White-collar crime in Russia

ALRUD Law Firm

ALRUD Law Firm's offering brings together well-regarded practitioners with experience in regulatory enforcement, private and government investigations, fraud, anti-corruption and corporate crime defence to form a multidisciplinary practice. Major corporate clients and key individuals frequently instruct the team to handle the most complex and high-value mandates. Magomed Gasanov leads the group, which also includes Vassily Rudomino, who focuses on bribery and corruption cases, as well as assisting with preventative compliance work in these areas; employee and corporate fraud expert Irina Anyukhina; dispute resolution practice head Sergey PetrachkovGerman Zakharov, who formerly worked for the FAS; and associate Alexander Mikhailov, who acts in complex criminal cases.

Practice head(s):

Magomed Gasanov

Other key lawyers:

Vassily Rudomino; Sergey Petrachkov; German Zakharov; Irina Anyukhina; Alexander Mikhailov

Work highlights

  • Supported a Japanese multinational IT and electronics company during the course of a major anti-corruption investigation concerning its Moscow office.
  • Advised a global medical device company on a complex investigation where it was found that a former employee had illegally copied and used the source codes for software owned by the client.
  • Advised one of the largest Russian oil companies on issues of criminal liability concerning a group of persons who alienated the assets of the company in the south of Russia.

Baker & McKenzie - CIS, Limited

Multinational companies and their Russian subsidiaries instruct the team at Baker & McKenzie - CIS, Limited in a wide range of criminal law matters. The firm regularly represents clients before both law enforcement authorities and regulators, and also handles internal investigations in response to allegations of violations potentially leading to criminal and administrative liability. Edward Bekeschenko, singled out by one client as a 'brilliant lawyer with many years of experience', has particular expertise in anti-monopoly cases. Alexander Bychkov and Paul Melling are key names for the full gamut of compliance issues, particularly those concerning the healthcare industry. Senior associate Oleg Tkachenko and associate Roman Butenko are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Edward Bekeschenko; Alexander Bychkov; Paul Melling

Other key lawyers:

Oleg Tkachenko; Roman Butenko


‘Practitioners offer balanced decisions based on the law and many years of experience working with clients from various business areas. Based on the results of the work, we get a high-quality result set out in an interactive and accessible form. Complete confidentiality, deep and comprehensive analysis of information. You can always rely on them.’

‘Edward Bekeshchenko is a brilliant lawyer with many years of experience. Roman Butenko is a thoughtful lawyer and an excellent analyst who has a non-standard approach to solving the issue.’

Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners

The offering at Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners has greatly increased in strength since the recent arrival of well-regarded practitioner Konstantin Tretyakov, along with a team consisting of senior associate Konstantin Elfimov and associate Maria Kilesso, from Dentons. Tretyakov's 'expertise in criminal law is outstanding', and he is singled out for his 'ability to find solutions in uneasy circumstances'. Other key contacts in Moscow include practice head Viсtoria Burkovskaya and counsel Andrey Bastrakov. In St Petersburg, senior associate Andrey Tuzov is the key figure. The firm is known for 'defending the interests of clients in any complicated and non-standard situations', at all stages of the criminal litigation process.

Practice head(s):

Victoria Burkovskaya

Other key lawyers:

Konstantin Tretyakov; Konstantin Elfimov; Maria Kilesso; Andrey Bastrakov; Andrey Tuzov


‘I think the WCC team of EPAM stands out for its professionalism, integrity and impressive practical experience in defending the interests of clients in any complicated and non-standard situations.’

‘Konstantin Tretyakov is very knowledgeable and responsive. To my mind, his expertise in criminal law is outstanding.’

‘They react quickly, are deeply immersed in the client’s problem, are ready to communicate at any time.’

‘Andrey Tuzov is a high-level professional, able to describe the situation in a language accessible to a non-lawyer and propose solutions.’

‘EPAM stands out for the team’s ability to advise on the full array of legal matters. They offered us an expert in criminal law and the level of the services was very high. Our case was complicated, and they did solve it very beneficially for us.’

‘Konstantin Tretyakov dealt with our case and acted as the criminal defence attorney. I was impressed by his experience and ability to find solutions in uneasy circumstances.’

