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Legal Market Overview

While Denmark has not escaped the impact of Covid-19 on its legal market, the most active domestic sectors include the maritime, agriculture, chemical, biotechnology, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals industries. The country also has a vibrant, niche renewable energy arena which is growing in prominence, and possesses a strong banking sector.

Noteworthy recent developments which impacted the legal market and the types of work handled by firms include the prevalence of Covid-19-related support schemes, a new financing program for social housing, an update to the Danish Holiday Act, 5G auctions and the subsequent implementation of the 5G network, and a rise in the number of alternative lenders in the market.

With a handful of exceptions, the Danish legal market is dominated by major domestic firms, which generally field full-service practices. Bech-Bruun, Kromann Reumert, Bruun & Hjejle, Gorrissen Federspiel, Moalem Weitemeyer, Plesner, Accura Advokatpartnerselskab, Horten and Lundgrens are key names to note. Elsewhere, Law Firm Poul Schmith maintains a unique position in the jurisdiction; while it has made some inroads into the private sector, the firm still predominantly acts for government institutions and public bodies.