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Regional coverage: Zhejiang Province: Hangzhou in China

As the capital of Zhejiang, Hangzhou was ranked by the Economic Intelligence Unit in 2021 as the Chinese city with the highest economic potential. In 2022, Hangzhou’s economy surged by 1.5%, reaching RMB 1,875 billion. Particularly noteworthy is the digital economy and artificial intelligence sectors, which showcased year-on-year growth rates of 2.8% and 11.3% respectively, mirroring the city’s commitment to technological advancement. Hangzhou remains a major e-commerce and tech hub in China, home to large global tech companies such as the Alibaba Group, Ant Group, and NetEase. The Hangzhou Internet Court, with its focus on e-commerce and internet-related disputes, remains integral to the city’s legal framework. Driven by regulatory changes, cybersecurity, data compliance, and intellectual property remain pivotal areas on the legal front. Meanwhile, pandemic restrictions and a challenging economic landscape has led to an uptake in dispute resolution and insolvency matters in recent years. Serving primarily Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, Hangzhou’s legal market includes major Beijing and Shanghai-headquartered firms, as well as a number of influential local and regional entities.

King & Wood Mallesons

King & Wood Mallesons’s Hangzhou office is renowned for offering comprehensive  services to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from large state-owned enterprises to high-tech start-ups. The branch is under the adept leadership of Guojun Ye, who brings extensive experience in IPOs, restructuring, and foreign direct investment. Heading the corporate team is Ming Yang, noted for his expertise in PE/VC investments. Conghua Jiang is a go-to figure for litigation and dispute resolution while Jin Liang excels in securities and capital markets, guiding clients through domestic and international IPOs and equity transfers. Yun Han’s advisory role for tech companies, Yingzhi Shan’s counsel across sectors such as TMT and healthcare, and counsel Hui Ren’s work in acquisitions and restructurings add to the firm’s capabilities.

Practice head(s):

Guojun Ye

Other key lawyers:

Jin Liang; Ming Yang; Conghua Jiang; Yingzhi Shan; Yun Han; Cheng Zhang; Zhenjiang Li; Hui Ren

T&C Law Firm

The ‘professional, meticulous and efficient’ team at T&C Law Firm’s Hangzhou branch provides a diverse range of services in core practice areas including corporate law, commercial disputes, construction, and real estate. The office is under the leadership of Haiqiang Shen, a specialist in securities and capital markets who oversees various investment projects for trusts and funds, and Chonghua Lv. Jingzhong Zhang offers expertise in corporate matters, the capital market, and dispute resolution. Guoliang Jiang is another key player, focusing on corporate and commercial issues, while Lixin Wang brings significant arbitration experience. Li Sun extends expertise to the financial and real estate sectors, Shuai Zhao is experienced in financial litigation, and Jie Huang is involved in areas including private equity funds and commodity trade dispute resolution.

Practice head(s):

Chonghua Lv; Haiqiang Shen

Other key lawyers:

Guoliang Jiang; Lixin Wang; Linyong Fu; Jie Huang; Li Sun; Jin Kong; Ye Yu; Xiaoning Fu; Zhao Shuai; Jingzhong Zhang


‘The team is extremely experienced in handling high-end commercial dispute resolution and legal services for major projects, and its service quality and efficiency are very high.’

‘Sun Li has rich experience and superb negotiation skills, and helped our company successfully resolve difficulties in a short period of time. I also admire Sun Li Sun’s dedication to work.’

‘The team’s unique advantage lies in its rich experience and reputation in handling major commercial dispute cases. Compared with other law firms, the team is able to combine legal thinking and business thinking.’

‘The team is young, professional, meticulous and efficient. The team is good at handling commercial cases with complex legal relations and major difficulties, and the team members have a high sense of responsibility and mission.’

‘Li Sun has outstanding professional ability, good legal literacy and rich litigation experience. She can accurately grasp the details that are easily overlooked in the case, and can quickly respond to our company’s needs.’

‘The team’s legal services are highly effective, high-quality, highly professional, and highly commercially aware. They can provide both litigation legal services and non-litigation legal services.’

‘Li Sun stands out because of her ability to actually solve clients’ problems. She is good at summarising and extracting core issues from complex transactions and thousands of materials data, identifying risk factors, and helping us properly resolve disputes. This achieved satisfactory results.’

