Green Guide Profile: BSLAW Budapest


Hungarian commercial law firm BSLAW Budapest  has a strong focus on providing clients advice on the energy transition and the development of energy efficiency solutions. Managing partner Robert Szuchy serves as head of the firm’s energy and regulatory practice and contributes to legal knowledge within energy efficiency and regulation, sustainable project development, and environmental protection as the founder of the energy and natural resources LLM programme at the Karoli Gaspar University in Budapest. 

The firm specialises in commercial mandates for the electricity and energy industries, such as advising energy storage equipment manufacturer Infoware on public procurement, regulatory, and contractual matters for their lithium battery production. Another client is GeoMax Projekt, which sought the firm’s comprehensive legal support for the engineering services within a geothermal energy project.

Supporting the development of electro-mobility in Hungary, the firm is advising electric vehicle charging solutions company Smart Charging on investments and regulatory compliance. Also in the e-mobility segment is client and micro-mobility solutions start-up Bodri Elektro-Mobilitás, which seeks to decarbonise urban travel through its electric scooter rental service, with the firm providing advice on investments and data protection regulations. 

A recent energy transition matter is the firm’s advice to retail utilities provider Hungaro Energy on corporate and regulatory matters surrounding the implementation of energy efficiency projects in Hungary’s complex legislative and regulatory environment. The firm also acted for energy brokerage Smart Energy in connection with its energy efficiency services.

Professor Róbert Szuchy Ph.D. | Managing partner

Dr. Róbert Szuchy’ s primary areas of specialisation are in corporate, commercial and energy law.  His experience also includes advising extensively on energy regulatory matters and M&A transactions.  He is a founding partner of Szuchy Law Office – BSLAW Budapest.

In addition to his activities as a commercial practitioner, he is Vice-Rector with  responsibility for educational matters of the Károli Gáspár University in Budapest. He holds a Ph.D. degree and, as Full Professor, he is actively involved in developing the research and development as well as educational and professional aspects of teaching law. He is the author of several books and articles in the fields of business and energy law and he regularly speaks at conferences on energy sector issues, EU-law and regulatory matters, especially in relation to renewables and energy efficiency. He provides advice in Hungarian, English and French.

What type of work do you handle in connection with “green change”?

We are currently acting as consultants on a number of green transformation projects. Examples include transaction advice for an e-mobility service provider; creating a legal contractual environment for the establishment of energy communities; and legal support for energy storage and energy efficiency projects.

Would you like to highlight a particular area of strength?

Legal support for all energy efficiency and smart solutions in the electricity market.

Has your firm implemented any internal best practices?

Yes. We aim to use recycled office supplies exclusively where possible and always choose carbon offset when travelling abroad.

Has your firm joined any external ESG-related projects, networks or initiatives?

Contributing to legal support for university hydrogen research at an international level.

What are your firm’s ESG-related goals?

We aim to become at least 80% carbon neutral in our operations by the end of this year.

Is your firm involved in any relevant pro bono work?

Yes, legal support for energy-poor customers in consumer protection matters.

Is your firm involved in any public outreach or client education?

Regularly organising energy efficiency workshops for clients.

Have there been any recent non-confidential stand-out matters that were particularly innovative, pioneering or complex?

Our law firm has been working on renewable energy and energy efficiency issues since its foundation.

When did ESG, climate change and/or sustainability become an area of focus at your firm?

As soon as the ESG rules were adopted, we started to address these market issues.

What has driven your firm’s involvement in a green transition? (Client demand? Business case? Personal attitudes/beliefs/initiatives?)

Prof. Dr. Róbert Szuchy was the founder of the LLM in Energy and Natural Resources six years ago. We co-founded one of the first Hungarian e-mobility service providers, who have been a client ever since (Smart Charging Ltd.)

We were involved in the legal support of one of the first large energy storage projects already a couple of years ago.