Leading Silks

Jeremy Bartlett SCPrince's Chambers 'Jeremy is a formidable, articulate advocate with a clear and focused mind with an ability to distill complex issues in a comprehendible and comprehensive way, and to lead the court with clarity and precision. He is a meticulous researcher, and a bold, courageous, calm and courteous opponent in court.'
Denis Chang SCDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Denis is conscientious and diligent in his case preparation with eyes on details, and despite his seniority, he is still very hands-on and would never ever leave a stone unturned. When he is on his feet in court, he is extremely eloquent, and always addresses the questions raised by the bench straight to the point.’
Victor Dawes SCTemple Chambers 'Victor's analytical abilities are commendable; he has a talent for dissecting complex legal issues, identifying key arguments, and formulating compelling strategies. His analytical approach enables him to thoroughly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case, which greatly enhances his advocacy, and he excels in developing effective strategies tailored to the specific needs of his clients.'
Victor Joffe SCTemple Chambers 'Victor is very knowledgeable and personable, with excellent legal knowledge and experience. He is always able to get the right answer.'
Bernard Man SCTemple Chambers 'Bernard is an exceptional and diligent advocate, known for his commercial savvy mind, dynamic courtroom presence, and intelligence. In particular, his great ability to think on his feet sets him apart, allowing him to adapt and respond quickly in courtroom, and his in-depth legal knowledge and strategic foresight enable him to cut through non-essential details and focus on the core elements of a case.'
Charles Manzoni SCTemple Chambers 'Charles is a very powerful advocate who presents compelling submissions and cuts to the core issues of a case. He has strong emotional intelligence, is popular with clients, and is a safe and experienced pair of hands.'
Abraham Chan SCTemple Chambers ‘Abraham is a star advocate. He is practical and thoughtful in his strategy, his advocacy is measured and forceful, he is extremely knowledgeable in the law, and he has a comprehensive grasp of the finest details of a case.'
Ambrose Ho SCRede ChambersAmbrose consistently stands out as one of the best advocates in town, delivering exceptional performances in complex legal cases. His ability to simplify intricate disputes and present persuasive arguments never fails to impress, his quick thinking and resilience under pressure are remarkable traits that enhance his advocacy, and he excels beyond just legal submissions as he demonstrates an exceptional aptitude for client-care, successfully explaining complex legal scenarios to clients in an accessible way, thereby instilling them with confidence.'
José-Antonio Maurellet SCDes Voeux Chambers ‘José is super smart and quick on his feet, he can see cases from different angles and devise innovative strategies and tactics, and his submissions are usually succinct and powerful.'
Alexander Stock SCTemple Chambers 'Alexander not only provides solid legal advice on complex legal issues, but he also helps the client develop an appropriate strategy to achieve their commercial objectives. He is no doubt an integral part of the client's legal team.'
Mark Strachan SCParkside Chambers 'Mark is incisive and thorough with excellent oratory skills. He is one of the best advocates there is.'
Nigel Kat SCParkside ChambersNigel is a very experienced trial advocate with well-developed instincts and an eye for what the judge expects. He is prepared to argue difficult points and he is robust.'
Law Man-Chung SCTemple Chambers ‘MC is highly approachable and hands on, and one can always rely on him to analyse the documents and issues closely and provide a focused solution to the client. His advocacy in court is succinct, focused, to-the-point, and highly persuasive.’
Norman Nip SCRede Chambers ‘Norman is at the top of his game and even though only being promoted to silk a few years ago, he is already one of the lead commercial silks in the Hong Kong market. He is always over the detail, leaving no stone unturned in preparing for hearings and trials, and he has the ear of the HK judiciary.'
Eva Sit SCTemple Chambers ‘Eva is extremely sharp and quick in identifying legal issues in complex matters and is able to provide to the point analysis and advice. She is a strong advocate who fights forcefully for her clients without being overly aggressive, and at the same time, she is candid when she identifies weaknesses and gives practical advice to clients to encourage amicable resolution.'
William Wong SC – Des Voeux Chambers 'William is a great leader, with skills in advocacy, strategy, and cross-examination; the best in Hong Kong.'

