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Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law
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TAIPEI 11072

Corporate and M&A Tier 1

Assisting clients in structuring and implementing a range of M&A, Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law’s expertise includes share exchange, asset acquisition, and group restructuring, as well as advising on public policy initiatives relating to M&A. The firm can draw from strengths in corporate investments, labour, tax, and securities issues to supplement its corporate practice. Eddie Chan co-leads the team with Grace Wang, who has experience in litigation and non-litigation financial legal matters. Other key names in the area are James Chen, who specialises in cross-border M&A transactions; Chao-Tung Chang, who focuses on corporate M&A, banking and capital markets; Ken-Ying Tseng, who advises on TMT related corporate matters; and senior associate Chi Lee, who handles cross-border mergers and investments.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Taiwan Rakuten Ichiba, Inc.

Macnica Chungju., Ltd.

Hitachi Ltd.

EnPro Industries, Inc.

CDIB Capital Asia Partners L.P.

Hannstar Board Corporation

Kioxia Corporation

Chia-chen International Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Genlac Biotech Inc.

Intellectual property Tier 1

Providing the full range of patent services, Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law represents domestic and international clients in IP issues locally and in other jurisdictions, with particular expertise in the Greater China region. The firm has experience in patent prosecution, maintenance, drafting, and procurement, notably in the technical and innovative fields. Key names in the team include Daisy Wang, who focuses on patent and IP cases, handling patent procurement, dispute resolution, and technology licensing; Hsiu-Ru Chien, who specialises in trademark and patent law; and Dennis Huang, who handles IP litigation, licensing, IP transaction and antitrust matters. In a recent prosecution matter of note, Roger Chang is acting for a global tech giant on a high-value in an infringement action case.

Banking and finance Tier 2

At Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law, the banking practice covers financing mandates across projects, aircraft, and shipping as well as syndicated lending matters. Jointly led by Robin Chang and capital markets expert Abe Sung, the team advises financial institutions and lenders on foreign investment matters. The group also works with Chinese clients, holding a number of leading domestic and international banks and securities firms as clients. Senior consultant Patricia Lin is also of note, and handles capital market transactions.  Sara Wu was promoted to the partnership in January 2020.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Citibank Taiwan Limited

Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited

BNP Paribas Taipei Branch

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited Taipei Branch ANZ Bank (Taiwan) Limited


DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd., Co.

Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. Taipei Branch

UBS AG Taipei Branch

Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank

Société Générale, Taipei Branch

Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C., Taipei Branch

Capital markets Tier 2

Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law's capital markets team is skilled in handling a complex number of bonds works, including Formosa, for leading investment banks and sovereign states. Abe Sung is a key figurehead in the team and advises several foreign companies and underwriters in IPO matters whilst Patricia Lin handles capital market transactions, including the issuance of global depositary receipts. The team holds the State of Qatar and the State of Israel as clients.

Key clients

Goldman Sachs

Morgan Stanley

Deutsche Bank


JP Morgan

Credit Suisse

Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Taipei Branch

Nomura Int’l (HK) Ltd

Barclays Capital Asia Limited

HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Limited

Projects and energy Tier 2

At Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law, the project's practice handles large infrastructure projects across the main cities in Taiwan which includes Hsinchu, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. The group handles complex contract work and project financing, and is jointly led by Joyce Fan who handles renewable energy projects, and Yi-Jiun Su who acts for developers and contractors.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Orsted Wind Power A/S

wpd offshore GmbH

Macquarie Green Investment Group

Swancor Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.


Vena Energy Solar (Taiwan) B.V.

Tax Tier 2

Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law advises tax clients on day-to-day tax operations, tax-related dispute matters, and transfer pricing works. The practice also offers banking and capital markets expertise on transactions. Frank Lin leads the group and handles financial tax matters whilst co-head Dennis Yu is the name for corporate-related work.

Practice head(s):

Insurance Tier 3

Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law's insurance practice is strong in handling large claims and insurance-related corporate transactions. Abe Sung leads the team along with Hsin-Lan Hsu who is recommended for insurance-related M&A matters, and C. T. Chang. Large insurance companies such as Zurich form the client roster and the group regularly advises on acquisitions and share transfers.

Real estate and construction Tier 3

The real estate practice at Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law has experience handling construction projects for multinational clients across the manufacturing and engineering sector. Taichung-based practice head Jack Y. Twu leads the group and focuses on public construction projects and has a specialism in litigation. Su Yi-Jiun is the name for real estate conveyancing and energy projects.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Orsted Wind Power A/S

Durban Development Co., Ltd.

Equis Group

IKEA Trading Hongkong Ltd.

