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Based in London and Hong Kong, Arbitration Chambers is a group of full-time arbitrators who have experience in practice both as self-employed barristers and at elite firms, often in their Hong Kong offices. Key figures include head of chambers Gavin Denton, Neil Kaplan CBE KC SBS – who was judge in charge of the construction and arbitration list of Hong Kong’s Court of First Instance – and Chiann Bao, former secretary-general of the HKIAC.


Arbitration Chambers boasts many of the leading names in the field as members,

‘Arbitration Chambers is well respected and their list of arbitrators is uniformly excellent.’

Arbitration Chambers is the pre-eminent chambers dedicated to independent full-time international arbitrators. Their members count amongst the most experienced arbitration practitioners in the world and come from a mix of common law and civil law jurisdictions, with complementary specialities. Each of their arbitrators offers the broad array of skills and experience necessary to determine the most complex international disputes. Their members operate entirely independently from one another and do not accept instructions as counsel, which avoids the possibility of conflicts.

Arbitration Chambers was established in Hong Kong in 2012 by the Head of Chambers, Gavin Denton. In response to growing demand, and in recognition of the cities’ importance as seats of international arbitration, Chambers expanded to London in 2017 and to New York in 2020.

The members of Arbitration Chambers are located around the globe and include some of the best and most highly respected practitioners in the world. Chambers’ arbitrators practise a mix of international commercial arbitration and investor-state arbitration and are much sought after by institutions and parties alike for appointments as sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator and presiding arbitrator.

Due to their significant arbitration experience and their diverse regional backgrounds, the members of Arbitration Chambers have familiarity with seats and governing laws from around the globe and of all of the major (and some of the lesser known) institutional rules.

Their members also hold significant positions at leading international arbitral bodies – including Lucy Reed as the President of SIAC, Juliet Blanch and Chiann Bao as Vice Presidents of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, and John Beechey CBE as the Chairman of the BVI International Arbitration Centre.

The arbitrators at Arbitration Chambers are supported by a capable international team of arbitration lawyers, who provide administrative and legal assistance as required.

Further information about Arbitration Chambers, and their members, can be found at

Chambers Director Ms Sarah 7922 426565
John Beechey CBE photoMr John Beechey CBEIndependent International Arbitrator
Juliet Blanch photoMs Juliet BlanchIndependent International Arbitrator
Gavin Denton photoMr Gavin DentonIndependent International Arbitrator & Head of Arbitration Chambers
Neil Kaplan CBE KC SBS photoMr Neil Kaplan CBE KC SBSIndependent International Arbitrator
Niels Schiersing photoMr Niels SchiersingIndependent International Arbitrator