Real estate in Guatemala


Lexincorp stands out for its experience in the financing and development of high-end residential and commercial real estate projects, particularly the construction of condominium and office buildings in Guatemala City. The team also advises its clients, which include leading local real estate developers and investors, on procuring government permits, setting up corporate regimes for the sale of properties, and administrative and tax issues. José Andrés Fuxet, who is praised by clients for his 'knowledge and experience in this area of law', leads the practice alongside Gonzalo Menéndez González, who specialises in the financial and structural planning of developments.


‘José Andrés Fuxet is very accessible and has a lot of knowledge and experience in this area of law.’

Key clients

Terrum Desarrollos

Apartamentos Albatros, S. A.


JICC Representaciones

Doce Guatemala

Work highlights

  • Advising ISJ Capital on building and leasing contracts.
  • Advising Terrum Desarrollos on the structuring of the Acantos de Cayalá project, which involves three apartment buildings and 25 houses, in Guatemala City.
  • Advised Centro de Negocio Spazio on a commercial development, including the acquisition of real estate and negotiation of construction agreements.
  • Advised Apartamentos Albatros on the finance and structuring of a housing development.

Alta QIL+4 Abogados

QIL+4 ABOGADOS, S.A. has established a strong practice in residential real estate projects, particularly at the high end of the market, and has also recently assisted with industrial and commercial developments. Its advice spans the acquisition of real estate, the structuring of projects, and the drafting of agreements between developers and suppliers. The team can also draw on the full-service firm's other practices to assist real estate clients with tax and commercial issues. Practice head Eva Cacacho advises on project development and the sale and lease of properties. She is supported by experienced senior associate Maria Fernanda Ovalle.

Practice head(s):

Eva Cacacho

Key clients

Calidad Inmobiliaria, S.A.

Grupo Onyx, S.A.

C Top, S.A.

PriceSmart, S.A.

Belluno, S.A.

HPB Group

Minera San Rafael, S.A.

Desarrolladora Tetuan, S.A.

Arguelles, S.A.

Latin American Partners

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala


Work highlights

  • Advising Belluno (the operator of the Taco Bell franchise in Guatemala) on long-term lease agreements.
  • Advising C Top on the development of an office and commercial building.
  • Advised Calidad Inmobiliaria on amending the ownership regime of a real estate project to correct the real estate value registered with the municipal authority.
  • Advised Wima on the negotiation and structuring of a real estate project to extend the Plaza Fontabella shopping mall in Guatemala City.

Consortium Legal

Praised for its 'excellent client service', Consortium Legal has experience in residential, commercial and mixed-use real estate developments. The team assists with obtaining regulatory authorisations for real estate projects, the acquisition of land, agreements between developers and contractors, and corporate transactions related to real estate. The team is led by founding partner Alfredo Rodríguez, who specialises in project finance and tax matters, and 'outstanding' senior associate Sandra García de Zedan, who has extensive experience in real estate and infrastructure law.


‘The standout feature of the lawyers is the agility with which they resolve our problems. The real estate business is very dynamic and all kinds of different issues arise; they have expertise in all these areas.’

‘The team provide excellent client service. They are very responsible, and always advise us on the good and bad aspects of a case. They are also prepared to question us, which I think is a very important characteristic.’

‘I think what makes this practice unique is that the team have all the knowledge we as a business need for our real estate matters. They provide rapid answers to our questions and give us the best possible advice to allow us to take the necessary decisions. Their assistance in every matters has been appreciated and valued, as they have demonstrated that they are here to support us and look after our interests. In our experience, Consortium Legal has shown itself to be superior to other firms.’

‘The lawyers in charge of our project have been respectful and conscientious. There is good communication between the parties, and this is reflected in their willingness to resolve our problems, both internal and external. The team understand the urgency and orderliness with which we like to work and they meet all of our requirements, advising us rapidly and efficiently. Among the outstanding partners and associates are Sandra De Zedan and Jaminie Recinos.’

Key clients


Grupo Tarsus

Inversiones Pavalco

Grupo Ubica



Work highlights

  • Advising Inversiones Pavalco on the Legado del Bosque residential project.
  • Advising Milésimo on several developments, including the Aralia II and Senderos del Comendador residential projects.
  • Advised Grupo Ubica on the development of the DiagoSeis office and apartment building.

Sfera Legal

Sfera Legal counts major domestic real estate and leasing companies among its clients; the team is experienced in significant real estate matters, from the acquisition of property to the negotiation of long-term leases to the structuring and registration of condominiums. The team is led by senior associate Alejandro Solares Solares, who specialises in complex real estate transactions and procurement matters, and highly experienced managing partner Ignacio Andrade Aycinena.