2022 Silks

Sara Tong SCTemple Chambers ‘Sara is an exceptional advocate, who is always extremely well prepared. She is an incisive cross-examiner who does not pull her punches, and she is very highly regarded amongst the profession.’

2023 Silks

Anthony Chan SC – Temple Chambers ‘Anthony is an extremely smooth advocate with good judgement when it comes to choosing points to put forward, and he is respected by courts.’

Leading Juniors

Earl DengDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Earl is meticulous and detailed, conscientious and hard working, able to communicate in a non-professional language with lay clients, sees issues from lay client’s perspective, and succinctly sums up his advice in conference. His speaking style is courteous and his overall advocacy manner very much styled along the English bar tradition.'
Sebastian HughesPrince's Chambers 'Sebastian is a very sensible barrister with good knowledge of the law and procedures, and he is able to advise commercially. He has the rare ability to convince a veteran judge to change their mind.'
Catrina LamDes Voeux Chambers ‘Catrina is very diligent and always well prepared. She is also very persistent, even when the case is not on her side, which is a very important quality for an advocate.'
Queenie LauTemple Chambers ‘Queenie is a first-class advocate who cuts through distraction and procedure to focus on the issues, and she presents cases in a concise, intelligible, forthright and helpful manner. Her advice is practical and incisive and she is a pleasure to deal with.'
Connie LeeDes Voeux Chambers ‘Connie is no doubt a first-tier practitioner who impresses with her tactical, practical and commercial advice. In terms of advocacy, she is also a very effective advocate knowing how to push the right button, and it is very understandable why she is hotly sought-after, has very considerable trial and arbitration experience in her own right, and always punches above her weight.'
Thomas LeeRede Chambers ‘Thomas is very client focused, modern, and approachable.'
Benny LoDes Voeux Chambers ‘Benny is highly experienced in international arbitration and he has good strategic vision for the case and goes into the very details of the case facts. Submissions and other documents prepared by him are well organised and to the point, presenting convincing cases, and his examination of witnesses at oral hearings are very impressive.'
Vincent LungParkside ChambersVincent is a very good litigator with great technical expertise and, at the same time, he is very commercial. He is very good on his feet, delivering his points in a concise and persuasive manner, and very good at cross-examination.'
Tim Parker  - Temple Chambers ‘Tim is intellectually brilliant; his legal research and analysis is absolutely superb, the documents he produces are beautifully written and exceptionally well argued, and his tactical thinking is outstanding. He is the best of the best.’
Richard YipDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Richard is solid in legal knowledge and advocacy. He has courage to put forward the case of his client, but at the same time, he is not pushy.'
Bonnie ChengTemple Chambers ‘Bonnie always delivers the highest quality of work, not just legally but also commercially. She is easy to work with and friendly.'
Val ChowTemple Chambers ‘Val's work is excellent and he is one of the best juniors at the Bar in Hong Kong. He is mature and experienced, both legally and commercially, he has excellent knowledge of the law, and is very careful and thorough.'
Justin HoTemple Chambers 'Justin is a standout junior in the crowded field of commercial litigation. His technical ability, knowledge of the law, dedication to each case, and fluent advocacy are qualities which mark him out as a first-rate junior. '
Martin HoTemple Chambers ‘Martin is an exceptional barrister who is well-versed in law, particularly in winding up, restructuring, and insolvency matters. His precise and reliable legal opinions, coupled with his ability to dissect complex matters and construct solid arguments, set him apart, and his advocacy skills are also exemplary.'
Sabrina HoDes Voeux Chambers ‘Sabrina is able to recall, understand, and accurately apply the law and procedure relevant to advocacy to the matters she is dealing with. She is thorough and pragmatic, presenting reasoned arguments in a clear, logical, concise and persuasive manner, and she produces coherent, well-structured and concise submissions, citing legal authorities and materials appropriately.'
Tony Ko – Plowman Chambers 'Tony possesses outstanding advocacy skills, excelling in the art of presenting persuasive cases. His eloquence and command of language are exceptional, allowing him to articulate complex legal arguments with clarity and precision.'
Eugene KwokPrince's ChambersEugene is very thorough and has good legal knowledge. He is responsive and has good initiative, and is skilled in advocacy.'
Gary LamDes Voeux Chambers ‘One of Gary's notable strengths is his responsiveness and ability to quickly grasp the subject issues, client instructions, and solicitor’s concerns related to the case. He has a remarkable aptitude for understanding the intricacies of a case from the outset, which allows him to provide insightful analysis and valuable guidance to both the client and the solicitor.’
Jacky Lam – Plowman Chambers ‘Jacky has very strong analytical and research skills and he is able to devise effective strategies to achieve favourable outcomes for clients. Not only is he able to deliver accurate legal advice diligently, but he is also able to deliver works in a timely manner.’
Julian LamTemple Chambers ‘Julian is able to distill the key legal issues and formulate the game plan for a client. It is clear that advocacy is one of his key strengths, as his submissions are clear, precise, and persuasive, and the same can be said with regards to his drafting of pleadings; there is no doubt that Julian is an efficient lawyer.'
Kenneth LamJason Pow SC’s Chambers ‘Kenneth is a very efficient barrister with great drafting skills and his examination in chief is very thorough and his cross-examination technique is straight to the point. In his submissions, he has the ability to articulate complex legal arguments with clarity and confidence and he is truly impressive and achieves favourable outcomes for his clients.’
Kevin LeePrince's Chambers ‘Kevin is a man of integrity and he works hard trying to understand the clients.'
