White-collar crime and investigations in Brazil

Davi Tangerino e Salo de Carvalho Advogados (DTSC)

The highly experienced lawyers at boutique firm Davi Tangerino e Salo de Carvalho Advogados (DTSC) are 'sharp, agile and effective'. Though only established in 2018, the firm has benefited from the strong reputation of its founding partners - Salo de Carvalho and the 'exceptionally intelligentDavi Tangerino - and has seen significant growth in its team and client base. Internal developments in 2019 included the promotion of Lilian Christine Reolon and André Filipe Kend Tanabe to the partnership. The firm acts for individuals and well-known companies in significant police operations, with its expertise spanning tax violations, environmental crime and a range of white-collar offences including corruption and money laundering.

Practice head(s):

Davi Tangerino; Salo de Carvalho


The office is structured with highly qualified and attentive professionals. Despite the density of the topics they deal with, they manage to get the job done without exposing the client to panic, offering the security we need to be represented in matters of extreme distress. Because they have a very precise technique, they are highly qualified to interact with other areas of law, and provide a differentiated service, with ideas never before thought.

The transformation which the criminal law field is undergoing demands that criminal law firms master successfully several law fields. In Brazil, Davi Tangerino & Salo de Carvalho Advogados is well prepared because of its awareness of the key problems of companies exposed to criminal risks in sectors such as administrative law, in cases of misconduct and other violations, and bidding, competition, environmental and tax law. Its members are among the most technically qualified and the synergy of the team stands out. It is extremely influential, due to its technical competence, in the establishment of paradigms in judicial and administrative courts.

Davi Tangerino is exceptionally intelligent and concerned with being constantly updated on the most varied issues with which he deals. At the same time that he boasts the quality of a real genius, he is also an extremely accessible lawyer, with whom you simply feel the willingness to consult – his constant concern with the transmission of his knowledge is another very positive point in his person, also because it makes him an even more prepared lawyer with the different situations that criminal law imposes.

I cannot fail to mention Andre Tanabe, as he takes care of our issues like a true angel, with unquestionable precision and technical quality.’

Davi Tangerino holds a PhD in criminal law from USP and is an associate professor at Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), with a long practice in the corporate criminal law field in Brazil and abroad. In Brazil he is certainly among the top 5 lawyers in international corporate criminal law field.

Salo de Carvalho holds a PhD in Law from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) and is an associate professor of criminal law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), standing out as one of the top 5 in criminal law in the academic field, with a long and successful practice in criminal law. A consultant to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Salo de Carvalho’s legal stand points are often adopted as guidelines by Brazilian courts.’

The firm’s cost-benefit ratio is incredible – they are sharp, agile and effective.’

Davi Tangerino is a chess grandmaster: his pragmatism, academic credentials, and ability to craft (and react to) complex strategies are almost unrivaled in the Brazilian criminal law firms’ landscape. Given his experience with tech companies, he is also uniquely equipped to deal with emerging issues, in particular those at the crossroads of criminal and data protection laws.

Davi Tangerino has a great ability to understand the business and the sensitiveness of the case of the client.

Key clients




American Tower do Brasil

Procter & Gamble


Corning Comunicações Ópticas

Work highlights

  • Representation of a company before the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the state of São Paulo in an investigation of alleged tax crime.
  • Provided assistance to a former C-suite employee from a multinational corporation accused of embezzlement of company assets.
  • Represented a client in an investigation of alleged environmental crime.

Iokoi Advogados

'Outstanding' boutique law firm Iokoi Advogados is formed by a sizeable team of 'respected, competent and ethical lawyers'. The team was further expanded in 2019 with the incorporation of a boutique led by Ricardo Batista Capelli and the arrival of Marco Eugle Guimarães from Opice Blum, Bruno, Abrusio, Vainzof Advogados Associados. The team is regularly sought out by prominent individuals and companies across the financial services, education, automotive and telecoms sectors, among others, and stands out for its representation of numerous parties involved in Operação Lava Jato. The highly regarded Pedro Ivo Gricoli Iokoi heads the team, which includes Bruno Magosso de Paiva and Adriano Scalzaretto.

Practice head(s):

Pedro Ivo Gricoli Iokoi


Iokoi’s team is very well prepared. They are available and convey confidence.’

Iokoi Advogados is an excellent law firm with respected, competent and ethical lawyers. They provide a personalized service, focused on results. The firm stands out for its careful provision of legal services, the best defense strategies.

They have great treatment and are always available. Its comforting to know that we have a law firm that outstrips expectations and guards our best interests. Our board and legal team are very satisfied with the service provision. The biggest difference that we found in Iokoi’s services are the mutual trust, the strategy transparency and the realist risk exposure.’

The firm combines legal technical expertise with a sense of urgency that is essential to the dynamics of the corporate world. In addition, the firm presents solutions in line with the company’s business strategy.’

Complete dedication, thinking about client’s problem as if it were their own. This applies from trainees to partners and it is a huge differential.

The firm brings to the clients the expertise in the criminal area that nobody has in the country, with a very personalized service.

