Interview with: Gabriel Zbârcea, Alexandru Cristea (Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații) and Mark Vorsatz (Andersen Global)

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Mr Gabriel Zbârcea, why did you want to become an Andersen Global collaborating firm in Romania? What are the benefits and what do you put on the table?

First of all, we are very proud that Andersen Global chose us as their collaborating firm in Romania. From our side, such collaboration was a natural decision, as we are convinced of the power of Andersen Global’s leadership and worldwide association of member firms. This will give us access to global know-how and breadth, together with cross-border projects and clients. I think this is a perfect addition to our capabilities, as Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații is already recognized for its quality and innovation on the business law market in Romania as proven by the various local and international awards that our law firm has received and also by the top tier rankings of our law firm in all top legal directories. We have a solid team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, as well as a network of certified insolvency and IP professionals. In addition, our Tax division is best placed to provide the required consultancy services in the fiscal area. We are basically a “one stop shop” whereas our clients benefit from integrated legal, tax, insolvency services etc.

Mr Alexandru Cristea, how do you think the local and international tax professional market will be shaped in the near future? How do you think your tax practice will be enhanced by the collaboration with Andersen Global?

I think there are challenging times ahead for the legal and tax markets, both at international and local levels, driven by the economic context and the changing needs of our clients. On the tax side, there are the global directions imposed by the BEPS, anti-avoidance rules and initiatives, envisaged changes in the EU VAT system, just to name a few, which will make the companies to reconsider, more and more, their tax position from a strategic point of view. On the other hand, there is a need to manage the increasing complexity of tax and transfer pricing compliance in a fluid and transparent way, by means of efficient flows and technology. The best positioned service providers will be the ones who can bring a mix of scale (which enables know-how and specialization) and flexibility, being close to their clients. In this context, I think that companies will be more and more attracted to work with independent legal and tax advisors, free from the restrictions imposed to the traditional audit firms. The presence of Andersen Global in the Romanian market will bring all the above.

Mr Mark Vorsatz, what are the roots of Andersen Global and where it is presently standing?

Andersen Global was established as the international entity surrounding the development of a seamless professional services model providing best in class tax and legal services around the world. Andersen Global was formed in 2013 but our connection to the Andersen legacy extends much further. Many of our Partners came from Arthur Andersen and many did not, but we all share the same core values including providing best-in-class, seamless service, transparency, and stewardship.
Currently, the global organization has more than 4,000 professionals worldwide, over 500 global Partners, and a worldwide presence through its member and collaborating firms.

Mr Mark Vorsatz, what are the Andersen values and differentiators in the global legal and tax market?

The integrated services, comprehensive geographic coverage, seamlessness, combined tax and legal services, and common vision and culture through the member and collaborating firms of Andersen Global have been differentiators for us. We are continuing to chip away at the global platform in terms of the number of countries in which we have legal services. Currently we have close to 1200 lawyers globally, 41 countries with legal services and tax in 50. I expect us to continue to make systematic progress.

Mr Vorsatz, what do you look for specifically when selecting a new partner in Europe? How did you finally choose Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii in Romania?

First and foremost, we look for the best quality firm, not necessarily the biggest in size. Additionally, we look for like-mindedness, as well as a common vision. There also needs to be a cultural fit. We felt Tuca was a high-quality firm with an outstanding team, great quality, and a high level of confidence.