Monday 25 April

8:15am – Registration

9:10am – Welcome
Welcome from David Burgess, publishing director, The Legal 500.

9:20am – Key issues for 2022 and beyond (Syon 2 and 3)
We look beyond pandemic-related disruption to predict the big trends for the coming months and explore how GCs can navigate a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Kriti Sharma, head of product, legal practice and productivity, Thomson Reuters
Stephen Adams, director, Global Counsel
Simon Croxford, general counsel, investment bank and EMEA, UBS

10:10am – Open session: 10 Transformation Truths for a Smarter Profession (Syon 2 and 3)
10 challenging patterns that result in the improvement, success or failure of legal departments, law firms and individual careers, drawn from over 250 successful consultancy projects and 25 years of legal leadership at Apple, Dell, Tyco & EY during their periods of existential change.

Keynote speaker
Trevor Faure, consultant, Smarter Law Solutions 

11:10am – Coffee break

11:40am – Roundtables and breakout sessions

How to win the talent war (Syon 1)

For general counsel there has never been a more challenging time to hire. Unprecedented demand across the legal services industry, law firm salary wars and the impact of the ‘Great Resignation’ means many in-house legal departments are struggling to attract and retain top talent in one of the most demanding markets in recent history.

In this session we discuss the key recruitment and retention challenges facing GCs, how they can best help their teams to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market, what the talent pool is looking for in a prospective employer and how GCs can shape a compelling employee proposition.

Laura Field, senior director, SSQ

Diversity, equity and inclusion: the role of the GC in moving the dial (Empire Room)

Will reporting mechanisms for D&I help drive change among in-house teams and their firms? We examine some of the most leading initiatives from the US and Europe.

Rachel Pears, inclusion and diversity lead/internal employment counsel, RPC
Kelly Thomson, partner, employment lawyer, RPC
Daniel Winterfeldt, general counsel for EMEA and Asia, Jefferies International Limited

Caroline Withers, director, legal – commercial affairs, Virgin Media O2

Changemakers I: the legal function leading in times of change (Duke Room)

With a context set from Yael Selfin, KPMG Law’s chief economist and advisor of business and government, we look at the opportunities for general counsel to lead the change in how businesses respond to a highly challenging business environment. All businesses, whether large organisations or high growth companies, no-one is immune to ‘feeling the squeeze’.

Having set the scene on the macro factors that businesses are facing into, in the first of a two-part series, we start by exploring an issue that will be high on the agenda for every business – maintaining and improving financial performance. In this session, we help you explore the levers being pulled by business to reduce cost and drive profit, followed by an interactive discussion on where the legal function features.

Yael Selfin, chief economist, KPMG Law
Phil Murden, partner, specialist in value creation, KPMG Law

12:35pm –
Leading with integrity in a volatile environment (Syon 2 and 3)
We are living in times of drastic change and global legal, economic, and political turmoil, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. A focus on the shareholder may drive managers toward profit maximisation, often with limited incentives to include environmental, governance, and social factors into corporate decisions. Crises show the need for human leadership with integrity to realign companies with stakeholders besides the shareholder, including the wider society.

Timo Spitzer, head of legal corporate and investment banking Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Nordic countries, Banco Santander, S.A.
Anna Baubock, editor, The Legal 500 US and Global Green Guide, research director, The Legal 500 Deutschland
Maria Connolly, partner, head of clean energy and real estate, TLT

1:25pm – Lunch

2:30pm – Using AI for automated contract negotiation and legal document processing (Syon 2 and 3)
AI is becoming a must-have for any forward-thinking legal department, helping lawyers to comprehensively understand their contracts and automate legal processes. Join Eleanor Weaver, CEO of Luminance, to find out how AI is now being used across all aspects of the contract lifecycle, from automatically taking a first-pass review of incoming contracts to finding key information in executed contracts and helping to maintain compliance, all while saving valuable time and resources.

Eleanor Weaver, CEO, Luminance
Luke Taylor, subject matter expert, Luminance

3:20pm – Roundtables and breakout sessions

In-house legal reimagined (Syon 1)

Post-pandemic, legal departments are settling into a new way of working, with many shifting to a hybrid environment supplemented by legal technology. During this interactive session, Thomson Reuters moderator James Byrne engages the group in an informal discussion of the current and future environment, around:

  • Legal teams’ current set-up pre- and post-pandemic – what does the new normal look like?
  • Key challenges for 2022
  • LegalTech they have implemented in the past 2 years, and why
  • Future tech roadmap – what’s on the agenda for legal departments for the next 2 years?
  • The impact on the legal team dynamic for 2022 and beyond

James Byrne, manager, solution consulting, Thomson Reuters

AI-powered contract automation: increasing efficiency, maintaining compliance and surfacing opportunity (Empire Room)

Legal process automation is fast becoming a key focus area for in-house legal teams. Join Luminance CEO Eleanor Weaver for a roundtable discussion about how AI can address GCs’ key pain points, from minimising manual processes to ensuring compliance andsaving valuable time and resource. We’ll cover Luminance’s automation of contract templating, negotiation and workflow, minimising the time spent on administration and ensuring that sign-off procedures are adhered to. This session will also show how AI ensures organisational compliance, with Luminance’s AI flexibly adapting to regional laws, economic sanctions, new regulation or even simply ensuring internal standards are maintained. Lastly, join us to learn how AI can help GCs to gain insight quickly and easily into the entirety of their contracts (both pre- and post-execution) to respond to key business questions and maximise business opportunities, all whilst retaining knowledge and building up institutional ‘best practice’ guidelines.

Eleanor Weaver, CEO, Luminance

Macro, micro, me: what impact are big picture trends having on your organisation and role? (Duke Room)

In this roundtable discussion we dig deeper into the effect that post-pandemic and future trends are having on GCs in different industries. How can GCs respond and position themselves and their teams as creative, forward thinking and agile? How are GCs applying lessons from the pandemic in the long run? How can GCs inform and influence their boards on the most important issues?

We’ll ask ‘what’s keeping you awake at night?’ This session will give you the opportunity to share ideas about how you’re navigating issues from hybrid workplace, the reshaping of work practices, and wellbeing, to automation, technology adoption, and developing skills for next generation legal teams. We’ll talk about taking legal to leadership and the legal team’s contribution to purposeful growth.

John Wood, managing partner, TLT
James Touzel, partner, head of future law, TLT
Daniel Lloyd,  partner, digital, TLT

4:10pm – Coffee break

4:30pm – The inside story – learning from a crisis (Syon 2 and 3)
GCs who have been through events that made front-page news reflect on their experiences and consider what they could have differently

Matt Wilson, general counsel, Fremantle
Jeremy Drew, partner, RPC
Chris Macfarlane, VP, regional deputy general counsel (EMEA and APAC), Peloton
David Burgess, publishing director, The Legal 500

5:25pm – End of Monday’s sessions

6:30pm – Meet in lobby

6:45pm – Drinks reception at Syon House

7:30pm – Gala dinner at the Great Conservatory

10:00pm – Gala dinner concludes followed by after party at Hilton Syon Park

Tuesday 26 April

8:15am – Roundtables and breakout sessions

EGC’s ESG Breakfast Meeting

From pandemic to the return of geopolitical instability, recent events have shown that evaluating supply chain resilience is an immediate practical necessity, not a long-term project. In this breakfast meeting we gather together GCs whose work touches on the increasingly complex world of supply chains to discuss what can be done to protect corporate value.

Vanessa Havard-Williams, partner, global head of ESG, Linklaters

9:20am – Opening remarks
Opening remarks from David Burgess, publishing director, The Legal 500

9:30am – A legacy for success – building better team spirit and leadership for the modern company (Syon 2 and 3)
Best-selling author and consultant James Kerr provides our opening keynote drawing on his experience of world-class sporting teams and organisations to explore how to foster a high-performance culture, encourage initiative and adaption and foster a resilience within your team.

Keynote speaker
James Kerr, consultant and author

10:30am – Taking a lead on ESG (Syon 2 and 3)
With businesses under increasing pressure to meet ESG targets, GCs are being called on to identify and mitigate risks across supply chains, align approaches to compliance with global standards, and establish new frameworks for corporate governance. But should they be going further by seeking to influence the conversation around ESG?

Vanessa Havard-Williams, partner, global head of ESG, Linklaters
Paul Watchman, special legal adviser to UNEPFI
Ellie Mulholland, director, Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative
Timo Spitzer, head of legal corporate and investment banking Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Nordic countries, Banco Santander, S.A.

11:20am – Coffee break

11:50am – Roundtables and breakout sessions

Managing a legal function on a shoestring with a team of none (Syon 1)

How can you manage a legal team when you are the legal team? In this session we focus on the pressures, challenges and joys of leading a smaller legal team.

Elisabeth Sullivan, general counsel, Waterstones

Metrics that matter (Empire Room)

This session looks at the data in-house teams have, harnessing that data into a metrics program that drives business and legal performance.

Eyal Iffergan, managing director, legal business advisory, Epiq

Changemakers II: the legal function leading in times of change (Duke Room)

Following an initial recap on Changemakers I, in part II, we shift our focus to a critical component of today’s business environment – responsible business and its role in managing people challenges.  In this session, we cover the key themes impacting the people agenda in business, followed by an interactive discussion on where the legal function can make a difference.

Donna Sharp, partner, KPMG Law

12:40pm – Lunch break

1:40pm – Articulating the value of the legal function (Syon 2 and 3)
What value do GCs provide, and do they know how to communicate that value to business? We explore how GCs can convert good decisions into a value proposition that can be conveyed to others.

Sarah Holford, head of legal and compliance, Scania
Eyal Iffergan, managing director, legal business advisory, Epiq
Ben Shillito, senior legal director, head of digital services, Fujitsu

2:10pm – Transitioning from one sector to another: tips and challenges (Syon 2 and 3)
If ‘speaking the language of business’ is key to a GC’s success then moving into a completely new sector must feel like starting from scratch. But the experience of moving into a new sector can provide valuable lessons in identifying key stakeholders, processes and drivers. In this session our panel of sector-swapping GCs offer lessons on how to manage the transition, and reflect on what it taught them about speaking the language of business.

Terra Potter, general counsel – EMEA/AP and industrial, Hexcel Corporation
Janet McCarthy, chief legal officer, Micro Focus
Nathalie Tidman, editor, Legal Business

3:00pm – Coffee break

3:20pm – Journey mapping (Syon 2 and 3)
This practical session will look at how GCs can use journey mapping to better serve their clients, and with a GC dialling in via Zoom from the US, we will show you how to ‘reverse’ journey map to get more from law firm service.

Yolanda Cartusciello, partner, PP&C Consulting
Peter Mason, former general counsel, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

4:10pm – Closing remarks