Taroko Textile Corp.; Taroko Development Corporation

Mayer Steel Pipe Corporation

Yulon General Motors Ltd.

Alpha Investment Partners

Win Sing Development Co., Ltd.

Philips Taiwan Ltd.

TMT Tier 3

Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law covers a wide range of areas for telecoms clients including general regulatory compliance work and representing media operators in litigation against regulators. Ken-Ying Tseng leads the practice which handles antitrust and competition work, domestic transactions, and contractual matters. James Chen is noted for his advisory work to tech giants on mergers and acquisitions.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Far Eastone Telecommunications, Co., Ltd. (“FET”)

LINE Corporation

Choco Media Co., Ltd

Apple Asia LLC

MBK Partners

China Network Systems Co., Ltd

Taiwan Network Information Center



The firm

The history of Lee and Li can be traced back to the 1940s. Mr. James Lee, one of the two founders, began his practice with two U.S. attorneys during that period in Shanghai. The other founding partner, Dr. C. N. Li, also practiced in Shanghai at that time. Both of them specialized in transnational legal matters.

Mr. James Lee established his own firm in Taipei in 1953 and was later joined by Dr. C. N. Li in 1965, henceforth laying the foundations of Lee and Li. Mr. James Lee passed away in 1970. Subsequently, with an eye toward sustainable operations, Dr. C. N. Li renamed the firm Lee and Li. The firm had around 30 employees at that time and focused mostly on transnational legal matters and intellectual property right issues.

In 2015, Lee and Li enters its 50th year as the largest law firm in Taiwan owing to the solid foundation laid at the beginning. The firm is known for expertise in all legal fields and offers a full range of services. We have been steadfast in our commitment to the quality of services to clients and the country. To sustain its tradition of excellence and build on the competitive edge for which the firm is renowned, in 2004, an initiative was made to streamline the firm’s organization and management. On January 1, 2005, Dr. C. V. Chen was elected the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Kwan-Tao Li was elected the Chief Senior Counselor. In 2008, Dr. C. V. Chen continued to serve as the Chairman and Nigel N. T. Li was elected the Chief Executive Officer. Kwan-Tao Li retired on January 1, 2009 and was appointed the Chief Of Counsel. The number of Lee and Li’s staff has increased since then. With expertise covering all professional areas and building on the foundations laid down over decades, the firm has been steadfast in its commitment to provide quality services to clients and the country.

Areas of practice

Lee and Li is a full-service law firm and understands the need to diversify and specialize. In response to the rapid developments in trade and technology and to satisfy the needs of our clients, we are constantly refining and expanding our practice areas. Over the decades, we have built one of the largest intellectual property right practices in Taiwan, and have been involved in the phenomenal growth of foreign direct investment since 1970s. We were a pioneer in developing banking and capital market practice in the 1980s, and played a pivotal role in the formation of technology law practice in the 1990s. We are also active in public construction, government procurement and merger and acquisition. We stay relevant by staying current on the latest developments in every industry and apply our legal skills to help clients achieve their business goals.

Constant improvement, teamwork and specialization enable us to provide quality services. We restructured our resources and formed practice groups, which span the five departments of the firm, i.e., banking and capital markets, corporate and investment, trademark and copyright, patent and technology and litigation and ADR. Our professionals are placed in the groups in accordance with their expertise and interests (please log onto our website for further details). We believe that the practice groups match the clients with the appropriate specialists and ensure both efficiency and specialization.

In addition to the vertical integration achieved through practice groups, we also formed cross-department, cross-specialty special task forces (“STF”) dealing with mainland Chinese and Japanese markets and dispute prevention and settlement (i.e., P.R.C. Practice STF, Japan Practice STF and Dispute Resolution STF). We integrated resources horizontally to further enhance the quality of our service.

