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Tax Tier 2

Stavropoulos & Partners ‘has an exceptional reputation for its tax litigation work with an outstanding track record’. The team handles disputes and non-contentious advisory matters relating to the interpretation of EU law, state aid recovery issues, VAT refunds, stamp duty work and municipality tax. Additional fields of expertise include transfer pricing issues, double taxation treaties, excise duties and indirect tax matters. Practice head Ioannis Stavropoulos is ‘a prominent, well-acknowledged tax lawyer’, and senior associate Evgenia Kousteni supports clients with day-to-day advice and handles tax audits.

Practice head(s):

Ioannis Stavropoulos;


‘The firm is a real market leader for tax matters. It has an exceptional reputation for its contentious work with an outstanding track record of successful cases.’

‘Ioannis Stavropoulos, head of the team, is a prominent, well acknowledged tax lawyer. He has fundamentally contributed to the formation of the existing tax legislation and case law. Ioannis has a strong reputation for providing advanced and concrete advice on complex and challenging matters. He is a valuable speaker in many scientific conferences and very much appreciated in the Greek tax scientific society.’

Key clients

Heineken/Athenian Brewery


Coca-Cola HBC

AGET Heracles (LafargeHolcim subsidiary)

Du Pont

Louis Vuitton/LVMH

Papastratos/Philip Morris


Energean Oil

Motor Oil



Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HE.R.R.Co)


Bureau Veritas




EU and competition Tier 3

Stavropoulos & Partners combines ‘deep and valuable legal advice with an absolute knowledge of the client’s company'. The group’s core expertise spans HCC investigations, merger control issues, horizontal and vertical agreements and abuse of dominance matters. Evanthia Tsiri is an expert in the fast moving consumer goods, environment, construction and banking sectors, and ‘stands out for her leadership skills and excellent knowledge in EU and competition law’. She leads the department alongside Ioannis Stavropoulos.

Practice head(s):

Ioannis Stavropoulos; Evanthia Tsiri;


‘What makes Stavropoulos & Partners’ practice unique to our company is the deep and valuable legal advice combined with the absolute knowledge of our company’s business and day-to-day needs. This is also reflected with a highly professional and responsive way of working, which makes Stavropoulos a true business partner.’

‘Evanthia Tsiri stands our for her leadership skills and excellent knowledge in EU and Competition Law. At the same time, Efi has a deep knowledge of Corporate Law, which makes her an exquisite and trusted legal advisor.’

‘Terspihore Magdalinou stands our for her excellent knowledge and very good collaboration with our Company, providing direct, immediate and valuable legal advice.’

‘Efthymia Armata is an excellent Competition lawyer with profound knowledge in EU Competition law, as well as anti trust compliance programs. Efi collaborates perfectly with our Commerce team, she is well respected in the Company and accomplishes to adapt our business needs within the legal requirements.’

Key clients

Heineken/Athenian Brewery

FrieslandCampina Hellas

Du Pont Hellas


ECR Hellas

Hellenic Recycling Company


Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Stavropoulos & Partners regularly assists on the formation of corporate structures and also provides supports on all firms of corporate governance and compliance issues. Ioannis Stavropoulos and Evanthia Tsiri jointly head the practice, which is also adept on commercial transactions and agreements such as joint ventures, business transactions and distribution and agency agreements. Clients stems from multiple industries including food and beverage, chemicals, waste recycling, real estate, consumer products and retail.

Practice head(s):

Ioannis Stavropoulos; Evanthia Tsiri

Key clients

Coca-Cola HBC


Heineken/Athenian Brewery


DuPont Hellas

DuPont Group

Louis Vuitton Hellas/LVMH

Papastratos (Philip Morris subsidiary)

Dunapack Packaging

Hellenic Recycling Company


Magnet Advertising S.A.