‘Unconditional market leaders, combining practical experience and excellent knowledge of law and judicial practice, which allows you to solve the most complex and intricate problems.’

‘Konstantin Tretyakov is a highly qualified lawyer with personal experience on both the prosecution and defence side, which allows him to understand the situation from the inside and determine the most effective defence strategy. Maria Kilesso carefully defends the interests of the client.’

Key clients

Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod (Kirovsky Zavod Group)

Work highlights

  • Representing the interests of the Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod in a criminal case initiated over the violation of the client’s patent rights.

ZKS Law Attorneys

Boutique firm ZKS Law Attorneys fields a strong team which is noted for its ability to 'effectively defend businesses in criminal cases for economic and tax crimes'. When representing clients in a wide range of matters including those concerning fraud, corruption and bribery charges, the group can 'skilfully assess risks, predict the development of the situation and offer balanced solutions which are logical for businesses'. 'Energetic leaderDenis Saushkin heads up the practice, supported by Sergey MalyukinAndrey GrivtsovMaria Korchagina and Tatyana Nozhkina. The firm's 'experience and understanding of the specifics of the work of law enforcement agencies' is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Denis Saushkin

Other key lawyers:

Sergey Malyukin; Tatyana Nozhkina; Andrey Grivtsov; Maria Korchagina


‘An important advantage of ZKS’ practice is a large experience in difficult criminal cases of economic nature and committed by public officials. This easily allows the firm to forecast criminal risks and to propose the adequate solutions.’

‘Andey Grivtsov is one of the best lawyers in difficult criminal cases. He is a scrupulous lawyer and reveals an analytic approach to the case including a clearly elaborated defence strategy and attention even to little details. He is able to organize work with investigative bodies in an optimal way and reveals a huge amount of experience in criminal trials. He is a person of high ethical standards.’

‘A large and well-coordinated team of lawyers who effectively defend businesses in criminal cases for economic and tax crimes. Thanks to their experience and understanding of the specifics of the work of law enforcement agencies, carefully developed tactics and training of employees, it was possible to avoid initiating a criminal case.’

‘An excellent, energetic and professional team! They are one of the best teams, if not the best one, in criminal law. They are excellent in their knowledge of business procedures and may be entrusted with difficult projects whilst being sure of a high quality result.’

‘Denis Saushkin is a leading professional in criminal law. He is an energetic leader of the team with an active and systematic approach to cases. His strategy allows the best results to be achieved in a short time. You feel safe with him. Sergey Dyakin is a professional in criminal law who is able to develop a communication with investigative authorities.’

‘The practice of ZKS Law Attorneys is unique for its team of highly professional lawyers specialising in criminal law. They have experience of both Russian and international projects. They know how the law enforcement system works and effectively resist their illegal actions in the interests of the client. They skilfully assess risks, predict the development of the situation and offer balanced solutions which are logical for businesses.’

‘In my opinion, ZKS is distinct from other firms in their big and well-organised team. All the lawyers have a long experience of dealing with investigative bodies and in representing their clients in trial procedures. They understand business procedures and are able to make a prognosis of criminal risks at their early stage. In this project, they were excellent and achieved dismissal of all suspicions against the client.’

‘Our key contact in the firm is Andrey Grivtsov, a well-known lawyer in the market with extensive experience of work representing large corporate clients and prominent people. We like his professional approach, analytical mindset, thoroughness and accuracy of all estimates and decisions. We are also advised by Maria Korchagina, a confident and competent lawyer in the area of criminal law and procedure, with extensive previous experience in investigative agencies. She also perfectly understands all business processes of the company, which allows her to offer solutions appropriate to situations.’

Key clients

PJSC “Ksenyevsky Priisk”

Top managers of holding company “Gema”

OOO “Yastro”


Founders of “Nginx Inc”




Work highlights

  • Defending the interests of top managers, shareholders, and employees of a gold mine in an alleged $70.5m criminal case of embezzlement.
  • Representing the interests of the top managers of a contractor of the largest transport company in Russia in a $133m case concerning fraud and attempted fraud.
  • Representing the founders of Nginx in a case concerning the allegedly unlawful use of copyrights relating to Nginx software.

