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Frost & Fire Consulting has a strong international pedigree, thanks in part to the experience of Rezart Spahia, who previously spent many years practising in a major US law firm. Co-managing partner Alfred Rushaj complements this expertise with his strong connections to the local market, having previously been Albania's Deputy Minister of Finance between 2009 and 2013. Reshard Kellici, who is especially strong on the energy and infrastructure front was previously a lawyer at Hogan Lovells International LLP. The firm represents its international clients in a broad mix of corporate finance, banking, energy, infrastructure and IP matters.

Practice head(s):

Rezart Spahia; Alfred Rushaj

Other key lawyers:

Reshard Këlliçi


‘They are outstanding. Not a single time we have had any complaint about their services and most importantly not a single agreement that they have drafted or negotiated in our behalf has had any unpleasant surprise. ’

‘Frost & Fire (FF) is a first-class law firm that provides a wide range of legal services to the clients. They are an innovation in the Albanian legal market by adopting the best standards of client care. FF benefits the clients by combining the highest global standards of business with local excellence of legal service and by maintaining the depth, quality and scale of resources necessary to meet the client’s needs whenever and wherever they arise. FF stands apart by building and maintaining solid partnerships with the clients and by placing our client relationships first. The team at FF consists of market leading professionals.’

‘Reshard Kellici is one of the most outstanding lawyers at FF who has helped us on some large energy and infrastructure related projects.  He has helped us by bringing innovative technologies to markets that were primed for such opportunities. ’

‘The natural coordination and collaboration between the main partners on the main issues has made the team to be very successful in their legal opinions and solutions.’

‘They are top. Utmost respect. Even our business counter-partner that we were negotiating with was highly impressed with their work product quality’

‘ Rezart Spahia is both a businessman and a lawyer, packed into one. He understands immediately the dilemmas of the business and always finds solutions, instead of creating problems. Without him, the negotiations would have broken down several times.’

‘Our experience with Frost & Fire Consulting has been remarkable over the years. Their support for the realization of our projects has been multifaceted. What sets them apart from all the other firms we know, is their ability to focus on essential things that are important from the point of view of business, to bypass with ingenuity and creativity difficulties or conflicts with the parties involved and to complete the transaction in a way that not only protects our interests but creates the foundation for a healthy cooperation with anyone we are negotiating.’

‘Alfred Rushaj is a lawyer with long experience in both public and private sector. He has a deep knowledge of Albanian legislation, having been an active participant in the drafting of many laws on which the market operates today in Albania, as well as the how the public administration works. His deep expertise and insight of the public sector has led us to find excellent solutions that have saved us time, money and hardship not only for us as a client but also for our partners.’

‘This practice is unique, because it is led with very high professionalism and very strong ethical standards. This is a rarity in our region. The international experience of the partners is also an added value.’

‘They are right to the point, excellent professionals and with a very strong ethical attitude.’

‘FFC has unmatched knowledge and skills in contract drafting and negotiations, cross border transactions, PPPs or project financing.’

‘Rezart Spahia has incomparable transactional experience derived from his long experience with the best US Law Firms and very large international clients. He brings standards of excellence and quality control that are comparable with the best western law firms as well as the confidence, ingenuity, and the practicality in achieving the desired business objectives.’

Alfred Rushaj has a thorough knowledge of not only the existing legislation but also of the historical development of the Albania’s legal framework, given that he has been involved in this field both in the drafting of the legislation when he was in the Ministry of Economy, as well as during his private practice. He is capable of transmitting his knowledge in an intelligent, concise and practical manner, always taking into account all aspects for the efficient management of potential risks.

‘The partners in particular, Mr. Rezart Spahia and Mr. Alfred Rushaj, are some of the best professionals in the market. They both share the same detail oriented analytical skills, rational and mature reasoning, are well accomplished and well versed, and they both come from backgrounds that have offered them contacts with a large number of cases and experiences. I value their intelligence and skills, and their readiness to help and put it to good use.’

