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The twenty-one-square-mile island of Bermuda has long appealed to international companies as an offshore business centre, and mandates stemming from insurance, reinsurance and other financial services continue to dominate the legal market. Bermuda has maintained its position as a global reinsurance hub, remaining the third-largest market in the world for this work, and is still one of only two jurisdictions to have been awarded full equivalence under the Solvency II regime of the European Union. It continues to stand out as a leading captive insurer market (having been the birthplace of the concept in the 1960s) and remains the largest insurance-linked securities market globally.

Other areas keeping legal practitioners busy include regulatory and compliance work, where digital assets have recently become a particular focus. The increased regulatory scrutiny on the region, and the offshore market as a whole, has continued with anti-money laundering work notably increasing in prevalence.

While the tourism sector has traditionally been a key contributor to Bermuda’s GDP, the damage caused by Covid-19 restrictions to travel has taken some time to repair. Nevertheless, the outlook is now significantly brighter.

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