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Legal Market Overview

Despite political instability, Kyrgyzstan has recently seen some key international developments including the recent opening of borders between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan with discussions about future prospects for bilateral and inter-parliamentary cooperation between Kuwait and Kyrgyzstan also adding to the increasingly positive outlook.

Furthermore, there have been developments in the oil, gas, and gold mining sectors. While Kyrgyzstan relies on imports for the majority of its energy, there have been attempts to diversify the energy market to make it more independent and sustainable. Hydroelectric projects and the related PPPs also continue to leverage the country’s water assets and mountainous terrain. For gold mining, the Kumtor gold mine accounts for 10% of the country’s GDP.

Kyrgyz firms frequently operate in collaboration with international firms, providing on the ground support for international businesses seeking to expand into the Kyrgyzstan market; key examples include GRATA International and Centil Law, which have operations across the CIS region. The jurisdiction also has some relatively large and well-regarded local firms, including Kalikova & Associates Law Firm, which independently advise local and international companies, primarily on issues relating to hydroelectric, solar, and power projects and construction mandates.