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Probate and Estate Administration: the Practicalities of Dealing with Cayman Assets After Death...

January 2013 - Finance. Legal Developments by Ogier .

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(Non-Cayman Domiciliaries)  


When a non-Cayman domiciliary dies owning Cayman Islands assets, the heirs want to access those assets as quickly and efficiently as possible. This Briefing Note deals with the practical steps involved. Reference should be made to the separate Briefing Note, entitled "Succession and Estate Administration in the Cayman Islands (non-domiciled individuals)" for an understanding of the conflict of laws issues that may arise on death. Those issues need to be resolved before the practical steps can be taken to deal with an estate.

It should be borne in mind that any assets held by a Cayman Islands incorporated company are classed, for this purpose, as Cayman Islands situated property (with some possible additional complications where a Cayman Islands company owns immovable property elsewhere in the world). It should also be borne in mind that if assets were transferred, prior to death, into a Cayman Islands Trust, it is unlikely that the following processes will be needed.