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (Russia) LLP

Many former experts from government bodies bring their experience to the team at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (Russia) LLP, ensuring that the firm remains 'well aware of procedural legislation and its subtleties'; one such recent arrival is associate Antonina Potanina, who previously worked at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The group handles the full gamut of corporate crime cases, and displays an increasing focus on economic crime allegations, representing the interests of investors and high-net-worth individuals at all stages of the proceedings. 'Brilliant' counsel Anton Gusev leads the team, which also includes 'excellent lawyerAngela Glamazdina and tax specialist Alexander Erasov.

Practice head(s):

Anton Gusev

Other key lawyers:

Angela Glamazdina; Alexander Erasov; Antonina Potanina


‘Good availability, ability to offer the client a non-standard solution, proactivity, excellent understanding of the practical context of the area of expertise and the ability to act in it.’

‘Very quick response, always pragmatic advice, taking into account business specifics, willingness to help at any time and as quickly as possible.’

‘Anton Gusev and Angela Glamazdina display very effective interaction with colleagues.’

‘A team of professionals that quickly responds to requests, and is certainly focused on the interests of the business and understands its needs and specifics. The lawyers have in-depth knowledge to develop a successful line of defence, they are well aware of procedural legislation and its subtleties that can be encountered in Russian realities.’

‘Anton Gusev is a brilliant lawyer who studies in detail all the subtleties of the case and builds defence tactics for such large-scale cases, taking into account the specifics of the case, its extensive background, as well as the framework of the current political situation and the specifics of the work of the Russian legal system. I can also note the constant support for any issues that arise in the course of the case.’

‘Angela Glamazdina is an excellent lawyer with deep knowledge of the judicial system and the specifics of her work in Russia. Angela always gives clear and verified comments and advice.’

Key clients



Work highlights

  • Representing a major corporate supplier of medical products in a case concerning the unlawful use of a trade mark owned by the client.

KIAP (Korelskiy, Ischuk, Astafiev and Partners, Attorneys at Law

'Experienced strategistKonstantin Astafiev has assembled an 'excellent team working like clockwork under his leadership' at KIAP (Korelskiy, Ischuk, Astafiev and Partners, Attorneys at Law. The group has noted an uptick in instructions both to represent the injured parties following economic crimes, and to defend senior executives prosecuted for their alleged criminal economic activity. Senior associate Dmitry Kalinichenko is another key name.

Practice head(s):

Konstantin Astafiev

Other key lawyers:

Dmitry Kalinichenko


‘Konstantin Astafiev is an excellent lawyer with unique expertise in criminal law.’

‘Dmitry Kalinichenko is distinguished by a high level of erudition and professional competence. It is comfortable to work with Dmitry, he is always in touch and always up to date.’

‘Deep knowledge of the criminal law and process, extensive experience, effective approach to communication with law enforcement officials.’

‘Konstantin Astafiev is second to none. Konstantin is a top-qualified professional heading and successfully managing very complicated cases, at the same time he is business-minded, very proactive and extremely hard-working.’

‘Dmitry Kalinichenko is another noteworthy figure within the practice – always displays exemplary behaviour in every aspect of his work, demonstrating how excellent customer service can have a lasting effect on customer relationships.’

‘KIAP’s criminal law practice is one of the strongest on the market. Lawyers with full dedication approach the solution of problems and apply original, comprehensive approaches in their work.’

‘The success of any undertaking depends on the reliability of partners. KIAP is a team that you can trust, and at the same time, be sure that they follow solely your priorities.’

‘Partner Konstantin Astafiev is second to none, in our opinion. An excellent tactician and experienced strategist, he knows how to sort through, get to the truth, and reassemble even the most intricate cases. Extremely insightful with good intuition, deep expertise, and an excellent team working like clockwork under his leadership.’

Key clients

InvestAktiv LLC




MRS Baturina E.N.


Osnova LLC

Work highlights

  • Representing railway transport company InvestAktiv in connection with the arrest of 1,000 of its railway cars.
  • Representing Elena Baturina, the Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist, in a privately prosecuted criminal case.
  • Representing Codest, a large foreign construction company, in a major criminal fraud case.

Koblev & Partners

At Koblev & Partners, the team's 'deep knowledge and extensive experience allows them to quickly and at the highest level achieve success in a new direction'. The firm has close contacts with a multitude of international law firms, ensuring that its 'ability to organise the effective work of specialists outside of Russia commands respect'. Managing partner Ruslan Koblev, who is known for his defence work on behalf of notable Russian business leaders and political figures. Other key contacts include Kirill BelskiyRuslan Zakaluzhny and recent arrival Timur Khutov.

Practice head(s):

Ruslan Koblev

Other key lawyers:

Timur Khutov; Kirill Belskiy; Ruslan Zakaluzhny


‘A law firm which actually can deal with complicated white-collar crimes. Young and brave team.’

‘Strengths of the team are proactivity, reliability and knowledge of the law. Key team capabilities are ability to qualitatively resolve complex corporate conflicts, which include criminal cases and commercial (corporate) disputes.’

‘People from the team are distinguished by high professionalism, reliability, punctuality and decency. I would like to mention Ruslan Koblev, who wins in the courts due to his excellent knowledge of laws and charisma and Kirill Belskiy, who is charismatic, attentive and always bringing the project to a successful conclusion. Ruslan Zakalyuzhny is a master of judicial debate.’

‘The team is passionate about tackling atypical areas of their specialisation. At the same time, their deep knowledge and extensive experience allows them to quickly and at the highest level achieve success in a new direction. Their ability to organise the effective work of specialists outside of Russia commands respect.’

‘Kirill Belskiy possesses high competence and rich experience in resolving criminal law issues in the field of white collar crime. Kirill perfectly organises his work, as well as the work of subordinate employees and attracted outside lawyers. Kirill also has charisma and knows how to perfectly negotiate and find options for agreements that suit all participants.’

‘Kirill Belskiy is a unique lawyer with experience in the most high-profile criminal and bankruptcy cases in Russia. He personally takes an active part in work on projects.’

‘Years of experience, confidence, professionalism.’

‘Kirill Belskiy is a really qualified specialist.’

Key clients

Dmitry Mazurov

Andrey Kaminov

Andrey Chernyakov

Sergei Shlyakov

Adam Yahutl

Dmitry Matveev

Vladimir Potapkin

Dmitry Natarov

Nokian Tyres ltd

CANDEY Limited Ltd

Denis Zaev

Sergey Khetagurov

Monastyrsky, Zyuba, Stepanov & Partners

Major companies and notable managers regularly instruct the well-regarded team at Monastyrsky, Zyuba, Stepanov & Partners to act in criminal proceedings relating to a wide range of corporate matters, including tax evasion and embezzlement. Respected practitioners Alexander ZyubaDmitry Lovyrev and Anton Aleksandrov regularly oversee the most complex cross-border cases. Team members have considerable courtroom experience, and the group typically handles over 100 cases every year. Litigation expert Yuri Monastyrsky is a key contact for both domestic and international mandates.

Practice head(s):

Alexander Zyuba; Dmitry Lovyrev

Other key lawyers:

Anton Alexandrov; Yuri Monastyrsky

Key clients

O1 Group



Beneficiary of Yugra Bank


Zabeyda & Partners

Criminal defence boutique Zabeyda & Partners stands out in particular for its 'successful representation of the interests of politicians and top management'. The team has a proven track record in defending corporate executives against allegations of fraud, embezzlement, and tax evasion, as well as acting for high-profile public figures facing charges of corruption and abuse of position. Managing partner Alexandr Zabeyda has a speciality in representing lawyers accused of criminal acts. Daria Konstantinova is also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Alexandr Zabeyda; Daria Konstantinova


‘Zabeyda & Partners is a well-known firm with a clear specialisation on white collar crimes. They are known for successful representation of the interests of politicians and top management.’

‘They can find a common language with a huge diversity of clients. They get straight to the heart of problems and suggest effective solutions.’

‘One of the best firms in Moscow. White collar crime specialists, with huge amounts of experience and a stellar reputation.’

‘Zabeyda & Partners are focused solely on criminal law matters. They are a very dynamic, highly responsive and available team.’

‘Alexandr Zabeyda is a remarkable negotiator and strategist.’

‘Smart, with a perfect understanding of the Russian legal system and a readiness to fight to the end for each client.’

