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London Bar > Crime Tier 1

25 Bedford Row is a powerhouse criminal defence set with ‘talented barristers at every level of call’. George Carter-Stephenson KC has recently acted in several high-profile cases, including R v McSweeney, with the defendant sentenced in December 2022 to life imprisonment with a minimum of 38 years for the sexual assault and murder of Zara Aleena. Paul Mendelle KC represented a man acquitted of both murder and manslaughter of a man who featured in a BBC Panorama documentary on gang violence in 2007 – two other defendants were convicted. Matthew Radstone is involved in the first prosecution brought under the Political Parties, Elections, and Referendums Act 2000, following alleged electoral offences by a former Conservative MP said to have received illegitimate political donations from the defendant, against a backdrop of the disappearance of money said to be a loan for the redevelopment of Northampton Town’s stadium Sixfields. Kate Chidgey successfully represented a female nurse working at the high-security psychiatric hospital Broadmoor, who was acquitted on five counts of causing or inciting a person with a mental disorder impeding choice to engage in sexual activity – the defence case was that the male resident had planted her blood in his underwear with a used sanitary product extracted from a bin.

Rising stars

Hannah Edwards – 25 Bedford Row ‘Hannah is unbelievably bright and committed to her cases. A junior barrister who will, for sure, go all the way.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Tobias Smith – 25 Bedford Row ‘Tobias is an excellent, highly persuasive jury advocate. He has a very confident and competent court manner that appeals to judges. He can deploy complex legal argument skillfully and efficiently. He never takes a bad point and marshals his case with great care and skill.’
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Paul Mendelle KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Paul is an extremely able advocate. He is an astute tactician with a fearsome intellect and has a very smooth style of advocacy, defending his clients to great effect. He also has a first-class legal mind.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Paul Hynes KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Paul is frightening intelligent; he grasps complex legal issues with ease and simplifies these so that they can be presented to a client, court or jury in an easily comprehensible way. His advocacy is fluent and incredibly engaging and his cross-examination is devastating. In a room full of silks, Paul will always stand out.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 1
Jeremy Dein KC – 25 Bedford Row 'Jeremy is a fearless and highly intelligent barrister who really comes alive in trials. He is always well prepared and is clearly driven to ensure that his clients receive the very best possible representation. He is highly respected by all of those within the criminal justice system.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Diana Ellis KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Diana is the barrister version of a Rolls-Royce in that you know that you will arrive safely at your destination in total comfort, having been offered the best possible service along the way. She is able to get right to the heart of the issues in a case and provide realistic advice from day one.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Paul Keleher KC  – 25 Bedford Row ‘Paul is extremely astute, meticulous and utterly unflappable. He is able to produce high-quality written legal arguments at lightening speed and regularly is the only one in the courtroom who is fully on top of the technology.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 2
Tyrone Smith KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Tyrone is a superb advocate who commands attention from and wins the respect of the jury. He is able to cut through to the issues in a case incredibly quickly and is not fazed by unexpected developments in a trial. He is also well abreast of the law and able to make concise but comprehensive legal submissions before a judge at short notice.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Simon Pentol KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Simon is excellent on his feet. He is very good at instilling confidence in clients and fearless in court. He is also an astute tactician and strategist and a thorough cross-examiner.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Peter Doyle KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Peter has a calm authority in court, and a lovely and engaging manner with witnesses, judges and juries. He can find an argument in even the most evidentially challenging of cases.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Rudi Fortson KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘He has a comprehensive knowledge of the law, which enables him to spot legal gaps in prosecution cases. He is an effective cross-examiner and his understated and polite manner in court means opponents, juries and judges warm to him.' 
Ranked: Tier 4

2022 Silks

Laurie-Anne Power KC – 25 Bedford Row 'Laurie-Anne is the epitome of the modern silk. She is fiercely intelligent, empathic, tactically astute and smooth in her presentation to judge and jury. She can break down complex legal principles to palatable form and is utterly charming.' 

