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Capital markets: equity and debt: local firms Tier 3

CNPLaw LLP has an impressive range of Singapore and foreign issuer clients. It is routinely engaged in mid-market equity offerings on the Singapore and Hong Kong exchanges. The firm has also operated as a Singapore listing agent to a number of international corporates on their debt offerings. Tan Min-Li leads the corporate finance team and has a formidable record in mid-market issuances. Stephen Soh is recommended for deals in the technology, media, and entertainment sectors.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


‘The strength of this firm is their knowledge and expertise in commercial laws especially pertaining to M&A transactions, corporate finance matters, and compliance with the MAS and SGX listing rules in Singapore.’

Tan Min-Li is technically very competent, knowledgeable, and hands-on in completing the assignment. She has a personalised approach to handling the assignment.’


Corporate and M&A: local firms Tier 3

CNPLaw LLP has further evolved its practice to include a greater share of cross-border and ASEAN deals, including Indonesia, Myanmar, and Laos. It continues to expand its portfolio of Chinese clients and is building its name in the start-up and venture capital segment. Ken Chia leads the department, which includes experienced and versatile practitioners Bill Jamieson and Amit Dhume.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


‘Small, fast, and consistently reliable.’

‘Attention to detail and coverage of all eventualities.’

Financial services regulatory: local firms Tier 3

CNPLaw LLP has maintained its emphasis on payment services, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital token offerings. The firm represents a wide range of new economy businesses, including fintech businesses and digital platform developers. Quek Li Fei has built an impressive recent record in digital token and payment services matters. Fintech specialist Mike Chiam has left the firm.

Investment funds: local firms Tier 3

CNPLaw LLP's investment funds practice is co-headed by Bill Jamieson,  a well-rounded expert in corporate, banking, and securities laws, and Amit Dhume. As an experienced foreign lawyer, Jamieson assists foreign clients in investment flows through Singapore, in activities such as investment fund set-up and venture capital and private equity transactions. Dhume works with fund managers in setting up funds in Singapore and across various jurisdictions, primarily in the areas of private equity and wealth management.

Practice head(s):


‘The partners we work with come across as solid professionals with thorough domain knowledge. Not even once, have we got the impression that the advice rendered is not from a position of strength and robust domain knowledge.’

‘Amit Dhume – Amit is a master at his trade with robust domain knowledge. The advice that we see coming from Amit is always in the best interest of the client and we can trust him with looking after the client’s interest in full.’

Key clients

Taikun Capital Pte Ltd

Hera Capital Partners Holdings V Pte. Ltd.

Smith Tan Asia Phoenix Fund

Centrum International Services Pte. Ltd.

White Oak Capital Partners Pte. Ltd.

Hera Capital Partners Holdings IV Pte. Ltd.

Labour and employment: local firms Tier 3

At CNPLaw LLP, Pradeep Kumar Singh assists local and international businesses across the whole spectrum of employment law issues from the onset of the employment relationship to its termination as well as immigration issues. Bill Jamieson is the other key partner, handling primarily corporate restructuring and employment aspects of cross-border transactions.

Banking and finance: local firms Tier 4

CNPLaw LLP has an impressive history in transactional and regulatory matters in the banking and finance segment. This includes Singapore and cross-border financings under Singapore law. The firm is making headway in fintech and the digital asset space. Quek Li Fei and Bill Jamieson are senior practitioners with extensive banking and finance expertise, while Wong Pei-Ling was elected to the partnership in January 2020.

Other key lawyers:

Dispute resolution: local firms Tier 4

With a strong focus on construction disputes, CNPLaw LLP is instructed by developers and main contractors on engineering disputes. Key contact Soo Ling See Tow's varied practice also spans commercial disputes, property litigation, and claims involving IP and family law and probate.

