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Israel > Energy Tier 1

Krispin Rubinstein Blecher Law Offices specialises in the commercial aspects of energy projects, such as EPC agreements and power purchase agreements. It is also particularly well known for its expertise in natural gas projects, which includes advising consumers, marketers, distributors and infrastructure companies engaged in the sector. Amit Krispin has considerable experience advising clients, particularly those in the electricity and natural gas sectors, on the complex regulatory and commercial aspects of projects in Israel. Sagit Chen often advises clients on transactions underpinning the establishment of private power plans and renewable energy projects. Associate Israel Shooker is also a key member of the practice.

Practice head(s):

Amit Krispin; Sagit Chen

Other key lawyers:

Israel Shooker; Daniel Henis Noyman; Irit Karat-Segal


‘Amit Krispin is one of the best energy lawyers in Israel. The agreements that the firm is making are unique.’

Key clients

Edeltech Group

Shikun & Binui Group

Canadian Solar Inc.

Menora Mivtachim Energy Ltd

Haifa Chemicals Ltd

Enlight Ltd

Emek Habacha Wind Energy Ltd

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems LTD

Hadassah Medical Organization

Tnuva Central Cooperative for the Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Israel Ltd.

Supergas Natural Ltd.

Amot Investments Ltd

G.P Global power Ltd

Shalam Packaging Solutions Ltd.

The Union of the Independent Power Producers

Ramat Negev Energy Ltd.

Ashdod Energy Ltd.

Negev Natural Gas Ltd.

Darom Natural Gas Ltd.

Israel > Telecoms and media Tier 1

Krispin Rubinstein Blecher Law Offices advises leading clients from across the media and telecoms sectors on licensing, M&A, tenders, privacy and information security and regulation and competition. Department head Noga Rubinstein advises both innovative telecoms companies and established market leaders on the Israeli regulatory regime. The department is split into two specialist teams, with Mohannad Nasser and Elad Cohen leading the dedicated telecoms and media groups respectively.

Practice head(s):

Noga Rubinstein; Mohannad Nasser; Elad Cohen


‘KBR have a good knowledge of the applicable law, of the applicable practice and of the Israeli regulator. All team members are very professional. Based on experience, they are much more efficient than other much bigger firms and less expensive’

‘Mohannad Nasser is our contact and he is extremely efficient. He works together with Noga Rubinstein and unlike bigger firms there is no automatic double billing.’

Key clients

Keshet Broadcasting Ltd.

Reshet Media Ltd.

Cellcom Israel Ltd.

Golan Telecom Ltd.

The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.

I.B.C Israel Broadband Company (2013) Ltd.

Beeri Print Ltd.

Bar Holding and Distribution Group

United Studios of Israel

The Israeli Audience Research Board

Kol Hai Radio Broadcasting in Faith Ltd.

Ananey communications Ltd.

MedNautilus (a subsidiary of Telecom Italia)

Arad Technologies Ltd.

Israel > Competition/antitrust Tier 2

Krispin Rubinstein Blecher Law Offices's team has particular strength in competition law matters involving financial institutions, however it is also well equipped to handle claims and investigations against companies regarding abuse of dominance and restrictive trade practices. Noga Rubinstein often represents clients facing regulatory challenges before the ICA, drawing upon her background in senior regulatory positions in the public and private sector. Andrey Nickel specialises in advising clients on compliance with Israel's anti-concentration legislation In a recent highlight, Nickel acted for Discount Bank in its successful application to acquire Municipal Bank.

Practice head(s):

Noga Rubinstein; Andrey Nickel


‘Andrey Nickel stands out as a great lawyer who is definitely on the right track to becoming one of the top-tier competition lawyers in Israel.’

‘Team is small but solid, has a lot of experience with the ICA and with the Competition Tribunal. They have excellent working relations with the ICA case handlers and can communicate client messages to them very effectively.’

‘Noga Rubinstein is is an out of the box thinker who always has new ideas about how to handle difficult cases.’

‘Andrey Nickel has a very good understanding of the economics of antitrust law.’ 

‘Andrey Nickel provides swift and accurate response to any issue he faces, and his explanations are sharp and clear. He is very attentive to our business interests.’ 

Key clients

Israel Discount Bank Ltd.

Israel Credit Cards Ltd.

Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd.

The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.

Keshet Broadcasting Ltd.

The Haifa Port Company Ltd.

Israir Airlines Ltd

IDE Technologies Ltd

Be’eri Printers Ltd.

