Firms To Watch: International trade and customs

Tax boutique Rosso Alba & Rougès is well-known for depth of its advisory and contentious tax matters practice; however, when it comes to international trade and customs, it is also a frequent destination for those seeking expertise in transfer pricing and associated matters. Practice heads Cristian Rosso Alba and Juan Marcos Rouges are the key contacts.

International trade and customs in Argentina

Beccar Varela

Beccar Varela advises local and international corporate clients on complex international trade and customs matters, and is also called on by sovereign governments for support on all aspects of trade policy. The practice provides broad coverage of all trade issues, including the import, transit, and export of goods, international distribution agreements, international sale of goods, dispute settlement, trade remedies, anti-dumping investigations, import licenses and rules of origin. On the customs side, the team handles transfer pricing, goods valuations and the implementation of international customs tax structures, as well as representing clients in the courts in a range of complex lawsuits and administrative claims. The team is co-led by Augusto Vechio, an experienced international trade specialist with expertise in World Trade Organisation (WTO) and MERCOSUR rules; and Guido Krolovetzky, who is known for his focus on the customs law aspects of domestic, regional and international laws and regulations governing the sale of goods. Senior associate Camila Corvalán provides key support on antitrust, competition, consumer defence, fair trade and international trade matters, with fellow seniors Agustin Perrino and Mariano Plaza handling work related to WTO and Mercosur rules.

Practice head(s):

Augusto Vechio; Guido Krolovetzky


The legal service provided by the firm is excellent, its partners and professionals are available to the client to provide quick and effective responses.

Partners are directly involved in counselling. It is worth noting the management of Augusto Vecchio.

Very accessible and experienced partners.

Camila a Corvalán provides a differentiated service. She knows a lot about the market and a customs issues. She is not a partner yet, but a senior associate working as a partner.

Camila Corvalán – she has a differentiated service and is very knowledgeable about the market and customs issues.

The team specializing in international trade and customs at this law firm is truly exceptional and deserves high praise for its outstanding experience and dedication in this field. Its knowledge and proficiency in the field of international trade is evident in its outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to clients. The firm’s deep understanding of customs regulations and policies and comprehensive knowledge of customs laws, tariffs, and the legal frameworks related to international trade is one of its strengths This experience allows them to provide valuable legal guidance and solutions to its clients. This experience covers a wide range of international trade matters, including import/export, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution. In conclusion, EBV’s experience in international trade and customs, along with its commitment to the success of its clients, makes it a reliable and valuable partner for companies involved in global trade. The lawyers’ comprehensive knowledge, strategic approach and unwavering dedication distinguish this as a leading firm in the field of international and customs law in Argentina.

Camila Corvalán demonstrates a dedication to the success of her clients that is exemplary. She prioritizes open and transparent communication, ensuring they understand the clients’ needs and objectives. The team of highly trained attorneys (including Mariano Plaza) demonstrates exceptional professionalism, integrity, and a client-centered approach that builds trust. Furthermore, its ability to navigate the challenges of cross-border transactions and mitigate risks is commendable. They have a proven track record of successfully representing their clients in international trade disputes, negotiations and regulatory compliance. Their dedication to achieving positive results and protecting the interests of their clients is unwavering.

The team is always available and can bring solutions and good strategies for the case.

Key clients

Groupe SEB


Allergan / Abbvie



Mercedes Benz


Cristobal Colon

Pacific Blue Denim Argentina

MKS Investments Argentina

Laboratorios Roemmers Argentina

Ulma Packaging



Ovniplast Argentina

Work highlights

  • Represented Groupe SEB Brazil in an antidumping investigation into Brazilian exports of food processors to Argentina.
  • Provided legal advice and representation to Beiersdorf in relation to Argentina’s import license regime.
  • Advise Allergan / Abbvie on the filing and compliance requirements of Argentina’s import license regime.