Joyce LeungRede Chambers ‘Joyce is undoubtedly a very reliable junior counsel, as she is always focused on strategy and is able to steer the cases with a firm eye on the goal. She is strong on presentation and articulation of the arguments with clarity in presentation, and she is always a favourable junior counsel to work with.'  
Tara LiaoDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Tara is a very safe pair of hands. She is extremely industrious and her work is consistently of a very high quality.’
James ManTemple Chambers ‘James is a brilliant, hard-working, experienced, and friendly barrister. He is very solid on the law and always provides commercially minded legal advice, he is also a thoughtful, effective, and versatile advocate, and he can always think of the points that others have not thought of and present them in a way that will be well-received by the bench.’
Patrick SiuDes Voeux Chambers 'Patrick is very knowledgeable and is one of the top barristers handling commercial litigation. He knows the law very well, he has great client skills, and his researching skills are excellent.'
Jeffrey TamDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Jeffrey is very knowledgeable with good researching skills. He has good interpersonal skills, which enables him to deal efficiently with the client, and he is focused on his work and will also be approachable if there are any questions from the solicitors or the clients.’
Simon Wong – Denis Chang’s Chambers ‘Simon is an impressive senior junior who is very client friendly. He is capable of dissecting complex legal issues and presenting them to lay clients in a simple and straightforward manner.'
Thomas WongDenis Chang’s Chambers 'Thomas is incredibly smart and hard working, and also incredibly responsive. He quickly grasps the essential features of a case, his written and oral advocacy are both excellent, and clients love him and often don't see the need to instruct a silk if Thomas is handling the matter.'
Colin Wright – Gilt Chambers ‘Colin's strengths are his thorough knowledge of the law, evidence and procedure, his continuous and long practice experience in Hong Kong and London, which engenders both confidence and trust amongst practitioners and judges alike, and his affability and dexterity under stress, which makes him a welcome member of the team. His advocacy skills are particularly valued and makes him one of the most sought after senior juniors in Hong Kong.'
Jeffrey ChauParkside Chambers 'Jeffrey is extremely analytical and everything he advises on has a sound legal foundation. He is very good at handling cases where the facts are challenging, he is attentive to details, and the quality and the depth of his advice and legal opinion exceed one's expectations.'
Alan KwongDes Voeux Chambers ‘Alan is a powerful advocate who is quick on his feet and his submissions are powerful and concise. Since he has taken up a part-time judicial appointment, he earns immense respect from the bench.'
Benjamin Lam - Parkside Chambers 'Benjamin is a well-rounded and exceptional barrister with an innate agility in thought and speech which render him quick and responsive in adeptly handling even the most challenging legal scenarios. At all times, Benjamin adopts a client-centric approach through pre-empting the needs of clients, and his wisdom, wit and worldly perspective set him apart as a highly skilled and respected barrister.'
K.K LauRede Chambers ‘K.K is a very popular junior counsel in Hong Kong and is a highly intelligent counsel who understands the law well. He is always practical and has an abundance of common sense, and he has always been able to win the trust of the lay clients and his instructing solicitor.’
Deanna Law - Parkside Chambers  'Deanna is an excellent partner to work with and really understands issues from a client's perspective. She is very well reasoned and commercial, she communicates well, and she is practical, efficient, and very hands on.'
Andrew MakSir Oswald Cheung's Chambers ‘Andrew is a very experienced barrister in commercial and property matters and he offers savvy and sophisticated advice to clients. He is good at dealing with all kinds of clients, he is a strong advocate in court, and he is also particularly sensitive to numbers and always makes great use of financial documents in cross-examination.'
Ernest NgParkside ChambersErnest is confident and his advocacy is succinct and to the point. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of a case inside out and can present the arguments with force, he never shies away from urgent instructions, even with substantial amounts of documents, and he is extremely easy to work with.’
Ronald PangPantheon Chambers ‘Ronald demonstrates his exceptional advocacy skills all the time, and his deep knowledge and understanding of law are evident as he skilfully articulates complex legal arguments with clarity and precision. His attention to detail and logical thinking foster the trust among clients.'
Roger PhangRede Chambers ‘Roger is a very able junior counsel and he is one of the favourite juniors in complex commercial litigations. His ability to distill useful materials for cases is obviously one of his many strengths, and his approach to the cases always demonstrates good commercial sense.'
Carol WongSir Oswald Cheung's Chambers ‘Carol is a very competent junior capable of dealing with complex litigation. She is an outstanding advocate with unfailing thorough preparation of a case, and being meticulous yet precise and to the point is clearly her strength over other juniors of her rank.'
Martin WongParkside ChambersMartin is a clear thinking, level-headed, exceptionally hard working, and reliable barrister with great judgement. An excellent advocate, but above all, a consummate team player.’
Anson Wong Yu YatDenis Chang’s Chambers ‘Anson is very comprehensive and creative in his research and very meticulous in his written work. His strength lies in his refusal to give up and his insistence in trying to find solutions around problems or obstacles to his client's case.'
Isaac Yung – Pantheon Chambers ‘Isaac is very practical and sensible, his flexibility has rendered him suitable to handle urgent work, and he is very accommodating. He is capable of handling large amounts of documents with great attention to detail, he is very easy to work with, and is a genuinely supportive working partner.’