‘Alexandr Zabeyda is pragmatic and combines business sense with thorough technical knowledge. Daria Konstantinova demonstrates an exceptional personal commitment and a rare knowledge of the cases she is dealing with.’

Key clients

Vladimir Plahotniuc

Albert Khudoyan

Dmitry Kulikov

Alexandr Tugushev

Work highlights

  • Secured the acquittal of a high-profile public figure in Russia, Dmitry Kulikov, ex-vice prime minister of the Ivanovskaya region of Russia, after he was charged with corruption, and faced the possibility of 12 years in jail.
  • Acted for the former prime minister of Moldova, Vladimir Plahotniuc, in connection with three serous criminal offences that occurred during his time in office.
  • Acting for the owner of a leading real estate investment firm in a criminal case linked to the alleged embezzlement of $30m from a business partner.

A-PRO Attorneys at Law

Oleg Vyshinsky leads the practice at A-PRO Attorneys at Law following his arrival in February 2020. Under his guidance, the firm continues to distinguish itself in economic and corporate criminal cases. For matters in the banking sphere, Aleksey Grebenskoy is a key contact, while Oleg Popov leads on professional co-operation with law enforcement agencies. Aleksander Pavlov and Igor Anisimov are also recommended; the latter joined in March 2020.

Practice head(s):

Oleg Vyshinsky

Other key lawyers:

Igor Anisimov; Aleksey Grebenskoy; Aleksander Pavlov; Oleg Popov


‘I would like to mark Oleg Vyshinsky as an unsurpassed professional in the field of criminal law. His approach is impressive.’

‘I can point out the highly professional level of the lawyers; the team of the bureau has significant experience and deep knowledge. They always take a proactive stance and offer effective solutions that work in business. They also understand how our industry is developing and are able to anticipate many legal risks. The team is distinguished by attention to detail and an overall high level of customer service.’

‘It is a responsive and well-coordinated team of highly qualified lawyers. We always receive a prompt and detailed response to any of our requests. Even in the most difficult situations, we can count on A-PRO lawyers and entrust them with complex and varied tasks.’

‘Based on the experience of our cooperation with A-PRO, I can confirm the highest level of legal assistance and knowledge of the law enforcement system from the inside by lawyers.’

‘I cannot but mention Oleg Vyshinsky as a charismatic leader of the practice and a talented and experienced lawyer. His approach to work is stunning in a good way.’

‘The best team we’ve ever worked with.’

‘Demonstrated just the right level of aggressiveness in asserting my rights.’

Key clients


Polyakov Sergey Vladimirovich

Potapkin Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Panov Valery Viktorovich

Work highlights

  • Initiated criminal proceedings on behalf of foreign company Mansfield Executive against a Russian developer, who re-registered three land plots on Leningradsky Prospekt in Moscow into legal entities controlled by the developer.
  • Defending a deputy of the State Duma, who is accused of aiding police officers in seizing a business related to the production and sale of medical equipment.
  • Representing the interests of the claimant during the investigation of a high-profile criminal fraud case, concerning the right to lease land in the centre of Moscow.

Bolshakov, Chelysheva & Partners

Boutique firm Bolshakov, Chelysheva & Partners fields a team that defends the interests of notable clients against charges of economic crimes, both in court and during the pre-trial investigative actions; according to one client the 'great negotiating skills of the attorneys allow them to effectively resolve conflicts'. Managing partner Arthur Bolshakov and Elena Chelysheva are the key names.

Practice head(s):

Arthur Bolshakov; Elena Chelysheva


‘The lawyers have a high professional level and deep knowledge of the law and the enforcement process. They not only solve the client’s problem, but also make an in-depth analysis of all the associated risks. We can entrust the team with complex cases and delicate issues.’

‘During our work, we saw the friendly and professional work of the partner Arthur Bolshakov who has conducted the protection of our case, but also the partner Elena Chelysheva, who was aware of our case, helped us during the interrogations of the chief accountant of our company and other witnesses. The joint work of the lawyers helped to achieve an acquitting judgment which is very rare in a court.’

‘The team demonstrates deep knowledge of both the law enforcement and judicial systems. The attorneys are able to build an effective case strategy and evidence system that leads to dropping the charges, even in the most complex cases. The great negotiating skills of the attorneys allow them to effectively resolve conflicts in courts of all levels, as well as in the pre-trial stage.’