Key clients

JH Bank Co., Ltd. Wucheng Branch

Shanghai New Huangpu Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Dafu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

China Syndication Co., Ltd.

Jixin Energy (Zhejiang Free Trade Zone) Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Samdi Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Saimo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Lingke Internet Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Zhongman Industrial Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Menhardum Holding Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Songcheng Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

Songcheng Performance Development Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area State-Owned Capital Investment & Operation Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou West Lake Xixi Tourism Construction Management Group Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation


JIC Trust

Work highlights

  • Advised Hongshi Holding Group on the 11 billion Chinese Yuan acquisition of Asia Silicon Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of high-purity silicon materials.
  • Advised GEOX S.p.A in complex enforcement proceedings and parallel actions against the shareholders and affiliates of its former Chinese distributor, involving issues of asset transfer, debt evasion, and enforceability of international arbitral awards in China.
  • Represented JIC Trust in financial disputes against real estate companies, providing comprehensive legal services to preserve trust assets and secure a safe exit for the client.

Dacheng Law Offices

Dacheng Law Offices‘ significant footprint in the Zhejiang region extends to Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, and Zhoushan, offering experience in sectors like banking and finance, intellectual property, and compliance. The Hangzhou office is steered by Wanjun Xu. Jingjing Xia has expertise in civil and commercial law, advising a diverse clientele that includes state-owned enterprises, banks, and cutting-edge fintech and Internet companies. Moreover, Lin Zhang meticulously handles financial lease-related cases.

Practice head(s):

Wanjun Xu

Other key lawyers:

Jingjing Xia; Lin Zhang

Work highlights

  • Assisting Export-Import Bank of China, Zhejiang Branch in the Red Lion Indonesia East Canada Phase I RMB 2.15 billion Syndicate Project.
  • Assisted Chun’an County State-Owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd. in the non-public issuance of RMB 2.5 billion in corporate bonds.
  • Helped China Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. predict the main risks and contradictions that may occur at each stage of the subsequent dispute in light of the case facts and proposed targeted plans to help the client gain a dominant position in negotiations and litigation.

Jingtian & Gongcheng

Jingtian & Gongcheng handles the full spectrum of work, including as capital markets, cross-border M&A and anti-monopoly, with an increased presence in the criminal litigation domain. The Hangzhou office, led by Zhenhua Xiang, offers expert guidance in IPOs, capital markets, and state-owned asset management, catering to both domestic and international clientele. Key figures include Zhenxiang Wang, who is adept in bankruptcy and finance matters, Ye Fang, whose specialties span litigation and intellectual property in diverse sectors like real estate and chemicals, and Ruilin Fan, who is active in the field of domestic securities.

Practice head(s):

Zhenhua Xiang

Other key lawyers:

Zhenxiang Wang; Ye Fang; Ruilin Fan

Key clients

京东方科技集团股份有限公司 BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (000725.SZ)

奇瑞汽车股份有限公司 Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.

桐昆集团股份有限公司 Tongkun Group Co.,Ltd.(601233.SH)

西安奕斯伟材料科技股份有限公司 Xi’an ESWIN Material Technology Co., Ltd.

斑马网络技术有限公司 Banma Network Technology Co.,Ltd.

浙商银行股份有限公司China Zheshang Bank Co., Ltd.(601916.SH)

浙江钱江摩托股份有限公司 Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd.(000913.SZ)

芜湖伯特利汽车安全系统股份有限公司 Bethel Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd.(604596.SH)

合肥颀中科技股份有限公司科创板 Hefei Chipmore Technology Co.,Ltd.(688352.SH)

首药控股(北京)股份有限公司Shouyao Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd.(688197.SH)

埃夫特智能装备股份有限公司EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.(688165.SH)

瑞鹄汽车模具股份有限公司 Rayhoo Motor Dies Co., Ltd.(002997.SH)

青木数字技术股份有限公司 Qingmu Digital Technology Co., Ltd.(301110.SZ)

浙江台华新材料股份有限公司Zhe Jiang TaiHua New Material Co., Ltd.(603055.SH)

北京京运通股份有限公司Beijing Jingyuntong Technology Co., Ltd.(601908.SH)

麦趣尔集团股份有限公司 Maiquer Group Co., Ltd.(002719.SZ)

浙江东方基因生物制品股份有限公司 Zhejiang Orient Gene Biotech Co.,Ltd.(688298.SH)

山东黄金矿业股份有限公司Shandong Gold Mining Co.,Ltd.(600547.SH)

浙江富浙股权投资基金管理有限公司 Zhejiang Fuzhe Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

中建材(安徽)新材料基金管理有限公司 China Building Materials (Anhui) New Materials Fund Management Co., Ltd.

