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Turkey > Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 2

Lauded for its ‘accessibility, good timing, and technical knowledge’ Gökçe is a preferred choice for international and local banks and other financial institutions for assistance with a variety of financing and capital markets transactions including project finance, asset finance, banking, financial restructuring, acquisition financing, direct equity investments and issuance of bonds and notes. Görkem Gökçe, who has a particular expertise in FinTech related matters; and Deniz Okuyucu, who joined the firm in 2020 and focuses on capital markets, are the key names of the team. Senior associate Çağdaş Umut Vardar left the firm in February 2022.

Practice head(s):

Görkem Gökçe; Deniz Okuyucu


‘Accessibility, good timing, and technical knowledge.’

‘Gökçe is able to respond to our ever-evolving needs as a growing FinTech company with a comprehensive and result oriented approach. Despite the pandemic, we have received a significant amount of investment and managed to develop our business with new products during which Gökçe consistently delivered very high-quality legal advice, particularly on the finance-related legal matters. What renders Gökçe unique for us is their ability to appreciate the finer details of financial technologies while providing us with insight into their potential legal implications. I have observed that Gökce has a welcoming environment designed to promote inclusivity, diversity, and innovation. The team boasts lawyers from all walks of life each contributing with his or her own distinct perspective to create a dynamic atmosphere.’

‘I would have to highlight the modern, energetic, and dynamic nature of Gökçe team. The individuals that I work with are highly committed to delivering excellent results in a timely fashion. They never shy away from integrating innovative methods into their daily activities. Görkem is exceptional at delivering thoroughly thought out and structured solutions to our financing needs. The team as a whole has outstanding communications skills while each member is easily accessible.’

‘The team is very competent, helpful, hardworking and most importantly, their priority is helping and supporting you rather than chasing you for fees at the outset.’

‘Gorkem Gokce and Deniz Okuyucu were the partners we worked in our project. both creative and hardworking, trying to find a solution to the problem rather than providing you with a negative answer. They worked very long hours (capped) with us like team members rather than outside counsel.’

‘They combine the boardroom skills and knowhow with street smarts and courtroom tactics. I trust the advice I get from them as they are able to project the process and possible outcomes of the deals/structures being tested.’

‘Gökçe has a large team consist of practitioners from different law branches ranging from banking and finance law to criminal law. Therefore, I consider them qualified in different legal matters. They also cooperate with experts from different fields requiring special knowledge and expertise such as tax law and competition law.’

‘First and foremost, they are accessible all the time no matter what time it is. and they welcome clients kindly anyways, and try to do their best at given circumstances. Especially Deniz Okuyucu who is engaged in corporate law as a partner try to provide on time, on purpose answers and feedbacks. She is very open to share her legal expertise without showing any reluctance. She is more like a colleague than a consultant.’

Key clients

Odea Bank A.Ş.

Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O.

Industrial and Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB)

MBaer Merchant Bank AG

CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique SA

Angora Gayrimenkul Değerleme A.Ş.

Worldpay (from FIS)


Layer Technology

Luciano Berlani

HIVC Venture Capital Investment Company

Inveo Investment Holding

Çelebi Holding A.Ş.

B. Braun Group

Inveo Portfolio Management

Work highlights

  • Advised a foreign investment & asset management firm on the termination of portfolio management agreements with a locally licensed portfolio management company as well as the termination of custody arrangements with a reputable deposit bank licensed in Turkey.
  • Advised Worldpay (from FIS) on cross-border offering of certain capital markets products and services such as CFDs, Forward FX Trading, Spot FX Trading, etc. to Turkish residents.
  • Assisted HIVC Venture Capital Investment Company with the application to the Capital Markets Board of Turkey for authorization license, and subsequently with several rounds of venture capital investments in Turkish start-ups.

