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Occupational health service – new duties for employers

April 2013 - Employment. Legal Developments by Alfery .

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The Act No. 373/2011 Sb., on Specific Health Services, became effective on 1 April 2012.

This Act introduced the regulates regulation ofnewly the area field of so-called occupational health services. With regard to the extent of the new legal regulation of occupational health services, occupational health services could continue to be provided in compliance with the previous regulations of company preventive healthcare for no more than one year after entry into force of this Act came into force, i.e. untill 31 March 2013, according to the transition provisions of this Act (Sec. 98). Starting 01 April 2013, the legal regulation contained in the Act. 373/2011 Sb., on Specific Health Services, as amended, shall becomeapply to the fully extentapplicable. This regulation will bring numerous significant changes regarding the approaches of employers when to ensuring the provision of occupational health services for employees and is connected with the new rights and duties of both employers and employees. Below we list the most important changes: