Congratulations to all shortlisted set, barristers, teams and clerks.

If you are shortlisted, please use the below images in any communications and remember to use the hashtag #L500Awards

Arbitrator of the year

Doug Jones, Atkin Chambers
Ian Glick QC, One Essex Court
Juliet Blanch, Arbitration Chambers
Sir Bernard Eder, 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
Sir Bernard Rix, Twenty Essex
Veronique Buehrlen QC, Keating Chambers
Zachary Douglas QC, Matrix Chambers

Chambers CEO of the year

Amanda Illing, Gatehouse Chambers
Catherine Calder, Serjeants’ Inn Chambers
David Barnes, Atkin Chambers
Jemma Tagg, Twenty Essex
Joe Wilson, St Philips Chambers
Liz Dux, Littleton Chambers
Lizzy Stewart, 4 New Square
Peter Blair, Quadrant Chambers
Sarah Lancaster, Arbitration Chambers
Tony McDaid, No5 Barristers Chambers
Vincent Denham, 42 Bedford Row
William Mackinlay, South Square

Clerk of the year

Alfie Lee, 25 Bedford Row
Ben Lashmar, 4 Stone Buildings
Ben O’Hanlon, One Essex Court
Faye Stimpson, QEB Hollis Whiteman
Katie Myles, Essex Court Chambers
Luke Carvalho, Brick Court Chambers
Patrick Sarson, Gatehouse Chambers
Tim Madden, 1 King’s Bench Walk

Clerking team of the year

25 Bedford Row
3 Verulam Buildings
5 Stone Buildings
Blackstone Chambers
Fountain Court Chambers
Landmark Chambers
Tanfield Chambers

Junior clerk of the year

Chloe Cousins, Doughty Street Chambers
Ethan Bailey, 5 Stone Buildings
Holly Lay, Falcon Chambers
Jessica Perry, Keating Chambers
Molly Squires, Atkin Chambers
Natalie Bryan, 3PB
Tom Hemmens, QEB Hollis Whiteman
Tommy Eyles, 1GC Family Law

Junior of the year

Claire Harden-Frost, 5 Norwich Street
Edward Ho, Brick Court Chambers
Liisa Lahti, 3 Verulam Buildings
Luke Wygas, 4 Pump Court
Ruth Hosking, Quadrant Chambers
Siddharth Dhar, Essex Court Chambers
Tiran Nersessian, 4 Stone Buildings
Tristan Jones, Blackstone Chambers

Marketing and front of house team of the year

2 Hare Court
3 Verulam Buildings
Atkin Chambers
Keating Chambers
Littleton Chambers
Old Square Chambers
Quadrant Chambers
Serjeants’ Inn Chambers

Pupils team of the year

1 Crown Office Row
1 King’s Bench Walk
12 King’s Bench Walk
3 Verulam Buildings
Radcliffe Chambers
South Square
The 36 Group

Senior clerk of the year

Alex Taylor, Fountain Court Chambers
Ben Heaviside, Mountford Chambers
Darren Burrows, One Essex Court
Gary Oliver, Blackstone Chambers
Jason Housden, Henderson Chambers
John Grimmer, 2 Bedford Row
Lucy Barbet, 11KBW
Mark Bennett, Red Lion Chambers
Michael Goodridge, 5 Norwich Street
Paul Harris, 1GC Family Law
Paul Horsfield, XXIV Old Buildings
Tony Atkins, Pump Court Chambers

Set of the year

2 Hare Court
39 Essex Chambers
4 Stone Buildings
Atkin Chambers
Brick Court Chambers
One Essex Court
Serjeants’ Inn Chambers
Wilberforce Chambers

Set/stable outside London of the year

30 Park Place
Exchange Chambers
Lincoln House Chambers
No5 Barristers Chambers
Parklane Plowden
St John’s Chambers
St Philips Chambers

Silk of the year

Anneliese Day QC, Fountain Court Chambers
Charles Gibson QC, Henderson Chambers
Helen Davies QC, Brick Court Chambers
Hugh Tomlinson QC, Matrix Chambers
Jim Sturman QC, 2 Bedford Row
Orlando Fraser QC, 4 Stone Buildings
Sonia Tolaney QC, One Essex Court

Chancery: Covering The Legal 500 practice areas of Company, Private client: trusts and probate, Partnership, Pensions and Insolvency