Edeltech Group

The Environmental Services Company Ltd

Victory Supermarket Chain Ltd.

Altshuler Shaham Investment house

Continuing Education Funds for Teachers Ltd.

Kedma Capital

Adler Chomski Marketing Communication Ltd.

Soglowek Ltd.

Elco Media & Entertainment Ltd.

Gadot Chemicals Tankers & Terminals Ltd

Dorad Energy Ltd.

Dispute resolution > Dispute resolution: white-collar crime, investigation and fraud Tier 2

Capable of advising on the complete spectrum of white collar and fraud offences, Krispin Rubinstein Blecher Law Offices assists clients from both the private and public sectors in matters related to tax, privacy, securities and criminal negligence. Antitrust is an area of particular expertise; the team is frequently instructed by companies and their directors in numerous sectors accused of cartel offences. Founding partner Roy Blecher, a 'talented and charismatic litigator', leads the practice and has high security clearance, allowing him to attend to classified security cases.

Practice head(s):

Roy Blecher

Other key lawyers:

Guy Zeevi; Oron Keinan


‘Blecher is a very talented and charismatic litigator. He is sharp-minded and his performance at court is very impressive. You definitely want him on your side!’

Key clients

Ayelet Youngster and Gesher Tours

Mr. Ari Harow

Mr. Ronen Moshe

Lt. Col. Yishai Rosilio

Mr. Eran Grinfald

Mr. Yoram Alon

Mr. Asher Neeman

Mr. Hilik Kaliger

Mr. Yochai Ashraf

Mr. Shmuel Tomashin

Israel > Dispute resolution: local litigation and arbitration Tier 5

Krispin Rubinstein Blecher Law Offices' 'bright, intelligent' and 'diligent' team acts for local companies from a number of fields in disputes relating to regulated industries. Antitrust is an area of particular activity, with the group frequently involved in highly publicised investigations. Founding partner Roy Blecher's expertise spans commercial, criminal and administrative disputes, as well as compliance programmes and anti-bribery policies.

Practice head(s):

Roy Blecher


‘Excellent team well informed service oriented bright intelligent diligent and imaginative.’

‘Bright, sharp, personal and focused.’


Key clients

NSO Group Technologies Ltd.

Tikun Olam Ltd.

Mr. Yechiel Dahan

Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises

Leader – management and development 1992 Ltd

Speedy Detergent Industries (2002) Ltd.

Ayelet Youngster, Gesher Tours – Cartel of High- School Educational Expeditions to Poland for Holocaust Memorial

General overview: Krispin Rubinstein Blecher & Co. specializes in solving complex issues by providing its clients with effective and creative legal services, most notably in highly regulated sectors such as energy, banking, finance and telecoms and media. We are known for our entrepreneurial approach and for ability to build strong personal connections with clients and their businesses, all while providing top-notch professional representation.

The firm also vastly benefits from the close collaboration between its partners, each a prominent leader in its field: Amit Krispin, specializing in energy and infrastructure; Noga Rubinstein, specializing in various regulatory environments; Roy Belcher, who manages all dispute resolution matters (litigation and arbitration); Sagit Chen, who manages the commercial law practice; and Andrey Nickel, who specializes in competition law.

The departments
Energy and infrastructure: Our firm provides comprehensive legal services relating to the Israeli energy sector, and in the electricity and natural gas fields in particular. We represent many of Israel’s leading energy companies and have advised with respect to the establishment and operation of various power plants and natural gas projects, including the establishment of the largest private power plant in Israel to have reached financial close (of over a billion dollars). In addition, we provide ongoing consultation to the natural gas IPPs’ forum and represent two of the six natural gas distributors in Israel.

Our team also holds vast experience consulting and negotiating the more commercial aspects of the energy sector, mainly with regards to EPC agreements, power purchase agreements (PPA), O&M agreements, natural gas acquisition agreements (GSPA) etc., in addition to consultation regarding project finance.

Over the years, we have also been involved in a significant portion of the largest infrastructure projects in Israel, advising both local and foreign companies on various infrastructure projects and initiatives in the fields of energy (including renewable energy projects such as wind and PV), transportation, development, water (including desalination plants) etc.

Our firm provides clients, among them government agencies, government-owned corporations and private and public companies, with legal services that encompass all the financial and operational aspects of the project. The comprehensive services we provide encompass all the stages of executing infrastructure projects – beginning from advising on the tender proceedings, through providing counsel and representation before the regulator, advising on finance procedures and drafting all agreements relating to the project, to ongoing counsel regarding the execution stages, statutory and legislative proceedings, and expropriations.