Turkey > IT and telecoms Tier 2

Gökçe combines corporate and commercial expertise in a variety of IT and communications-related sectors with specific expertise in data protection, digital transformations and internet law to assist its diverse client base of international and domestic companies. Bedii Kaya has extensive experience in internet law, financial technologies and personal data protection. He co-leads the practice with managing partner Görkem Gökçe, who advises on regulatory matters, and Ali Paslı, who has broad corporate and commercial expertise. Senior associate Yağmur Yollu provides support on data protection and IP issues.

Practice head(s):

Görkem Gökçe; Ali Paslı; Bedii Kaya

Other key lawyers:


‘There are very few firms or lawyers in Turkey that know the law or technology so well. The team we worked with had a lot of experience in this regard. The most important factor was that we were able to work without a break during the pandemic. While many firms only look at a legal matter theoretically, we were able to discuss the application aspect with Gokçe.’

‘We worked with a well-trained and experienced team. They were experienced both with the Turkish Data Protection Authority and the GDPR. We were able to get the right answer to our every question at once. The team’s main qualities are their good listening and communication skills, analytical problem solving, confidence and high level of competency.’

‘All the lawyers we met at Gökçe were experienced and competent. However, I would like to express our special thanks to Yağmur Yollu. Thanks to her and her team’s agile, reliable approach, we are able to build successfully on a solid legal basis and focus on our business.’

‘Yağmur Yollu was great at planning and distributing tasks within the team according to their specialties.’

‘Gökçe have extensive knowledge of the IT and software sector and we have a long relationship with them. They have significant experience in M&A deals and their communication and negotiation skills are outstanding.’

‘Görkem Gökçe understands our needs and requirements in each case we work on together and we can reach him whenever we need to. His negotiating skills are excellent.’

‘From my experience, I can easily say that with Gökçe on your side, your business is in safe hands.’

‘Bedii Kaya is a very well-known subject matter expert in the field. The combination of continuing academic experience and day-to-day handling of matters makes him unique.’

Key clients

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.



iLab Holding












Gedik Yatırım

Startup Borsa





Work highlights

  • Assisting Kariyer.net with the rebuilding of its business setup, including employment law, e-commerce law, data protection law and consumer law issues, and with reviewing new business models.
  • Advising Motul on setting up its online business.
  • Advised iLab Holding on reviewing all the information security and cybersecurity policies and practices of the company.

Turkey > Media and entertainment Tier 2

Gökçe has ‘undeniable knowledge‘ of the media and entertainment sector, particularly where it intersects with the technology and internet spaces. Assisting companies with the laws around online gaming is a niche area of strength for the team and it also brings in partners from the wider firm to advise media clients on corporate, banking, dispute resolution and employment matters. Görkem Gökçe, who is ‘an outstanding lawyer in this sector‘; ‘true expertAli Paslı; and Bedii Kaya, who has ‘unbelievable technology knowledge‘, coordinate the practice together. IT and telecoms managing associate Yağmur Yollu is a further key contact.

Practice head(s):

Görkem Gökçe; Ali Paslı; Bedii Kaya

Other key lawyers:


‘Among the law firms that I’m aware of, the team stands out for its young, energetic and dedicated lawyers. This is reflected in their work through their fast turnaround of work. Also, the team understands the technical and operational details of my business so well that I can save time. I believe this especially creates the difference when compared to the other law firms.’

‘The team that undertakes most of my work includes an experienced partner, Bedii Kaya. I believe his contribution to the team is very meaningful both in terms of reputation and business strategy.’

‘Görkem Gökçe is an outstanding lawyer in this sector and he always balances the business with the legal side of the work, which is an exceptional quality among lawyers. Ali Paslı is a true expert and has incredible capability, especially in commercial and intellectual property law, which is a must for my business. Bedii Kaya has unbelievable technology knowledge which he can easily bring to the TMT work the firm does. Lastly, since day one, I’ve been working closely with Yağmur Yollu. She is always supportive, capable of understanding complex structures and solving complicated issues promptly.’

‘The firm is more focused on the gaming industry than any other law firm based in Turkey. I have worked with many firms, but at Gökçe it is a different experience when it comes to advice on business law in emerging industries. You can take advice directly from partners and experienced managers, regardless of your company size. They are so eager to learn what it is going on in your company and how your business is evolving depending on the new standards. They generally follow up your activities month by month and give advice about emerging standards both in Turkish and international law.’

‘The media and entertainment practice requires a close follow-up of legal developments. Lawyers always need to be up-to-date and should rapidly keep their clients updated. Over the years, I have realised that this is one of Gökçe’s biggest strengths. They are very good in keeping themselves updated and this is reflected in their compliance work.’

‘They have undeniable knowledge of the sector compared to other law firms. They interpret the little known legislation within the sector very well. They can easily explain the drafting of legal contracts to us in a clear way.’

‘Since we are a tech company dealing with the rapidly changing online world, we need immediate responses at almost all times. The individuals we have engaged with over the years are highly experienced; they do not waste too much time on the initial researching stage and swiftly assist us. Ali Paslı is a well-known IP expert and contributes to our company’s critical disputes, particularly regarding content. When considering their work, I believe they stand out from other competitors because of the interest they show in the sector.’

‘Yağmur Yollu regularly assists us with almost every matter. She is energetic and cares about the client’s business, which makes us feel that we are in good hands.’

Key clients

Gram Games

HUYA (nimo.tv)









Narcade Games


IMeanIt Creative

Gybe Games


HAMM Design

Work highlights

  • Assisted Onedio with updating and restructuring its data protection compliance project.
  • Advised Alictus on a general review and compliance matters relating to the terms of use of the company, licence and cooperation agreements, and other agreements.
  • Acting for mobile gaming company Masomo in a dispute before the Turkish Consumer Arbitration Committee.

Turkey > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Gökçe fields a team of ‘excellent corporate and M&A lawyers with top-notch legal knowledge’. Deniz Okuyucu, Ali Paslı, and Görkem Gökçe, who is lauded for his ‘business mindset’, jointly head the team, which has a focus on digital business, and a solid expertise in IT, internet and technology-related transactions. Managing associate Çağdaş Umut Vardar left the firm in February 2022.

Practice head(s):

Görkem Gökçe; Ali Paslı; Deniz Okuyucu


‘Gorkem Gokce is a very smart lawyer who seems to know what international clients want and he obviously knows of the competition’s quality of service that is out there in Turkey. He seems to have implemented strategies accordingly. What stands out is that they spare no time to comment on our enquiries in detail.’

‘Collaboration, technical knowledge and sector experience’

‘As an investor and entrepreneur, what we need is a team that can adjust themselves to innovations and act accordingly. And with its dynamic and dedicated team, this is what Gökçe is all about. They have a team of excellent corporate and M&A lawyers with top-notch legal knowledge. They have the strength to provide clever solutions to every complex issue by understanding our needs and desires. Further, they provide what we aim for in a very short period of time.

Görkem Gökçe, the managing partner, is extremely responsible and efficient to work with. You can see him working in every field and treating every matter with a business mindset.’

‘Ali Paslı, a talented young professor and an extraordinary expert in corporate and commercial law, comprehends complex issues and finds solutions in a practical way.’

‘Deniz Okuyucu has a great talent for drafting and reviewing agreements in a very short time and provides answers right to the point in a very clear way. She focuses on the real problem so that we don’t lose ourselves in detail. She is also task-oriented and always reachable.’

‘The team’s most important strength is their collaboration and quick response to customer’s needs and request. Their overall attitude is self-confident, kind to the customer, helpful, punctual and always reachable either via e-mail or phone at any time.’

‘Gokce’s contribution satisfied and still satisfies all my expectations in this respect. In addition, I can reach them 24/7 and I do not feel any hesitation in my urgent work in means of obtaining a prompt support from them.’

