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Legal Market Overview

Thanks to its small dimension and island nature, Malta has managed to escape the same scale of impact of the Covid-19 crisis as some of its European counterparts. The country’s economy has taken a knock however, but is projected to improve at a healthy rate.

Over recent years, Malta has established itself as a ‘Blockchain Island’ thanks to the governments regulations and legislation in the cryptocurrency industry. E-gaming and gambling also continue to be prominent alongside a strong shipping sector thanks to the country’s reputation as the major European flagging jurisdiction.

The country has seen an influx of companies looking to relocate here thanks to its corporate tax schemes, many firms have also noted an increase in countries wanting to set up an EU base in Malta as a result of Brexit.  Malta also attracts a lot of private wealth because of its relatively low tax rates and the “Golden Passport” scheme which allows citizenship through investment.

Fenech & Fenech Advocates, Ganado Advocates, Camilleri Preziosi and Mamo TCV Advocates are key names in the Maltese market.