Bruchou & Funes de Rioja

Bruchou & Funes de Rioja offers a comprehensive trade and customs service that handles tariff classifications, customs valuation, import and export licensing, unfair trade practices, foreign exchange controls and free trade agreements. Clients also turn to the practice for support across a broad range of contentious customs matters. Mining, agribusiness and oil-and-gas are areas of particular strength. Team lead Eduardo Mallea is known for his expertise in litigation, dumping and the foreign exchange aspects of foreign trade matters; with María Laura Bacigalupo a specialist in planning foreign trade operations, especially in the agro-export, mining, and hydrocarbon industries, providing high-level senior support. At senior associate level, Andrea C. Callegari focuses on customs litigation matters and Sebastian Lerner’s practice include international logistics and import regimes. Since publciation, Callegari has been promoted to 'expert consultant' - effective as of March 2024.

Practice head(s):

Eduardo Mallea


The team is very committed to excellence, ethics and compliance, close to the client and their current and potential needs, anticipating the impact of regulatory developments, eager to learn about changes in the business, looking beyond the specific and towards the strategic. Very solid when presenting their advice and conclusions to the client, with a partnering style that does not neglect its role as legal advisor, in terms of the compliance that must be recommended and safeguarded. Regarding the transformation as a service provider company, they have implemented tools, digital technologies and PDT strategies for their own management and also that of their clients. Regarding resources, I see good talent management, promoting a leadership model that includes comprehensive behaviors and values, bringing through young professionals without leaving them “alone” in front of the client. They have DEI policies aligned with development needs, seeking the training of “complete” professionals from a technical and human perspective. The treatment of the client is one of the highest respect.

The comprehensive and strategic technical excellence of each of them is absolutely remarkable, demonstrating a deep commitment to offering the client clear alternatives so that they can make the best decisions. Even when the advice they offer on a topic is not what the client wanted to hear, its foundations show that commitment to excellence and the result is a relationship of trust that allows working without doubt about the path to follow. This commitment also implies its permanent search to know its clients and their businesses, an objective that implies an additional effort given the field in which we operate. Among the outstanding professionals, I would like to highlight: partner Maria Laura Bacigalupo of the International Trade and Customs area who has provided support and participated in in-depth analyzes over the last few years on extremely complex issues regarding the agroexport industry; her professional solvency, her ethics, her humility as a person and her conduct as a “good business woman” (why not say it?) are an invaluable support for our management.

Bruchou provides an excellent service, always focused on the particular needs of our business. The firm is agile in its responses and has a solid and sizeable team with great experience in the area.

I’d highlight their know-how in the agro-export industry. Maria Laura Bacigalupo is the partner of the customs law department who stands out for her commitment, professionalism and integrative view of the problems she is faced with solving.

The advantage of this office is its high-quality customer service and fast times. They always have experts in various subjects ready and it is easy to obtain a complete service quickly. Excellent performance of the exchange market team, which is critical in Argentina currently. In general, the areas with which I interact have a similar level.

In the customs area, Eduardo Mallea stands out for high performance and high standards in a complex area to manage that includes very asymmetric levels of participants. With great detail and dedication to the client, Liban Kusa is a guarantee of seriousness and knowledge. José Bazán, an expert in foreign exchange markets, banks and financing, has a direct and executive style and generates trust in a short time; by virtue of his experience he can be empathetic and flexible to corporate needs and time-lines that are so changing in the Argentine dynamic.

Key clients

Molinos Río de la Plata

Petronas E&P Argentina

Vista Oil & Gas

Nabors International Argentina

SPI Energy (formerly Araucaria)





Compañía Agroindustrial La Oriental




MSU Energy


Molinos Agro

Minas Argentinas

Minera Andina del Sol

Barrick Exploraciones Argentina

Yamana Gold

Stracon International Argentina

Vestas Argentina


Boston Scientific

Work highlights

  • Advise Cargill on a variety of foreign trade matters involving exports and proceeds settling, import operations requiring special authorisations, and the review of customs operating points.
  • Defended NewSan in a dispute with the Argentine Customs Service for alleged misclassification of exports.
  • Advised Vista Oil & Gas on negotiations allowing special authorisation to store its overproduction in oil tankers moored in Argentine national waters.

Marval O’Farrell Mairal

Marval O’Farrell Mairal is at the forefront of international trade activity in Argentina and a "go-to" adviser on complex trade investigations, anti-dumping matters, import and export regulations, trade policy and foreign exchange controls. The team is also recognised for the depth of its expertise regarding customs valuations, rules of origin, tariff code classifications and associated litigation. The practice is co-led by Pablo Gayol, a reference on anti-dumping law, and Juan Pablo Rothschild, in turn an authority on customs law. The team’s deep roster of talent also includes deeply experienced partner Patricia López Aufranc (anti-dumping), and senior associate Juan Martin Sanz (customs). Former fellow senior Jazmine Daruich  moved in house in February 2023.

