuring and insolvency work.
Jin Pao SC - Temple ChambersPractical, meticulous, user-friendly and always able to deliver under time pressure.
Johnny Mok SC - Des Voeux ChambersA heavyweight barrister whose submissions are highly respected by the bench.
Mark Strachan SC - Parkside ChambersA highly respected and regarded barrister.
Nigel Kat SC - Parkside ChambersAlways on top of the details in complex cases, he will provide insightful and pointed analysis of the issues as well as strategic input. He is incisive in cross-examination and able to tailor submissions to suit the court.
Richard Khaw SC - Temple ChambersWhen facing an uphill legal battle, he will not give up easily and will come up with new argument which is creative but legally solid.
Simon Westbrook SC - Des Voeux ChambersExcellent on his feet, he does not unnecessarily over-complicate matters.
Wayne Walsh SC - Parkside ChambersDetailed and well researched written advice, with excellent client care skills.

2019 Silks

Eva Sit SC - Temple ChambersA rising star of the Silk world - intelligent, confident and a strong advocate.
Jenkin Suen SC - Des Voeux ChambersJenkin is very hardworking, diligent and responsive, and his advice on both legal and procedural aspects demonstrates his knowledge and familiarity with civil rules and procedures, particularly in securities law.
Laurence Li SC - Temple ChambersWith a very sharp mind and a keen intellect, he is the first choice for any securities law matter having acted as counsel on many of the pioneering cases over the past few years.
Rachel Lam SC - Des Voeux ChambersMeticulous, calm and composed.

2020 Silks

Jonathan Chang SC - Temple ChambersVery bright, responsive, accommodating and pragmatic - a great team player.

2021 Silks

Law Man-Chung SC - Temple ChambersHe is a real star amongst junior counsel. You will know that once instructed he will leave no stone unturned and devote all his energy to winning your case.
Norman Nip SC - Sir Oswald Cheung's ChambersHe has all the tools: clever, attention for detail, extremely hard working, highly respected by the judiciary and calm and unflappable as an advocate.

Leading Juniors

Edward Alder - Prince's ChambersExtraordinarily talented and versatile, he understands the role of a solicitor from his days as one.
Toby Brown - Parkside ChambersA good advocate, very user friendly and with a wide range of experience in injunctions application relating to fraudulent transfer of funds cases.
Paul Carolan - Prince's ChambersAn advocate that grabs the judge's attention. Never fails to sell a client's case in the most persuasive way possible. Extremely user-friendly.
Christopher Chain - Des Voeux ChambersChris comes up with practical solutions to clients and possesses a unique and effective way of explaining complex strategies to clients who come pre-disposed to certain ideas.
Anthony Chan - Temple ChambersVery responsive and strategic in his advice, he offers sound and commercial advice without compromising on the technical aspects.
Earl Deng - Denis Chang’s ChambersHe provides incredibly incisive and technically excellent advice which is also commercially sound, and he is brilliant in handling cases which involve a high degree of complexity.
Sebastian Hughes - Prince's ChambersAn advocate who always grabs the judge's attention and never fails to sell the case in the most persuasive manner possible.
John Hui - Des Voeux ChambersHe had a very good grasp of hard letter law but his eye is always on problem solving, and advocacy wise he is confident and measured and commands the respect of his peers.
Gary Lam - Des Voeux ChambersHe is very solid on the law and always provides commercially-minded legal advice.
Queenie Lau - Temple ChambersHighly intelligent, great attention to detail, hugely responsive and just a pleasure to deal with.
Connie Lee - Des Voeux ChambersWith outstanding advocacy skills and great stamina, she can skillfully put forward concise and persuasive arguments to the judges in court or the arbitrator in an eloquent and efficient manner.
Thomas Lee - Sir Oswald Cheung's ChambersA highly-regarded senior junior, he is a good advocate and always very well-prepared, solicitors think he deserves to be an SC.
Frances Lok - Des Voeux ChambersExtremely well prepared, easy to work with and brilliant at cross-examination.
Vincent Lung - Parkside ChambersAn experienced senior junior in civil cases.
Bernard Mak - Parkside ChambersA very experienced litigator with an ability to understand the complex legal issues and practical commercial issues. He has the unique ability to give sound legal advice to resolve complex problems.
Ashok Sakhrani - Bernacchi ChambersVery eloquent and witty, he is extremely smart and presents very well in front of clients and courts.
Sara Tong - Temple ChambersOne of the best senior juniors. Her advocacy is eloquent, and she is strong in the law and very tenacious in her approach.
Richard Yip - Denis Chang’s ChambersOne of the strongest junior barristers around, his stand-out qualities include an excellent handle on the detail, an insightful legal mind, and sound commercial sense.
Richard Zimmern - Des Voeux ChambersHis advice is always clear, succinct and user-friendly, and given in the context of both the law and strategic considerations.
Bonnie Cheng - Temple ChambersAn utterly brilliant advocate, solicitors treasure her daring yet well-balanced advocacy skills. She is wise beyond her years.
Sabrina Ho - Des Voeux ChambersAn outstanding senior junior: she has an excellent grasp of law, is quick to see the commercial angle in any matter and is absolutely first class with clients - she is always patient, logical and persuasive. I am every confident that she is a future star of Hong Kong commercial bar.
Lawrence Hui - Liberty ChambersHe provides solid advice, is very good at handling clients and is very effective in cross-examination.
Lavesh Kirpalani - Prince's ChambersHe grasps the issues fast.
Eugene Kwok - Prince's ChambersA calm and collected barrister with an impressive depth and breadth of knowledge and a keenly analytical mind. User-friendly and helpful.
Julian Lam - Temple ChambersHe is also very good on his feet - a very persuasive advocate who is able to explain complicated legal issues in plain language - and his legal research is excellent; he is a good junior who can run a case on his own.
Keith Lam - Temple ChambersAn excellent commercial junior.
Wilson Leung - Temple ChambersHe is always well-prepared with an excellent command of the facts and the relevant law. His written work is first-class.
Tara Liao - Denis Chang’s ChambersA very sharp and forceful advocate, a case with her is in safe hands.
Ellen Pang - Des Voeux ChambersA very bright and talented junior counsel who is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about her practice.
Tim Parker - Denis Chang’s ChambersUtterly brilliant: his drafting is elegant and concise, and he has an excellent sense of how to present an argument.
Alexander Tang - Des Voeux ChambersA very able, bright and diligent junior barrister.
Ken To - Sir Oswald Cheung's ChambersSolicitors rate him as a mediator.
Thomas Wong - Denis Chang’s ChambersHe has sound legal knowledge and analytical powers, outstanding research skills, and ability to articulate arguments forcefully and yet clearly and succinctly.
Jason Yu - Des Voeux ChambersAn up and coming junior with very strong advocacy.