‘Great criminal lawyers – attention to details of the case, deep knowledge of criminal law and relevant case law, excellent communication skills.’

‘Arthur Bolshakov should be first choice for clients. High ethical standards and knowledge of working in the team especially in big cases involving numerous lawyers and accused persons. He listens to the client and suggests the best way forward.’

‘Arthur Bolshakov and Elena Chelysheva are high class professionals with extensive experience in handling major criminal proceedings. Their professional approach and experience allows them to achieve excellent results in the criminal defence of businesses.’

‘Arthur Bolshakov is one of the strongest criminal lawyers in Russia, who combines academic knowledge with a modern approach to work.’

‘Arthur Bolshakov has extensive expert knowledge and vast practical experience in the field of criminal law; he effectively defends the rights of businessmen and officials. Arthur is always effective, attentive and thinks several steps ahead.’

Key clients

Zubovskie Vorota LLC

Former deputy minister of Rosrybolovstvo

Sphera Jet LLC

V.Kh. Shavlokhov, Police Colonel

Dmitry Mazurov, founder of the New Stream Group

Vasily Boyko-Velikiy

Alexey Tkach, co-owner of Samokat fitness club

G. Barkovsky, General Director of OJSC NIImedpolymer

Work highlights

  • Defending Russian entrepreneur, Dmitry Mazurov, the founder of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery, against a charge of embezzling money from several banks.
  • Defending the the co-founders of Sphera Jet against charges alleging that they purchased four business jets bypassing customs.
  • Defending the general director of Zubovskie Vorota against charges of causing damage by falsifying a document citing the reduction of the cadastral value of a land plot.

EMPP Law Firm

Its vast experience of handling criminal cases brought in connection with industrial accidents and violation of industrial and occupational safety rules differentiates the team at EMPP Law Firm. The group also carries out the legal audit, identification and elimination of criminal risks in the activities of companies. The firm is frequently instructed by clients from the petrochemical, real estate, and transportation industries. Sergey Egorov and Valentin Petrov are the key contacts.

Practice head(s):

Sergey Egorov; Valentin Petrov

Key clients

PetRoNeft Group

Anex Tour

Home money



Spetsstroy of Russia


IVF Reproductive clinic RG

Biker club “Volnie ptitsi”

IstAgro Don

Feoktistov and Partners Law Office

The 'capable advocates' at boutique firm Feoktistov and Partners Law Office are active at all stages of complex criminal corruption and taxation cases, from assisting with due diligence prior to the initiation of prosecution, to the preliminary investigation, to representation before the courts in all of the Russian regions. The practitioners, key among them Vyacheslav Feoktistov and Ruslan Dolotov, are noted by one client as 'masters of non-standard solutions'.

Practice head(s):

Vyacheslav Feoktistov; Ruslan Dolotov


‘The team is highly qualified, provides unique solutions, is flexible and loyal, and shows a genuine interest in its clients.’

‘Top-notch specialists who understand not only the legal intricacies but also many commercial technicalities.’

‘An excellent practical approach to white collar crimes, especially economic ones, good availability of resources, and strong communication with the appropriate authorities.’

‘Capable advocates in economic, tax and corruption cases, who have an excellent theoretical base as well as huge practical experience. They are able to successfully conduct cases of the utmost value and complexity. Masters of non-standard solutions.’

‘Ruslan Dolotov is a great asset to the firm.’

‘Vyacheslav Feoktistov is a strong expert who is excellent in practice. Ruslan Dolotov is very involved in cases and is ready to achieve the impossible.’

‘The team is highly specialised and provides an excellent service to clients.’

‘Vyacheslav Feoktistov has rich practical experience, pays close attention to details, is very involved in every case and achieves excellent results at each stage. Ruslan Dolotov possesses deep academic knowledge, and has great tact and experience of conducting complex cases which include many factors.’