Rising Stars

Astina Au – Temple Chambers 'Astina is very bright and commercial. She is able to provide sensible advice within a tight timeline, her advocacy skills are excellent, and she knows how to present the arguments in the best possible light.'
Tiffany Chan – Des Voeux Chambers 'Tiffany is an absolute star of the junior bar and destined for greatness. She is incredibly hard-working, diligent, and technically brilliant, but very commercial and easy to work with.'
Jasmine Cheung – Des Voeux Chambers ‘Jasmine is a very bright junior. She’s intelligent, hardworking, and detailed minded, she is very well-prepared for every hearing, and her advocacy is well-paced, organised, and cuts to the chase.’
Tommy Cheung – Des Voeux Chambers ‘Tommy comes across as a very able and hard-working junior with a profound knowledge of the law. He is always able to suggest helpful solutions that take into account lay client’s requests and financial and timing constraints.’
Lai Chun Ho – Des Voeux Chambers ‘Lai is an outstanding barrister with a level of competence well beyond his years of call. He is always diligent with a firm grasp of the facts and in-depth knowledge of the law, and he is both commercially-minded and sensible, whilst being able to offer valuable and out of the box insights into cases.’
Jennifer Fan – Temple Chambers 'Jennifer has clear and concise thinking that is expressed in uncluttered legal ideas.'
Justin IsmailRede Chambers ‘Justin has time and again proven himself to be a strong, articulate, natural and eloquent advocate in court. He is able to hold his own as a sole advocate and is effective when making submissions in court, especially when compared with other barristers of similar seniority, and his written legal submissions are also of high quality.'
Jason Ko - Denis Chang’s Chambers 'Jason pays attention to detail, is passionate about his work, and participates in every step of the proceedings, including advising on overall strategy and following closely on parties' correspondence. He is responsible and takes initiative to remind clients of the relevant deadlines and upcoming procedures, and he also cares a lot about the quality of his work and pays attention to detail.'
Danny Tang – Temple Chambers ‘Danny is a highly regard, highly sought after junior for commercial disputes. He has deep knowledge of the law and the capacity for highly incisive legal and factual analysis.’
Howard Wong – Des Voeux Chambers ‘Howard is exceptionally responsive, efficient and diligent in his high-quality work, and he takes his responsibilities seriously, making him a reliable and dependable counsel. He approaches each case with a comprehensive and thorough mindset that aligns with clients’ objectives, and his remarkable attention to detail is evident in all aspects of his work, from the initial drafting of legal arguments in pleadings and correspondence, preparation of a case, to the final presentation through robust skeleton submissions and excellent advocacy in court.’
Cherry XuDes Voeux ChambersCherry‘s judgement and output is far superior to her year of call and she is incredibly bright, really thinks around the case, and fights hard to achieve the best outcome for the client. She is a very good team player with great tactical awareness, and as one of the few barristers with native Mandarin abilities, she is in pole position to deliver effective results in cases involving Mainland elements.’