Key clients

Balfin Group

Gener 2


Tirana Bank

A2 CNN Albania

Teqja Group

American Bank of Investments




Tirana East Gate



Albanian Telecommunications Union

SPAR Albania

Sport Vision

Although Frost & Fire Consulting is a relative newcomer, we submit that the Albanian legal market does not have a better value proposition – the same standards and sophistication one can find in New York, Washington or London, thorough knowledge of the local environment, competitive prices and superior and outstanding work product quality.

The members of our team represent a wide range of backgrounds and interests. We have solid academic foundations formed at some of the world’s best universities such as Harvard University, New York University, University of Maryland, London School of Economics etc. In addition to having successful careers in our professional capacities, we have all experienced life outside of a “suit” — among us are former basketball or tennis players, martial arts champions, divers, foundrymen, violinists and anything else in between. Yet, despite these diverse experiences, we share important qualities – integrity, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

Our staff has contributed in many important transactions in Albania and throughout the world. Our collective experience spans across industries and in all stages of the journey of a business entity, including negotiating multibillion dollar transshipment agreements, advising borrowers in obtaining and accessing credit facilities, representing sellers and buyers with acquisitions or dispositions, assisting underwriters and issuers with IPOs or bond offerings, advising international clients with strategic investments or PPPs, helping large public or private companies with restructurings or spin-off, and advising corporate clients’ boards on a broad array of corporate governance best practices. We complement our corporate legal services with our distinguished expertise in project management financing, credit structuring, governmental relations, as well as organizational development and human resources.

At Frost & Fire Consulting, we aim to exceed expectations by delivering our expertise in such a way that builds long-lasting relationships based on trust, professionalism and partnership. While putting our clients’ interest always first, we never compromise the respect we maintain for ourselves, our work, and our clients.  Furthermore, we strive to make an impact on our society not only through our professional commitments but also through our civic and not-for-profit engagements.

Department Name Email Telephone
Founder/Managing Partner Rezart Spahia +355 4 450 0230
Founder/Co-Managing Partner Alfred Rushaj +355 4 450 0230
Partner Reshard Kellici +355 4 450 0230
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Reshard Kellici  photo Mr Reshard Kellici Partner
Mr Franci Nuri  photo Mr Franci Nuri Associate
Mr Alfred Rushaj  photo Mr Alfred Rushaj Founder, Co-Managing Partner
 Rezart Spahia photo Rezart Spahia Founder, Managing Partner
English (fluent)
ABA (American Bar Association)
New York Bar Association
American Chamber of Commerce in Albania

CLIENT:  Isli Sulo, General Counsel
TESTIMONIAL:  Over the course of my long career at one of the largest companies in Albania and the wider region, I have had the opportunity to work with many of Albania’s top law firms.  When Frost & Fire Consulting entered the scene, because of their unique blend of expertise, we started collaborating initially on projects that involved international components of high complexity.   Ever since then, FFC has become the firm of choice for all of the important corporate matters that my department handles.  They are undoubtedly the best business law firm in the country with unmatched knowledge and skills in contract drafting and negotiations, cross border transactions or PPPs.

CLIENT: Ervin Kajno, Vice President of Projects and Development
TESTIMONIAL:  I have been working at BALFIN Group, one of the largest investment groups in Albania and the region for over a decade.  The group owns many companies and over 5000 employees are employed in development of real estate, retail, trade or industrial space, services, customer finance, mining industry, tourism, energy, banking and agriculture.   I have personally worked with all of the best law firms not only in Albania, but also in the region, covering a range of transactions and issues.   However, as a business person, I am less interested in the complexities of an issue and more interested in its resolution – and that’s where Frost & Fire Consulting greatly distinguishes from the rest.   While they have an excellent grasp of all the issues and the nuances of a problem, they have a laser focus on delivering solutions that are practical, long lasting, and well thought out from a risk management perspective.   While we still use other top law firms because of the sheer volume of work at my company, we always go to Frost & Fire Consulting for the most sensitive, complex and important issues.