Key clients


Ulysse Nardin

Le Creuset

“Avgust” JSC

“Glavproduct” Company Group

“ASR-Uglesbyt” LLC

Co-founder of “Rzhevsk Crane Factory” LLA Vasiliy Gololobov


Work highlights

  • Representing Le Creuset in a matter concerning the embezzlement of more than $1m worth of company funds.
  • Representing Huawei in a matter concerning embezzlement of company funds.
  • Representing multinational company Ulisse Nardin in a matter concerning fraud committed by its counterparty when making an exclusive new  Russian watch model.

Kniazev & Partners

The department of business protection at Kniazev & Partners focuses on the defence of executives and top management against criminal prosecution, frequently handling cases involving in-house theft allegations; the team stands out for its ability to 'eliminate the risk of initiating a criminal case or transferring it to court'. 'Calm and confident' practice head Vladimir Kitsing is supported by able advocates Alexey Serduyk and Artem Chekotkov.

Practice head(s):

Vladimir Kitsing

Other key lawyers:

Alexey Serduyk; Artem Chekotkov


‘The team is focused on advising clients to mitigate criminal and legal risks in doing business. The lawyers always have a comprehensive approach to solving the problem, involving, if necessary, lawyers of other specialisations (tax and corporate law).’

‘Vladimir Kitsing and Alexey Serdyuk always promptly respond to inquiries, are punctual and are involved in the work on the project.’

‘The team of Vladimir Kitsing is unique in that it not only works with already realised criminal risks, but also tries to prevent their occurrence and focuses on this. All team members are highly professional, build relationships with colleagues, scientists and public authorities through communication at conferences, and participation in social and educational projects.’

‘The professionals quickly resolve any difficult situations. They know my business and its specifics, recommend adequate solutions and suggest taking all necessary measures.’

‘They are distinguished by very deep expertise, conduct author’s seminars, act on reputable platforms as speakers. Impressive.’

‘Young, fast-growing, talented, with solid practical experience and strong theoretical background.’

‘Vladimir Kitsing is a calm and confident professional.’

‘The team specialises in criminal risk prevention, which helps them stand out in the criminal defence market. All team members are distinguished by a high level of professionalism and pragmatism in solving the problems of their clients. The priority goal of work on the projects led by the team of Vladimir Kitsing is to eliminate the risk of initiating a criminal case or transferring it to court.’


At LOYS, the team is involved at every stage of criminal defence proceedings, from advising on risk prevention to appealing against the actions and decisions of officials. The core team members include Denis PuchkovKonstantin Farberov, Maxim Stafilov and Aleksey Zakharov. The group continues to grow, and benefitted from the arrival of attorney Alexander Zavyalov in July 2020.

Practice head(s):

Denis Puchkov; Konstantin Farberov; Maxim Stafilov; Aleksey Zakharov

Other key lawyers:

Alexander Zavyalov

Work highlights

  • Defending a private client, who was charged with fraud and abuse of authority over the transfer of land and property rights.
  • Defending a private client, who was suspected of mediation in bribery and fraud cases.
  • Successfully represented a private client, who sought reimbursement from the state following the termination of criminal proceedings.


Handling the full gamut of white-collar criminal law issues which foreign investors may experience during their day-to-day business dealings and transactions in Russia and the CIS forms the bulk of the workload at Noerr; the team's core client base consists of largely European, Japanese and US companies. Practice head Hannes Lubitzsch is known for his experience in carrying out corporate investigations.

Practice head(s):

Hannes Lubitzsch


The team at Regionservice remains 'widely known in the Russian market', particularly for its expertise in defending top managers and government officials in high-profile abuse of power, embezzlement, fictitious bankruptcy and extortion cases. In Moscow, the key contacts are Denis Rybakov and Tatyana Stukalova, while Andrey Pereladov and Dmitry Grechko are the names to note in Kemerovo.

Practice head(s):

Denis Rybakov; Andrey Pereladov; Dmitriy Grechko; Tatyana Stukalova


‘The team of lawyers and attorneys is widely known in the Russian market, and they have repeatedly represented the interests of public officials during high-profile court proceedings.’

‘Thanks to the ability of the lawyers to correctly place emphases in the defence argument and to predict the main options for the outcome of events, they managed to achieve an optimal court decision. It is worth noting the professionalism of lawyers, their deep knowledge of legal theory and practice, unconventional thinking and ability to adequately represent the interests of well-known clients during court proceedings. The lawyers treated me exceptionally friendly and I had only a positive impression of my interaction with Regionservice.’