Commercial disputes in Hong Kong Bar

Des Voeux Chambers

With ‘plenty of very high-quality barristers’, Des Voeux Chambers ‘is regarded as one of the leading sets in commercial disputes’. At the senior end, insolvency experts José-Antonio Maurellet SC and Rachel Lam SC led on the landmark case of Citicorp International Limited v Tsinghua Unigroup Co., Ltd, which concerned the nature and extent of the obligations that keepwell providers have to bondholders, as well as novel issues of Greater China insolvency. Charles Sussex SC led Tom Ng in PT Asuransi Tugu v Citibank NA, which assessed bankers’ Quincecare duty, which dictates that a bank should not, in certain circumstances, take a payment from a customer’s account which is fraudulent. Catrina Lam‘s practice encompasses a wide range of contentious commercial matters, and she is also highly adept at handling domestic and international arbitrations, representing clients from the banking and finance, technology, real estate, media and entertainment, education, aviation, and gambling sectors. Benny Lo has also been increasingly active in international commercial arbitration proceedings, while a significant proportion of Frances Lok‘s practice involves acting for listed companies, their shareholders, and directors across a range of mandates, including winding up proceedings and unfair prejudice petition matters. Christopher Chain SC made Silk in the 2023 round.


‘Des Voeux Chambers is well-known for having the best advocates in general commercial litigation. It leads the market and has generated a number of young senior counsels. You can feel confident entrusting cases to their barristers.’

‘Des Voeux Chambers is one of Hong Kong’s largest commercial sets and a leading chambers. It has great strength in depth, availability of counsel, and rigorous training for pupil barristers.’

‘Des Voeux Chambers is regarded as one of the leading sets in commercial disputes. They have plenty of very high-quality barristers and can be available on short notice.’

‘Des Voeux Chambers is one of the top sets of chambers in Hong Kong with a strong pool of junior counsel.’

‘Des Voeux Chambers has a very good mix of barristers at all levels of seniority. The size of the set means that the clients will have options in case anyone is not available for a particular hearing.’

‘Des Voeux Chambers is undoubtedly a first-tier leading set in Hong Kong with members who are consistently involved in big-ticket cases. They are particularly impressive for companies and insolvency work.’

‘Des Voeux Chambers comprises barristers with a wide variety of background and experience. The barristers there are generally very helpful, approachable and user friendly.’

‘Des Voeux Chambers is particularly strong in commercial disputes, with a large number of silks and bright juniors. They often provide regular legal updates.’