Iokoi Advogados is an outstanding law firm. They are fully capable to assist their clients in any matter regarding white-collar crimes and investigation. Not only do they have a profound knowledge in the area, but they also increase value when working with what seems to be an usual issue.

Pedro Iokoi is a truly leader in the subjects hereby mentioned and a very hands on partner. He can be truly realistic with his clients, assuring they are in the best strategy path possible. It is a pleasure and a learning opportunity to have him as our partner.

Key clients

Telefônica | VIVO



SOLAR.BR Coca-Cola



Itaú Unibanco



Banco Safra

Mercado Livre



Aliansce Sonae

CVC Brasil


Leão Bebidas

United Airlines


São Paulo FC

Work highlights

  • Represented a high-profile individual in an investigation into crimes of passive and active corruption.
  • Acted for several individuals in a sweeping investigation in the education sector.
  • Acted for a company in the food and beverage sector and its executives in an inquiry by the Consumer Right’s Agency (PROCON)  and the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police.

Claudio Figueiredo Costa Advocacia Criminal

Established in 2017, boutique firm Claudio Figueiredo Costa Advocacia Criminal has quickly established a strong reputation in the field of corporate criminal law in Brazil. High-profile individuals turn to the team for advice and representation in cases involving allegations of bid-rigging, bribery, fraud and embezzlement. Name partner Cláudio Figueiredo Costa 'is very collaborative with discussions and scenario analysis, and proposes alternatives, providing very clear risk analysis'. Julliana Jarczun joined in 2019 from Rio de Janeiro’s State Prosecution Service.

Practice head(s):

Cláudio Figueiredo Costa


CFC Advocacia Criminal’s strengths are credibility, proximity with clients, deep understanding of criminal matters and total availability.’

Claudio Costa is trustworthy, has an excellent perception of human relations and behavior, is an excellent listener and is very collaborative with discussions, scenario analysis and propose alternatives providing very clear risk analysis.

The team is competent and gives quick feedback.

The strengths of the team that most stand out among others, is the ability to strategically analyze the matter, paying attention to all the nuances involved and possibilities, making the structuring of the defense easier and consequently better orienting the defendant’s testimony.

My interface was directly with Dr Claudio, and the well structured and strategic critical analysis made all the difference in the process.’

Claudio Costa is very competent lawyer, has an outstanding knowledge of the segment of law he works. Although very clever and competent, Claudio is very modest and is always available for his clients.

Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados

Full-service leviathan Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados took the step of establishing a white-collar practice with the hire of Rogério Fernando Taffarello from a boutique firm in 2017. Taffarello has broad expertise in white-collar criminal defence and stands out in particular for his experience in negotiating plea agreements on behalf of his clients. The department saw further growth in 2020 with the arrival of Paula Moreira Indalecio; previously a name partner at a boutique firm, she has over 20 years' experience in this field. Associate Flávia Guimarães Leardini is another key member of the team.

Mudrovitsch Advogados

Mudrovitsch Advogados is noted for its 'commitment, responsiveness and technical knowledge'. It is a popular choice for individuals and companies in high-profile cases involving allegations of white-collar crime, and is able to assist clients with plea deal negotiations. Rodrigo de Bittencourt Mudrovitsch and Felipe Fernandes de Carvalho receive praise. The firm expanded at the associate level with several new mid-level and junior associate hires in 2019 and 2020. The majority of the team is based in Brasília; Ivan Candido da Silva de Franco heads the team in São Paulo.


The team performs outstanding work in white-collar crime. They work as real problem-solvers and are always based on the best legal theories. All very engaged as well, with exceptional academic knowledge.’

Commitment, responsiveness, technical knowledge.’

Rodrigo Mudrovitsch and Felipe Carvalho are uniquely qualified as I have never seen before in law practices.’

Key clients

Oi S/A

Louis Dreyfus Company

Bom Futuro

Work highlights

  • Represented a prominent individual in a white-collar crime case relating to the Lava Jato operation.
  • Advised a well-known company on various white-collar crime issues related to money laundering and tax evasion, among other matters.
  • Acts for a large company in investigations and criminal procedures concerning tax and environmental issues.

Siqueira Castro – Advogados

Led by João Daniel Rassi, Siqueira Castro – Advogados is equipped to advise and defend clients - both companies and individuals - in allegations of crimes against the environment, tax system, financial system and public health. Data protection is another area of expertise. Renata Cestari Ferreira and Marcos Sérgio de Almeida Cavalcanti Ribeiro are key members of the team.

Practice head(s):

João Daniel Rassi

Key clients

White Martins Gases Industriais

Red and Black

Fast Shop

Queiroz Galvão Energia

Proquitec Indusria de Produtos Quimicos e Representação Comercial

Telefónica Brasil

Brasif Exportacao Importacao

sky Brasil

3M Do Brasil

Nufarm Indústria Química e Farmacêutica

Work highlights

  • Represents a company in a police inquiry concerning alleged crimes against the tax system.
  • Acting for a company and its directors in the defence of environmental crimes concerning the disrespect of environmental conditionings.
  • Represented a company in a lawsuit against five defendants who published the company’s confidential business information.

