Interview with: Oana Ijdelea, Founding Partner

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Ijdelea Mihailescu is a boutique firm with an increasingly strong reputation for advising on major regulatory issues and infrastructure projects. The firm is especially active in Black Sea oil and gas projects, offering an impressive full service, from initial procurement issues through to later stage contentious matters. The lawyers also have good expertise in mining, renewables and energy trading issues.

What has been your greatest achievement, in a professional and personal capability?

On a professional level, the hard-working team put together over the years at Ijdelea Mihăilescu is one of my greatest achievements. Our team of highly motivated and very bright lawyers has succeeded to tackle with ease complex deals and to deliver quality work and first of their kind accomplishments in a competitive legal market.

From a personal perspective, my greatest achievement is having reached the point of balance between work time and family time, without sparing on quality either way.

What do you do differently from your peers in the industry?

The overall ability to be fit-for-purpose in our client’s projects, providing sound, precise and pragmatic advice and in the same time successfully implementing such advice and delivering the expected results are particular strengths of our firm. In our work, we focus on understanding the technicalities of each assignment and on rendering sensible solutions in straightforward language and manner. I strongly believe that robust and solution-offering legal advice is what actually helps our clients in their decision-making process.

Additionally, we are multidisciplinary and yet complementary team of lawyers driven by dedication, inclusion, teamwork and cooperation, all of these leading to top quality cross practice legal advice.

On another level, we are continuously involved in the process of drafting of primary and secondary legislation in unregulated areas, transposition of EU Directives as well as amending and updating existing legislation.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Enjoy the ride, my little one! You have embarked on a great journey. As for all young and enthusiastic people, advancing in your career one step at the time learning patience and its meaning will be hardest but it will reveal a different dimension of the world once you understand it. Eventually, all good things will happen at the right time!

Can you give me a practical example of how the firm helped a client add value to the business?

Our involvement in the execution of the provided advice has always been a value adding factor to the projects and transactions handled by us. Building on the ability to understand the technical mandatory requirements, challenges and limitations, we were particularly successful in designing a tailored and fit-for-purpose roadmap for first-to-market investments among which we mention: the first fully private onshore gas production facility, one of the first wind farms and the first new offshore gas production project.

Within your sector, what do you think will be the biggest challenge for clients over the next 12 months?

Readjustment and resilience seem to be the 2021 key works. History teaches us that irrespective of the difficulties, the world moves forward. The ability to adjust on the long term to the new businesses models implemented by clients, like the work-from-home regime and to timely deliver the same quality of work will separate the victorious from the rest. The not-so-bad news is that the root cause of the fundamental swifts brought by 2020 affected all of us in a like-wise manner and therefore change (in any direction) will come to pass in the same way.