Chancery junior of the year

Adam Cloherty, XXIV Old Buildings
Ben Smiley, 4 New Square
Dan McCourt Fritz, Serle Court
Lynton Tucker, New Square Chambers
Rebecca Page, Maitland Chambers
Saul Margo, Outer Temple Chambers
Sophia Rogers, Radcliffe Chambers

Chancery set of the year

4 Stone Buildings
Erskine Chambers
Maitland Chambers
Radcliffe Chambers
Serle Court
South Square
Three Stone
Wilberforce Chambers

Chancery Silk of the year

Catherine Addy QC, Maitland Chambers
Clare Stanley QC, Wilberforce Chambers
Jamie Riley QC, 3 Verulam Buildings
Jonathan Adkin QC, Serle Court
Jonathan Crow QC, 4 Stone Buildings
Peter Arden QC, Erskine Chambers
Richard Wilson QC, Serle Court
Roger Mallalieu QC, 4 New Square

Clinical negligence junior of the year

Cara Guthrie, 1 Crown Office Row
Charlotte Jones, Crown Office Chambers
Heidi Knight, Serjeants’ Inn Chambers
Julian Matthews, 7BR
Richard Cartwright, Devereux Chambers
Richard Grimshaw, No5 Barristers Chambers
Scott Matthewson, 42 Bedford Row
Tejina Mangat, Hailsham Chambers

Clinical negligence set of the year

1 Crown Office Row
2 Temple Gardens
39 Essex Chambers
Hailsham Chambers
Outer Temple Chambers
Serjeants’ Inn Chambers

Clinical negligence silk of the year

Alexander Antelme QC, Crown Office Chambers
Christopher Johnston QC, Serjeants’ Inn Chambers
David Tyack QC, No5 Barristers Chambers
Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC, 1 Crown Office Row
Sarah Vaughan Jones QC , 2 Temple Gardens
Selena Plowden QC, Guildhall Chambers
Simeon Maskrey QC, 7BR

Commercial litigation junior of the year

Benjamin John, Maitland Chambers
Christopher Harrison, 4 Stone Buildings
David Lascelles, Littleton Chambers
Michael Lazarus, 3 Verulam Buildings
Nehali Shah, One Essex Court
Ruth den Besten, Essex Court Chambers
Susannah Jones, Twenty Essex

Commercial litigation set of the year

3 Verulam Buildings
Blackstone Chambers
Enterprise Chambers
Essex Court Chambers
Fountain Court Chambers
One Essex Court
Serle Court

Commercial litigation silk of the year

Alan Gourgey QC, Wilberforce Chambers
Ali Malek QC, 3 Verulam Buildings
Elizabeth Jones QC, Serle Court
Elspeth Talbot Rice QC, XXIV Old Buildings
Justin Fenwick QC, 4 New Square
Nigel Jones QC, Gatehouse Chambers
Richard Coleman QC, Fountain Court Chambers
Stephen Auld QC, One Essex Court

Competition junior of the year

Ben Rayment, Monckton Chambers
Charlotte Thomas , Brick Court Chambers
Christopher Brown , Matrix Chambers
David Bailey , Brick Court Chambers
Nicholas Gibson , Matrix Chambers
Paul Luckhurst, Blackstone Chambers
Sarah Love , Brick Court Chambers

Competition set of the year

Blackstone Chambers
Brick Court Chambers
Matrix Chambers
Monckton Chambers
One Essex Court

Competition silk of the year

Brian Kennelly QC, Blackstone Chambers
Daniel Beard QC , Monckton Chambers
James Flynn QC , Brick Court Chambers
Jon Turner QC , Monckton Chambers
Josh Holmes QC , Monckton Chambers
Marie Demetriou QC , Brick Court Chambers
Sarah Ford QC , Brick Court Chambers

Construction and energy junior of the year

Alexandra Bodnar, Keating Chambers
Anna Laney, Crown Office Chambers
James Bowling , 4 Pump Court
Max Kasriel, Fountain Court Chambers
Michael Wheater , Gatehouse Chambers
Nicholas Collings , Atkin Chambers
Patrick Clarke , Atkin Chambers
Tom Owen , Keating Chambers

Construction and energy set of the year

39 Essex Chambers
4 New Square
4 Pump Court
Atkin Chambers
Gatehouse Chambers
Keating Chambers

Construction and energy silk of the year

Adam Constable, Keating Chambers
David Streatfeild-James QC, Atkin Chambers
Manus McMullan QC, Atkin Chambers
Paul Reed QC, Gatehouse Chambers
Roger Stewart QC, 4 New Square
Sean Brannigan QC, 4 Pump Court
Serena Cheng QC, Atkin Chambers