Leading Juniors

Michael Neofytou – 25 Bedford Row ‘Michael is an exceptional advocate and a silk in the making. Juries love his calm and reassuring style and he knows all the facts of a case, down to the smallest details buried in phone data.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Ben Smitten – 25 Bedford Row ‘Ben is a standout junior at the criminal Bar. His work ethic is a class apart, and his ability to digest material is second-to-none. His advocacy, both written and oral, is considered and devastating on a prosecution case or criminal investigation.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Aisling Byrnes – 25 Bedford Row ‘She is an outstanding advocate who completely masters the facts of a case and has the law at her fingertips. She is a formidable presence in court and a highly skilled cross-examiner who presents her legal submissions in a succinct and persuasive way. She is better than most silks.' 
Ranked: Tier 1
Arlette Piercy – 25 Bedford Row ‘Arlette is an excellent barrister who forms strong working relationships with lay clients. She is especially experienced and skilled dealing with gang matters and particularly cases with a musical element. She gives firm but fair advice and is formidable in court. Arlette really embraces challenging and complex cases.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Carolina Guiloff – 25 Bedford Row ‘Carolina is ferocious in court with a combative style. Her academic ability as a lawyer is also of an extremely high level. Clients absolutely love her because she advocates for them tenaciously and without fear.' 
Ranked: Tier 2
Matthew Radstone – 25 Bedford Row ‘Matthew is extremely thorough, diligent, razor sharp and able to deal with the nitty gritty in all cases. He is a silk in waiting.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Lisa Wilson – 25 Bedford Row ‘Lisa has a charming and commanding presence in the court room. She is fearless in the representation of her lay clients and juries love her and her calm, persistent, and persuasive manner. A quite formidable advocate and a real star of the bar.’ 
Ranked: Tier 2
David Wood – 25 Bedford Row 'David is adept at navigating voluminous evidence served electronically. He has a straightforward, easy manner combined with a cutting intellect and an ability to get to the heart of the issues of the most complex of cases quickly and efficiently.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Emma Akuwudike – 25 Bedford Row 'Emma is very good on the law and is a highly competent advocate.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Warwick Aleeson – 25 Bedford Row ‘Warwick is a powerful advocate on his feet and equally effective in his written drafting. He is a decision-maker but has the capacity to compromise and work very efficiently with others. He has good judgment and is a sound tactician. He has no weaknesses.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Osman Osman – 25 Bedford Row ‘Osman is in a class of his own. He quickly gets to grips with issues and his rapport with clients is out of this world. He prepares some very clever legal arguments and his trial advocacy is mesmerising - the jury cannot help being impressed.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Sebastian Gardiner – 25 Bedford Row ‘Sebastian is an imposing figure in court. He is an assured advocate with a sound appreciation of forensic strategy and a highly effective cross-examiner, able by his skill and careful preparation to extract the right answers from recalcitrant prosecution witnesses. His legal submissions are concise, accurate and persuasive.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
Dominic Thomas – 25 Bedford Row ‘Dominic is a scintillating advocate and formidable cross-examiner with a powerful presence in court. His legal submissions and jury speeches are a model of eloquence, precision and clarity. There is no finer jury advocate at the junior Bar.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Sheryl Nwosu – 25 Bedford Row 'Sheryl is passionate and committed. She thinks hard about her cases and is shrewd enough to vary her tactics as the circumstances demand. She also has the rare ability to ensure her audience is absorbed by her advocacy.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Alex Jamieson – 25 Bedford Row ‘Alex is calm, considered, reassuring and intellectual. He is a safe pair of hands for any case.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Monica Stevenson – 25 Bedford Row ‘Monica is an extremely assured and able barrister. Her legal submissions are authoritative and persuasive and her detailed preparation allows her to be very agile during the trial process in relation to tactical decisions.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Beth O’Reilly – 25 Bedford Row ‘Beth is hard working and extremely personable. She is a good lawyer and a persuasive advocate. Her unique talent is her ability to get on with everyone in the court room - lawyers, staff, clients and more. She is a very talented junior.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Alex Di Francesco – 25 Bedford Row ‘Alex oozes class and confidence with the intelligence to back it up. He is a firm and persuasive advocate with an element of charm to compliment it.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Daniel Murray – 25 Bedford Row 'Daniel can assimilate lots of information very quickly. His knowledge of the law is superb and his advocacy is brilliant. He is calm and his client care skills are impressive.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Kate Chidgey – 25 Bedford Row ‘Kate is an exceptional advocate with a careful and understated manner which belies a real tenacity. She is fiercely intelligent and unafraid of raising difficult points of law. She is outstanding in her ability to cross-examine young and vulnerable witnesses and her speeches are carefully presented and delivered reasonably. She has a great future ahead of her.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Paul Lazarus25 Bedford Row ‘Paul has an incredible eye for detail and gives very good practical advice. He gets on well with all different types of clients and his written work is very well prepared and thought out.'
Ranked: Tier 4


‘Emma Makepeace is a dream to work with, she is always available and happy to assist.’

‘Alfie Lee is excellent.’

‘One of the best criminal clerks’ room at the bar. Guy Williams has an unrivalled reputation for integrity, and is widely recognised as being client-friendly, efficient, reliable and trustworthy.’

‘The clerks go out of their way to accommodate and make available counsel even sometimes at short notice. Alfie Lee, Charlie Gardiner and David Kirton are all extremely efficient and always available to assist.’

’25 Bedford Row is a fantastic set with a good range of barristers suitable for an array of cases across the criminal spectrum.’

’25 is a specialist set at all areas of crime and fraud with everything that word entails.’

‘This chambers is one of the very best in the country with some very fine and reputable advocates. It is a ‘defence only’ set which sets them apart from most other criminal sets.’

’25 Bedford Row is an outstanding criminal defence set. They are well aware of their foundations in legal aid, but provide an outstanding service to private clients. The election of Nicola Howard KC and Tyrone Smith KC signifies this, and there is no doubt that they will continue to go from strength to strength. Solid advocates across the board, with outstanding ability in all types of cases.’

