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Taiwan > Dispute resolution Tier 3

Representing multinational corporations, government agencies and private individuals, Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law has an experienced and capable dispute resolution wing. The firm’s core practice includes representing government agencies in public infrastructure and construction disputes, leading energy companies in various environmental disputes, and international companies in complex, large-scale employment disputes. The team also advise politicians, entrepreneurs, and celebrities in high-profile white-collar crimes. Ya-Fen Lin and I-Ming Chen jointly take the lead.

Practice head(s):

Ya-Fen Lin; I-Ming Chen

Other key lawyers:

Jackson Shuai-Sheng Huang

Taiwan > Projects and energy

Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law is developing a niche for work on offshore wind farm development projects, assisting construction companies and international investors. Hwaili Hsu leads the team.

The firm: Established in 1974, Formosa Transnational (FT) has endeavored to provide high-quality legal service, foster social justice and advocate the rule of law. With a spirit of specialization, teamwork and professionalism, FT always stands along with its clients, assisting companies, entrepreneurs, agencies and organizations, multinational or domestic, to plan ahead for their business operation and development, or to resolve various and myriad problems that clients may encounter from time to time. FT attorneys actively participate in the National Bar Association and Taipei Bar Association; three of the firm’s partners have served as presidents, and many others have served as directors of both associations, as well as the Judicial Reform Foundation and Taiwan Law Society, among others. Two of the founding partners, Mr. KC Fan and Mr. Henry Rai, were respectively appointed to serve as the secretary general and the president of the Judicial Yuan in 2003 and 2010 for their prominent reputation in the legal profession.

Areas of practice: Litigation and arbitration: FT has for so long been highly respected in the field of litigation that even Taiwan judges and attorneys frequently praise the quality and cautious handling of dispute resolution by its attorneys. Regarding the alternative form of dispute resolution arbitration, FT attorneys, with many years of arbitration experience, utilize the professional skills and experience so as to deliver high-quality legal services to clients. As the demand for specialized legal services has increased steadily over the years, FT formed its dispute resolution department in order to focus on litigation and arbitration. FT’s founding partners and partners have extensive litigation and arbitration experience, and provide professional and multi-faced litigation and arbitration services.

Corporate, investment and taxation: FT has many legal experts who are proficient in handling investment and taxation-related cases. Its attorneys have assisted domestic companies with overseas investment as well as helped foreign companies with investments in Taiwan, and have proven time and again competently able to provide multi-faceted, comprehensive legal services in connection with applications for outbound investment, withdrawal of investment, mergers, technical co-operation, licensing, business entity establishment, business operations, drafting and review of contracts, and planning.

Banking, finance and securities: FT attorneys have extensive expertise in banking, finance and securities. FT provides domestic and foreign clients with comprehensive legal services in connection with the establishment of new banks, bank branches and representative offices, all different types of syndicated loans, guarantees, trusts, foreign currency exchanges, letters of credit and international payments and receipts, as well as other matters arising from financing, the stock exchange and securities.

Unfair competition: in order to maintain the market equilibrium, promote free trade and protect transactional order as well as the rights and interests of consumers, most nations value restrictions against engaging in acts of unfair competition. In recent years, FT has dealt with many cases involving Taiwan’s Fair Trade Law. This law deals with issues such as monopolies, mergers and acquisitions and concerted actions or any other acts that might constitute unfair competition. FT advises clients regarding the requirements and restrictions stipulated by the Fair Trade Law and represents clients in matters before Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission.

Intellectual property: the technology law department at FT consists of an elite team of highly-qualified and experienced attorneys and technicians. The team often assists clients with comprehensive intellectual property management (IPM) strategies, IP due diligence, composition of IP portfolios, and risk minimization at reasonable costs in order to increase the value of the company by IPM. FT assists clients to establish and implement major IP policy principles and detailed execution procedures and projects to ensure the achievement of IPM’s strategic goals. FT plays a vital role in product research and development and marketing, and advises clients on strategies that can be employed to preserve and protect their high-value IP.

International work: in addition to being experts in the related laws, FT’s professional team handling legal matters possesses high levels of English and Japanese language proficiency and most hold at least a master’s degree in law from the US, Japan or UK. This allows FT to provide world-class commercial legal services in a professional, efficient, timely and comprehensive manner.

Corporate and finance John Chen
Litigation and arbitration Georgia Chang
Litigation and arbitration Ya-Fen Lin
Litigation and arbitration Shuai-Sheng Huang
Litigation and arbitration Feng-Jou Liu
Litigation and arbitration Jui-Hua Fan
Litigation and arbitration Peng-Kwang Chen
Litigation and arbitration I-Ming Chen
Litigation and arbitration Chin-Hung Chen
Litigation and arbitration Andre Hung
Corporate and finance Chun-yih Cheng
Corporate and finance Samrong Huang
Corporate and finance Delphine Chen
Corporate and finance Hwai-Li Hsu
Corporate and finance Albert Kao
Corporate and finance Wen-Chih Chen
Corporate and finance Pang-Heng Hung
Technology (including IP) Yu-Lan Kuo
Technology (including IP) Fa-Li Lin
Technology (including IP) Wen-yueh Chung
Technology (including IP) Frank Lu
Technology (including IP) Jan Wang
Technology (including IP) Brian Hsieh
Technology (including IP) Monica Wang
John C. Chen photoMr John C. ChenFOUNDING PARTNER
Chun-Yih Cheng photoMr Chun-Yih ChengSenior Partner
Yulan Kuo photoMr Yulan KuoSenior Partner/Chairman
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