Dispute resolution Tier 4

Stavropoulos & Partners handles a large number of tax disputes and adds breadth to its offering through its expertise in contractual, commercial, administrative, civil and competition litigation. Ioannis Stavropoulos and Evanthia Tsiri jointly lead the team, which handles domestic and international arbitration proceedings and has a client base which spans consumer and retail companies, IT clients and entertainment entities. The practice also has expertise in construction disputes, particularly regarding luxury hotels, and handles damages claims.

Practice head(s):

Ioannis Stavropoulos; Evanthia Tsiri;

The firm: Stavropoulos & Partners Law Office is a Greek law firm which was established in Athens in 1991. Since its formation, the firm’s practice has included legal counsel, advice and litigation in a wide range of Greek and European Union business and tax law matters. Throughout its 29 years in the Greek legal market, the firm has developed a widely recognised expertise and gained an excellent reputation, ranked within high tiers in the fields of taxation, European Union and competition, corporate and M&As, as well as dispute resolution.

The firm is privileged to serve on a constant basis companies which are considered as ‘blue chip’ internationally, but also has vested continuous interests and activities in Greece, handling complex and important work that requires a high level of expertise and consistency.

The lawyers of the firm have done contemporary undergraduate and postgraduate studies and are assisted by secretarial and clerical staff supported by modern infrastructure. The main target is to successfully meet the increasing demands of clientele while maintaining a high degree of dynamism, flexibility and close personal contact with each case.

Areas of practice: The firm’s main areas of practice include: Tax and Tax Litigation, Customs and Excise, EU and Competition, Corporate, Commercial and M&A, Finance, Banking and Capital Markets, Data Protection and Privacy, Real Estate and Construction, Environment, Intellectual and Industrial Property, Labour and Employment, Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

Tax and Tax Litigation, Customs and Excise: The firm has a solid presence in the area of tax law and is considered one of the most prominent players in this area. The practice handles numerous tax cases in direct and indirect taxation, regularly represents clients in tax audits and provides counsel to clients in all areas of taxation law, including income tax, VAT, double taxation treaties, transfer pricing and excise duties. It regularly advises on strategic planning and transactional issues and deals with transfer pricing defense files. Some of the firm’s latest achievements include representing a large number of multinational companies, as well as high net-worth individuals, in major tax litigation involving inter alia issues relating to EU tax law and double taxation treaties, VAT refund, transfer pricing, stamp duty, municipality tax and income tax assessments. Ioannis Stavropoulos, founding and managing partner of the firm, is a leading tax lawyer with an impressive track record, awarded with the “Legal 500 Hall of Fame” distinction. He has dealt with several tax cases and has an impressive track record for successfully representing clients in courts, including the European Court of Justice, the Greek administrative courts and the Council of State, as well as in tax authorities and administrative committees on all kinds of tax law issues. A number of his cases constitute leading jurisprudence published in legal and tax journals, while he has been classified by international publications as a highly recommended tax expert for Greece. He has published a number of articles on tax matters while he is a regular speaker in many authoritative conferences and seminars.

EU and Competition: Our competition practice covers a broad range of subject matters, encompassing agreements and concerted practices, market dominance and merger control issues. Our lawyers regularly review commercial policies, rebate schemes and other commercial practices especially by companies with market power in accordance with the restrictions applying to unilateral practices as well as in the context of vertical and horizontal relationships. We assist our clients in designating and implementing internal compliance programs and training sessions for their personnel. We regularly represent market leaders in investigation cases before the competition authority and offer both contentious and non-contentious competition law service. Our firm has defended prominent companies before the competition authorities and administrative courts in major cases in the food and beverage sector.

