Leading Arbitrators

Anneliese Day KC - Fountain Court Chambers 'She is an excellent lawyer, very hard working and a pleasure to sit with. Diligent and thoughtful.'
Neil Kaplan CBE KC SBS – Arbitration Chambers 'One of the founding fathers of arbitration in Hong Kong and a real giant of arbitration in Asia Pacific. Brings huge experience to the process, including as a former judge for many years. Remains at the top of his game - one of the very few go-to candidates for big-ticket disputes.'
John BeecheyArbitration Chambers John is extremely smart, culturally sensitive, and is a firm and fair hand on the tiller as chair. Simply put, he is one of the leading international arbitrators worldwide.
Robert Gaitskell KC– Keating Chambers  ‘Diligent, organised and extremely thorough in preparation.
Doug Jones - Atkin Chambers 'An absolutely excellent and hard-working arbitrator with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Really good at identifying key issues and working collaboratively with the other arbitrators. A team player who gets the best out of all members of the tribunal.'
Christopher Moger KC4 Pump Court ‘Christopher has an exceptionally perceptive and analytical legal mind. He is very diligent in pursuing and assessing the details and intricacies of the case. He is also a very congenial and amiable colleague to sit with. He is also among the few arbitrators with extensive experience in cases involving Asian business.
Stephen Moriarty KC - Fountain Court Chambers  'Stephen is one of the most intelligent, knowledgeable and diligent arbitrators practising in London and the Asia-Pacific region. He was the most prepared arbitrator on a panel counsel have seen, picking up points that even counsel missed. Despite his high intellect and standing he is very easy to work with. He is always consultative and genuinely and carefully considers views from co-counsel or co-arbitrators.'
Robert S. PéArbitration ChambersRobert is one of the most pleasant, responsive and fair-minded international arbitrators. He impresses greatly with his efficiency, crisp analysis of issues and his ability to present an analysis in an easy to understand manner. Thoroughly recommended.’
Chiann BaoArbitration ChambersVery knowledgeable about the arbitration process, respected by all parties and understanding of different cultures.’
David Bateson  - 39 Essex Chambers 'David is one of the best construction and infrastructure arbitrators in practice at the present time. He is highly intelligent, diligent, commercial with almost unparalleled experience both from his time as one of the major players in the sector in Hong Kong and on the international arbitration circuit.'
John BishopArbitration ChambersOne of the most experienced construction specialists in the world. Always on top of the complexities of cases in this specialist area, and a pleasure to work with. Able to quickly get to the core issues at stake. Impressive and well reasoned award writing.
Michael Brindle KCFountain Court Chambers ‘He is very sharp and strong in his analysis, confident in his conclusions and provides great directions and leadership.
Gavin DentonArbitration Chambers ‘Extremely capable and efficient, especially when acting as a tribunal chairperson. He has in-depth knowledge of the arbitral regimes in a wide range of civil law and common law jurisdictions. Approaches legal problems from a practical and no-nonsense standpoint.
Matthew Gearing KC  – Fountain Court Chambers  (also Temple Chambers  in Hong Kong) ‘He is immensely knowledgeable in the field of international arbitration with great experience of advisory, advocacy and arbitrator work. He is thorough, incisive, and an excellent lawyer. He is commercially astute and reasonable and easy to deal with. He is calm, clear, and determined but never unreasonable. His reputation in the field, which is stellar, is amply borne out the experience of those who work with him.’
Adrian Hughes KC - 39 Essex Chambers 'Adrian is very fair, open-minded and collaborative.  He does the work, gets his hands dirty and learns the details of the case.  He has a lot of experience in China-related disputes and is a valuable addition to any tribunal.'
Steven Lim – 39 Essex Chambers  ‘He is an extremely effective arbitrator. He manages cases very well, instilled confidence in the parties and demonstrates confidence, competence and ability in dealing with cases His awards are well-reasoned and clear. Both a pleasant and effective tribunal member.’
Benny LoDes Voeux ChambersBenny is one of the most experienced and in-demand arbitrators of the younger generation in Hong Kong. He is incredibly thorough, fair and has a sharp legal mind.  He has sat as sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator and presiding arbitrator in commercial, investor-state and sports disputes, seated across Asia and Europe. Benny is particularly strong on cross-border disputes where there are conflicts of laws issues.’
Loretta Malintoppi - 39 Essex Chambers  'She is very well known for her work in the field of investment disputes and public international law. She has years of experience as an arbitrator and counsel in investment cases. Recently she has also been doing some commercial cases, and is a welcome addition to the pool of commercial arbitrators. She is very efficient procedurally and very easy to work with.'
Colin Ong KCThe 36 Group 'I have worked with - and against Dr Ong- both as an opponent Counsel in arbitrations and when he has sat as an arbitrator. As Counsel, he is outstanding, since he is a fine lawyer and fast to pick up the material; and he has a great ability to pick out the important points. He is qualified to handle both Common Law Cases and Civil Law Cases.' 'As an arbitrator, he stands out as a 'tower of ability.'  
Christopher Style KC - One Essex Court  'He is very responsive and decisive, manages cases extremely well and is very good to sit with as he listens to his fellow arbitrators.'

Arbitrators in Asia Pacific: Regional International Arbitration

Arbitration Chambers

Based in London and Hong Kong, Arbitration Chambers is a group of full-time arbitrators who have experience in practice both as self-employed barristers and at elite firms, often in their Hong Kong offices. Key figures include head of chambers Gavin Denton, Neil Kaplan CBE KC SBS – who was judge in charge of the construction and arbitration list of Hong Kong’s Court of First Instance – and Chiann Bao, former secretary-general of the HKIAC.


Arbitration Chambers boasts many of the leading names in the field as members,

‘Arbitration Chambers is well respected and their list of arbitrators is uniformly excellent.’

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers  has arbitrators active in Asia, both in its London headquarters and in its offices in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Notable names among the set’s silks include Adrian Hughes KC, who continues to be popular in China-linked disputes, and Peter Rees KC , who has experience at the top level of both solicitors firms and in-house, having served as Shell’s in-house lawyer. Singapore-based and Italian-qualified Loretta Malintoppi contributes investor-state arbitration experience; Steven Lim is another notable name based in the city-state.


‘A very good stable of arbitrators.’

‘Great chambers. 39 Essex is one of the go to places for arbitration.’

‘Highly respected and forward thinking and modern set of chambers with significant talent in its members.’

Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers ‘ long-standing connections with Singapore place it in a strong position for its members to sit as arbitrators across Asia. Matthew Gearing KC  is a member of both this set and Temple Chambers in Hong Kong, having headed up the arbitration offering at Allen & Overy LLP in Hong Kong, while Stephen Moriarty KC and Michael Brindle KC are also in continued demand.



‘Fountain Court is one of the premier commercial sets in London. They have built a strong reputation in international arbitration and in the Asia-Pacific region.’


‘Very responsive. Alex Taylor in particular is very impressive.’