Tofic Simantob, Perez, José e Ortiz Advogados

Boutique firm Tofic Simantob, Perez, José e Ortiz Advogados is highly specialised in white-collar and economic crime law and represents the interests of companies and their executives in complex and high-profile cases. Renowned criminal lawyer Fábio Tofic Simantob has defended clients in numerous large-scale state and federal police operations. Débora Gonçalves Perez and Mariana Tranchesi Ortiz are also leading practitioners in the team.

Work highlights

  • Acted for a political party in a high-profile Declaratory Action for Constitutionality.

Demarest Advogados

Demarest Advogados has longstanding experience in the field of corporate criminal law. Practice head Fabyola En Rodrigues draws on over 20 years' experience in this area, and also co-heads the firm's compliance practice. Associate Thais Karine Tereciano is another key member of the team. Recent work for the practice group includes representing individuals and companies in bid-rigging, insider trading, money laundering and fraud investigations.

Practice head(s):

Fabyola En Rodrigues

Key clients

Andrade Gutierrez



MC Bauchemie





Center Norte

Jaguar and Land Rover

Work highlights

  • Acted for the commercial director of a leading company in a criminal lawsuit.
  • Assisting a client in a case related to a purchasing director who was diverting large values from various contracts and procurement.

KLA Advogados

The 'straightforward and very professional' multi-disciplinary team at KLA Advogados acts for clients across a broad spectrum of sectors, and has recently seen an uptick in work for financial institutions involving fraud and cybercrime. White-collar criminal defence specialist Filipe Magliarelli heads the team; Thaís Pinheiro is a key name at the associate level.

Practice head(s):

Filipe Magliarelli


This is a boutique law firm when it comes to customer service and also feels like a big firm in terms of knowledge, experience and business intelligence.

They are straightforward and very professional. They also communicate very well, being accessible and responsive – both from the associates and also the partners.

Filipe Magliarelli. Filipe simply does an outstanding job of caring for me as a client. He is patient and willing to take the time to explain complex Brazilian legal matters in a way that can be understandable by a foreigner.

I believe the work offered by KLA team differs from other law firms not only because of their profound knowledge of the law but also because they don’t limit themselves in saying what is “defensible” or not. They go further and show you ways of doing what you need to do and not running the risk of having problems with the law. In other words, they try to show you alternative ways of doing things that would not harm the law and reach the same objective.’

Mr Filipe Magliarelli is one of the partners who perfectly fits the above description.

Pinheiro Neto Advogados

Pinheiro Neto Advogados has a well-established corporate criminal law practice, with particular expertise in environmental, tax and consumer rights cases. Key names in the sizeable team include highly experienced criminal law partner Mário Panseri FerreiraVicente Coelho AraujoJosé Alexandre Buaiz Neto (whose practice spans antitrust, anti-bribery and internal investigations), and Daniel Costa Rebello, who was promoted to partner in 2020. Associate Lourival Lofrano Júnior is recommended.

Key clients


Carrefour Com e Ind

Makro Atacadista

Cargill Agrícola

Centurylink Comunicações do Brasil

Mondelez Brasil

Valeant Farmacêutica do Brasil

Ipsos Brasil Pesquisa de Mercado

Biosev Bioenergia

Louis Dreyfus Company

Work highlights

  • Defending a company in criminal proceedings initiated by federal and state criminal authorities following a major environmental incident.

Veirano Advogados

Full service heavyweight Veirano Advogados absorbed criminal law boutique Saad Gimenes Advogados in October 2019, bringing 'one of a kind' lawyer Marta Saad, and fellow specialists Luciana Zanella Louzado and André Mendes to the firm, where Rafael Gimenes is another key contact. The team has notable experience representing parties in major police operations in Brazil and in the negotiation of plea bargains.


Marta is an extremely competent attorney and has done a great job in the Lava Jato operation.

Marta is part of a new generation of Brazilian criminal lawyers. She has a great understanding of her clients’ strengths and weaknesses as regards the evaluation of the convenience of entering into plea bargains, and has showed excellent negotiation skills to conduct the whole plea-bargain process. Of course, Marta has all the expected skills of a traditional criminal lawyer such as design of the best defence strategies, but she has been able to grasp the new abilities required to manage plea bargains and investigations.

A rare blend of academia and lawyering, especially in a full service firm. This blend leads to precise litigation movements with the right level of academic density.’

Marta Saad is one of a kind. Her personal attributes (easy going; humor; balance) are of particular importance in criminal cases, where the lawyer must work towards lowering the stress and emotional burden and channel the energy towards rational and educated decision making. Her being a respected professor adds not only knowledge, but also gravitas to her work.

The Veirano team is led by a very competent lawyer, who is a professor at University of São Paulo, and has recently started working in Veirano coming from a boutique criminal law firm.’

Due to Marta’s professional background and academic history, she has been developing an interesting and disruptive job in cases of corruption and money laundering.’

Work highlights

  • Acted for a well-known company with the management of the leniency agreements signed by the company and its representatives with Brazilian and foreign authorities.