Practice head(s):

Established in 1988, CNPLaw (CNP) is a full-service law firm with a talent for cross-border business. With about 80 staff, including more than 40 lawyers, and a strong network of international contacts, the firm has the capability to deliver legal solutions in Singapore and beyond.

CNP is consistently recognised as being amongst the top law firms in Singapore by leading legal publications such as The Legal 500 Asia Pacific, International Financial Law Review 1000, Chambers and Partners and Asialaw Profiles.

Our practice areas include banking and finance, capital markets, corporate and M&A, employment, funds, insolvency and restructuring, intellectual property and technology, litigation and arbitration, private clients, real estate, and regulatory and compliance.

We focus on business involving Asia, in particular Greater China, India, Indonesia, Indo-China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, as well as Singapore. Our lawyers are qualified in a number of jurisdictions as well as in Singapore and advise on cross-border transactions under English law.

The firm is a member of international networks such as Interlaw, a network with law firms located in more than 150 cities worldwide. IR Global, a network of professional services firms across 155+ jurisdictions and SCG Legal, a network located in 60 countries. With strong contacts in all the foreign jurisdictions where our clients do business, CNP is well-placed to meet the ever increasing need for practical and effective legal services in Singapore and for cross-border business in Asia and beyond.

We make knowing our clients’ businesses our business and pride ourselves in providing innovative, yet practical and valuable advice.


CNPupdate: CNPLaw's Newsletter
Introducing CNPupdate, CNPLaw’s bi-monthly newsletter that highlights changes and developments within CNPLaw and legal articles of matters of topical interests. In this issue, we discuss the following matters:

Non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”): developments and legal issues

This is a second article on NFTs following upon our first article on NFTs titled “Non-fungible tokens and their legal implications” published on 27 May 2021.Our first article explained some of the basic terminology, identified some fundamental intellectual property rights and other legal issues of concern. This article presents a deeper dive into the world of NFTs, NFT platforms and some ensuing legal issues.

Please click here to find out more.

Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”) Travel Rule as implemented in Singapore

Purpose of the FATF Travel Rule

It is common for virtual assets such as cryptocurrencies to be used as a means to layer illicit transactions, in which Virtual Asset Service Providers (“VASPs”) operating in jurisdictions that do not have effective anti-money laundering (“AML”) and counter terrorist financing (“CTF”) regulation in place are commonly exploited by using technological tools to increase anonymity of transactions. Examples of such technological tools are cryptocurrency tumblers or cryptocurrency mixers which mixes “tainted” cryptocurrency funds with other funds to prevent or obscure the ability to trace the original source of the “tainted” funds.

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Indonesian investment updates – Increase in paid-up capital requirements for PT PMA

Indonesia’s Ministry of Investment, otherwise referred to as the Investment Coordinating Board, (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal or “BKPM”) has issued the BKPM Regulation 4 of 2021 (“Reg 4/2021”), which came into effect on 2 June 2021. This article provides a quick update on the changes brought forth by Reg 4/2021 on the paid-up capital requirements for foreign investment company in Indonesia.

Please click here to find out more.

Covid-19 pandemic: Non-competition and confidentiality obligations in employment agreements

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the businesses of many companies in unprecedented ways and will forever change the way businesses operate. Employers looking to hire may wish to change the terms in their employment contracts to suit the work transformations that have taken place as a result of the pandemic. In particular, the effectiveness of the terms relating to obligations post-termination should be reconsidered.

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What can contractual parties do when unforeseen events prevent performance of contractual obligations?

Force majeure is commonly understood as a specific kind of contractual clause which excuses the parties from their contractual obligations when an unexpected, external event has occurred that prevents or inhibits performance. There is no general rule as to what amounts to a force majeure event; whether a force majeure event arises depends on what is contractually provided for in the contract. It is possible to contractually provide that the acts of third parties could be such an event if such acts prevent performance by the contracting parties.