Commercial and corporate: KRB provides its clients with an on-going legal support with respect to all aspects of their business activities. Our partners work closely with each client’s management team in order to assist them in the day to day operation of their businesses, as well as in the structuring and execution of domestic and international commercial transactions.

The firm has vast experience in a broad spectrum of industries,  and in structuring, drafting and negotiating multiple types of commercial agreements. Our team also specializes in handling all regulatory aspects relating to the transaction including maintaining continuous and fruitful contact with the relevant government authorities both prior and after the consummation of the transaction.

The firm also provides daily counsel to companies and their directors on various aspects  of corporate law including corporate governance and the employment of senior officers.

Administrative litigation:
 Our firm’s litigation practice is very experienced in representing private and public parties in various administrative litigation proceedings. The firm handles complex disputes, and represents clients in all relevant administrative instances, including the High Court of Justice. The department represents client operating on a wide spectrum of sectors and in industries, including broadcasting, energy, telecommunications, infrastructure and higher education.

Commercial and corporate litigation: The firm’s litigation practice represents Israeli and international companies, as well as key business figures and senior officials from the public sector. Our legal expertise, together with business expertise, enable our team to strive to resolve disputes in the shortest amount of time, while utilizing the most advanced and creative legal tools. The firm advises on a wide array of legal issues, among them complex commercial litigation, corporate litigation in public companies, class actions, international litigation and arbitration, administrative proceedings and antitrust litigation.

White-collar: Our firm represents senior members from both the private and public sectors in criminal cases involving matters such as securities, antitrust, taxation, money laundering in addition to cases relating to defense and national security offenses. The firm also represents clients before governmental and military commissions of inquiry and in national security hearings.

Regulation and administrative law: Our firm represents its clients in various regulatory bodies and courts. The firm handles complex disputes and represents clients in all relevant instances, from administrative hearings to court litigation and petitions to the High Court of Justice.

The team provides comprehensive and diverse services, from swift solutions of specific issues to long term regulatory strategies. Inter alia, the team provides its clients with strategic advice in various fields of economic regulation, particularly in the financial sector with emphasis on banking, insurance, pension and securities

Telecoms and media: Our firm has extensive experience and deep knowledge of the field of telecoms and media while possessing deep knowledge of its unique and complex regulatory environment. Our team regularly monitors legislative processes, government decisions and hearings, and is known for its ability to identify regulatory changes in advance, to predict the implications of emerging regulations and to establish matching long-term regulatory strategies.

We represent our clients in hearings on legislation and government policy with the relevant government bodies, including the Ministry of Communications and the various Councils and public authorities that supervise the the broadcasting industry.

The team provides ongoing legal counsel to a wide range of leading companies operating in the fields of communications, infrastructure, telecommunications, and broadcasting while also accompanying participants in various tender proceedings relating to the industry.

Competition: Our firm has unique experience in the most complex competition matters enjoying a prominent status in field of competition law. The firm is known for its strong working relationship with the Competition Authority (ICA) and is therefore constantly approached by clients wishing to achieve optimal and “out of the box” results.

The team advises on various competitive aspects, including monopolies, restrictive agreements and mergers, as it regularly represents clients before the ICA and the Competition Court. Our team also has notable experience advising on matters related to other legislation enforced by the ICA such as the reduction of concentration law and the food law.

Department Name Email Telephone
Energy & Infrastructure / Project finance / Commercial, corporate and M&A Amit Krispin
Energy & Infrastructure / Project finance / Commercial, corporate and M&A Sagit Chen
Regulation / Administrative Law / Telecoms & Media / Competition/Antitrust Noga Rubinstein
Competition/Antitrust Andrey Nickel
Litigation (Commercial & Corporate / White-Collar / Administrative) Roy Blecher
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Adv Roy Blecher  photo Adv Roy Blecher Adv. Roy Blecher, specializes in civil-commercial, administrative, criminal and disciplinary litigation, and…
Adv Sagit Chen  photo Adv Sagit Chen Adv. Sagit Chen advises on various complex commercial transactions, both domestic and…
Adv Amit Krispin  photo Adv Amit Krispin Adv. Krispin is one of the leading lawyers in the energy field…
Adv Andrey Nickel  photo Adv Andrey Nickel Adv. Andrey Nickel specializes in Antitrust and Competition Law and regularly advises…
Adv Noga Rubinstein  photo Adv Noga Rubinstein Adv. Noga Rubinstein is the Head of the Regulation and Competition Team…
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