Commercial, corporate and M&As: The firm is acting as principal legal adviser of several corporate clients engaged in various sectors, such as food and beverage, chemicals, waste recycling, real estate, consumer products and retail business, supporting them on a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial issues. We frequently assist with the formation of corporate structures and address all types of corporate governance and compliance issues, including providing legal support with all corporate events and reviewing the firm’s corporate clients’ internal policies and regulations to ensure respect of corporate social responsibility and compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and national or international norms. We further regularly advise on commercial transactions and agreements, including joint venture agreements, sale and purchase of businesses, distribution and agency agreements, loan and bond agreements, as well as contracts for services, supply contracts, IT contracts, construction contracts, management contracts and general terms of contract. We also provide guidance on the application of consumer protection law and cover matters pertaining to product liability and unfair commercial practices. Our lawyers are adept in providing advice on all aspects of buying and selling companies and businesses including negotiating and drafting of share purchase, joint venture and shareholders agreements, conducting legal due diligence and advising on stock exchange law aspects of mergers and acquisitions projects. We have been involved in a number of high-value projects and corporate reorganizations often with a cross-border element covering a variety of sectors, including one of the biggest spin-off restructuring projects in the food and beverage industry, the acquisition of several Greek companies operating in the mining and concrete sectors by one of the leading cement multinational industries and a joint venture between a French multinational and a leading Greek company in the cosmetics sector.

Litigation and Dispute resolution: Our firm has substantial experience in arbitration work, acting as counsel in both domestic and international arbitral proceedings and often representing key clients in relevant mandates. Our team has acted for major corporations involved in a variety of industries such as consumer, retail, IT, entertainment and construction on a wide range of high-value arbitration cases in front of key arbitral centers including the ICC and the American Arbitration Association. We have an excellent reputation for disputes concerning damages claims in various contexts, including breach of contract and termination of agency and distribution agreements. We are regularly litigating before civil courts in several cases concerning company, commercial and civil law issues and representing clients in significant cross-border commercial disputes while the firm is increasingly active in high-profile construction disputes with a heavy focus on the luxury hotel business. Senior partner Evanthia Tsiri has handled successfully several major domestic and international arbitration cases as well as civil litigation cases with key strengths in corporate/commercial and construction-related disputes and has earned a strong reputation in this field.

Department Name Email Telephone
Tax and Tax Litigation, Customs and Excise
Corporate and Commercial
Data protection and Privacy
Labour and Employment
EU and Competition
Banking, Finance and Capital Markets
Real estate and Construction
Intellectual and Industrial Property
Mergers and Acquisitions
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Photo Name Position Profile
Mrs Efthymia Armata  photo Mrs Efthymia Armata
Mrs Evgenia Kousteni  photo Mrs Evgenia Kousteni
Mrs Terpsihori Magdalinou  photo Mrs Terpsihori Magdalinou
Mrs Vassiliki Michalopoulou  photo Mrs Vassiliki Michalopoulou
Mrs Irini Papasavva  photo Mrs Irini Papasavva
Mr Ioannis Stavropoulos  photo Mr Ioannis Stavropoulos
Mrs Aimilia Stavropoulou  photo Mrs Aimilia Stavropoulou
 Evanthia Tsiri photo Evanthia Tsiri Senior Partner
Number of lawyers : 10
Contact : Ioannis Stavropoulos (managing partner)

CLIENT: Litsa Spyriouni, Group Tax Director

COMPANY/FIRM:  Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC) Group

TESTIMONIAL: We have an extremely high regard for Stavropoulos & Partners law firm. Ioannis Stavropoulos is a prominent tax and business lawyer and over the years has provided us with a consistently excellent quality of service in tax matters.  Evanthia Tsiri and her team have provided invaluable assistance throughout a recent restructuring process.  They have all been demonstrating great care and deep knowledge while dealing efficiently with complex issues in the context of domestic and cross-border transactions.

CLIENT: Kostas Maggioros, CEO


TESTIMONIAL: Over the years, the firm has become an invaluable partner to our business. Ioannis Stavropoulos, Evanthia Tsiri, Terpsihori Magdalinou and their colleagues have provided us with an excellent level of service and dedication across all the firm’s disciplines, with particular emphasis in corporate, commercial, anti-trust and tax matters. They have demonstrated deep and thorough understanding of our needs and outstanding response to our requests enabling the development of a trusted relation.