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Legal implications arising from cross-border remote work

In early June 2021, Facebook announced that employees whose jobs could be done remotely may request to work remotely from wherever they may be, and that it would support remote work opportunities inter alia, in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions, allowing employees to move from anywhere to the UK. This is but one of the many examples of how the COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered the way we work. In response to the risks of virus transmission, travel restrictions, quarantines and lockdowns forcing employees to work from home, cross-border remote working arrangements have increasingly become prevalent and will likely be a permanent work arrangement for many employers after the pandemic ends, as employers seek to capitalise on the global workforce.

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SGX RegCo: Expectations of the Board and Nomination Committees in the appointment and resignation of directors

On 1 July 2021, the Singapore Exchange Regulation (“SGX RegCo”) released a new Regulator’s Column regarding its expectations of the Board and Nomination Committees (“NCs”) of SGX-listed companies when directors join or resign. 

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The Law Reform Committee’s Report on the Enactment of Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts

On 31 May 2021, the Singapore Academy of Law’s Law Reform Committee (“LRC”) released a report recommending the creation of statutory Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts (“NCPTs”) for certain purposes in Singapore. As Singapore currently follows the common law position, NCPTs are generally regarded as invalid for offending the beneficiary principle and the rule against perpetuities, as well as not having the requisite certainty to constitute a trust. However, the LRC was of the view that a standalone statute would meet the growing demand from businesses and families for additional means to manage and bequeath their assets as well as facilitating access to capital by social enterprises, without compromising public policy considerations.

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Examining the exceptions to the Access Obligation under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012: A case update on [redacted] v HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited [2021] SGPDPC 3A

Under section 21(1) of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”), an individual has the right to access personal data about him that is in an organisation’s possession or under its control, and information on how such personal data has been collected, used or disclosed. This is termed as the Access Obligation of an organisation. However, the Access Obligation is also subject to section 21(2) of the PDPA, which allows an organisation to invoke any of the exceptions listed in the Fifth Schedule to the PDPA to decline the access request made by an individual.

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Dispute Resolution


Financial Services

Intellectual Property, Media and Technology

Private Clients, Family Offices and Wealth Management

Real Estate


Lisa Theng

Lisa Theng, Managing Partner

As a managing partner, Lisa sees a need to ensure that our clients see us as their business partner and not a just legal service provider. Our aim is to provide innovative legal solutions for our clients across Asia with a high level of service and support that will help our clients better manage and succeed in their own businesses.

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Pradeep Kumar Singh

Pradeep Kumar Singh, Admin Partner

Pradeep acts for corporations, whether they are private or listed companies, on all aspects of their business including advice on structuring their operations, the setting up of the business (such as incorporation of companies, registration of branches or representative offices), compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, licensing requirements, advice and drafting of corporate documentation as well as advice and drafting of documentation on investments, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and restructurings.

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Amit Dhume

Amit Dhume, Partner

Amit’s practice focuses on corporate law, investment funds, mergers and acquisitions and regulatory and compliance matters. He has over a decade of experience in these areas of law. You will find him to be a lawyer who is very comfortable working across jurisdictions. He advises on investments into Asia and matters relating to cross border M&A.

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Bill Jamieson

Bill Jamieson, Partner

Bill’s practice focuses on corporate financing transactions, investment funds, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and employment law matters. His experience includes 10 years in the City of London and over 20 years in Asia. Before joining CNP, Bill was a partner in a well-known international law firm. He is recommended lawyer for Corporate and M&A, Banking and Finance, Investment Funds and Labour and Employment in Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2020. Bill is one of the firm’s contacts for Interlaw, a network of independent full-service corporate law firms ranked by Chambers and Partners in its highest category, “Elite”, amongst all global law firm networks.

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Chan Wai Mun

Chan Wai Mun, Partner

Wai Mun has adopted a broad-based approach in developing his technical skills. Although he started out as a litigation lawyer, he quickly widened his job scope to take on real estate work. For him, it’s a critical grounding to enhance not only legal skills but also develops a better appreciation of the commercial and private clients issues in legal practice.