Key clients



HUYA (Nimo TV)

Farasis Energy (Ganzhou)

Inveo Investment Holding












Gram Games



Startup Borsa

Work highlights

  • Advised Systra on the acquisition of SWS Engineering, an engineering company specialised in engineering, project management and risk management services for mega infrastructural projects.
  • Advised Inveo Investment Holding and its subsidiary, Gedik Investment, on rounds of seed investments in various start-ups and early-stage technology companies such as Finfree, Finar and HOP! Scooter.
  • Advised Figopara on a series of rounds of investment by international development banks and venture capital funds amounting to ca. $5m in total.

Turkey > Employment Tier 4

Gökçe's team is particularly well-versed in managing employment agreements, unilateral termination and mutual rescission of employment agreements, transfer of employees and workplaces, as well as representing clients in a variety of disputes. Müberra Gürdal, former Chief Justice of the Istanbul Commercial Court, heads the team.

Practice head(s):

Müberra Gürdal


Gökçe’s employment team has an extensive experience of all types of employment matters.’

‘All of the associates, including partners, are easy to reach anytime which makes it easy to find an appropriate solution to any type of problems arising from various disputes.’

‘Gökçe embrace our legal problems and conducts it until the end from the beginning of it, with every aspect of it included.’

Gökçe always respond to our other requests without any delay. They keep us informed all the time with the current status of our lawsuits.’

‘Young associates have a passion to work with their clients with enthusiasm all the time. The team is solution-oriented, has high communication skills and is always easy to reach.’

Gökçe team is really good in understanding my need and expectations so I feel myself comfortable and secure when working with this law office.’

‘They have great know-how and experience in handling the full service of employment and labour law issues.’

They are always available, practical and punctual.’

Key clients



Alpla Plastic




Usla Academy


Melik Atalay

Uğur Sönmez

Work highlights

  • Representing Figopara in lawsuits filed against the company by two of its former employees claiming wrongful termination of their employment contracts.
  • Advising USLA in relation to obligatory mediation process of a dispute arising from an employment contract.
  • Acting for to B. Braun in labour law disputes that arose during the project of transferring the branch of the client’s company.

Turkey > Dispute resolution Tier 6

Gökçe houses a ‘young energetic and very ambitious team’, which focuses on commercial, particularly shareholder disputes, and is developing a solid expertise in IP disputes arising from trademark and patent rights. Ali Paslı and Müberra Gürdal jointly head the team.

Practice head(s):

Ali Paslı; Müberra Gürdal


Young energetic and very ambitious team they are. Always responsive and very reasonable price.’

Gökçe team’s strengths are their industry-specific expertise and the way they handle complex issues. The team consists of young and eager members with excellent knowledge.’

‘Gökçe is a law firm that is versatile in every sense and closely follows the innovations brought by the modern age. Thus, they can appeal to a wide range of clients.’

With its young and dynamic team, Gökçe strives to build long-term relationships with clients. Gökçe’s professional conduct is in high quality regarding response times, report forms and the quality of service.’

The team has tremendous communication skills, they made it easier for our wide-ranging project to flow smoothly and in the most effective way.’

‘Gorkem was always there to support us with his wide experience, know-how and unique solutions. Associates were and are still always there to facilitate the challenges we face.’

Gökçe has a very young and energetic team, thus we can always reach their lawyers when we need support, regardless of the time. Even if they don’t have a specialty on the subject, they always understand our questions, search for an answer and respond in time.’

Ali Paslı, is a real legal expert with his huge experience and has extensive experience especially in intellectual property law.’

Key clients

Clinodevice (Stt Medical)


R.Shohat Ltd.

Zümrüt Beyaz Eşya

Abdullah Bölükbaşı

Günaydın Et


Sovos Foriba

Usla Academy

Celebi Avition Holding

Work highlights

  • Represented B.Brown in a lawsuit in relation to commercial disputes arising from the suspension of bankruptcy.
  • Represented Günaydın Et in disputes arising from trademark infringement.
  • Represented Celebi Aviation Holding in (i) a mediation process arising from trade receivables, as well as (ii) a lawsuit against airlines companies before Turkish Courts.