中新融创资本管理有限公司 China Innovative Capital Management Limited

浙江银杏谷投资有限公司 Zhejiang Yinxinggu Investment Co., Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Assisted Shandong Gold (600547.SH) to acquire A controlling stake in A-share listed company Intime Gold (000975.SZ), involving 580 million shares of Intime Gold.
  • Helped Hefei Qizhong Technology Co., LTD. (688352.SH) to be successfully listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with a financing scale of about 2.4 billion yuan.
  • Helped Xi ‘an Yisi Wei Material Technology Co., Ltd. to complete the C round of financing, raising 4 billion yuan.

Zhong Lun Law Firm

The ‘dedicated’ Hangzhou team in Zhong Lun Law Firm is adept at addressing both disputes and transactional matters. Yueqi Chen, who heads the Hangzhou office, specialises in the real estate, infrastructure, and natural resources sectors, providing guidance on project development, investment, corporate governance, and bankruptcy. Hao Li concentrates on the energy and power sector, including emerging areas such as wind power and photovoltaic energy storage, while Fangrong Wu’s primary focus lies in the real estate sector, encompassing acquisition transactions, investment, and dispute resolution. Both Yu Yao and Zhenyu Zhang offer insights on PE, investment funds, trusts, and mainland Chinese capital markets.

Practice head(s):

Yueqi Chen

Other key lawyers:

Hao Li; Fangrong Wu; Yu Yao; Zhenyu Zhang


‘From litigation cases to project development, investment, mergers and acquisitions, Hao Li’s team of lawyers can provide full-process legal services. With in-depth understanding, the team can provide professional legal opinions on specific issues of the project, give timely feedback and answer our questions, and have a deep understanding of the project and the industry.’

‘Hao Li has profound experience in the energy and engineering industry and profound legal knowledge, and can accurately control the core issues of cases and projects. The team led by him has provided us with high-quality legal services.’

‘The team has rich experience and strong professionalism in the field of engineering and energy. They are dedicated to the service, can provide timely and effective feedback on problems, and solve problems through their excellent professional ability, and the billing is reasonable.’

Key clients

Hangzhou Greentown Zhiyan Urban Development Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Nuogang Real Estate Co., Ltd.(Zhejiang Jiangong Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd. )

Zhejiang Cinda Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Hua’an Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Zhuhai Huafa Industrial Co., Ltd.)

Beijing United Rongbang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

China Energy Engineering Group Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Xinte Energy Co., Ltd.

GLP New Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Guoneng Shaanxi Hydropower Co., Ltd., Gansu Daigusi Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

North China Power Engineering Co.,Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group

Beijing Jingneng International Holding Co., Ltd.

China Resources Power Investment Co., Ltd.

China Energy Engineering Group Yunnan Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Huangyan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Leader Power Equipment (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Advised Hangzhou Greentown Zhisheng Real Estate Co., Ltd on the Hangzhou Chunyue Jinlu Project.
  • Advised Hangzhou Nuogang Real Estate Co., Ltd(Zhejiang Jiangong Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd in relation to the landmark building Euro America Financial City (EFC).
  • Advised Beijing United Rongbang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which is affiliated to a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, on the acquisition of the target company equity of 11 wind power projects owned by Shanghai Sineng Investment Co., Ltd.

Allbright Law Offices

At Allbright Law Offices, Xiaohong Zhang specialises in securities, finance, and economic litigation, serving industries like automotive parts, manufacturing, and healthcare. Zhengzhong Lao offers expertise in securities, corporate affairs, and M&A, guiding clients through asset restructuring and both domestic and overseas listings across diverse sectors.