Corporate crime: Covering The Legal 500 practice areas of: Business and regulatory crime (including global investigations) and Health and safety

Corporate crime junior of the year

Andrew McGee, 2 Bedford Row
Christopher Foulkes, 2 Hare Court
Eleanor Davison, Fountain Court Chambers
Katherine Hardcastle , 6KBW College Hill
Kathryn Arnot Drummond, Cloth Fair Chambers
Mark Balysz, Crown Office Chambers
Nichola Higgins, Matrix Chambers
Oliver Powell, Outer Temple Chambers

Corporate crime set of the year

2 Hare Court
Cloth Fair Chambers
Crown Office Chambers
Fountain Court Chambers
Henderson Chambers
Mountford Chambers
QEB Hollis Whiteman
Red Lion Chambers

Corporate crime silk of the year

Amanda Pinto QC, 33 Chancery Lane
Clare Sibson QC, Cloth Fair Chambers
David Perry QC, 6KBW College Hill
George Carter-Stephenson QC, 25 Bedford Row
Jonathan Laidlaw QC, 2 Hare Court
Prashant Popat QC, Henderson Chambers
Simon Antrobus QC, Crown Office Chambers

Crime and extradition junior of the year

Aisling Byrnes, 25 Bedford Row
Anna Pope, Linenhall Chambers
Carolina Guiloff, 25 Bedford Row
Christopher Martin, 2 Bedford Row
Florence Iveson, Matrix Chambers
Jeffrey Israel, 5KBW
Michael Neofytou, 25 Bedford Row
Natasha Draycott, 5 St Andrews Hill
Philip McGhee, QEB Hollis Whiteman
Ruby Selva, 15NBS

Crime and extradition Set of the year

2 Bedford Row
2 Hare Court
25 Bedford Row
6KBW College Hill
Doughty Street Chambers
Matrix Chambers
Red Lion Chambers
Three Raymond Buildings

Crime and extradition silk of the year

Benjamin Myers QC , Exchange Chambers
Caroline Rees QC, 30 Park Place
Ian Henderson QC, Farringdon Chambers
Kate Bex QC, Red Lion Chambers
Kirsty Brimelow QC, Doughty Street Chambers
Michelle Heeley QC, No5 Barristers Chambers
Oliver Glasgow QC, 2 Hare Court
Paul Mendelle QC, 25 Bedford Row
Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC, 2 Hare Court
Tom Little QC, 5 Norwich Street

Employment junior of the year

Andrew Edge, 11KBW
Craig Rajgopaul, Blackstone Chambers
Dee Masters, Cloisters Chambers
Eleena Misra, Old Square Chambers
Georgina Leadbetter, Littleton Chambers
Jane Russell, Essex Court Chambers
Nathan Roberts, Matrix Chambers
Sophie Belgrove, 11KBW

Employment set of the year

Blackstone Chambers
Cloisters Chambers
Devereux Chambers
Littleton Chambers
Old Square Chambers
Outer Temple Chambers

Employment Silk of the year

Catherine Callaghan QC, Blackstone Chambers
David Reade QC, Littleton Chambers
Karon Monaghan QC, Matrix Chambers
Michael Ford QC, Old Square Chambers
Oliver Segal QC, Old Square Chambers
Paul Epstein QC, Cloisters Chambers
Paul Gilroy QC, Littleton Chambers

Family and child law junior of the year

Amanda Meusz, Garden Court Chambers
Hena Vissian, Senate House Chambers
Jennifer Perrins, 1 King’s Bench Walk
Katharine Ferguson, Fenners Chambers
Malvika Jaganmohan, St Ives Chambers
Mehvish Chaudhry, Harcourt Chambers
Penelope Clapham, 1GC Family Law
Richard Castle, 1 King’s Bench Walk
Sarah Kilvington, 9 St John’s Street

Family and child law set of the year

1 Hare Court
1 King’s Bench Walk
1GC Family Law
29 Bedford Row Chambers
Coram Chambers
Harcourt Chambers
Queen Elizabeth Building