CLIENT:  Agron Shapllo
COMPANY/FIRM:  Chief Executive Officer, GSA
TESTIMONIAL: GSA ltd started its activity in 1991 and today is a well-known company in the Albanian market. Main directions of company are energy trading, supply of electric equipment and materials, engineering and project implementation.  Recently we have also expanded in the field of ferrochromium processing through a very large greenfield investment facility.  I had heard about the two founding partners of Frost & Fire Consulting separately from each other before they founded their company. The individual experiences they have are a great combination – Mr. Spahia with his excellent international pedigree and experience with the largest companies in the world and Mr. Rushaj with his in-depth knowledge of Albanian legislation, the energy industry and the ways the market and the administration functions in Albania. They have gathered around them other excellent professionals who we have used for some important transactions, most recently with regard to our investment in ferrochrome. Frost & Fire Consulting has perfectly coordinated all aspect of the transaction since the negotiation of contracts with foreign suppliers, project implementation contracts or its financing. Although as a company in the Albanian legal market of they have entered the past few years, their collective experiences, quality, professionalism, integrity, creativity they bring to the table surpasses all of the other commercial law firms that have historically operated in Albania.

CLIENT:  Mimoza Vokshi, Chief of Unit
COMPANY/FIRM: National Ozone Unit, Albania
TESTIMONIAL:  The National Ozone Unit
The National Ozone Unit in Albania is responsible for managing Albania’s compliance with the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, including overseeing the national compliance strategy and developing and enforcing policies and legislation.  As part of our activities to assist the Albanian government to revise, improve and complete the legal framework addressing this issue, Frost & Fire Consulting has been selected several times to work with us because of their unique credentials, including in particular Mr. Spahia, who has a Juris Doctor degree and an Environmental Law Certificate from the number one ranked Environmental Law Program in the United States.  Their professionalism, legal acumen, meticulousness, thorough knowledge of Albania’s legal framework and its business climate has been clearly demonstrated in the reports, analysis and draft legislations that they have proposed, which have all been of an outstanding quality.  

CLIENT:  Drita Ivanaj
COMPANY/FIRM: Ivanaj Foundations
TESTIMONIAL:  M. & M. Ivanaj Foundation Institut of Tirana, Albania and The Martin and Mirash Ivanaj Foundation of New York, U.S.A. are sister Foundations that share a common mission – to promote and advance the public interest in Albanian culture and education, within the country and abroad.  Frost & Fire Consulting is the official law firm that represents our organization since its establishment in Albania. They have serviced us pro bono and in a very professional manner ever since we were able to setup our official premises in Tirana. Additionally, I have also personally used the services of the Managing Partner, Rezart Spahia, Esq., prior to the above, since I have known him as an esteemed lawyer when he was associated with Cravath, Swaine & Moore, one of the top law firms in New York, where I reside. Based on my experience in doing business in Albania for over 25 years, I can vouch for this firm, whose partners and staff have provided us with excellent advice and even some other useful contacts that relate to our business.  They are the best in the legal consulting field in Tirana.  

CLIENT:  Igor Stancevic, Managing Partner
COMPANY/FIRM: Kvantum Capital
TESTIMONIAL:   I am a partner at M&A advisory firm in Belgrade, Serbia and during the past few years I worked with Frost & Fire on several engagements in Albania (acquisitions, competition filings, etc.).  F&F partners Rezart and Alfred represent an unique mix of local and western (American) approach to legal advisory on M&A transactions. What really impressed me is their understanding of all important aspects of M&A deals: the deal structuring, thorough legal due diligence, drafting and negotiating the transaction contracts (SPA and SHA) and a keen awareness of all the key deal risks and how to mitigate them. I addition, I was well impressed by their attention to detail, excellent command of English of all members of F&F team and client oriented approach (on several occasions F&F completed very important tasks in very short/unrealistic time frames in order to get the deal done).  I’ve worked with all relevant firms in the region of south eastern Europe and F&F are by definitely one of the three best law firms that I have worked with in the countries where we are active.