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Leading Silks

Christopher Paxton KC - Red Lion Chambers  'Christopher is an extremely effective jury advocate. He exudes confidence in the courtroom, and has the trust of his opponents, the judiciary, and juries. He is an excellent cross examiner, and equally adept in the handling vulnerable witnesses, especially in cases involving sexual offending.'
Richard Christie KC - 187 Fleet Street ChambersAn extremely dedicated silk. His tenacity and persistence is unparalleled.
Simon Spence KC - Red Lion ChambersHe is a very strong jury advocate, able to present the most difficult information in a clear and unemotional way. His composed manner in court puts witnesses at ease.
Kate Lumsdon KC - 23ESA superb silk - utterly unflappable and jury-friendly.
Eloise Marshall KC - 23ESEloise combines tactical flair with a grounded and practical approach. A silk who remains calm under pressure.

2022 Silks

Alan Gardner KC - 23ESAlan is a class act. He is thoroughly prepared, tactically astute, charming and very effective before a jury.

Leading Juniors

Peter Alcock - Six Pump CourtA passionate, thorough barrister with an endless wealth of knowledge. An excellent communicator of complex issues to defendants and juries alike.
Jane Oldfield - Red Lion ChambersJane is a calm and persuasive orator, who combines courtroom flair with an excellent understanding of the issues.
Christopher Prior - Lamb Building (Brighton) ‘ A truly gifted advocate who is very considered and articulate. Christopher is renowned for his mastery of his briefs and leaving no stone unturned in complex cases.
Edward Renvoize - Red Lion ChambersEdward is one of the most able juniors in East Anglia, both defending and prosecuting. He is highly regarded by both judges and other advocates. In court he has an easy-going manner which juries find attractive. Extremely driven, a real star, and undoubtedly destined for the top.
Andrew Thompson - Red Lion ChambersA very approachable barrister, who is particularly good at advising clients with mental health issues.
Matthew Bagnall - 187 Fleet Street ChambersA superb junior. He has great attention to detail, always anticipates where problems might arise, is extremely thorough and robust where appropriate.
Tom Dunn - Six Pump CourtA compelling advocate with a sharp, analytical mind. He is exceptional with clients.
Nina Ellin - Six Pump CourtA committed and conscientious advocate. She is robust in legal arguments.
Daniel Frier - Mountford Chambers ‘Daniel is hard working, industrious, clever and very personable.
Richard Kelly - Red Lion ChambersHe is tenacious and clever. His robust and experienced court manner works well with juries and judges alike.
Amy Packham - Lamb Building (Brighton) ‘ She is a consummate trial advocate who consistently delivers results. Her work ethic is extraordinary, and her attention to detail is second to none.
Ross Talbott - Lamb Building (Brighton)A first-rate advocate with a very compelling and persuasive manner in court. He builds excellent rapport with judges and juries. It is clear that he prepares his cases extremely thoroughly and knows his papers inside out.
Jonathan Atkinson - Lamb Building (Brighton) ‘ A thoughtful and considered advocate who always has a fantastic grasp of his brief. He has a wonderful manner with witnesses and juries love him.
Kieran Brand - Six Pump CourtKieran is extremely personable and knowledgeable in all areas of criminal law. An exceptional advocate.
Patrick Duffy - 23ESHe is very hard-working, and the result of his diligence is evident in the results he obtains.
Neil FitzGibbon - 187 Fleet Street ChambersNeil demonstrates a balanced and focussed approach to his case. He is a highly impressive jury advocate and deals with submissions of law in a way which shows a very sound intellect.
Peter Guest - 187 Fleet Street ChambersAuthoritative, commanding and engaging in court, he earns the respect of the judge, client and other counsel. He excels at cross-examination.
Sally Hobson - The 36 GroupSally is a powerful advocate. Her cross-examinations are focussed and compelling to watch - and often devastating!
Rhodri James - 23ESRhodri has a strong court presence, which works well with both judges and juries. He always has a full understanding of the facts in very complex cases.
Christopher Kerr - 187 Fleet Street ChambersChristopher is legally astute and extremely well-prepared. His cross-examination is forensic yet measured.
Donal Lawler - 187 Fleet Street ChambersHe is highly intelligent and pragmatic; he takes into account the bigger picture when coming up with solutions.
Emma Nash - 187 Fleet Street ChambersA fearless and enormously effective cross-examiner. She leaves no stone unturned in presenting a case to a jury. A master of her brief.
James Onalaja - 187 Fleet Street ChambersJames has excellent analytical skills and his preparation is meticulous. He is also very eloquent.
Stephen Shay - 23ESMeticulous in his preparation.
Daniel Stevenson - Six Pump CourtDaniel has a very jury-friendly manner and commands respect from judges. He communicates with clients in a straightforward way, leaving them confident that they have been listened to. His cross-examination skills are a combination of measured ferocity combined with charm.

