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Tax Tier 6

Utumi Advogados is a relatively new tax boutique with an already strong reputation. The lawyers have a good track record advising major multinationals and high-net-worth individuals. Ana Cláudia Akie Utumi and Camila Abrunhosa Tapias are both highly experienced.

Utumi Advogados was born from an old dream of tax practitioner Ana Cláudia Akie Utumi. After more than 25 years leading tax teams in consulting company and big law firms in Brazil, Ana Cláudia decided to launch Utumi Advogados, a boutique law firm fully dedicated to tax law. Alongside her as head of the firm’s tax litigation practice is partner Camila Abrunhosa Tapias, a highly qualified tax professional whose experience includes having worked in one of the largest Brazilian full-service law firms.

Utumi Advogados’ team is known for its excellence and creativity in devising legal solutions for clients, when handling both tax consultancy and litigation matters. Its clients include large national and multinational companies from a broad range of sectors, such as banking, beverages, telecoms and technology, and also Brazilian and foreign HNW families formed mainly by entrepreneurs and top executives of significant companies.

Utumi’s team brings together lawyers with significant experience in large law firms and Brazilian companies, highly qualified to deal with the most diverse tax and business matters in a wide range of sectors and industries.

The firm offers clients a 360º view when analysing tax issues, taking into account not only the specifics of each business, current legislation and case law, but also potential risks, trends in tax interpretation by the courts and potential changes in law, as well as possible related economic issues.

Combining substantial knowledge from many years of experience in large companies and law firms, with a deep academic background, Utumi Advogados’ lawyers are able to analyse each matter in depth, always focusing on the best and unique solution for each case and each client, avoiding risks and obtaining the most adequate solution to each case.

As much as possible the firm carries out the work within the minimum time necessary for the case. Besides, while analysing each case, Utumi’s team considers past case law (past), the current interpretation of the local and international tax legislation (present), and also the trends and what is being analysed and put into practice in other countries (future).

The firm’s expertise includes strategic tax consulting, legal tax opinions, tax policy and tax litigation:

Strategic tax consulting on a wide range of business and personal tax issues, involving direct and indirect tax, sector and industry taxation (financial and capital markets, telecommunications, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, retail, etc.), international taxation, among others.

Legal opinion related to tax matters and risk assessments to support decision-making that can significantly impact businesses, administrative or judicial defenses, deciding on accounting provisions or not, prospects for success of active or passive claims, etc.

Tax policy involves technical advice in strategic tax discussions with federal, state and municipal authorities and governments, business associations, multilateral agencies, etc.

Tax litigation advice and representation at federal, state and municipal levels, both in the administrative and judicial spheres.

Department Name Email Telephone
Tax and Private Wealth Ana Claudia Utumi 55 11 4118-2323
Tax Litigation Camila Tapias 55 11 4118-2325
Photo Name Position Profile
 Camila Abrunhosa Tapias  photo Camila Abrunhosa Tapias Partner Camila Tapias has extensive experience in federal, state and municipal tax…
 Ana Cláudia Utumi photo Ana Cláudia Utumi With outstanding experience both in direct and indirect taxes, she is known…
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