CLIENT: Angeliki Sofou, Legal Counsel


TESTIMONIAL: Ioannis Stavropoulos has been the legal adviser of ATHENIAN BREWERY for many years now, which actually demonstrates the dedication (from both parties) and the quality of the services provided. Ioannis is an excellent adviser in tax law issues, having the capacity to deepen not only into stricto sensu tax law topics but to further elaborate from both a legal and an economo-legal point of view. He knows deeply the demands and the core business of the Company and this is one of the reasons Company and Management Team members show him their deep appreciation. His experience and expertise are highly valid and greatly appreciated. Ioannis is considered by the Company as the legal adviser and eventually as a business partner.

Evanthia Tsiri is a very strong and a highly appreciated legal adviser of ATHENIAN BREWERY all these years. Evanthia will work deeply into the commercial heart of any agreement, and further she will exhaust any possible factor which needs to be taken into consideration by the Company. Evanthia identifies immediately any potential risk for the Company and knows how to assess the legal risk towards the commercial risk (if any). She has a high standard of understanding the Company’s needs and she has the strength to differentiate always for the benefit of the Company. Evanthia’ s advice goes beyond a pure and conventional legal advice to a business guidance.

Terpsihori Magdalinou is a highly appreciated and capable lawyer. She has deep knowledge on corporate and complex legal issues. Terpsihori is proactive with great experience and professionalism. Teri is someone you know you can rely on when she provides us with her legal advice.

Efthymia Armata is a very capable legal adviser, with a high expertise on Competition Law issues. Efthymia has a deep knowledge of the market constraints due to our Company’s dominant position into the beer market and she knows extremely well how to protect the Company from potential anti-competitive practices, providing both theoretical and practical cases. Efthymia’ s knowledge and contribution is highly appreciated by the Company.

Stavropoulos & Partners law firm has strongly contributed into building a Compliance with Competition Law culture into our Company and their presence and participation into the core business of our Company is considered as an added value. Their professionalism and dedication demonstrated lately for ATHENIAN BREWERY’ s case in front of the HCC and further in front of the Court of Appeal is being appreciated and greatly respected by us. We would like to express our gratitude for all the services and guidance provided.

CLIENT: Leonidas Tolis, Senior Legal Counsel


TESTIMONIAL: We have been working with “Stavropoulos & Partners” law office for the last 3 years. Stavropoulos & Partners was introduced to us due to its reputation in handling mainly tax law issues. Nevertheless, from the beginning of our cooperation, the legal services provided by Stavropoulos and Partners – not only regarding tax law issues – highly exceeded our expectations. Summing up, I would say that Stavropoulos and Partners is distinguished for its reliability, direct response, prompt acquaintance with the peculiarities and the requirements of the client and its excellent colleagues. Obviously, I would undoubtedly recommend cooperation with Stavropoulos & Partners law office.

At Stavropoulos and Partners we are committed to the creation of a culture that acknowledges the contribution of talented people from all backgrounds and with differing views and experiences. We aim to foster an open and supportive environment in which individual differences are respected and valued, and everyone has the opportunity to excel and feel part of a team. We are committed to principles of equality and diversity and we believe that a diverse team of strong professionals from different backgrounds, with a high degree of expertise and experience, irrespective of gender, race, religion, partner status, is crucial to provide excellent legal services. We ensure that we keep up to date with best practices in the field and we implement programmes that are promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

At Stavropoulos and Partners we encourage transparency and team work and we follow an open door policy. There is a clear procedure regarding assignment of responsibilities as well as supervision mechanisms. We are receptive to new ideas and we encourage our associates to take initiatives and be proactive. We put special emphasis on continuous training and we encourage rotation. We often welcome law students to our offices and we provide short-term internships.