Temple Chambers

Temple Chambers garners praise as ‘the pre-eminent set of barristers’ chambers in Hong Kong, with unrivalled strength in commercial law’. Amongst the silks of the set, Charles Manzoni SC (who is a silk both in Hong Kong and in England and Wales, where he is also a member of 39 Essex Chambers ) has a strong reputation for handling international litigation, arbitration, and mediation proceedings in commercial disputes concerning the construction and technology sectors. Alexander Stock SC is another notable senior counsel, and his commercial practice encompasses disputes concerning banking matters, company law, insurance cases, professional negligence, and shareholders disputes. Abraham Chan SC is acting in the case of Xu Hongbiao v. Oasis Investment Group Ltd and Others, a complex multi-jurisdictional dispute between former partners of a large property joint venture. Also of note is Charles Hollander KC, who has a dual tenancy at Brick Court Chambers in London. Anthony Chan SC took Silk in 2023, and the set also houses a number of impressive juniors, including Elizabeth Cheung, who is instructed in the case of Xiamen Xinjingdi Group Co Ltd v Eton Properties Ltd, which concerned a dispute regarding an agreement surrounding the right to develop land in Xiamen. Queenie Lau is another key name, and she is fluent in Mandarin. Tim Parker joined the set in November 2023 from Denis Chang’s Chambers - he remains a dual tenant with Blackstone Chambers in London.


‘Temple Chambers is definitely among the very top sets for commercial disputes. They have a huge range of expertise in this area and are featured in many of the biggest cases, sometimes even on both sides of the aisle.’

‘Temple Chambers is the number one chambers in Hong Kong with well-recognised and experienced members who possess professional expertise in a wide range of practice areas. The members are always able to provide out-of-the-box yet commercially practical solutions to complex legal issues.’

‘Temple Chambers is undisputedly the set of chambers in Hong Kong with the most depth of quality at all levels.’

‘Temple Chambers is no doubt the leading set in Hong Kong for commercial disputes. The depth of the set is unparalleled.’

‘Temple is the top choice when engaging counsel. They have excellent SCs as well as solid juniors in all areas of commercial disputes. The SCs are also willing to make time to discuss the matters and also offer training programmes to law firms and in-house counsel.’

‘Temple Chambers have an excellent set of counsel covering different levels of seniority. Counsel from Temple Chambers consistently deliver top-level, quality work.’

‘Temple Chambers is the pre-eminent set of barristers’ chambers in Hong Kong, with unrivalled strength in commercial law. It has the most number of active, well-known and eminent silks in the market, and the expertise and experience of its juniors is extensive.’

‘Temple Chambers is the first-choice set of chambers for all commercial dispute matters. The barristers in Temple Chambers are all very commercial and sensible and have good business acumen, which enables them to provide not only legal solutions, but also commercial solutions to clients.’

Denis Chang’s Chambers

Denis Chang’s Chambers is ‘one of the strongest chambers in Hong Kong’ and it ‘houses many great commercial litigators’. Head of chambers Denis Chang SC has a notable record of high-profile and complex commercial disputes, and he continues to act in the case of Xu Ying v China Gas Co, which concerns the inter-relationship between contractual rights and duties and different economic torts and directors' duties. Simon Wong is a reputable senior junior who frequently handles high-value shareholder, banking, and contractual disputes with cross-border elements, while Richard Yip specialises in commercial litigation, with particular expertise in disputes concerning listed companies. Yip acted in the case of ZS Capital Fund SPC & Ors v Astor Asset Management and Zundiao Securities Limited, which concerned an injunction following the defendants' alleged selling of pledged shares on the market without the required authorisation from the plaintiffs.


‘Denis Chang’s Chambers includes various seniority of barristers who practice in a wide range of areas of law. Also, they organise seminars for practitioners which are helpful to the legal profession.’

‘A wide range of competent counsel available. Many high flyers and rising stars.’

‘Denis Chang’s Chambers is a legendary set for its civil rights practice, with its barristers frequently appearing in high-profile disputes before the Court of Final Appeal.’

Parkside Chambers

Parkside Chambers is praised as ‘an excellent set of chambers with a number of outstanding barristers and senior counsel’ who appear before all levels of court in complex and high-value commercial disputes. Mark Strachan SC frequently acts for large corporations, banks, and financial institutions, as well as for various governmental departments. Toby Brown acted for the plaintiff in Toyota Boshoku Europe N.V. v Hong Kong Longshenyuan International Trade Ltd and 47 others, a high-value international fraud case regarding Toyota’s attempts to recover funds. The set is also home to Nigel Kat SC, Vincent Lung, Martin Wong, and Jeffrey Chau.