Practice head(s):

Pablo Gayol; Juan Pablo Rothschild


Marval is at the forefront of international trade activity in Argentina. The firm is consistently involved in big and important cases.

Pablo Gayol is very clever and has delivered excellent technical work. Always good ideas on building the strategy to win cases.

The depth of the Marval team makes them a point of support in critical aspects for the company. Its true “full service firm” status helps us to always find adequate support when addressing complex issues.

Juan Pablo Rothschild not only has in-depth regulatory knowledge, but also perfectly understands the needs of his clients, and is an invaluable partner for the evaluation of complex issues and the proposal of alternatives.

Excellent collaboration and availability. The ability to prepare reports in a timely manner in different languages based on requirements. Excellent willingness to respond and to provide further clarification online in zoom meetings or similar. Special mention for Pablo Gayol, Pablo Rostschild and Juan Pablo Lentino.

Key clients




Compañía Mega


Grupo Roca

Globenet Cabos Submarinos


Sales de Jujuy

Work highlights

  • Represented Roca Sanitarios Brasil and Roca Argentina in the antidumping sunset review of Brazilian Sanitary fittings.
  • Providing advice to Sales de Jujuy on the import of goods, exports collection, and foreign exchange regulations.
  • Providing advice to Topper Argentina on the export of goods, exports collection, and foreign exchange regulations, in a very complex regulatory framework.

Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie adopts a multidisciplinary approach to international trade and customs advice, drawing on expertise from its public law, criminal law, banking and tax departments to provide clients with an integrated service covering preferential trade arrangements, duty relief programs, international commercial matters and customs compliance. The firm’s global network also ensures it is well-placed to support on cross-border import and export matters too. The team is additionally sought out to advise and represent clients appearing before customs authorities, tax regulators and courts to obtain licenses and permits, and defend or appeal administrative procedures. The key contact is former Foreign Trade Commission official Esteban Rópolo, who is well-versed in anti-dumping and regulatory law. Senior associate Victoria Acevedo Freixas, who joined from Petersen & Cotter Moine in July 2022, handles a broad range of import and export matters.

Practice head(s):

Esteban Ropolo


Precise, proactive, always carrying out the necessary follow up on each topic.

Baker McKenzie stands out for its ability to adapt to our requirements and provide immediate guidance on regulatory changes and customs actions. They always provide a super-focused risk analysis on our business and operations.’

As regards customs matters, Baker stands out for: a) its ability to quickly adapt to our requirements or provide an immediate response to regulatory changes or customs actions, always providing a risk analysis that is super focused on our business/operation. The agility with which they respond to our requirements and risk analysis needs is super focused on our operations.

Key clients

Honeywell Argentina

Federal Express Corporation

Colgate Palmolive

Procter & Gamble

Ady Resources

Hino Motors

Embecta Corp

Yamaha Motor Argentina

Rio Tinto International Holdings

Goldman Sachs (Argentina branch)

Groupe Seb Argentina

Work highlights

  • Advising HP Argentina on general customs matters.
  • Assisting Groupe Seb with a customs value investigation involving imports made during 2022.
  • Advising Embecta Corp on customs issues related to its operations in Argentina.

Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen

Clients turn to Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen for advice across all contentious and non-contentious customs operations. The  practice covers foreign exchange regulations, export and import financing and anti-dumping regulations, and is well known for advising on the trade-and-customs aspects of M&A; it also has experience challenging legislation and administrative acts allowing for the collection of retroactive export duties. Experienced tax partner Manuel Benites, who handles international trade, customs law and customs litigation, co-leads the team with Andrés Galindez, who has a focus on contentious trade matters. Counsel Germán Martín Quirán provides additional support, particulary regarding anti-dumping investigations, with export and import duties, and customs value matters also among his key areas of activity.

Practice head(s):

Manuel Benites; Andrés Galíndez


The team is very complete and solid. First rate.