‘Regionservice is known by its vast industry experience in the area of natural resources law. This year the lawyers have won a case in a dispute over the development of coal deposit subsoil plots. A well-thought-out strategy and the quick response of lawyers to new circumstances allowed us to implement the project. ’

‘The lawyers of Regionservice consider the proposed cases thoroughly and in depth, using their extensive legal knowledge base. They are talented negotiators capable of building a strong line of defence for clients.’

‘Thanks to their attentive and accurately built positions, the lawyers are able to approach tasks in a comprehensive manner. They are efficient and proactive, result-oriented and keep in constant communication with us.’

‘The Regionservice team has excellent knowledge of the law and takes a holistic approach to solving legal issues. The consultations with them are well structured and informative. In my opinion, Regionservice enjoys exceptional trust from clients in the Russian legal market. Lawyers take a responsible approach to their work and always describe potential risks for the client.’

‘I would like to point out that Regionservice is a team of real experts in the field of Russian legislation. The lawyers are hardworking and conscientious people who do care about their clients.’

‘The lawyers and attorneys at Regionservice are thoughtful and motivated people interested in the success of their clients.’

Key clients

Alexander Danilchenko

Alexander Kokorin

Kirill Kokorin

JSC “SUEK-Kuzbass”

EAST-POL sp. z o.o. Sp. K

Victor Kozmin

Khachim Eristov

Alexey Ivanov

Olga Efremova

Vyacheslav Yarmomedov

Work highlights

  • Representing the interests of the former deputy governors of the Kemerovo region, who were accused of extorting shares with a total book value of $40.36m from a large coal mining company.
  • Represented the largest coal-mining enterprise of Kuzbass in a case concerning the alleged violation of industrial safety measures.

Rustam Kurmaev & Partners

The practitioners at dispute resolution boutique Rustam Kurmaev & Partners stand out for their 'winning tactics', particularly when handling white-collar criminal law work, disputes with regulators and state authorities, and defence of businesses in Russia. The key names to note are 'excellent organiser, talented leader, and high-level expertRustam Kurmaev, 'unsurpassed specialistDmitry Gorbunov and Dmitry Kletochkin, who is noted for being 'well versed in all the intricacies of court cases'.

Practice head(s):

Rustam Kurmaev; Dmitry Gorbunov

Other key lawyers:

Dmitry Kletochkin


‘The team is focused on results for the client. They delve into our business processes down to the smallest detail, which helps them choose really winning tactics when dealing with government agencies. I am always sure that our interests come first. I understand that not only the necessary, but all possible actions in the interests of our company will be implemented.’

‘The main advantage and strength of this company is its team. I am very impressed by the degree of involvement of partners in all projects, they do not disregard even the seemingly insignificant details. When working with them, you immediately understand that the team is aimed at long-term cooperation.’

‘Rustam Kurmaev is an excellent leader who knows how to clearly and quickly organise the work of a team, even in situations that require an immediate response. Dmitry Kletochkin is a very high-level professional who is well versed in all the intricacies of court cases. Dmitry Gorbunov is our main contact for all issues related to interaction with government agencies and requiring a quick response.’

‘Ability to focus on providing services to a client not only based on legal theory, but also on emerging practice, to keep abreast, support the client, and make the right decisions.’

‘Rustam Kurmaev is an excellent organiser, talented leader, and high-level expert. Dmitry Gorbunov is an unsurpassed specialist in his field, able to correlate theory and practice, and to carry out effective communications.’

Key clients




Baring Vostok Capital Partners

Baker Hughes

Jones Lang Lasalle

Abbott Russia

Volkswagen group


Yamaha Motor CIS

Mareven Foods

ING Bank


Technonicol corp



Boris Dubrovsky





Terra Group

Bio-Rad laboratories

Top Soft

Maer Group

Work highlights

  • Defending the founder and top management of Baring Vostok Capital Partners investment fund in the criminal proceedings brought against them on suspicion of fraud.
  • Successfully represented the ex-governor of Russia’s Chelyabinsk region in a high-profile criminal case initiated by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia on charges of participating in a cartel conspiracy.