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Spearheaded by the market renowned Tae Il Kwon  , Kwon & Co is ‘well-known as one of the most experienced boutique firms’ in the Korean shipping sector. Working with senior associate Suyeon Jung , Kwon is praised for his ability to ‘respond precisely and offer viable and commercial solutions’ in contentious cases such as cargo claims, rehabilitation proceedings, maritime collisions and groundings. Jung has developed a specialism in matters involving crews, especially regarding work related and non-work related disease concerning Korean Seafarers’ Act.

Practice head(s):

Tae Il Kwon

Other key lawyers:

Suyeon Jung


‘They have been well-known as one of the most experienced boutique firm in Korea. We and our clients have been satisfied with their quick proceeding and good result together with valuable legal analysis. All of us agree that their legal service are on a par with a much larger firms, with the benefit of a small firm billings.’

‘Tae Il Kwon is one of the most competent attorney in maritime law in Korea. He has enough strengths in all legal aspect. He has a full knowledge to any case from a legal and shipping perspective. He also pays attention to commercial awareness between the client and opponent. Ms. S Y Jeong is another great associate, assisting on every case. They deserve much praise and recognition.’

‘Prompt responsiveness with is a forte of the team. Almost every case in maritime is of time essence. Under such situation, they have always showed client-oriented attitude – that’s the reason why we have retained them as our legal representative for so many years. Their unchanged and unflappable running of the case is another strength.’

‘ Tae-Il Kwon is one of a few professionals in Korea with balanced knowledge of law on both Korean and UK. We can have his professional opinion without asking UK lawyer about specific issues. Very honest and trustworthy advice.’

‘Tae-Il Kwon stands out for his thorough and deep knowledge of the law, and his ability to respond precisely and offer viable and commercial solutions to problems, as well as guide through the maze of alternatives that may be open in addressing any one single problem.’

‘Tae-Il Kwon, the head of the firm, has deep knowledge of both of Korean law and English law. In addition to his legal knowledge, he is acquainted with the business, so he can give practical advice. It is always fun to work with him.’

‘Outstanding thoroughness and speed of response times, flexibility , knowledge and ability. Excellent practical advice, and specialist experience. They combine technical skills with a commercial understanding.’

Key clients

EUKOR Car Carriers

Gard P&I Club

Hyundai Marine & Fire

Korea Shipping Association

Korea P&I

London P&I

North of England P&I

PT Limas Tunggal

Reed Smith

Sinokor Merchant Marine

SK Shipping

Hyundai Glovis

Skuld P&I

Britannia P&I

Pan Ocean

Marsh Korea

H Line

Japan P&I

W K Webster

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

Korean Reinsurance Company

Work highlights

  • Represented Dong Young Shipping, Charterers of M.V. “HENG YU” in a case where the vessel was arrested and the discharge of cargoes were delayed for over 2 months.
  • Represented a Japanese shipowner in a preservation of evidence case where the client was accused of unseaworthiness due to engine failure and the opponent threatened for vessel arrest.
  • Represented major insurance companies in an accident where a vessel collided with port facilities.

Law Offices Kwon & Co. (hereinafter “Kwon & Co.”) was established by attorney Tae Il Kwon who had been practicing maritime law for almost 20 years and was the joint partner of Law Offices Kwon & Moon from 2006 to 2016 after the dissolvement of Kwon & Moon. With his main focus on maintaining the level of professionalism his previous law firm had provided, Tae Il Kwon has organized a team with five associates who are playing a pivotal role at Kwon & Co. by assisting him with various maritime cases.

His five associates are not only well-experienced with exceptional work-ethics but also fluent in English from their foreign academic backgrounds: his senior associate, Suyeon Jung, who started her career at Kwon & Moon and later joined Kwon & Co., has been working as a maritime lawyer for several years and is handling most of the major cases with Tae Il Kwon at Kwon & Co.

His other associates, Jaeho Cho, is a former Chief Officer of LNG Carrier who graduated from Korea Maritime University and had worked at Hyundai Merchant Marine, Evangeline(Ji Young) Bang who has joined Kwon & Co. in March 2019, has vast experience with Korean civil law procedures from her previous firm, Juhyun Kim, who has joined Kwon & Co. in October 2019, worked as the editor-in-chief of Ewha Law School Law Review and Jeremy(Do Gyun) Kim who recently joined Kwon & Co., had interned at three maritime law firms including Marine Trade team of Stephenson Harwood LLP London Office in the UK, Stephenson Harwood LLP Seoul Office in the Korea.

Referring to General Cargo claims, Kwon & Co. covers every sort of issue, including but not limited to cargo misdelivery, fire and wet damages to the cargoes, shortage claim, improper temperature of reefer containers, improper packaging or lashing of flat rack containers, acting for domestic shipping companies such as Hyundai Merchant Marine, SK Shipping, EUKOR Car Carriers, Pan Ocean and Sinokor Merchant Marine, and P&I clubs such as North of England P&I, Steamship Mutual P&I, Britannia P&I, Standard Club, Swedish Club, Gard P&I and London P&I.

Concerning wet maritime issues of Collision & Grounding of the Vessel, members of Kwon & Co. have shown that they are more than capable of collision cases, not only handling damage claims arising from ship collision but also criminal and maritime tribunal cases occurring simultaneously, involving P&I clubs such as Gard P&I, Swedish Club and Steamship Mutual P&I, and H&M underwriters like Hyundai Marine & Fire. Kwon & Co. is also acting for EUKOR Car Carriers in relation to the fire occurred on board a time-chartered car carrier M.V. “Platinum Ray” on 22 May 2019 where the shipper was Hyundai Motors.

For Kwon & Co., 2021 was highlighted by three major cases: (i) representing Sinokor Petrochemical Co., Ltd. in a lawsuit against Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd(“CMP”) regarding CMP’s supply of defective paint coating work which damaged the hold tanks of Sinokor Petrochemical vessels, (ii) representing Owners of M.V. “YN Busan” in a crew claim case in which the injured crew demanded US$4,357,984.93. Kwon & Co. successfully defended the case and reached settlement at US$197,132.62 which is less than 5% of the original claim amount, (iii) and lastly,  representing Sinokor Merchant Marine in a lawsuit against the Shipper to claim the demurrage and storage costs. The Shippers filed a counter-claim and the case is pending at Seoul Central District Court.

Kwon & Co. also has wide experience in Crew Death & Injury issues, providing legal advices for crew injuries under Korean Seafarers Act, seeking amicable resolution of the case but ultimately protecting the interest of the clients which include Hyudai Glovis, HMM, Sinokor Merchant Marine, SK Shipping, Shinsung Shipping and Korea Shipping Association, and P&I clubs such as Standard Club, Steamship Mutual P&I and North of England P&I.

Kwon & Co. is also actively engaging in rehabilitation/bankruptcy cases of shipping companies such as Hanjin Shipping, Pan Ocean, Korea Line and Daebo International Shipping to protect the interest of the creditors who are mainly foreign ship owners. The cases deal with mostly time charter or voyage charter disputes where Kwon & Co. had received very good outcomes since it requires extensive knowledge and experience in both Korean rehabilitation procedure as well as English law, which usually is the governing law of the charterparty.

Kwon & Co. had also become an adviser law firm to SK Shipping, which is one of the largest shipping companies in Korea, and was an advisor law firm to T.S. Lines, one of the largest shipping companies in Taiwan, from 2018 to 2021.

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