Interview with: Mr. Mustafa Aksaraylı , Founding Attorney

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What do you see as the main points that differentiate Miran Legal from your competitors?

As Miran Legal, I would like to emphasize that we serve our clients with a quality service concept like all leading law firms. But in today’s world, providing service with a quality service concept is no longer a feature that separates you from your competitors. Because, with the increase of competition in the legal sector day by day, both internationally and nationally, many law offices have adopted the understanding of quality service. For this reason, as Miran Legal, we take care to stand out from our competitors with an original vision, without being bound by stereotypes.

Although 20 years is not a very long time in world history, great changes have occurred in the world in the past 20 years. These changes have led to changes in all of the needs, requirements, financing, working methods and ways of doing business in the business world. In such a short time, many international companies that could not adapt to such rapid change either moved away from their former glory days or went bankrupt. This change process is not over. In fact, it will continue to progress much faster than the process until now. It is not possible for those who have business habits to adapt to this change according to the patterns of the old order. In this context, our most important feature that makes us different is that we attach great importance to the vision of the young generation. As we attach importance to the vision of the young generation, all of our colleagues are representatives of the Y and Z generations. The fact that our colleagues are the representatives of the Y and Z generations puts us ahead of our competitors in producing with a perspective suitable for the needs and problems of our clients and the requirements of the developing world. On the other hand, parallel to the change, speed has become extremely important for the business world. Again, the fact that our young generation representatives are compatible with technological infrastructure and hybrid working model enables us to serve our clients in the fastest time regardless of location and time.

Another feature of us that stands out is the belonging to our clients. Our clients are very important to us. We do not consider our clients only as part of a mutually beneficial business relationship. We see them as one of the Miran Legal family. Therefore, we do not only help them solve the problems that arise. We understand their perspective on their own business and think like our clients, offering new plans and opportunities to further their business. Because Miran Legal is not only a law firm for our clients; it is also a solution partner. From this point of view, it has always caused our relationship with our clients to be very strong.

On the other hand, like most sectors, there is a male-dominated perspective in the legal sector. We think that this point of view should remain in the past century. Because both our experience as a company and researches show that companies and institutions with a high rate of female employment increase their productivity and provide better quality service. As Miran Legal, we believe in the power of women to make a difference in the business world. In this context, 70% of our team consists of our female colleagues. Our rate of female employees is very high even when all sectors are taken into consideration. Although it is surprising to many that we have achieved this, as a company we are proud of this ratio.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

If this question was asked me a year ago my answer would be completely different. But Covid-19 pandemic because of it is unique to everyone it caused unpredictable economic consequences. Some sectors turned this period into profit but some sectors took deficiencies from it.

Since the fields of economics and law are connected to each other by social relations, positive and negative effects in one field directly affect the other field. Therefore, areas that will develop in both areas will be parallel to each other.

The changing needs of people during the pandemic process have increased the speed of development of the mobile technology market, which has developed rapidly in recent years, and has enabled many start-up companies and investors to participate in the sector as well as existing companies. This acceleration of development will continue increasingly and the mobile technology field will find itself among the leading sectors of the economy in the near future. This means that we will work frequently in the upcoming period in areas such as IT law, personal data law, competition law and trademark law which are directly related to the mobile technology industry

On the other hand, another sector that will develop will be the health insurance sector. I anticipate that especially in societies where insurance awareness is not fully established and still regards insurance as a luxury, the Covid-19 pandemic will no longer have the perception of luxury and there will be an awareness that it is a basic necessity. This will add momentum to the insurance industry. In this context, another area where we will find the opportunity to work a lot in the upcoming period will be insurance law.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Because of law industry is one of sub-branch of service industry, customer satisfaction which is one of the issues that a company should give importance to in all service industry, is also valid for our industry. Since we established meetings with current, potential clients and experiences that we gained shows us detailed opinion about what a client expects from a law firm.

If after our detailed researches about client expectations it is necessary to gather them under headlines. These features are: Transparency, predictability, keep informed continuously. After all considerations these 3 main headlines effected our firm’s structure.

Transparency and predictability underpin the trust relationship between firm and the client. That’s why we pay attention transparency and predictability to keep safe both material and legal responsibility relations. For the sake of material transparency, our company is reported to the smallest detail of the expenses on behalf of our clients and reported periodically. This issue is one of the issues that our company is most meticulous.

Besides in the name of predictability, we help our client to take position about possible scenarios by making risk assessment before starting the case or project. This helps our clients be prepared to every scenario and it ensures that they are in an advantageous position compared to their rivals.