Gökçe is an independent full service law firm based in Istanbul. Gökçe offers a broad range of legal services to meet the needs of its diverse client base, ranging from rapidly expanding international companies to emerging growth companies. Since its establishment in 2010, Gökçe earned a reputation for its expertise in technology and media space. Moreover, Gökçe has become a go-to law firm for high-profile commercial disputes. As of 1 January 2020, Gökçe merged with YazıcıLegal Law Office and strengthened its banking and finance and capital markets practice.

In 2019, Gökçe became the Turkish representative of Interlaw, a highly-ranked international law firm network whereas in 2020, Gökçe established a German desk led by a dual-qualified lawyer.

Main areas of practice
Technology and internet and media: Gökçe’s tech and internet and media team’s reputation is built on delivering commercial and practical legal advice to clients active in the digital sphere in various industries. Team members’ deep understanding of the intricacies of technology involved ensures clients’ commercial interests. Gökçe advises clients on matters of intellectual property, consumer law, e-commerce laws and data protection compliance. Team members frequently provide mentoring to emerging growth companies at leading start-up incubators and accelerators including İTÜ Çekirdek and Endeavor Turkey.

Clients such as Sony, Hilton, Nimo.tv (HUYA), Edenred, Evreka, Trendbox, Figopara, Pixsy, Nely, Spotify, Facebook, McAfee, all widely recognized game changers in their respective industries; and Gram Games (a Zynga company), Masomo and Miniclip, all prominent actors in the e-gaming industry.

Corporate, M&A and venture capital:  The corporate, M&A and venture capital team of Gökçe focuses on smaller to middle-market cross-border and domestic corporate transactions in various industries; advising on a range of corporate issues including drafting and negotiating of all types of commercial contracts, corporate compliance as well as corporate governance issues and M&A transactions. Clients include Farasis Energy (Ganzhou), BBraun, Hilton, WorleyParsons, Palsgaard, Doğuş Holding, Kıraça Holding and Çelebi Holding.

Team members are also highly adept in growth investment transactions and represent founder-led technology companies, from early stage all the way up to growth phase and exit. Gökçe recently advised:

  • FIT Solutions (Foriba) founders on the sale of their shares to Sovos, a leading global tax compliance and regulatory reporting software company
  • Gram Games, a leading Turkish mobile game company on the $250m acquisition by Zynga Inc
  • Four Mobile in the acquisition by Tencent owned mobile games developer Miniclip
  • Gameguru on the sale of one of its most-downloaded hyper casual games (namely, Slap Kings) to Lion Studios
  • Panoroma Bilisim founders on the sale of their shares to Verifone,  multinational corporation providing electronic payment transactions
  • Various emerging growth companies on financing by private equity giants and growth/venture capital investors such as EBRD, IFC, Revo Capital, Endeavor, 500 Startups and Growth Circuit
  • Evreka, an outstanding waste collection solutions SaaS company
  • Layer, a leading technology company engaged in machine learning operating systems
  • Figopara, a major fintech company acting as intermediary for trade finance transactions
  • Spirohome, an innovative medical device company
  • TraceItUp, creator of a next generation delivery management platform
  • V-Count, provider of visitor analytics solutions

Banking and finance and capital markets: Gökçe has extensive experience in banking and finance and capital markets transactions, particularly in project financings. It represents leading Turkish and foreign financial institutions in respect of a large spectrum of financing transactions. Members of Gökçe’s team have been involved in high volume transactions in a variety of forms and experienced in structuring of complex financing models and security packages, drafting, establishment, release and enforcement of such securities. Team members have represented İş Bankası, Vakıfbank, Halkbank, Ziraat Bankası, OdeaBank, TSKB, T-Bank, Fibabanka, Gedik Yatırım, Worldpay, CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique, Bereket Group, Nurol Holding, , Çelebi Holding and Yüksel Holding on various project finance and financial restructuring transactions including energy sector, infrastructure, real estate project financing, acquisition financing and other types of asset financing.

