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Legal Market Overview

Tunisia’s economy remains stagnant despite little increase in economic growth in 2016, with no particular trends visible on its legal landscape. Figures from the Ministry of Tourism state that in 2017 foreign travel to the country rose by 23% on the previous year, demonstrating a steady increase which is important to the country’s GDP, to which tourism is the biggest contributor.

The security and political situations in the region remain unpredictable, and with national elections scheduled for November 2019, there is great uncertainty about what this may hold for a country still in a transitional phase and reeling from its revolutionary fervour. There has been no notable increase in the work being undertaken in an already small legal market; international financial investments have declined and domestic lawyers have moved away from this area into more contentious issues.

Adly Bellagha & Associates, Cabinet Donia Hedda EllouzeFerchiou & associés, JurisMed and Meziou Knani & associés remain the leading domestic firms. Foreign firms in the region such as Eversheds El Heni (a member of Eversheds Sutherland) have been active on constructions projects, while other firms have advised on restructuring and development.