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Legal Market Overview

The Principality of Liechtenstein is a landlocked microstate, situated in the alps bordering Switzerland and Austria. Similar to its neighbour Switzerland, with which it maintains a customs union, Liechtenstein is well-known as an established hub for financial services with a nimble regulatory landscape that attracts considerable financial business, particularly in the area of trusts and foundations. With a mature legal market and a stable economic and political environment, the Principality is sought out by many high net-worth persons, multi-national businesses and corporations looking for services, such as asset protection.

With Liechtenstein being amongst the very first countries to pass a law regulating the blockchain and cryptocurrency market at the beginning of 2020, it has evolved into a key centre for related financial activities. Many law firms have adapted accordingly and offer a range of services to assist clients with questions concerning distributed ledger technology, including blockchain, and cryptocurrency matters, such as initial coin offerings and security tokens.