Work highlights

London Bar > Fraud: crime Tier 1

25 Bedford Row is a leading criminal defence set with ‘a huge depth of talent dealing with fraud cases’. George Carter-Stephenson KC has considerable experience defending in complex fraud cases – he represented a struck-off solicitor in the criminal case concerning the collapse of the Axiom Legal Financing Fund, which claimed to be funding litigation. In 2022 Nicola Howard KC, ‘a superb jury advocate’, defended a case involved an international confidence fraud orchestrated by a film producer.  Nathaniel Rudolf KC defended in a case concerning an alleged boiler room fraud, involving purported investments in payday loans and diamonds.

Leading Silks

Ranked: Tier 1
Nicola Howard KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Nicola is a first-rate silk. She is exceptionally bright and has an astonishing attention to detail. She is a superb jury advocate, great with lay clients, and her written work is excellent.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Simon Pentol KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Simon possesses exceptional judgement. His understanding of not only the case itself, but the environment and arena in which he operates in, is second to none.' 
Ranked: Tier 1
Nathaniel Rudolf KC25 Bedford Row ‘Nathaniel is one of the brightest silks practising in criminal fraud. He takes a very analytical approach to evidence, has sound judgement in court, and his advocacy is fluent, careful and persuasive. He has an attractive manner in dealing with witnesses, stands up to judges when he needs to and has good rapport with co-defending and prosecution counsel.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Nigel Sangster KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Nigel is an excellent lawyer who works superbly with professional and lay clients alike, and is well respected by opponents and other court users. He is meticulously prepared, thorough, and is outstanding in his client care. He is a top-class advocate and a go-to defence silk.'
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Duncan Jones – 25 Bedford Row ‘Duncan has a truly exceptional intellect which he combines with tactical pragmatism. His written work is impeccable and he is very calm and measured as an advocate. He is a silk in the making.' 
Ranked: Tier 1
Samantha Riggs – 25 Bedford Row ‘Samantha is great at finding an angle and is very good with clients. She is tenacious and has a cool, calm demeanour when on her feet.’ 
Ranked: Tier 2
Sonal Dashani – 25 Bedford Row ‘Sonal's dedication, preparation and attention to detail set her apart from many of her peers. She is very easy to work with and likes to be involved in cases from the outset to ensure that she is fully appraised of all the issues. Her advocacy is exemplary and she manages to achieve results where you would not expect them - she is extremely brave, articulate and tenacious in her advocacy.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
Alex Jamieson – 25 Bedford Row ‘Alex is extremely personable and down to earth and provides honest and practical advice. He cares deeply about his clients and in court he is eloquent and persuasive.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
Colin Wells – 25 Bedford Row ‘Colin is a superb fraud lawyer. He one of the best there is when dealing with clients. He is hardworking, thorough in his preparation and can convey complex issues to clients in a way that is easily understood.'  
Ranked: Tier 4
Osman Osman – 25 Bedford Row ‘Osman is thorough in his preparation and persuasive in his oral submissions. He never gives up and generally achieves his objectives due to his persuasive qualities.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Dermot Keating – 25 Bedford Row 'Dermot is a great tactician and has a very nice manner with witnesses who he charms into agreeing with his points. His clients clearly trust his judgement.' 
Ranked: Tier 4
Ben Smitten – 25 Bedford Row ‘Ben is a prodigious worker with a huge appetite for perfection and an equal eye for detail. He is technically excellent, methodical, organised and tactically astute. He has all the qualities of a top barrister. His advocacy is direct and persuasive. He possesses endless charm, wit and good humour. He is a genuine star in this field.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Michael Gomulka  – 25 Bedford Row  ‘Michael is a sound lawyer and an exceptional advocate when it comes to closing submissions. He thinks very carefully about how to navigate his way to his closing speech and then invariably produces something to which the jury pay detailed attention.’
Ranked: Tier 4


‘Guy Williams ensures that the clerks’ room runs like clockwork. He is backed up by the very capable Emma Makepeace and also Alfie Lee. The good thing about this set is that if one clerk is not available then the other clerks can assist you just the same. The service is just so seamless.’

‘The clerks’ room operates as an efficient team well led by Guy Williams. Alfie Lee is a standout performer – a genuine old-school ‘rainmaker’ with an abundance of talent, insight, charm and instinct far in excess of his years. He is a shining star who gets on well with all stakeholders through his vitality, knowledge and effervescence.’

‘Emma Makepeace is a real standout clerk. She is a class act.’

‘Emma Makepeace is a powerhouse in the clerks room. She is commercially astute and looks after her solicitors well.’

’25 Bedford Row has a huge depth of talent dealing with fraud cases.’

’25 Bedford Row is one of the best criminal & fraud sets that there is around. The set also runs very good lectures and training seminars which have always been good networking events due to the high turn out.’

‘The clerks’ room at 25 Bedford Row is extremely organised and efficient. It is forward thinking and does its best to keep solicitors informed in relation to any potential problems that arise in cases.’