Practice head(s):

Xiaohong Zhang

Other key lawyers:

Zhengzhong Lao

Key clients

Huaxia Ophthalmology Hospital Group Co., Ltd

Ningbo Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd

DeHeng Law Offices

DeHeng Law Offices maintains a presence in Zhejiang with branches in Hangzhou and Wenzhou. Dingku Jiang, director of the Wenzhou office, hones his focus on bankruptcy and restructuring, having managed notable cases for large real estate firms. Da Lin oversees the office’s bankruptcy and restructuring committee, bringing expertise in corporate restructuring, architecture design, and M&A.

Practice head(s):

Dingku Jiang

Other key lawyers:

Xiaoxiong Zheng; Da Lin; Zhimiao Zhang; Zhuoer Ye; Shan Hu

Key clients

Wenzhou Shiyifang Catering Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Jiahong Shoes Material Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Xinye Stationery Co., Ltd.

Ruian Riou Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.

Wencheng County Hengha Shanzhen Food Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Woguo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Dayu Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Cangming Construction Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Beidita Art Training Co., Ltd.

Ruian Xicheng Tourism Products Co., Ltd.

Wuyuan Congxi Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd.

Wuyuan Congxi Manor Hotel Co., Ltd.

Ruian Huilishi Shoes Co., Ltd.

Liancheng Tianyi Hotsprings Resort Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Zijingang Rubber Belt Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Wuhao Trading Co., Ltd.

Hengshui Jingxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Huaxia Construction (Group) Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Ronghuan Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Fuxin Shengming Development Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Longgang Guoxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Hengpeng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Zhongci Materials Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Qingtuo Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Qijun Shoes Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Xieli Huarong Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Hongrun Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Ruian Jinlyuwang Shoes Co., Ltd.

Ruian Feixiang Sand Processing Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Longwan Lijia Electric Appliance Factory

Wenzhou Anxiao Elderly Care Co., Ltd.

Bodu Culture Media (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Xinheying Optical Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Dacheng Hospital Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Shengda Packaging Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Guoju Home Appliances Co., Ltd.

Pingyang Jitong Express Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Xiangyu Food Co., Ltd.

Kangtuo Fluid Control Technology (Wenzhou) Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Shunfeng Materials Trading Co., Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Participated in the pre-restructuring and judicial restructuring procedures as the group’s member to handle the restructuring case of Fujian Longyan Longhua Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Participated in the pre-restructuring and judicial restructuring procedures of Huainan Jinfeng Yiju Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Participated in the bankruptcy liquidation and restructuring procedures of Zhejiang Zijingang Rubber Belt Co., Ltd.

Guantao Law Firm

Guantao Law Firm’s Hangzhou branch caters to clients across the Yangtze River Delta region. Jun Zou brings expertise in international investment, trade, and dispute resolution for international clients. Jun Qian offers proficiency in capital markets, M&A, and aids in projects related to listings in Hong Kong, Singapore, and bankruptcy restructuring.

Practice head(s):

Jun (James) Zou

Other key lawyers:

Jun Qian

Key clients

GigaCloud Technology(Suzhou)Co. Ltd.

Best World Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd

Best World Lifestyle (China) Co., Ltd.

Lin’an Senfa Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Intellectual Property Exchange Center

Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

China Academy of Art

Hozon New EnergyAutomobileCo., Ltd

MGI Tech Co., Ltd.

Sunny Optical Technology (group)co., Ltd.,

Work highlights

  • Represented GigaCloud Technology Inc in Nasdaq listing project.
  • Represented Best World Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd and Best World Lifestyle (China) Co., Ltd.
  • Acted on the bankruptcy liquidation case of Lin’an Senfa Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Jincheng Tongda & Neal’s Hangzhou office has expertise spanning investment, real estate, intellectual property, and international trade. Lijun Zhang, the branch’s executive director, concentrates on arbitration and mediation, and Wanbing Fan handles a wide range of matters ranging from corporate governance to banking and finance, providing both litigation and advisory solutions.

Practice head(s):

Lijun Zhang

Other key lawyers:

Wanbing Fan; Zhenhao Huang; Zhiguo Yan; Jin Wang; Xiaofei Pan

Key clients

Guangdong HOTATA Technology Group Co., Ltd. (“HOTATA”)

Dongwang Times Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Golden Investment Bank Network Small Loan Co., Ltd.