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Edwin Chia

Chia Shengyou, Edwin, Partner

Edwin is in the firm’s Dispute Resolution team and Family Law practice team. His practice areas encompass a broad range of matters, including civil and commercial litigation, disciplinary proceedings, shareholders disputes, employment matters, and defamation. He also regularly advises clients on wills and probate, lasting power of attorney, application under the Mental Capacity Act and contentious probate.

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Cinda Sim

Cinda Sim, Partner

Cinda is a pioneer of sorts, having experienced and worked through many “firsts” in Singapore’s real estate history and scene, which are now taken as the norm. One of these was the start of the collective sales trend of private estates. Another “first” was the birth of executive condominiums in Singapore. As with anything new, lawyers then had to understand the new legislation and rules relating to this new piece of real estate and work through the initial lack of clarity and uncertainty when advising potential buyers on the legal obligations and their financiers (i.e. the banks and the CPFB) in their legal documentation. Yet another significant event was the conversion of land in Singapore (which was then largely unregistered) to the Torrens system of land registration, through a very massive and gradual exercise.

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Ge Xiaomeng

Ge Xiaomeng, Partner

Xiaomeng’s practice is focused on corporate finance, M&A and general corporate advisory. Before joining CNP, she started practice in a leading corporate law firm in Singapore. She is fluent in the Chinese language and has been involved in cross-border transactions in the PRC (including Hong Kong), Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Australia.Xiaomeng’s practice is focused on corporate finance, M&A and general corporate advisory. Before joining CNP, she started practice in a leading corporate law firm in Singapore. She is fluent in the Chinese language and has been involved in cross-border transactions in the PRC (including Hong Kong), Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Australia.

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Jimmy Yap

Jimmy Yap, Partner

Jimmy’s main areas of practice for non-contentious work are Indonesia related corporate and commercial matters – such as investment into Indonesia, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and franchising and licensing. In addition, he also focuses on Singapore and Hong Kong IPO-related legal due diligence.

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Ken Chia

Ken Chia, Partner

Ken heads the Corporate advisory team in the firm and has an international focus in his corporate and M&A work having graduated from the University of Exeter in the UK and worked in business development positions with various subsidiaries of the Hang Lung Group (SEHK: 10) in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China and with Informa plc (LSE: INF) in Singapore.

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Kenn Lim

Kenn Lim, Partner

Kenn’s practice covers a wide range of corporate and commercial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, foreign investments and private equity transactions. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, Kenn regularly acts for companies in a spectrum of industries in various domestic and cross-border corporate transactions.

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Low Wee Siong

Low Wee Siong, Partner

Wee Siong has a wide and varied practice, encompassing corporate finance, capital markets, takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance and corporate governance. He is dual degree and professionally qualified in law and accountancy and was formerly an investment banker and auditor. He is also an independent director of Singapore and Hong Kong listed companies. Wee Siong is recommended by Legal 500 Asia-Pacific for capital markets (2018, 2020 and 2021) and banking and finance (2021) and was named amongst the most influential lawyers aged 40 and under in Singapore (2016) by the Singapore Business Review. He is admitted to the Singapore Bar (2006), to the Roll of Solicitors in England and Wales (2008) and as a Singapore Chartered Accountant (2010).

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Quek Li Fei

Quek Li Fei, Partner

In addition to Li Fei’s experience in acting for banks on varied transactions and in general corporate law, he also helps individuals in estate planning, including the legal aspects of wealth management, advising on and setting up trusts and off-shore structures to secure their future and the future of their families.

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Ravindran Ramasamy

Ravindran Ramasamy, Partner

Ravindran has 32 years of legal experience. He is in the firm’s Dispute Resolution team and handles both civil and criminal work. He specialises in corporate advisory and corporate and criminal litigation work. He provides legal advice to directors and CEOs on laws and rules relating to directors’ duties and corporate governance. He has a wealth of experience in advising local and regional companies on investment agreements, joint ventures, and corporate structures. He also advises many companies on fraud and due diligence measure to adopt in investments and overseas business development.