Work highlights

London Bar > Business and regulatory crime (including global investigations) Tier 3

With established experience in representing individuals prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office, the CPS and other prosecutors, 25 Bedford Row is considered ‘a leading set for criminal defence work‘ in areas of practice that include anti-money laundering, bribery and due diligence matters. George Carter-Stephenson KC acted for the principal defendant in a trial after an SFO investigation into the collapse of the Cayman registered Axiom Legal Financing Fund, a fund which allegedly enabled the dishonest misuse of £107m of investors’ money for personal and business benefit, rather than for financing litigation. In another SFO case, Nathaniel Rudolf KC represented the former managing director of the Middle Eastern arm of Balli Steel, who was acquitted on the larger counts, but convicted of others, regarding an alleged fraud carried out by non-existent steel trades.

Leading Silks

George Carter-Stephenson KC25 Bedford RowGeorge has two great strengths: he is never underprepared (his work ethic is phenomenal) and he is one of the nicest men at the Bar. He deploys both of these strengths to his advantage, working relentlessly in his client’s best interests.
Ranked: Tier 1
Nicola Howard KC25 Bedford RowNicola is a superb fraud lawyer. She is robust and her judgement is first class. She knows when and how to work with the prosecution to further the interests of her clients.
Ranked: Tier 2

Leading Juniors

Duncan Jones25 Bedford RowIncredibly sought after junior. Instructed in sone of the most complex business crime cases. Intelligent and tactically astute.
Ranked: Tier 2


‘Emma Makepeace is simply outstanding. She is an absolute superstar.’

‘The senior clerking is very good. Emma Makepeace is an excellent clerk. She is knowledgeable with good people skills. She is an asset to the set.’

‘The clerks room at 25 is staffed by willing and enthusiastic people with a can-do attitude. It is a pleasure to work with them.’

‘The clerks room is very highly regarded in the marketplace for the integrity demonstrated and always going the extra mile to assist professional clients.’

’25 Bedford Row has an exceptional pool of talented Counsel who deal with business and regulatory crime.’

’25 Bedford Row is a leading set for criminal defence work. One of the very best in the sector, with leading silks and a fine array of accomplished juniors.’

‘Chambers has a breadth and quality of high class, fearless advocates. The service provided to clients is second to none.’

‘They remain one of the leading sets for this area of work.’

Work highlights

London Bar > International crime and extradition Tier 3

25 Bedford Row’s areas of expertise include trials of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes before international courts in Asia, Africa and in the Hague. Leading Sam Blom-Cooper, David Hooper KC is instructed as lead counsel to represent the former prime minister of Kosovo before the Kosovo Specialist Chambers for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity during the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo in 1998-99. Blom-Cooper is also instructed in International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals case Prosecutor v Turinabo et al., a case concerning allegations of a campaign of interference with protected witnesses and contempt of court by means of intimidation and bribery.

Leading Silks

Diana Ellis KC25 Bedford Row ‘Diana is most impressive.’
Ranked: Tier 1
David Hooper KC25 Bedford Row ‘David has a very individual style which makes him a very original and effective advocate.‘  
Ranked: Tier 2

Leading Juniors

Sam Blom-Cooper25 Bedford Row ‘Sam is a powerful force. He has excellent forensic skills, and has an incisively critical eye both for individual items of evidence as well as the larger factual picture.’
Ranked: Tier 3


‘The clerks room is very well run and highly efficient. It has received awards for the quality of service, and the staff at all levels show real commitment to their work’

‘The clerks’ room provides a very efficient service to clients and is a modern working environment. The whole team work well together under the Senior Clerk, Guy Williams.’

‘The clerks are very helpful and responsive.’

‘The set has an extremely strong team of people.’

‘The set has a very solid group of barristers dealing with a wide range of work including international law and extradition. There are silks and juniors who undertake work in these fields and who have been involved in some of the leading cases. Many members of Chambers provide training for those working in the fields.’

‘A number of members of Chambers have appeared in virtually all the international courts and tribunals and have gained enormous experience in genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Likewise, there are a range of barristers who deal with extradition cases.’

Work highlights

London Bar > Proceeds of crime (POCA) and asset forfeiture

Leading Silks

Nathaniel Rudolf KC25 Bedford RowEncyclopaedic memory of all things POCA– and he is always happy to help and advise. His advocacy is clear and concise.
Ranked: Tier 2

London Bar > Administrative law and human rights

Leading Juniors

Joanna Evans25 Bedford Row 'An extremely talented lawyer. She is tenacious and very hard-working with a meticulous approach to her cases.'
Ranked: Tier 3

London Bar > Inquests and inquiries

Leading Juniors

Alex Jamieson25 Bedford Row ‘Alex is the complete package. A compelling and forensic advocate, hugely bright, and gets to the key issue of a case exceptionally quickly. Excellent with clients.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Priya Malhotra25 Bedford Row ‘A phenomenally hardworking junior with fantastic organisational skills, who distills complex information into an intelligible format that can be used to powerful effect.’
Ranked: Tier 5