Guangsha Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Wulin Real Estate Co., Ltd.|Hefei Zhonghang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Binjiang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Qianbaihui Clothing Co., Ltd

57 people including Zhu Huafeng

27 people including Li Baolan

Wuxi Huabo Science and Technology Innovation Investment Partnership (Limited partnership)

Work highlights

  • Represented Guangdong Hotata Technology Group Co., Ltd. in the dispute against Haotaitai Electrical APPLIANCE (CHINA ) Co., Ltd. and Foshan Kaidaneng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. on dispute over trademark infringement and unfair competition.
  • Assisted Dongyang State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Office to obtain control of Dongwang Times through judicial auction and block transaction in July 2021. Then, JT&N assisted Dongwang Times to successfully transform into a listed company.
  • Represented Hangzhou Golden Investment Bank Network Small Loan Co. on a “negative assets of Internet finance” case after the P2P business was banned.


JunHe LLP in Hangzhou specialises in securities and capital markets, intellectual property rights, bankruptcy, and family wealth. Office head Xingzhong Zhang offers expertise in capital markets, handling public company listings, M&As, and restructuring for listed companies, and also works in asset management, real estate, and litigation. Xunan Chen serves clients in capital markets, working with both established companies and emerging startups across diverse sectors such as e-commerce, biotech, and high-end manufacturing. Additionally, Yi You advises on enterprise restructuring, domestic and overseas IPOs, financing, tax planning, and bankruptcy.

Practice head(s):

Xingzhong Zhang

Other key lawyers:

Xunan Chen; Yi You; Yinchu Xiahou; Lin Lu


‘The Hangzhou team of JunHe Law Firm can provide clients with comprehensive, full-process, and all-regional legal services. The experts and lawyers in various professional fields can provide customers with high-quality services, which improves project efficiency.’

‘Yi You is a well-known professional lawyer in Zhejiang Province. Yi You not only has solid legal knowledge, but also considers issues from a commercial point of view to provide clients with cost-optimised solutions.’

‘The Hangzhou team of Jun He Law Firm has an impressive client list, most of which are benchmark enterprises in relevant sub-fields in and outside Zhejiang Province. The team’s business areas cover IPO, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, private equity funds, investment and financing, etc., and maintain a leading position in related fields.’

Key clients

Zhejiang Chengchang Technology Co., Ltd.

Chuhuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Daqo New Energy Co., Ltd.

T-MAX (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.

China Merchants Port Holdings Co., Ltd.

BlueRun Ventures

Ningbo Broad Vision Capital

Huzhou Moganshan High-tech Group

Fengan Gear

Antengene Corporation Limited (Zhejiang)

Zhejiang Fulai New Material Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Hangke Technology Incorporated Company


Hangzhou Capital

Work highlights

  • Advised Hangke Technology on its listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange, making it the first GDR Issuance by a STAR Market-listed Company.
  • Assists Chengchang Technology’s IPO on the Main Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
  • Assists Chuhuan Science and Technology in its Listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Yingke Law Firm

Led by Aizhen Zhang, Yingke Law Firm’s Hangzhou branch boasts specialists such as Hongfeng Fan, who directs the firm’s Zhejiang regional committee and handles civil and commercial cases. Bin Hu offers expertise in construction engineering such as risk control and dispute resolution, particularly for the steel industry. Meanwhile, Huang Wei heads the Zhejiang internet and e-commerce committee.

Practice head(s):

Aizhen Zhang

Other key lawyers:

Bin Hu; Hongfeng Fan; Wei Huang; Xiaojie Wu

Key clients

Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Derlook Furniture Development Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Xizi Iparking Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Juren Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Vandream Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Steel Structure Industry Association

Zhejiang Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Laoba Pingce Technology Limited

Gongniu Group Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Industrial & Commercial Trust Co., Ltd.

Debang Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Huade Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Huaxing Steel Construction STOCK Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Fotile Kitchenware Co., Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Acted for XX Steel Structure Co., Ltd., which faced payment disputes with XX Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. due to funding issues from the project developer.
  • Facilitated a unique cooperation between Xingchen Weilan Culture & Media Co., Ltd. and YOWANT in the live-streaming industry.
  • Assisted Hangzhou XX Culture & Media Co., Ltd. in achieving compliance and sustainable development in the live e-commerce industry.