Rising Stars

Emin Kandola - Six Pump CourtHer industrious approach combined with an easygoing charm proves to be a winner with judges and juries alike.

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar

1 Gray's Inn Square

At 23ES, recent case highlights include Kate Lumsdon KC prosecuting Daniel Styles who was convicted of the murder of a vulnerable alcoholic who he had allowed to stay at his home during lockdown. Eloise Marshall KC is instructed in high-profile cases of murder, people trafficking and serious sexual offences; James Bloomer is sought after for his expertise in representing vulnerable defendants charged with serious offences; and Alan Gardner KC prosecutes and defends in cases involving complex fraud, organised crime, murder and serious sexual offences, including large-scale child sexual abuse cases.



An extremely professional and resourceful set of chambers‘.


Chambers director Wayne King runs a tight ship‘.

Adam Chapman is a diligent and highly skilled clerk – always a pleasure to deal with‘.

Adam Chapman always goes above and beyond to try and help‘.

Red Lion Chambers

Red Lion Chambers is 'a top tier and very strong set which stables a great deal of talent that encompasses all areas of crime, fraud and regulatory work', according to instructing solicitors. Simon Spence KC has established expertise in prosecution and defence work, and has noted strength in handling murder, non-fatal serious violence and serious sexual offences cases. At the junior end, Edward Renvoize is 'a highly skilled cross-examiner and very impressive on his feet', and the 'incredibly bright' Jane Oldfield garners praise for her 'phenomenal work ethic' and 'fantastic court manner: on top of all of the papers and the law which engenders trust from judges, juries and all involved'. In recent news, Noel Casey was appointed to the circuit bench in August 2021.



Red Lion Chambers offers a great depth of talented, approachable counsel‘.

There are an impressive and well respected pool of advocates at this set‘.


The clerks, especially the chief clerk Mark Bennett, are a pleasure to deal with. In difficult situations they always find someone to help and the service is prompt, well priced and helpful‘.

Clerks are highly efficient and responsive‘.

Theresa Feeney is incredibly cheerful and friendly‘.

Six Pump Court

Six Pump Court is 'an excellent set' with a notable presence in Kent, where members of the team prosecute and defend in a range of high-profile criminal cases. In the Court of Appeal, Oliver Saxby KC acted for Carl Page, a former subpostmaster who was convicted of fraud as part of the Horizon scandal. Elsewhere, Danny Moore successfully defended a man in a murder case, where it was alleged that the victim identified the defendant as the killer. In a separate case, rising star Emin Kandola prosecuted a woman who was convicted of glassing a professional golfer and Miss England finalist, who was left with vision damage after the attack.



An excellent set‘.


The clerks are always available and responsive, in particular Graham Colloff and Michael Hearn. Outstanding organisational and people skills. Nothing is ever too much trouble‘.

Graham Colloff is an extremely helpful clerk who is happy to help wherever possible‘.

1 Crown Office Row, Brighton

The team at 1 Crown Office Row, Brighton is well known for prosecuting and defending in cases involving serious sexual offences, and is also regularly instructed in cases of murder, manslaughter and drugs conspiracies. In September 2021 Amy Packham , Christopher Prior  and Jonathan Atkinson moved to Lamb Building (Brighton).



Quality and strength-in-depth throughout the set‘.

The set as a whole is extremely efficient, professional and courteous‘.


The clerks at 1 Crown Office Row are extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with‘.

All the clerks at 1 Crown Office Row are approachable, professional and considerate. Stuart Taylor in particular is friendly, conscientious and has a clear willingness to accommodate the needs of those instructing. He often goes above and beyond what is requested. Ben Earle is extremely co-operative and helpful‘.

4th Floor, Queen Elizabeth Building

187 Fleet Street Chambers houses a team of barristers who appear on behalf of the prosecution and defence in cases of large-scale fraud, murder, historic sexual abuse and drugs conspiracies, to name a few areas of instruction. The 'very clever' Emma Nash is regularly instructed in cases of serious sexual offences, and is very experienced in acting for young and vulnerable witnesses and defendants. In September 2020 Sasha Bailey moved to 2 Bedford Row.



Chambers is very proactive and efficient‘.


Good, responsive clerking, particularly from senior clerk John Pyne, who is readily available and very user friendly‘.

John Pyne is excellent. He is accessible, responsive and takes a sensible, commercial approach‘.

Very proactive and customer-focused‘.

John Pyne is one of the best clerks in the industry‘.

Drystone Chambers

Members of Drystone Chambers both prosecute and defend across a wide spectrum of high-profile criminal cases. Karim Khalil KC has established expertise in handling cases of serious fraud, homicide, gross negligence manslaughter and drugs conspiracies, to name a few areas of instruction, while Allison Summers KC acts solely for the defence in cases of serious violence, homicide, rape and other serious sexual offences.