London Bar > Environment

Leading Juniors

Samantha Riggs25 Bedford Row ‘Samantha is fantastic. She is incredible on the details and formidable in court. Brilliant with clients.'
Ranked: Tier 1

London Bar > Professional disciplinary and regulatory law

Leading Juniors

Alex Jamieson25 Bedford RowA skilled barrister with a robust cross-examination technique and adaptable style.'
Ranked: Tier 2
David Wood25 Bedford RowA highly skilled advocate who is attentive to clients' needs.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Priya Malhotra – 25 Bedford RowPriya is a phenomenal barrister. She is extremely clever and forensic in her approach, and her case preparation is impressive.
Ranked: Tier 4

Previously awarded Client Services Set of the Year by Chambers UK, 25 Bedford Row is an innovative set which specialises in every aspect of modern defence advocacy, acting in the very highest profile cases. Chambers is consistently assessed as a centre of excellence.

The set: 25 Bedford Row is widely recognised as the leading defence chambers in its core practice areas, due to its client-focused, high-quality service. Its reputation for excellence is best demonstrated by its involvement in almost every recent major criminal trial, whether in fraud, organised crime or murder. Chambers are renowned heavy-weight defenders in all aspects of financial and white-collar crime. Members frequently defend large-scale prosecutions brought by the FCA, SFO and NCA. Advice is provided at every stage including pre-charge, post-charge and investigation. Chambers’ criminal expertise includes quasi civil-crime such as POCA proceedings, high-value restraint proceedings, data protection law, the legality of search warrants, costs law, civil actions and civil liberties (including actions against the police) and all aspects of regulatory law (including professional disciplinary and environmental law). The excellence extends to the high quality of its clerks’ room and staff team who have a justified reputation for their knowledge, efficiency and integrity.

Areas of expertise
Criminal: Experts in defending serious crime, including homicide, organised crime, drug trafficking, money laundering, terrorism and extreme sexual violence. Several members of chambers act for UK nationals facing criminal prosecutions in other jurisdictions. Chambers’ private client specialists are renowned for their success in ‘reputational management’ and their ability to mitigate the impact of criminal charges on clients’ careers and personal lives.

Fraud and financial litigation: Specialists in defending individuals and corporations against allegations of business crime and fraud, including cross-jurisdictional proceedings. Representation is provided at every stage in both the criminal and civil aspects of this discipline from the preliminary stages, including restraint, right through to appeal, confiscation and civil recovery/injunction. Chambers offers specific advice on regulatory compliance, risk management and corporate governance/training.

Professional disciplinary and regulatory: Members regularly defend individuals appearing before professional bodies, disciplinary tribunals and regulatory authorities. Our clients include healthcare professionals, solicitors, police officers, accountants, sports players and sports organisations. Chambers practice in all aspects of contentious regulatory work acting for employees, directors and companies.

Environmental law and health and safety: Experienced in health and safety investigations and prosecutions, acting in respect of allegations of corporate manslaughter and other prosecutions where serious injury has been caused. Experts advise and appear in relation to the full spectrum of environmental law, including waste management offences.

Inquests and Public Inquiries: Members of our team cover all aspects of coronial law with members advising and representing bereaved families, individuals, statutory bodies and corporate entities in cases covering a vast range of complex legal and factual issues. Our barristers have represented interested persons in lengthy and high-profile inquests attracting intense media scrutiny. Expertise in challenging the decision of the Coroner in the High Court and via judicial review proceedings arising from inquests in the Administrative Court. Involved in significant public inquiries, including those involving alleged failings by both corporate and statutory bodies.

Civil liberties and human rights: As a ‘defence only’ set, protecting civil liberties is a fundamental cornerstone of chambers’ ethos. Members have extensive experience acting for persons facing human rights infringements including actions against the police and public authorities, extradition law, international law, mental health, prisoners’ rights, inquests, public inquiries and public and administrative law. Chambers is routinely instructed in significant public inquiries, judicial review and appellate cases and challenges to public body decisions.

International work: Chambers works at the forefront of international criminal law. Members act and advise in all aspects of international criminal law (including human rights breaches), and regularly act for individuals, governmental organisations and NGOs in a wide range of jurisdictions. Its work includes defending war crimes (often in international war tribunals) and other human rights abuses, defending the extradition of high-profile individuals, defending offences against states, including espionage and terrorism, and defending overseas freezing and forfeiture orders.

