Interview with: Freerk Volders, Civil law notary

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Managing partner Freerk Volders explains how the firm is adapting to clients’ changing needs

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Meijburg Legal from your competitors?

The integrated approach of Meijburg Legal and KPMG Meijburg & Co offers the combination of a legal and tax solution, combined with in-house notarial services. We also have access to the strong global network of KPMG International for this. Moreover, the international KPMG Law network guarantees quick access to international legal knowledge and experience.

The provision of all these services under one roof is unique in the Netherlands.

We are part of a Big Four organization, and we work in a multi-disciplinary environment.

  • We have a global presence
  • We focus on the client
  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • We understand the needs of the client and can translate complex legal issues into workable solutions for the client.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

We just started in November 2016, so we are very new on the market. However, the people working with us have years of experience within well-known Dutch law firms, both domestic and international. We are in the process of gaining new clients in the KPMG Meijburg & Co and KPMG international network. Since our initial focus is on setting up a corporate law firm within Meijburg, we expect to grow in the corporate commercial and M&A fields.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

As we are new on the market, we have not changed. We have merely tried to combine the diverse expertise within KPMG, KPMG Meijburg & Co and Meijburg Legal for the benefit of the client.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Technology imposes changes on the way we interact with our clients and in requested services. Part of legal work will in the future be performed by means of software solutions. This will mainly be the case in the implementation of legal advice within structures. However, the human factor must not be underestimated. Technology serves the client, not vice versa.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

We work together in an integrated manner with our Meijburg tax colleagues and by doing so we are one of the few firms in the Netherlands that is efficiently able to implement combined legal and tax advice with the client.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three year’s time?

We will grow substantially, although expansion will be controlled by our fields of expertise. We will most likely expand the finance and regulatory, estate planning and employment services. In three years’ time we will have ‘proof of concept’ for the integrated legal services of Meijburg Legal within KPMG Meijburg & Co. and we will be a known and reputable (corporate) legal advisor.