Family and child law silk of the year

Anna McKenna QC, 1 King’s Bench Walk
Brent Molyneux QC, 29 Bedford Row
Charles Hale QC, 4PB
Deborah Bangay QC, 1 Hare Court
Janet Bazley QC, 1GC Family Law
Mark Twomey QC, Coram Chambers
Nigel Dyer QC, 1 Hare Court
Philip Cayford QC, 29 Bedford Row Chambers
Richard Harrison QC, 1 King’s Bench Walk

Financial crime: Covering The Legal 500 practice areas of: Proceeds of crime (POCA) and asset forfeiture and Fraud: crime

Financial Crime junior of the year

Alastair Smith , 2 Bedford Row
Alexander Cook, 4 Stone Buildings
Fiona Jackson, 33 Chancery Lane
James Fletcher, 5 St Andrews Hill
Rhys Meggy, QEB Hollis Whiteman
Tim Forte, 3TG
Tom Payne, Red Lion Chambers

Financial Crime set of the year

2 Bedford Row
2 Hare Court
25 Bedford Row
33 Chancery Lane
5 Paper Buildings
6KBW College Hill
Foundry Chambers
Three Raymond Buildings

Financial Crime silk of the year

Christine Agnew QC, 2 Bedford Row
Helen Malcolm QC, Three Raymond Buildings
Jonathan Fisher QC, Red Lion Chambers
Kennedy Talbot QC, 33 Chancery Lane
Martin Evans QC, 33 Chancery Lane
Narita Bahra QC , 33 Chancery Lane
Nicola Howard QC, 25 Bedford Row

Financial Services and Insurance junior of the year

Caroline McColgan, Crown Office Chambers
Charlotte Eborall, 3 Verulam Buildings
James Purchas, 4 Pump Court
Jason Mansell, QEB Hollis Whiteman
Jocelin Gale, 7KBW
Peter Ratcliffe, 3 Verulam Buildings
Ruth Bala, Gough Square Chambers
Shail Patel, 4 New Square

Financial Services and Insurance set of the year

3 Verulam Buildings
4 New Square
Blackstone Chambers
Brick Court Chambers
Crown Office Chambers
Fountain Court Chambers
Gough Square Chambers

Financial Services and Insurance Silk of the year

Alison Padfield QC, 4 New Square
Andrew Green QC, Blackstone Chambers
Andrew Wales QC, 7KBW
Colin Edelman QC, Devereux Chambers
Gavin Kealey QC, 7KBW
Patricia Robertson QC, Fountain Court Chambers
Sarah Clarke QC, Serjeants’ Inn Chambers
Tom Weitzman QC, 3 Verulam Buildings

Government and third sector: Covering The Legal 500 practice areas of: Charities, Local government (including rating law), Police law (forces and constables), Court of Protection and community care, Public procurement and Education

Government and third sector junior of the year

Cain Ormondroyd, Francis Taylor Building
Francis Hoar, Field Court Chambers
Jonathan Manning, 4-5 Grays Inn Square
Laura Twist, Spire Barristers
Ollie Persey, Garden Court Chambers
Sarah Sackman, Matrix Chambers
Stephen Kosmin, 11KBW

Government and third sector set of the year

39 Essex Chambers
4-5 Grays Inn Square
Blackstone Chambers
Brick Court Chambers
Cornerstone Barristers
Landmark Chambers

Government and third sector Silk of the year

Kelvin Rutledge QC, Cornerstone Barristers
Matthew Feldman QC, Cornerstone Barristers
Monica Carss-Frisk QC, Blackstone Chambers
Peter Oldham QC, 11KBW
Richard Drabble QC, Landmark Chambers
Timothy Straker QC, 4-5 Grays Inn Square
Vikram Sachdeva QC, 39 Essex Chambers

Group Litigation and Consumer junior of the year

Anna Medvinskaia, Gough Square Chambers
Celia Oldham, Henderson Chambers
George McDonald, 4 New Square
Ian Thomas, Six Pump Court
Isabel Barter, 2 Temple Gardens
Kathleen Donnelly, Henderson Chambers
Lee Finch, Gough Square Chambers
Rachel Tandy, Henderson Chambers

Group Litigation and Consumer set of the year

2 Temple Gardens
3 Verulam Buildings
Blackstone Chambers
Crown Office Chambers
Henderson Chambers
Six Pump Court

Group Litigation and Consumer silk of the year

Jonathan Hough QC, 4 New Square
Jonathan Kirk QC, Gough Square Chambers
Leigh-Ann Mulcahy QC, Fountain Court Chambers
Marie Louise Kinsler QC, 2 Temple Gardens
Oliver Campbell QC, Henderson Chambers
Shaheed Fatima QC, Blackstone Chambers
Toby Riley-Smith QC, Henderson Chambers