Rising Stars

Byron Chiu - Temple ChambersAn excellent counsel who gives clear and concise advice, and is familiar with a range of aspects of financial regulatory matters, including in the technology space.
Justin Ho - Temple ChambersHard working, mature and responsive.
Leon Ho - Sir Oswald Cheung's ChambersDiligent, dedicated, organised and sensible - a great working partner for solicitors.
Martin Ho - Temple ChambersHe can grasp thorny complicated issues at lightning speed and has a remarkable memory - on solicitors' speed dial lists whenever emergencies arise.
Michael Lok - Des Voeux ChambersA source of responsive, solid and practical advice, he is a good advocate who thinks outside the box.
James Man - Temple ChambersResponsive, thorough, practical and user-friendly.
Tom Ng - Des Voeux ChambersHe has demonstrated exceptional technical skill across many disciplines.
Roger Phang - Sir Oswald Cheung's ChambersA rising star - hardworking, highly responsive, hard-working and strategic.
Andrea Yu - Temple ChambersA strong commercial junior, combining good legal research, clear presentation and pragmatism.

Commercial disputes in Hong Kong Bar

Bernacchi Chambers

Bernacchi Chambers includes Robert Whitehead SC, who has a track record of appointment as an arbitrator in matters with PRC parties, and Ashok Sakhrani, who solicitors praise for his insurance work.

Chambers of Benjamin Yu SC

Chambers of Benjamin Yu SC is the home of Benjamin Yu SC, who is according to many 'the star' of the Hong Kong Bar who remains 'the number one counsel in town'. His practice includes heavyweight commercial disputes, financial services regulation, and property matters, as well as representing the Hong Kong SAR government in prominent public law proceedings.

Denis Chang’s Chambers

Denis Chang’s Chambers is 'a very well-known set in Hong Kong comprising many outstanding barristers'. It is 'renowned for its public law practice', which in addition to more social matters covers significant commercial judicial reviews. In one example of this, Earl Deng represents the owner of a self-storage company in a judicial review of a fire hazard abatement notice issued that demanded structural changes to the building. Denis Chang SC's practice includes a range of commercial litigation, and also property law matters such as a land compensation case brought by Treasure Base Development, a dispute turning around the distinction between constructing structures and the burial of urns. The set features members equally adept at mainstream commercial disputes, with Richard Yip and Tara Liao instructed by the plaintiffs in WHC Limited v Hong Kong Wine Chamber of Commerce, a dispute about the governance of the city's wine trade body.