Our services are performed by over 100 lawyers admitted in Taiwan, patent agents, patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, more than 100 technology experts, and specialists in other fields. In order to provide services related to law or intellectual property right issues, most of our professionals have degrees in law, technology and/or business management in Taiwan or from abroad. Many of our colleagues are licensed to practice law in the United States, and some have also passed the bar exam in the People’s Republic of China or are licensed patent attorneys in the United States and the People’s Republic of China.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and Finance Robin Chang
Capital Markets (Including Securities and Privatization) Patricia Lin
Insurance Hsin-Lan Hsu
Corporate and Investment Lihuei Mao
Mergers and Acquisitions - Non-Financial Institutions Ken-Ying Tseng
Mergers and Acquisitions - Financial Institutions Grace Wang
Tax Frank Lin
Labor Lawrence Yu
Food & Medical Jill Niu
Competition Laws Stephen Wu
Real Estate and Construction Yi-Jiun Su
Government Contracts Jack Y. Twu
Telecommunications and Media Patrick Marros Chu
Personal Data Protection Ken-Ying Tseng
Environmental Law Wei-Sung Hsiao
International Trade Doris Lin
Civil Dispute Resolution Sylvia Huang
Criminal Dispute Representation and Defense Jack Chih-Ke Wu
Public Law Dispute Resolution Kevin Liu
Patent Enforcement, Trade Secret Protection And Dispute Resolution Gloria Lu
Patent Prosecution and Maintenance Chia-Hsing Lin
Patent Drafting and Global Patent Protection Daisy Wang
Patent Search, Patent Validity And Infringement Assessment Chia-Hsing Lin
Trademark Arthur Li
Copyrights Enforcement, Maintenance and Dispute Resolution Cathy C. W. Ting
Trademark Dispute Resolution Ruey-Sen Tsai
Multinational Trademark/Copyright Protection (including Dispute Resolution) Joseph S. Yang






理律是全方位的法律服務機構,更是積極落實專業分工的法律服務機構。因應全球快速的經貿及科技發展及變動,理律提供之專業服務領域不斷精進、擴展,以切合客戶所需。無論是理律已發展累積數十年之久的智慧財產權業務,或是理律自1970年代起所處理的外人投資業務、1980年代所引進的金融與資本巿場服務、1990年代所推動的科技法律服務,乃至公共工程與政府採購以及企業併購法律業務,理律均掌握最新的產業趨勢與法律動態,以融合客戶經營管理觀念創新突破。理律長期在各專業領域不斷精進與團隊兼顧分工暨整合,是理律得以為客戶提供高品質服務的核心因素。在金融暨資本巿場、公司投資、商標著作權、專利暨科技、訴訟及爭端處理等五個部門的基礎上,根據同仁在相關專業領域之專長與興趣,建構了兼顧效率及專業分工之專業領域分組(Practice Groups)架構,經由數十個專業領域小組(詳細資訊參見理律網站),客戶所需各種服務,均由最具專業經驗的理律同仁提供服務。

除了專業領域分組(Practice Groups)架構所涉及的縱向專業考量外,理律透過跨部門及跨專業領域分組之工作小組(Special Task Forces),包括大陸案件小組、日文案件小組與跨PG爭端處理小組,達到橫向整合全所之專業資源,以進一步提昇服務品質。








当事務所は、総合法律事務所として、専門分業体制を徹底して進めております。世界の経済・貿易、科学技術の急速な発展や変動に伴うクライアントの多様化したニーズに対応するため、当事務所の提供する専門サービスの分野はますます前進し、拡大しております。当事務所では、数十年来、発展を続ける知的財産権業務、1970年代から提供を開始した外国人投資業務、1980年代に導入した金融・資本市場関連のサービス、1990年代から開始した科学技術分野におけるリーガルサービス、更には政府契約・インフラ関連及び企業M&Aに関するリーガルサービスと、いずれの分野においても最新の産業動向及び法律動向を把握し、時代に即した新たな経営・管理のあり方を追求してきました。長年にわたり各専門分野において継続して前進していること、チームが分業体制と統合体制を兼ね備えていることは、当事務所がクライアントのために高品質のサービスを提供し得る核心的な要素であります。当事務所は金融・資本市場、会社投資、商標・著作権、特許・科学技術、訴訟及び紛争解決などの5つの部門を柱に、当所所員個々の専門分野や関心に応じ、効率と専門分業を兼ね備えた「専門分野グループ(Practice Groups)」を設けています。数十にのぼるPractice Groups(詳細は当事務所のウェブサイトをご覧ください。)により、もっとも豊富な専門的経験を有する所員がクライアントの必要とするサービスを提供することができます。

専門分野を縦割りで編成する専門分野グループ(Practice Groups)以外にも、当事務所は、「中国案件グループ(P.R.C.PracticeSTF)」「日本語案件グループ(Japanese Practice STF)」「紛争処理グループ(DisputeResolution STF)」という各部署及び各専門分野に跨る特別チーム(Special Task Forces)により、当事務所全体のリソースを横断的に統合し、さらなるサービスの質の向上を図っています。当事務所は現在、100名以上の中華民国弁護士のほか、多数の弁理士、特許代理人、商標代理人、100名余りの科学技術分野の専門知識を有する技術者、及びその他の専門人員を擁しており、全所員が一丸となってクライアントの求める専門的サービスの提供に努めております。また、法律/知的財産権分野における専門知識を