‘Parkside Chambers is very good in different areas of law, including commercial dispute litigation. The junior barristers with a few years’ experience are already capable of handling complex legal issues and cases on their own, which makes their chambers accessible to most lay clients.’

‘Parkside Chambers places excellence and client satisfaction as their utmost priority. This set has decades of rich history in providing a wide range of comprehensive legal services. Their team consists of well-respected barristers whose outstanding track record and impeccable reputation have earned them a reputable standing in the legal field.’

‘An excellent set of chambers with a number of outstanding barristers and senior counsel.’

‘The set has quality barristers but without the high price tag.’

‘Parkside Chambers is a good chambers.’

‘Parkside is user-friendly and has some good juniors.’

‘Barristers at Parkside Chambers are strong in commercial disputes, and their fees are flexible. From the clients’ perspective, their services are of good value.’

‘The availability of counsel is very good and they offer training programmes to law firms as well.’

Prince's Chambers

Prince's Chambers is praised as a ‘well-established set’ with its barristers handling a range of commercial disputes, including company law and shareholder disputes, insolvency matters, and commercial arbitration proceedings. Jeremy Bartlett SC is particularly skilled in insolvency matters, while barrister and arbitrator Eugene Kwok specialises in commercial matters concerning contract and transaction disputes, insolvencies and restructuring cases, shareholder disputes, bankruptcies, and private equity cases. Kevin Lee is another notable junior - he is acting in Han Jaejoon v Lee Sang Young, which concerns a large overseas shareholder dispute arising from Korea. The set is also home to Sebastian Hughes, who is an arbitrator and mediator.


‘A well-established set with counsel of different expertise and well-rounded areas coverage.’

‘The barristers at this set make good use of their past experience. Their vast experience exposed to handling different types of cases gives them a unique skillset in finding practical solutions and going straight to the heart of the matter.’

‘Their past experience as solicitors makes this set of barristers extremely user friendly for instructing solicitors, whose points are always taken on board.’

‘The set has a good depth of barristers.’

Rede Chambers

Rede Chambers is praised as ‘an up-and-coming set of chambers’ that boasts ‘a wealth of experience in commercial disputes’. Ambrose Ho SC and Norman Nip SC are notable senior members of the team, and Clark Wang is skilled in cross-border litigation and arbitration proceedings, especially regarding contractual and shareholder disputes, company-related issues, and securities law mandates. Horace Wong SC is leading Wang in the case of Daimler AG v  Leiduck and Anor, which concerned a multi-jurisdictional dispute regarding an international sale of goods contract for 10,000 Mercedes cars. Thomas Lee was appointed in the case of China Insurance Group Finance Co. Ltd v Kingston, which involved a cross-border dispute following a fintech start-up company defaulting on an interest payment.


‘Despite being a new set in the scene, the members of Rede Chambers possess a wealth of experience in commercial disputes and continue to excel in providing innovative and efficacious client-focused advice and solutions.’

‘Excellent chambers with barristers of various seniorities.’

‘Despite being a relatively new set, the barristers themselves have garnered good experience over the years. They are proactive and consistently endeavour to meet the needs of their clients. They are well aware that the current society has evolved, and collectively work towards the common goal to improve their set’s status as a whole.’

Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers

Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers garners praise as a ‘truly leading set‘ and ‘commercial litigation is a clear strength of its members’. Andrew Mak has appeared before a range of courts in Hong Kong, including in the Court of Final Appeal and the Court of Appeal. Carol Wong is also a key member of the set, and her commercial practice encompasses disputes concerning contracts and sale of goods, partnership disputes, and allegations of fraud.


‘Sir Oswald Cheung’s Chambers has some of the most reputable and resourceful advocates in commercial litigation and arbitration, playing an active part in Hong Kong and the region.’

‘The Chambers is evolving with the local legal market, calling for more use of information and communication technology in offering its services.’

‘Sir Oswald Cheung’s Chambers is the oldest and most well-established civil and commercial set of chambers. Its members are well-known and it is a truly leading set.’