Department Name Email Telephone
Director of Clerking Guy Williams clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Deputy Director of Clerking Emma Makepeace clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Deputy Director of Clerking Alfie Lee clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Practice Clerk Charlie Gardner clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Practice Clerk Alex Coomber clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Junior Practice Clerk Conor Houghton clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Junior Clerk Kieran Schofield-Hawe clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Fees Clerk David Kirton clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Administration Manager Varuna Askoolum clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Administration Assistant / Receptionist Twinkle Plowman clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers / Head of Chambers Tyrone SMITH KC (1994) (Appointed Silk 2014) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers / Head of Chambers Nicola HOWARD KC (1995) (Appointed Silk 2019) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Nigel SANGSTER KC (1976) (Appointed Silk1998) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers George CARTER-STEPHENSON KC (1975) (Appointed Silk 1998) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Diana ELLIS KC (1978) (Appointed Silk 2001) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Peter DOYLE KC (1975) (Appointed Silk 2002) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Jeremy DEIN KC (1982) (Appointed Silk 2003) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Paul MENDELLE KC (1981) (Appointed Silk2006) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Paul KELEHER KC (1980) (Appointed Silk 2009) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers David HOOPER KC (1971) (Appointed Silk 2010) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Rudi FORTSON KC (1976) (Appointed Silk 2010) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers John COOPER KC (1983) (Appointed Silk 2010) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Paul HYNES KC (1987) (Appointed Silk 2010) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Simon PENTOL KC (1982) (Appointed Silk 2019) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Nathaniel RUDOLF KC (1996) (Appointed Silk 2021) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Laurie-Anne POWER KC (2000) (Appointed Silk 2022) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Jonathan MITCHELL (1974) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Chester BEYTS (1978) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Colin WELLS (1987) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Justin RIVETT (1988) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Helen VALLEY (1990) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Arlette PIERCY (1990) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Emma AKUWUDIKE (1992) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Harry POTTER (1993) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Warwick ALEESON (1994) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Aisling BYRNES (1994) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Osman OSMAN (1995) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Carolina GUILOFF (1996) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Samantha RIGGS (1996) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Daniel MURRAY (1996) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Sebastian GARDINER (1997) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Dermot KEATING (1997) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Mark STEVENTS (1998) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Alistair GRAINGER (1998) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Dominic THOMAS (1998) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Beth O'REILLY (1999) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Michael NEOFYTOU (1999) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Ben SMITTEN (1999) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Sheryl NWOSU (2000) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Sonal DASHANI (2002) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Michael GOMULKA (2002) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Monica STEVENSON (2004) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Paul LAZARUS (2017), Higher Rights (2005) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Matthew RADSTONE (2005) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers James GRAY (2005) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Sam BLOM-COOPER (2006) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Kate CHIDGEY (2006) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Lisa WILSON (2006) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Fixed Term Tenant Nick WHITEHORN (2006) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Alex JAMIESON (2007) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Priya MALHOTRA (2007) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers David WOOD (2007) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
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Member of Chambers Chiara MADDOCKS (2011) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Duncan JONES (2012) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Leon LYNCH (2012) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Henry DICKSON (2012) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Laura COLLIER (2013) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Tom FLAVIN (2013) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Natasha LLOYD-OWEN (2013) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Kerrie-Ann ROWAN (2015), New York Bar (2013) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chamber George WILLS (2013) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Joy LEWIS (2014) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Nick MURPHY (2015) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Tobias SMITH (2016) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers William DURRANDS (2016) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Hannah EDWARDS (2016) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Chantel GABER (2017) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Member of Chambers Eleanor DE (2019) clerks@25bedfordrow.com 020 7067 1500
Photo Name Position Profile
Emma Akuwudike photo Emma Akuwudike Emma is an outstanding barrister who exudes confidence and gravitas. She is…
Warwick Aleeson photo Warwick Aleeson Warwick Aleeson is a highly experienced trial advocate with over 28 years’…
Chester Beyts photo Chester Beyts Specialist criminal defence practice with wide experience of defending the most serious…
Sam Blom-Cooper photo Sam Blom-Cooper Sam is experienced in all areas of criminal defence including international criminal…
Aisling Byrnes photo Aisling Byrnes Aisling Byrnes has 25 years’ experience of defending in criminal cases of…
George Carter-Stephenson photo George Carter-Stephenson George is a highly sought after specialist defence Silk with a varied and…