With the YazıcıLegal merger, Gökçe’s banking and finance team grew stronger and practice expanded to include capital markets transactions. Gökçe recently advised Odeabank on a complex refinancing transaction with the full security package of Turkish law and regularly provides legal advice to Worldpay and MBaer Merchant Bank in respect of various banking and capital markets products provided to Turkish residents on a cross-border basis.

Dispute resolution: Gökçe has profound knowledge and experience in litigation, especially in commercial and IP related disputes. Gökçe represented N11(Doğuş), Peninsula Hotels, NRC International, Sovos Foriba, Celebi Aviation, BBraun, V-Count, Alfatek-Mesar, SITA Information, Nimo.tv (HUYA), Figopara, Trendbox, Seacor Holdings on various commercial disputes.

Employment: Gökçe’s employment team advises numerous clients including Alpla, Biopipe, Evreka, Gram Games (a Zynga company), Usla, Yemekhane, Sovos Foriba, Alictus  and various company directors/managers on:

  • Termination of employment
  • Employment disputes
  • Settlement of disputes
  • Social Security disputes

Debt recovery and debt collection: Gökçe has a wide practice of debt collection activities including foreclosure proceedings, primarily conducted for high volume commercial receivables of its clients. Gökçe represents Çelebi Aviation, Alpla, FIT Solutions and Seacor Holding, Yemekhane, Geniks Kongre, Özak Global, Pars Güvenlik and B-Braun.

Criminal law and fraud: Gökçe’s criminal law team represents clients in complex criminal law matters in relation to commercial fraud, white-collar, financial, cyber, reconstruction crimes and data protection offenses. Gökçe’s criminal law clientele includes Çelebi Hava Servisi and various high-net-worth individuals in Turkey.

Corporate, M&A and Venture Capital, Banking & Finance and Capital Markets, Technology & Internet & Media Görkem Gökçe
Banking & Finance and Capital Markets, Dispute Resolution Prof. Dr. Ali Paslı
Corporate, M&A and Venture Capital, Banking & Finance and Capital Markets Deniz Okuyucu
Technology & Internet & Media Dr. Bedii Kaya
Corporate, M&A and Venture Capital, Banking & Finance and Capital Markets Yılmaz Toygun Tecirli
Technology & Internet & Media Yağmur Yollu
Dispute Resolution, Employment Aslıhan Kayhan
Görkem Gökçe photoMr Görkem GökçeManaging Partner
Müberra Gürdal photoMrs Müberra GürdalCo-Head of Dispute Resolution
Mehmet Bedii Kaya photoDr Mehmet Bedii KayaPartner and Head of TMC & Privacy
Deniz Okuyucu photoMs Deniz OkuyucuPartner and Head of Corporate, Commercial and M&A
Ali Paslı photoAss Prof Ali PaslıPartner
Ali Paslı  photoProf Dr Ali Paslı Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution
Yağmur Yollu photoMs Yağmur YolluSenior Associate
Number of lawyers : 40
International Technology Law Association
Law Firm Sustainability Network
British-Turkish Lawyers Association
Istanbul Bar Association

CLIENT: Koray Gültekin Bahar
TESTIMONIAL: As an investor and entrepreneur, what we need is a team that can adjust themselves to innovations and acts accordingly. With its dynamic and dedicated team, this is what Gökçe is all about. The team consist of excellent lawyers with top-notch legal knowledge. They provide what we aim for in a very short period of time.

For many years now, we have studied a lot of cases with Gökçe. They value the commercial interest and needs of our business as their own. I can easily say that with Gökçe on your side, your business is in the safe hands.

CLIENT: Onur Baylan
TESTIMONIAL: Highly professional, dedicated and dynamic team. I feel comfortable working with them, without doubts.