It is their right for clients to be informed to the smallest detail about the legal processes related to their business. We respect these rights of clients and within this scope, we send an informative report to the client about every transaction made regardless of the client’s request or demand. This ensures that the client has full knowledge of all the details of his / her business.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

While the extremely fast development of technology affected all sectors, it could not be expected that the law firms would not affect. Of course, the legal sector has also gotten its share from the development of technology. But according to my opinion, when subject comes to catching the technological developments law firms are more conservative than other sectors. But as much as law firms be conservative about technological developments they cannot avoid the effects of technological changings in the attorney profession and law sector. In that point the important thing is which firms integrate themselves in technological developments faster than the others. And that firms integrated faster than the others without doubt always be one step ahead than others.

Our firm, has been established in the last 10 years, when the speed of technological developments has increased and artificial intelligence has started to show itself in more fields. Our establishment in last 10 years and working with lawyers who belongs to generally young generation gives us the advantage of following technological developments very closely and also especially we care about using artificial intelligence in our firm due to these advantages.

In that context, we are using more than one programs that in areas we operate scans both internal and international precedent court decisions, and after scanning programs reports related departments. On the other hand, in the field of receivables follow-up, we use an artificial intelligence program special to our office, which accelerates the collection process and performs enforcement transactions through artificial intelligence. Also, we are using a special artificial intelligence program which is special to our office reports to our clients in the field that they want within particular time. All these programs that we used helps to our lawyers work faster and more efficient. And when the work quality increases the serve quality improves at the same time.

Lastly, I want to cover about Covid-19 pandemic crisis motivated firms about leaving traditional ways and integrate themselves to technological developments. The most important example is online meetings took place of face to face meetings, and online meetings are trending right now. This trend contributes significantly to productivity by saving the long travel hours spent for meetings in sectors like us, where time is extremely precious and almost competing with time. Likewise, our company has increased its efficiency in time management, especially by holding online meetings with our clients abroad.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

I would like to answer this question not based upon particular case, I would like to explain how we create added value based on our firm’s expertise. Our firm’s one of important expertise and our important focus point is “Insurance Law”.

Insurance Law based on disputes came from policies between insurance firms and clients. There are 2 main groups. One is insurance companies other is clients. Insurance companies in general terms have advantage on economic power and lobby than individual clients. These advantages became an issue solving disputes born from policies between company and client, negative way for individual clients.

Many of our clients in disputes born from Insurance Law are people who have had a traffic accident and have been physically and economically damaged as a result of the accident.

We assume the advocacy of our clients, who are at a disadvantage compared to the insurance company due to the reasons mentioned above, and ensure that they obtain their legal rights as soon as possible. We contribute to the establishment of the principles of justice and the rule of law in the society by gaining the rights of the disadvantaged groups and instilling in our clients the idea that they both ensure the partial freedom that they have lost economically and are safe and that the disadvantaged groups can obtain their legal rights.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

In today’s World, when we look at the development processes and internal dynamics of instituonalized and branding firms we can notice a common point. That common point is “stability and corporate memory”. These two features tie each other and one cannot exist if other is absent.

In here “stability” is not meaning “existing for years”. We should understand from stability vision, corporate targets, business mapping and using of human resources in all these areas middle and long way plan and progress according to that plan. That is what we understand from “stability.”

“Corporate memory” is an additional value of stability. As long as the company remains loyal to its medium and long term plans in all fields and continues to progress; after a while, automatic reflexes will develop according to the actions taken within the institution and these reflexes will become a tradition by combining with the right management and knowledge in the next process. Firms that which have corporate memory or other saying traditions apart from its managers a candidate for “timeless” firm.

In law firms all terms explained in beginning are valid. All we know attorney-client relation is based on “trust”. Trust is hard to achieve but easy to lose. People are emotionally and psychologically trust law firms that: “It has been stated that it has been mentioned since its establishment and has a corporate memory”. That shows us how stability important for law firms but not in basic meaning, how I explain above.

We as Miran Legal, aware of the importance of stability and corporate memory for our firm. In that context our firm works with independent and Professional institutions about strategic planning and sustainability. After that studies our firm’s development plans for 3, 5 and 10 years are ready and to achieve that plans our strategic moves are also steady. In that context in our 3 year strategic plan we aim at increase our firm’s recognition in international field and reach  out potential clients in abroad and carrying our firm in the international point.

But our most important strategic plan is our 10 year plans. As you know law firms have work potential in general executive or founder partner’s personal reputation and recognitions capability. With that point of view founder or executive partner if leaves firm that firm loses cases. As Miran Legal in our 10 year strategic plan, to build a structure completely independent from persons. In particular fields that we served not based with personal relations but exist as our corporate identity. When we succeeded first our 3 year and when we fulfill our 10 year strategic plan as Miran Legal we will be timeless corporate company. And we can add our firm in timeless firms.