Kate Chidgey photo Kate Chidgey Kate practices in serious crime and public law. She is an intelligent…
Laura Collier photo Laura Collier Laura is a mature, professional and talented leading junior. She regularly receives…
John Cooper photo Professor John Cooper Professor John Cooper KC has one of the most high-profile practices at…
Sonal Dashani photo Sonal Dashani Sonal is regularly instructed in a wide range of criminal defence work.…
Eleanor De photo Eleanor De Eleanor became a Tenant in October 2022 following the successful completion of…
Jeremy Dein photo Jeremy Dein Jeremy Dein KC is one of the most experienced and highly regarded…
Alex Di Francesco photo Alex Di Francesco Alex is a leading criminal junior. He appears on behalf of core…
Henry Dickson photo Henry Dickson Henry practises in all areas of criminal defence and has extensive advocacy…
Peter Doyle photo Peter Doyle An immensely experienced criminal defence practitioner instructed across a range of offences…
Will Durrands photo Will Durrands Will is experienced in all areas of criminal law, extradition, regulatory (particularly…
Hannah Edwards photo Hannah Edwards Hannah has been praised for her thorough preparation, attention to detail and…
Diana Ellis photo Diana Ellis Diana Ellis KC is a hugely experienced and committed criminal defence barrister…
Tom Flavin photo Tom Flavin Tom’s practice involves work across all areas of criminal defence, in particular…
Rudi Fortson photo Rudi Fortson Rudi Fortson KC is noted for his work in relation to serious…
Chantel Gaber photo Chantel Gaber Chantel is a criminal defence specialist and a passionate, committed advocate, with…
Sebastian Gardiner photo Sebastian Gardiner Sebastian practises as both leading junior and junior counsel in all aspects…
Michael Gomulka photo Michael Gomulka Michael is a specialist advocate in fraud, financial crime and regulatory law.…
Alistair Grainger photo Alistair Grainger Alistair defends at the highest levels to include murder, attempted murder, manslaughter,…
James Gray photo James Gray James Gray is a dedicated criminal advocate known for his commitment to…
Carolina Guiloff photo Carolina Guiloff Carolina is a criminal defence specialist, instructed both alone and as junior…
David Hooper photo David Hooper David Hooper KC’s domestic practice has largely concerned serious criminal matters and…
Nicola Howard photo Nicola Howard Nicola is instructed on behalf of corporates and individuals to provide specialist…
Paul Hynes photo Paul Hynes Criminal, financial and regulatory defence and advice. Has a broad practice often…
Alex Jamieson photo Alex Jamieson Alex is regarded as one of the country’s leading junior barristers, practicing…
Duncan Jones photo Duncan Jones Duncan Jones specialises in criminal and white-collar defence advice, advocacy and investigations.…
Dermot Keating photo Dermot Keating Dermot is instructed as leading or junior counsel specialising in serious, complex…
Paul Keleher photo Paul Keleher Paul Keleher KC is regularly instructed in cases of murder and is…
Paul Lazarus photo Paul Lazarus Paul is a well known and experienced jury trial advocate who practices…
Joy Lewis photo Joy Lewis Joy practices in all areas of criminal defence, with an emphasis on…
Natasha Lloyd-Owen photo Natasha Lloyd-Owen Natasha practices in all areas of criminal defence and associated areas of…
Leon-Nathan Lynch photo Leon-Nathan Lynch Leon is a versatile and a dedicated criminal defence advocate whose client…
Chiara Maddocks photo Chiara Maddocks Chiara specialises in serious and complex crime, with a developing public law…
Priya Malhotra photo Priya Malhotra Priya is an exceptional advocate best known for her attention to detail,…
Paul Mendelle photo Paul Mendelle Paul Mendelle KC is a respected and impressive criminal silk who practices…
Jonathan Mitchell photo Jonathan Mitchell Jonathan is a leading Junior in heavy criminal defence trials. He also advises…
Nick Murphy photo Nick Murphy Nick is a highly-regarded junior practising in all areas of criminal defence. He…
Daniel Murray photo Daniel Murray Daniel practises in all areas of fraud and serious crime. He has…
Michael Neofytou photo Michael Neofytou Awarded Crime and Extradition Junior of the Year in the Legal 500…
Sheryl Nwosu photo Sheryl Nwosu Sheryl is routinely instructed as leading counsel and as a leading junior…
Beth O'Reilly photo Beth O'Reilly Beth is an established advocate with significant experience of defending in the…
Osman Osman photo Osman Osman Osman is a highly sought after leading junior. He has developed an…
Simon Pentol photo Simon Pentol Simon Pentol KC has been continually instructed as a leader for the…
Arlette Piercy photo Arlette Piercy Arlette’s practice consists of criminal defence work, trial and appellate, with particular…
Harry Potter photo Harry Potter Leading Junior and junior for the defence in all areas of crime,…
Laurie-Anne Power photo Laurie-Anne Power Laurie-Anne is an experienced leading junior and junior. She has acted on…
Matthew Radstone photo Matthew Radstone Matthew specialises in the areas of serious crime, complex fraud and regulatory…
Samantha Riggs photo Samantha Riggs Sam is an established leading junior advising and defending corporate and individual…
Justin Rivett photo Justin Rivett Justin has specialised in criminal defence for over 25 years. He has…
Kerrie Ann Rowan photo Kerrie Ann Rowan Kerrie practises in all areas of criminal defence including murder, violence, robbery,…
Nathaniel Rudolf KC photo Nathaniel Rudolf KC Nathaniel is renowned for his expertise in defending serious fraud and high…
Nigel Sangster photo Nigel Sangster One of the most senior Silks at the Criminal Bar, Nigel Sangster…
Tyrone Smith photo Tyrone Smith Tyrone is a highly sought-after specialist defence Silk who consistently defends in…
Tobias Smith photo Tobias Smith A fearless advocate, Tobias’ has been noted for his sound judgment under…
Ben Smitten photo Ben Smitten Ben has 20 years’ experience at the highest level of criminal proceedings…
Mark Stevens photo Mark Stevens Mark is a highly regarded criminal defence specialist. Mark is approachable, dependable…
Monica Stevenson photo Monica Stevenson Monica Stevenson is an experienced barrister instructed in a wide range of…
Emma Stuart-Smith photo Emma Stuart-Smith Emma’s practice encompasses all areas of criminal defence work, focusing particularly upon…
Dominic Thomas photo Dominic Thomas Dominic is a specialist in criminal defence, including fraud and regulatory work.…
Helen Valley photo Helen Valley Helen has over 25 years’ experience defending serious and complex crime matters,…
Colin Wells photo Colin Wells Colin is a renowned specialist in advising on abuse of process applications…
Nicholas Whitehorn photo Nicholas Whitehorn Nicholas is an experienced and fearless criminal advocate who is regularly instructed…
George Wills photo George Wills George’s practice focuses on criminal defence and defending regulatory prosecutions. In respect…
Lisa Wilson photo Lisa Wilson Lisa is a specialist defence practitioner, instructed in cases covering all aspects…
David Wood photo David Wood David specialises in criminal and regulatory law and is recognised as a…
Clerks : 8
Administration : 2