Des Voeux Chambers

Des Voeux Chambers is 'a leading set of chambers in Hong Kong housing legal practitioners who are experienced in a wide range of law, such as civil and commercial litigation, company law and insolvency, arbitration, and public law'. 2019 Silk Jenkin Suen SC represented the plaintiffs in Eminent Investments v DIO Corporation, a case given leave to appeal to the Court of Final Appeal concerning the interpretation of "tail gunner clauses" in contracts with financial advisers to corporate transactions that make full fees payable if the transaction is aborted. In the Court of First Instance, Frances Lok, who is particularly active in cases with interfaces with the Mainland and covering questions of corporate governance, represented a judgment creditor in defeating an attempt to set aside the registration of a Beijing judgment for enforcement in Hong Kong. Unled, John Hui represented a party to litigation concerning a proposed rights issue by Ping An Securities. John Litton QC, who specialises in property and planning matters is also a full member of English set Landmark Chambers, and José-Antonio Maurellet SC became an associate member of elite London set 3 Verulam Buildings in November 2020. Ellen Pang is notable for being admitted to the Mainland as well.

Jason Pow SC’s Chambers

Jason Pow SC’s Chambers' eponymous head of chambers Jason Pow SC is active in a range of cases, which in addition to mainstream commercial disputes include matters with public law elements and a specialism in defamation.

Liberty Chambers

Liberty Chambers is perhaps best known for its work in white-collar and other criminal practice areas, but is also active in the commercial space. Lawrence Hui has a practice that spans both areas.

Parkside Chambers

Parkside Chambers is 'a set with a great mixed practice, and a seniority structure that is healthy - not too senior or junior-heavy'. Bernard Mak's financial regulatory practice includes representing the appellant in Miu Hon Kit v Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, a judicial review of the latter's decision to censure a company's non-executive directors, while Vincent Lung represents the defendant in Da Shing Group v Rich Promise, a dispute over if a deposit of an aborted share purchase is refundable. Among the set's silks, Nigel Kat SC is active in a range of work spanning property, public law, and planning - he is also a door tenant of Francis Taylor Building, a set respected for such issues in London, and Mark Strachan SC is a former head of chambers at 3 Hare Court.

2003, 20/F, WILSON HOUSE

π Chambers is the vehicle of Neville Sarony SC and Angel Lau, often instructed together, whose diverse practice's highlight in this practice area are professional and medical negligence cases. The pair are instructed to represent the directors of a local jewellery company subjected to contempt of court proceedings brought by Cartier in a passing-off action. Sarony SC is also a door tenant at English set Six Pump Court.

Prince's Chambers

Prince's Chambers is a set which 'covers a broad range of general commercial civil work including in particular company matters, fraud, and arbitration'. A notable feature is that 'as many were previously solicitors, the barristers are understanding of the day-to-day challenges of instructing solicitors and the commercial interests of lay clients'. Jeremy Bartlett SC (who, before coming to the Bar, headed the Asian arbitration practice at Coudert Brothers) is active in court litigation as well as being an active HKIAC arbitrator; Phillip Rompotis is active as counsel in energy-related disputes and Sebastian Hughes is another popular arbitrator. In the courts, Edward Alder represented the defendant in China Medical Technologies v Tsang, a claim concerning alleged asset stripping by sham and under-value transactions.

Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers

Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers is 'a set with great strength in depth'. On top of a strong SFC regulator practice, in Remedy Asia v TongNorman Nip represented a litigation funder acting in the shoes of liquidators of a company, with at issue the extent directors are required to take in to account the interests of credits as a company nears insolvency and a pre-trial dispute as to the permissibility of telephone hearings, while Thomas Lee in addition to his construction practice is particularly active in matters involving asset tracing, such as representing the liquidators of Sino Forest. Edward Chan SC is a respected name among the set's silks.

Temple Chambers

For many 'the pre-eminent set in Hong Kong for commercial disputes', Temple Chambers includes practitioners covering the gamut of commercial work, spanning all forms of company and insolvency litigation, international arbitration (as arbitrator and counsel), professional negligence cases, and civil fraud claims. Alexander Stock SC and Val Chow represented the appellant in Court of Appeal case Topping Chance Development v CCIF CPA, a case on reflective loss with a judgment handed down a month prior to the UK Supreme Court delivered its judgment in Sevilleja v Marex Financial exploring the same doctrine. Abraham Chan SC's practice includes digital and technology-related cases as well as matters with strong public law elements, while in addition to a financial services regulation specialism Laurence Li SC and Byron Chiu represented Alexander Tugushev in a Hong Kong satellite of his London litigation around a shareholding in Russian fishing company Norebo. Victor Joffe QC, formerly of Serle Court in London, in addition to court cases in Hong Kong courts continues an offshore practice, representing the respondent of BVI Privy Council appeal Byers v Chen on instructions from Harneys in Hong Kong. Charles Hollander QC is also a dual member of Brick Court Chambers - he represented the claimants in China Medical Corp v Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, a professional negligence claim against the law firm featuring jurisdictional issues - and Charles Manzoni SC (dual silk in England) is also a full member of 39 Essex Chambers.