Intellectual Property junior of the year

Anna Edwards-Stuart, 11 South Square
Isabel Jamal, 8 New Square
Kathryn Pickard, 11 South Square
Miles Copeland, 3 New Square
Richard Davis, Hogarth Chambers
Stuart Baran, 3 New Square

Intellectual Property set of the year

11 South Square
8 New Square
Blackstone Chambers
Hogarth Chambers
One Essex Court
Three New Square

Intellectual Property Silk of the year

Andrew Lykiardopoulos QC, 8 New Square
Charlotte May QC, 8 New Square
Emma Himsworth QC, One Essex Court
Iain Purvis QC, 11 South Square
Lindsay Lane QC, 8 New Square
Michael Silverleaf QC, 11 South Square
Simon Malynicz QC , 3 New Square

International arbitration junior of the year

Belinda McRae, Twenty Essex
Marcos Dracos, One Essex Court
Matthieu Gregoire, 4 New Square
Ravi Aswani, The 36 Group
Sandra Healy, 7KBW
Tariq Baloch, 3 Verulam Buildings
Zahra Al-Rikabi, Brick Court Chambers

International arbitration set of the year

3 Verulam Buildings
4 New Square
Atkin Chambers
Essex Court Chambers
Keating Chambers
One Essex Court
Twenty Essex

International arbitration Silk of the year

Chantal-Aimee Doerries QC, Atkin Chambers
David Thomas QC, Keating Chambers
Harry Matovu QC, Brick Court Chambers
Joe Smouha QC, Essex Court Chambers
Sara Masters QC, Twenty Essex
Toby Landau QC, Chambers of Toby Landau QC

International law junior of the year

Amal Clooney, Doughty Street Chambers
Blinne Ni Ghralaigh, Matrix Chambers
Can Yeginsu, 3 Verulam Buildings
Christopher Staker, 39 Essex Chambers
Kate Parlett, Twenty Essex
Michelle Butler , Matrix Chambers
Sean Aughey, Essex Court Chambers

International law set of the year

3 Verulam Buildings
Blackstone Chambers
Brick Court Chambers
Essex Court Chambers
Matrix Chambers
Monckton Chambers
Twenty Essex

International law silk of the year

Alison Macdonald QC, Essex Court Chambers
Diana Ellis QC, 25 Bedford Row
Jemima Stratford QC, Brick Court Chambers
Sir Daniel Bethlehem KCMG QC, Twenty Essex
Steven Kay QC, 9 Bedford Row
Timothy Otty QC, Blackstone Chambers
Vaughan Lowe QC, Essex Court Chambers

Media and the arts junior of the year

Andrew Bruce, Serle Court
Clara Hamer, 5RB
Cleon Catsambis, 3 Verulam Buildings
David Sherborne, 5RB
Edward Craven, Matrix Chambers
Jordan Holland, 5 Stone Buildings
Michael Hicks, Hogarth Chambers

Media and the arts set of the year

5 Stone Buildings
8 New Square
Blackstone Chambers
Hogarth Chambers
Matrix Chambers

Media and the arts silk of the year

Andrew Norris QC, Hogarth Chambers
Antony White QC, Matrix Chambers
Desmond Browne QC, 5RB
Edmund Cullen QC, Maitland Chambers
Gilead Cooper QC, Wilberforce Chambers
Henry Legge QC, 5 Stone Buildings

Personal injury junior of the year

Anastasia Karseras, 2 Temple Gardens
Bruce Silvester, 5 Norwich Street
Catherine Foster, Crown Office Chambers
Christian Du Cann, 39 Essex Chambers
Ivan Bowley, 12 King’s Bench Walk
Laura Begley, 5 Norwich Street
Philip Davy, Ropewalk Chambers
Shaun Ferris, Crown Office Chambers

Personal injury set of the year

12 King’s Bench Walk
2 Temple Gardens
39 Essex Chambers
5 Norwich Street
Crown Office Chambers
Devereux Chambers
Farrar’s Building
Outer Temple Chambers

Personal injury Silk of the year

Jayne Adams QC, Ropewalk Chambers
Katherine Deal QC , 3 Hare Court
Michael Kent QC, Crown Office Chambers
Michael Rawlinson QC , 12 King’s Bench Walk
Neil Block QC , 39 Essex Chambers
Robert Weir QC, Devereux Chambers
William Audland QC , 12 King’s Bench Walk