Practice head(s):

Alejandro Solares Solares


‘The real estate practice at Sfera Legal sets itself apart through its ability to handle large-scale transactions for big players in the market.’

Key clients

SBA Torres Guatemala, Limitada

Work highlights

  • Advised SBA Torres Guatemala on 20 adverse possession declarations for sites purchased or with long-term leases in eastern and western Guatemala.

A. D. Sosa & Soto

The 'very comprehensive and professional team' at local firm A. D. Sosa & Soto is experienced in the financing and structuring of residential and commercial real estate developments. It is also well versed in urban planning, zoning and construction permits, real estate transactions and condominium regimes. The practice is led by José Javier Soto, who is 'very knowledgeable about the horizontal property regime', and Rodolfo Sosa, who focuses on real estate disputes.

Practice head(s):

José Javier Sosa; Rodolfo Sosa


‘They stand out for their knowledge of many other sectors in the economy and have a professional approach always.’

‘We value the engagement from a principal in our deals and knowing we have the backing of the other principals too.’

‘It is a comprehensive team with the ability and extensive knowledge to guide us along the different paths of a negotiation, always looking after our interests while remaining within the boundaries of the law.’

‘José Javier Sosa is always a step ahead, thinking about how the negotiations could develop and anticipating all the possible issues.’

‘Rita Pérez pays great attention to the most important details. She is well prepared and has broad knowledge of this field of the law.’

‘Aura Cordova has excellent drafting skills and shows attention to detail.’

‘It is a very comprehensive and professional team.’

‘José Javier Sosa is very knowledgeable about the horizontal property regime and has an excellent team.’

Key clients

Advance Business Services

Invergrand, S.A.


Vasanta Building

Unisuper, S.A.

MBMG Corporation

Productos Parafinados, S.A.

M.I.Rent, S.A.

Vertice Corporation

Work highlights

  • Advising Advance Business Services on the condominium and horizontal property regulations for six residential buildings.
  • Advised the Arkadia shopping centre in Guatemala City on the restructuring of its funding.


The Guatemalan member of the Legic alliance in Central America, Alegalis acts for major local and regional developers, advising on the financing of residential, commercial, office and mixed-use projects. The team can also call on the firm's strong litigation department to assist with real estate and construction-related disputes. The practice is led by managing partner Juan Antonio Mazariegos, who specialises in litigation and real estate investment and development, and director Andrés Rodríguez.

Key clients


Capital Buró Developments (CBD)

RV4 – Desarrollos

Amaranto Inmobiliaria



Verde Inmobiliario

Invermo Corp


Iruña Inmobiliario

Work highlights

  • Advised Spectrum on the development of three residential complexes.
  • Advised Calidad Inmobiliaria on the acquisition of land for a development.

Bermejo & Bermejo

'Experienced and knowledgeable' family firm Bermejo & Bermejo regularly advises on the construction and development of real estate projects, as well as the administration of condominiums and management of real estate portfolios. The team is particularly active in advising municipalities throughout Guatemala on zoning regulations, where practice co-head Luis Pedro Bermejo has extensive expertise. Co-head Juan Carlos Bermejo has experience in project finance and real estate transactions.


‘At Bermejo & Bermejo, the team understands all the aspects of real estate matters, as each lawyer has specialist knowledge and a focus in more than one area, which is an advantage when working with them.’

‘Bermejo & Bermejo is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable firms for real estate matters. Its strength is in its experience in real estate matters and negotiations with neighbours.’

‘Juan Carlos Bermejo has a lot of experience in real estate law. He is accessible and skilled in the negotiation and resolution of conflicts.’

‘Juan Carlos, Luis Fernando and Luis Pedro Bermejo have a personal touch as well as being practical and able to analyse situations. They are focused on their respective fields of law, efficient in resolving problems, and stand out for their integrity.’

‘They are very responsible and we are very satisfied.’

‘Luis Pedro, Luis Fernando and Juan Carlos Bermejo have all helped me to resolve issues of every kind, both in relation to permits and licensing and in relation to regulation, allowing us to plan our real estate developments in the best way possible.’

Key clients


Sur Desarrollos

Grupo Holding Inmobiliario

Inversiones NUN

Grupo Solid

Altos de Barberena, S.A

Grid, S.A.

Grupo Printer

Work highlights

  • Advised Grupo Holding Inmobiliario on the structuring of the Adamant building, including the acquisition of land and the structuring of the horizontal property regime.
  • Advised Grupo Sur on the structuring of the Fabra Ciudad Vieja development.