25 Bedford Row is committed to respecting and understanding the cultural needs of its diverse client base, and is committed to achieving and promoting equality and diversity in the provision of services, recruitment and access to the Bar in general. Chambers provides its services for the general community and not for any discrete client group which might be interpreted as discriminatory.

Within Chambers, we have an established Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The aim of this Committee is to promote equality and diversity within Chambers and reduce discrimination and unconscious bias. The Committee also aims to monitor and improve the wellbeing of Chambers as a whole.

Several of our Barristers mentor young people who aspire to have a career at the Bar, and have been individually recognised for their contribution to equality, diversity and inclusion at the Bar.

Jo Sidhu QC was awarded “Achievement in Law” at the first British Sikh Awards 2022. These Awards (which showcased the strength of the British Sikh community, the impact they have on culture and their achievements over the last year) were held to recognise a wide range of achievements from Sikh individuals across the UK who positively impact business, charity, sport, arts, culture, religious advocacy, education and medicine.

Laurie-Anne Power QC has been the Chair of Women in Criminal Law’s Race Equality Committee since its formation in 2020. The aim of this sub-committee is to unite women of colour, of all backgrounds and races, working within criminal law in order to work together in dismantling clear and obvious structural racism and bias which has held women back from progressing.

Abimbola Johnson has begun her post as the Chair of the Independent Scrutiny and Oversight Board of the police’s race strategy developed by Chief Constables in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Following its postponement due to the pandemic, Chambers has re-commenced its mini-pupillage scheme. To ensure applicants have the chance to apply throughout the year, we now have three application rounds.

Our Insight Days provide an opportunity for those aspiring to become a Barrister to ask questions and listen to several Members (of various years of call) speak about life at the Criminal Bar, what a typical day is like and tips on the pupillage application process.

25 Bedford Row is a member of the Pegasus Access and Support Scheme (PASS) as established by the Inner Temple. We are also a proud participant in the Bar Placement Scheme. Both schemes are designed to improve access to the Bar profession for students from under-represented backgrounds.

We are a proud partner of 10,000 Black Interns, which seeks to offer 2,000 internships each year for five consecutive years. Each internship offered presents the opportunity to change a life.

We are Disability Confident Committed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

25 Bedford Row is a member of the Bar Council Sustainability Network. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and moving towards more sustainable ways of working and living. By reducing our carbon footprint and tackling climate change, together we hope to achieve the Bar’s aim of being carbon neutral by 2030.

We are an accredited London Living Wage employer. This means that all employees and contracted staff are paid at or above a minimum hourly rate which is set annually by the Living Wage Foundation and calculated by the Greater London Authority.

CLIENT: David Bloom
COMPANY/FIRM: Sonn Macmillian Walker
TESTIMONIAL: A top-tier criminal defence set, made up of ferociously sharp QCs, accomplished juniors, and reliable friendly clerks. The strength and depth of the team specialising in white collar, POCA and asset recovery work means high quality representation is consistently provided. A set that it is a pleasure to work with.

CLIENT: Stephanie Roe
TESTIMONIAL: 25 Bedford Row is the “go to” London chambers for defence work, as a relatively large set made up of excellent barristers at the top of the profession they have a wealth and depth of experience in financial crime.

CLIENT: John Carson
COMPANY/FIRM: Carson Kaye Solicitors
TESTIMONIAL: Unrivalled criminal defence set of chambers, the highest standards throughout including the clerking services. The set comprises of counsel with vast talent who give there all to every case.

CLIENT: Collette Kelly
TESTIMONIAL: 25 Bedford Row is an outstanding set with an absolutely stellar cast of barristers dealing with all aspects of complex financial crime and POCA work.

CLIENT: Sahar Handford
TESTIMONIAL: 25 Bedford Row Chambers are an exceptional set. From top to bottom their service and quality is unmatched and the Clerks are second to none. Counsel excel in all areas of crime and regulatory. They have a particular understanding of the needs of professional institutions and individuals. Counsel are commercially astute, committed and attentive, having regard to the dual regulatory and criminal aspects of cases brought against professional defendants.