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See Tow Soo Ling

See Tow Soo Ling, Partner

Soo Ling’s main areas of practice are intellectual property and dispute resolution. She has experience in a diverse range of matters such as building construction, company law, commercial law, disciplinary proceedings, employment law, family law, intellectual property, property law, probate and administration and shareholder disputes.

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Sharleen Eio

Sharleen Eio, Partner

Sharleen Eio is a Partner in the firm’s Dispute Resolution team and Professional Liability team. Sharleen has experience in a wide spectrum of legal advisory and disputes work, with a focus on civil and corporate commercial litigation. She has advised and represented a number of international companies and high net-worth individuals in complex cross-border disputes. Her experience also includes regulatory and investigatory work and employment law. A firm believer in giving back to the community, Sharleen has also worked with the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics to advise and represent migrant workers on a pro bono basis.

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Subramanian Pillai

Subramanian Pillai, Partner

Subramanian’s practice has been primarily in the field of commercial litigation and arbitration. He heads the firm’s International Arbitration and Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure teams. He has had an active commercial litigation practice for the last 26 years, he regularly advises and represents publicly listed companies, multi-national corporations and high net worth individuals in a variety of corporate and commercial disputes in the High Court and the Court of Appeal in Singapore.

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Tan Min-Li

Tan Min-Li, Partner

Min-Li’s principal areas of expertise are in corporate and financial services with particular emphasis on corporate finance, securities and capital markets and mergers and acquisitions throughout Asia. She derives satisfaction from structuring practical legal solutions that work for clients, be it helping a client to extract value from his business through a sale or a listing or working on strategies to scale and expand, bringing the business to the next level. Her clients include private and listed companies, funds and financial institutions.

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Venetia Tan

Venetia Tan, Partner

Venetia is a disputes lawyer with experience handling international arbitration, litigation and advisory work on international and local commercial disputes, in particular, disputes relating to foreign investments and joint ventures, financing, distributorships, and jurisdictional challenges.

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Wong Pei-Ling

Wong Pei-Ling, Partner

Pei-Ling has over 23 years of experience in corporate and cross-border transactions, and has advised on investments, joint-ventures and commercial transactions in Singapore and Malaysia.  Over the years, she has also developed a practice in the areas of data protection, technology and employment.   Pei-Ling is qualified to practise law in Singapore and Malaysia, and was admitted to the English Bar in 1996.