Planning and land use: Covering The Legal 500 practice areas of Planning, Licensing and Environment

Planning and land use junior of the year

Christiaan Zwart, 39 Essex Chambers
Gary Grant, Francis Taylor Building
Guy Williams, Landmark Chambers
Mark Beard, Six Pump Court
Saba Naqshbandi, Three Raymond Buildings
Wayne Beglan, Cornerstone Barristers
Zack Simons, Landmark Chambers

Planning and land use set of the year

39 Essex Chambers
Cornerstone Barristers
Francis Taylor Building
Landmark Chambers
Six Pump Court
Three Raymond Buildings

Planning and land use Silk of the year

Christopher Katkowski QC, Kings Chambers
Hereward Phillpot QC, Francis Taylor Building
James Strachan QC, 39 Essex Chambers
John Litton QC, Landmark Chambers
Morag Ellis QC, Francis Taylor Building
Philip Kolvin QC, 11KBW
Russell Harris QC, Landmark Chambers

Professional Disciplinary and Regulatory Law junior of the year

Alan Jenkins, Serjeants’ Inn Chambers
Andrew Colman, 2 Hare Court
Lydia Barnfather, QEB Hollis Whiteman
Mary-Teresa Deignan, Temple Garden Chambers
Peter Mant, 39 Essex Chambers
Rupert Allen, Fountain Court Chambers
Stephen Brassington, 2 Hare Court

Professional Disciplinary and Regulatory Law set of the year

2 Hare Court
39 Essex Chambers
4 New Square
Fountain Court Chambers
Serjeants’ Inn Chambers

Professional Disciplinary and Regulatory Law Silk of the year

Ben Hubble QC, 4 New Square
Gregory Treverton-Jones QC, 39 Essex Chambers
John Beggs QC, Serjeants’ Inn Chambers
Mary O’Rourke QC, Old Square Chambers
Neil Sheldon QC, 1 Crown Office Row
Paul Ozin QC, 23ES
Timothy Dutton QC, Fountain Court Chambers

Professional negligence junior of the year

Carl Troman, 4 New Square
Dan Stacey, Hailsham Chambers
Edward Harrison, Brick Court Chambers
Kate Livesey, 4 Pump Court
Rosa Zaffuto, Chambers of Rosa Zaffuto
Sara Ibrahim, 3 Hare Court
Sophie Shaw, Brick Court Chambers

Professional negligence set of the year

4 New Square
Atkin Chambers
Brick Court Chambers
Crown Office Chambers

Professional negligence silk of the year

Andrew Onslow QC, 3 Verulam Buildings
Fiona Sinclair QC, 4 Pump Court
Jamie Smith QC, 4 New Square
Jonathan Gaisman QC, 7KBW
Michael Pooles QC, Hailsham Chambers
Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC, 7KBW
Thomas Dumont QC, Radcliffe Chambers


Property and housing: Covering The Legal 500 practice areas of Property litigation, Social housing and Agriculture

Property and Housing junior of the year

Emily Windsor , Falcon Chambers
Gary Pryce , New Square Chambers
Jamal Demachkie , Gatehouse Chambers
Justin Bates, Landmark Chambers
Morayo Fagborun Bennett, Gatehouse Chambers
Nicola Muir , Tanfield Chambers
Doughty Street Chambers

Property and Housing set of the year

Cornerstone Barristers
Falcon Chambers
Five Paper
Gatehouse Chambers
Selborne Chambers
Tanfield Chambers
Wilberforce Chambers

Property and Housing silk of the year

Brie Stevens-Hoare QC, Gatehouse Chambers
Guy Fetherstonehaugh QC , Falcon Chambers
Joanne Wicks QC , Wilberforce Chambers
Kerry Bretherton QC , Tanfield Chambers
Mark Warwick QC , Selborne Chambers
Zia Bhaloo QC , Landmark Chambers


Public law: Covering The Legal 500 practice areas of: Administrative law and human rights, Elections, Inquests and inquiries, Police law (claimant) and Immigration (including business immigration)