CLIENT: Şimal Konanç
COMPANY/FIRM: iLab Ventures
TESTIMONIAL: Qualified and responsive team. They understand the requirements and provide practical advice.

CLIENT: Mehmet Ecevit
TESTIMONIAL: Experienced, practical and solution focused lawyers.

CLIENT: Sertaç Taşdelen
COMPANY/FIRM: Binnaz & Faladdin
TESTIMONIAL: Truly professional and responsible team always providing efficient and prompt solutions.

CLIENT: Umutcan Duman
TESTIMONIAL: Above standart responsiveness, sense of ownership and knowledge.

Gökçe is an independent full-service law firm based in Istanbul.

We are proud to offer sound legal advice and effective solutions to our clients with our pragmatic, business-minded approach. We deliver results.

With our highly qualified and dedicated team, we understand the requirements of the fast-changing interconnected world, combine our solid local and international experience with a practical know-how to tackle our clients’ most complex challenges.

Our clientele ranges from multinational enterprises to, venture capitals, and start-ups.

The clients

Key international clients for the firm include Sony, Mercedes, Motul, Miniclip, Gameguru, Codeway, Hilton, Nimo.tv (HUYA), Edenred, Spotify, Facebook, McAfee, Gram Games (a Zynga company), Odea Bank, Worldpay, Zendesk.

The team

Gökçe has a well-established reputation in the technology, media and communications sector, acting for both the leading players and the disruptors who develop game-changing technologies and innovative business models, from complex platforms to content delivery and data management.

Our team members have proudly assisted our clients, particularly international ones, with establishing their business models as well as guiding them through the compliance stages as they continue to flourish.

We have one of the largest TMC&Privacy teams in Istanbul with 7 lawyers and 2 partners. With Dr. Bedii Kaya joining the team with his valuable expertise covering wide range of IT law matters; Gökce team has broadened the scope of work it undertakes. With Dr. Kaya’s arrival, the team boasts some of the “best brains” in the area, as well as being led by a truly experienced partner.

The Corporate, Commercial and M&A team consists of 2 partners and 8 qualified lawyers. Not only is our Corporate, Commercial and M&A team capable of handling the full range of work in this area (e.g. mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, venture capital transactions, corporate restructurings, spin-offs and general corporate advisory work), they also have an unrivalled experience in IT, Internet and technology related international M&A transactions.

Founding and managing partner Görkem has represented local and international clients on various commercial disputes during his career spanning more than two decades. He has key expertise in technology and digital business. Görkem represents international ic media groups, leading entertainment companies and e-gaming platforms.

Gökçe’s partner Prof. Dr. Ali Paslı has key expertise in all types of commercial disputes, IP disputes, international arbitration and enforcement of foreign awards in Turkey. Prof. Paslı is the author of five published books two of which have won reputable law awards.

The network

Gökce is the Turkish representative of Interlaw – a highly ranked international law firm network since 2019. Our Interlaw membership has enabled us to refer to high-quality law firms easily and promptly and to be referred to in relation to Turkish legal matters.

Gökçe’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is woven into its fabric as it has adopted principles of equality and inclusivity since its inception in 2010. While we have to acknowledge that there is still a long way to go in Turkey in terms access to equal opportunity, we pride ourselves in being a pioneer when it comes to presenting equal opportunities to our current employees and applicants.

Gökçe is committed to fostering and promoting a culture of diversity in its workforce. We recruit, hire, train all employees in an equal manner regardless of their age, sex, race, colour, religion, disability, sexual orientation. With the bulk of our team consisting of women, we are keen to demonstrate how a young and dynamic law firm can thrive when its team members are presented with equal opportunity based on principles of meritocracy.

We are also among the first law firms to manifestly support LGBTQIA+ rights and will continue to ardently do so. Our team members recently participated in the World Tour Challenge of International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) not only to celebrate AIJA’s 58th birthday but also to display solidarity with LGBTQIA+ communities.