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Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate, Dispute Resolution Lisa Theng, Managing Partner +65 6349 8711
Compliance and regulatory, Employment, Financial Services Pradeep Kumar Singh, Admin Partner +65 6349 8697
Corporate, Investment Funds Amit Dhume, Partner +65 6349 8729
Corporate, Investment Funds Bill Jamieson, Partner +65 6349 8680
Real Estate, Estate Planning, Family Offices Chan Wai Mun, Partner +65 6349 8738
Dispute Resolution, Probate Chia Shengyou, Edwin, Partner +65 6349 8732
Real Estate Cinda Sim, Partner +65 6349 8744
Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions Ge Xiaomeng, Partner +65 6349 8701
Corporate Jimmy Yap, Partner +65 6349 8707
Corporate Ken Chia, Partner +65 6349 8661
Corporate Kenn Lim, Partner +65 6349 8708
Corporate Finance Low Wee Siong, Partner +65 6349 8652
Banking and Finance, Cryptocurrency law and practice, Private Clients Quek Li Fei, Partner +65 6349 8687
Dispute Resolution Ravindran Ramasamy, Partner +65 6349 8702
Dispute Resolution, Employment, Intellectual Property, Probate See Tow Soo Ling, Partner +65 6349 8689
Dispute Resolution, Construction, Restructuring and Insolvency Sharleen Eio, Partner +65 6349 8718
Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Construction Subramanian Pillai, Partner +65 6349 8714
Corporate Finance Tan Min-Li, Partner +65 6349 8706
Dispute Resolution, Arbitration Venetia Tan, Partner +65 6349 8696
Corporate, Employment, Technology Wong Pei-Ling, Partner +65 6349 8737
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Wai Mun Chan  photo Mr Wai Mun Chan Partner. Real Estate Head
Mr Ken Chia  photo Mr Ken Chia Partner. Corporate Advisory Head.
Mr Shengyou, Edwin Chia  photo Mr Shengyou, Edwin Chia Partner
Mr Amit Dhume  photo Mr Amit Dhume Partner. Funds and Financial Services Co-Head.
Ms Sharleen Eio  photo Ms Sharleen Eio Partner
Ms Xiaomeng Ge  photo Ms Xiaomeng Ge Partner
Mr Bill Jamieson  photo Mr Bill Jamieson Partner. Co-Heads the Funds and Financial Services, and Employment Teams. 
Mr Kenn Lim  photo Mr Kenn Lim Partner
Mr Wee Siong Low  photo Mr Wee Siong Low Partner
Mr Subramanian Pillai  photo Mr Subramanian Pillai Partner. International Arbitration, Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Head.
Mr Li Fei Quek  photo Mr Li Fei Quek Partner. Banking and Finance and Private Clients Head. 
Mr Ravindran Ramasamy  photo Mr Ravindran Ramasamy Partner
Ms Soo Ling See Tow  photo Ms Soo Ling See Tow Partner. Intellectual Property head and Dispute Resolution Deputy Head
Ms Cinda Sim  photo Ms Cinda Sim Partner
Mr Pradeep Kumar Singh photo Mr Pradeep Kumar Singh Admin Partner. Compliance and Regulatory Head. Employment and Immigration Co-Head.
Ms Venetia Tan  photo Ms Venetia Tan Partner
Ms Lisa Theng  photo Ms Lisa Theng Managing Partner
Ms Pei-Ling Wong  photo Ms Pei-Ling Wong Partner 
Mr Jimmy Yap  photo Mr Jimmy Yap Partner
SCG Legal

COMPANY/FIRM: Spa Esprit Group
TESTIMONIAL: I am highly impressed with Venetia because she not only understands that each situation must be handled according to the specifics of the case, she would go the extra mile on the emotional aspect to show conscientious care and concern for her clients with her impeccable service. She always provides adequate important information which is extremely assuring for clients and is also someone who has the knowledge and experience.

COMPANY/FIRM: Paramount Media
TESTIMONIAL: We were especially pleased with Venetia’s detailed knowledge of the subject area and her pragmatic approach to resolving contentious issues.

COMPANY/FIRM: antics@play
TESTIMONIAL: Throughout, the advice and recommendations, besides being sound and professional, exhibit strong understanding of our thinking and purpose as well as careful calibration of commercial value. To help us manage the cost of litigation, Venetia and her team planned for time-efficient communications, saving us time and money.

Most importantly, what distinguish CNPLaw as a good legal partner is the same as what distinguish a good business partner; to care genuinely about your clients and to think win-win.

We are very lucky to have found them and would recommend them to other businesses anytime.

COMPANY/FIRM: Floorspec Pte Ltd
TESTIMONIAL: Venetia provides legal guidance which is very good and clear. This helps us the client to come to a prompt decision much faster and easier. Should I have further legal matters I would like her to be our representative.

CLIENT: Florent Barret
COMPANY/FIRM: Hera Capital Partners
TESTIMONIAL: Bill Jamieson helps Hera Capital Partners with our fund formation in Singapore and some downstream investment and day to day issues that crop up in our asset management business. We can recommend him and CNPLaw to our business contacts who need support with Singapore law issues.