Public law junior of the year

Brendan McGurk, Monckton Chambers
Christopher Knight, 11KBW
Colin Yeo , Garden Court Chambers
Fiona Murphy, Doughty Street Chambers
Francesca Whitelaw, 5 Essex Court
James Berry , Serjeants’ Inn
Katherine Apps, 39 Essex Chambers
Naina Patel, Blackstone Chambers
Steve Broach, 39 Essex Chambers
Tom Cross, 11KBW

Public law set of the year

39 Essex Chambers
5 Essex Court
Blackstone Chambers
Doughty Street Chambers
Garden Court Chambers
Matrix Chambers
Serjeants’ Inn

Public law silk of the year

Brian Altman QC , 2 Bedford Row
Edward Fitzgerald QC, Doughty Street Chambers
Fiona Barton QC, 5 Essex Court
Helen Mountfield QC, Matrix Chambers
Hugh Davies QC , 3 Raymond Buildings
James Eadie QC, Blackstone Chambers
Raza Husain QC, Matrix Chambers
Samantha Broadfoot QC, Landmark Chambers
Tim Owen QC, Matrix Chambers

Shipping, Commodities, and Aviation junior of the year

Angharad Parry , Twenty Essex
Charles Priday , 7KBW
David Walsh , Essex Court Chambers
Matthew Reeve , Quadrant Chambers
Oliver Caplin , Twenty Essex
Rachel Toney, The 36 Group
Richard Sarll , 7KBW
Tom Bird , Quadrant Chambers

Shipping, Commodities, and Aviation set of the year

Essex Court Chambers
Fountain Court Chambers
Quadrant Chambers
Twenty Essex

Shipping, Commodities, and Aviation Silk of the year

Akhil Shah QC , Fountain Court Chambers
Elizabeth Blackburn QC , The 36 Group
Michael Collett QC, Twenty Essex
Richard Southern QC , 7KBW
Robert Bright QC , 7KBW
Simon Rainey QC , Quadrant Chambers
Steven Berry QC, Essex Court Chambers

Sport junior of the year

Fiona Banks, Monckton Chambers
Kendrah Potts, 4 New Square
Luka Krsljanin, Blackstone Chambers
Lydia Banerjee , Littleton Chambers
Max Baines, Red Lion Chambers
Tom Mountford, Blackstone Chambers
William Clerk, 2 Temple Gardens

Sport set of the year

39 Essex Chambers
4 New Square
Blackstone Chambers
Littleton Chambers
Monckton Chambers

Sport silk of the year

Adam Lewis QC, Blackstone Chambers
Graeme McPherson QC, 4 New Square
John Mehrzad QC, Littleton Chambers
Kate Gallafent QC, Blackstone Chambers
Nick De Marco QC, Blackstone Chambers
Nina Goolamali QC, 39 Essex Chambers
Paul Harris QC, Monckton Chambers

Tax junior of the year

Barbara Belgrano, Pump Court Tax Chambers
Imran Afzal, Field Court Tax Chambers
John Brinsmead-Stockham, 11 New Square
Michael Ripley, 11 New Square
Nikhil Mehta, Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers
Zizhen Yang, Pump Court Tax Chambers

Tax set of the year

11 New Square
Devereux Chambers
Field Court Tax Chambers
Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers
Pump Court Tax Chambers
Temple Tax Chambers

Tax silk of the year

David Goldberg QC, Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers
Felicity Cullen QC, Devereux Chambers
Hui Ling McCarthy QC, 11 New Square
Jonathan Peacock QC, 11 New Square
Kevin Prosser QC, Pump Court Tax Chambers
Melanie Hall QC, Monckton Chambers
Nicola Shaw QC, Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers

Technology and data: Covering The Legal 500 practice areas of IT and telecoms (infrastructure and contracts), Telecoms regulation (renamed) and Data protection

Technology and data junior of the year

Ben Lask , Monckton Chambers
David Glen, 11KBW
David Mitchell, 39 Essex Chambers
Ian Helme, Matrix Chambers
Jonathan Scherbel-Ball, 5RB
Matthew Lavy, 4 Pump Court
Technology and data set of the year 11KBW
4 Pump Court
Blackstone Chambers
Devereux Chambers
Monckton Chambers

Technology and data silk of the year

Anya Proops QC, 11KBW
Catrin Evans QC, Matrix Chambers
Charles Ciumei QC, Essex Court Chambers
Javan Herberg QC, Blackstone Chambers
Lawrence Akka QC, Twenty Essex
Nigel Tozzi QC, 4 Pump Court
Victoria Wakefield QC, Brick Court Chambers