Great technical knowledge and deep understanding of customer needs.

Commitment. Speed of response.

Andres Galindez: Quality and clarity of advice. In-depth knowledge of the regulations applicable to each option.

Immediate response and good disposition.

Key clients

Louis Dreyfus Argentina

The Dow Chemical Company

Raizen Argentina


Inditex / Zara Argentina

Honda Motor de Argentina

Molinos Rio de la Plata

Miquel y Costas & Miquel

Glenmark Generics

Quimetal Industrial

Work highlights

  • Advised Zara Argentina on several tax assessments adjusting the customs value of imported goods.
  • Advised Quimetal Industrial on its challenge to anti-dumping regulations and duties.
  • Represented Pirelli in challenging several import duties assessments.

Brons & Salas

Brons & Salas has strong expertise in free trade zone matters and is also well known for its representation of clients in administrative and judicial proceedings. The team covers the full range of customs and trade matters, including special customs regulations, import and export restrictions, licenses, and certifications and customs valuation, as well as dumping and subsidy rules. Practice head Lorena Bartomioli is well-known for the depth and breadth of her customs and trade expertise, and can draw on the support of  customs and trade-focused senior associate Daniela Todeschi.

Practice head(s):

Lorena Bartomioli

BRSV Abogados – Barreira, Rodriguez Larreta

BRSV Abogados – Barreira, Rodriguez Larreta is a specialist customs and foreign trade boutique that is well-recognised in the market for its expertise in the areas of trade remedies, import and export controls, customs matters and investment treaty issues. The firm is particularly noted for its niche white-collar crime practice that handles proceedings directly related to customs offences. Enrique Carlos Barreira is well known for handling complex trade and custom disputes. He co-leads the team with trade and white-collar crime partner Jorge Rodríguez Larreta.

Practice head(s):

Enrique Carlos Barreira; Jorge Rodríguez Larreta

Estudio Carena & Asociados Abogados

Estudio Carena & Asociados Abogados is a long-standing boutique practice dedicated exclusively to international trade, customs law, currency exchange restrictions, and import and export controls. Local and international clients from a range of sectors turn to the team for support on both advisory and contentious matters, including criminal law proceedings. With decades' worth of experience between them, practice heads Julio Lascano and Carlos Carena are authorities on customs law.

Practice head(s):

Carlos Carena; Julio Lascano

Krause Abogados

International trade and customs is one of the key focus areas of boutique firm Krause Abogados, which is particularly well regarded for its expertise in WTO and MERCOSUR international trade treaty work. The practice is also called on to assist with company registrations and representation before local and national authorities on regulatory matters. Anti-dumping and advice on the import of used capital assets and production lines is another area of expertise. Maximiliano Krause leads on all trade and customs work, with partner Agustina Andreoli covering international regulatory and trade matters, as well as market access matters.


O'Farrell advises national and international companies on import and export regimes, tariff classification, customs valuation, free trade zones and in-factory and in-country customs. The practice is also called on for advice on international goods' transit, and MERCOSUR and ALADI international agreements and treaties, among others. Gustavo Enrique Müller leads the practice, and has broad expertise across international trade, customs law, anti-dumping and international trade regulation. The team was further strengthened with the 2022 hire of specialised customs and administrative law associate, Nadia Antonini.

Practice head(s):

Gustavo Enrique Müller


Excellent professionals with a very high level of seniority. They advise us on everything we need.

Professionalism, involvement in business and they really know the company. They stand out for having a very high level of communication.

In addition to having great knowledge on the subject, the advice provided by professionals is very personalised, which is a plus for our company. The professional in charge has extensive experience in the subject, which gives us great peace of mind when the issues to be resolved by the company arise.

Key clients

Ford Argentina


YPF Energía Eléctrica

Louisiana Pacific Chile



Work highlights

  • Advice to and defence of Ford Argentina on a range of customs matters, including customs valuations, and imports and exports to-and-from MERCOSUR jurisdictions.
  • Advised Cia de Transporte de Energía Eléctrica en Alta Tensión on customs matters and the tax benefits of renewable energy imports.
  • Advice to and defence of YPF Energía Eléctrica in customs matters, especially regarding customs valuations of staggered shipments of large investment projects.