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Litigation is the forte of competition and distribution law boutique Borrel d’Arche, which has an impressive track record of representing clients in large-scale cartel investigations by the FCA and in unfair competition and distribution-related disputes. Notable areas of expertise include agri-food, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and aeronautics. Laurence Borrel-Prat, who has a wealth of experience in antitrust litigation, damages claims, merger control and distribution law, leads the team with Quitterie d’Arche.

Practice head(s):

Laurence Borrel-Prat; Quitterie d’Arche


‘Niche firm, with a tailor-made, expert, high-end service.’

‘Great technical and personal qualities. The fact that Laurence Borrel has both worked in large firms and then as legal director gives this firm an intuitive vision of the client’s expectations, allowing it to meet these expectations as only few firms are able to.’

‘Laurence Borrel shines with her ability to steer the client’s boat through rough waters.’

‘A very professional team that handles intricate matters with concise and tailored advice.’

‘In addition to their skills, Quitterie d’Arche and Laurence Borrel are absolutely trustworthy and very diligent.’

‘Quitterie d’Arche’s commitment is remarkable.’

‘Laurence Borrel and Quitterie d’Arche specialize in distribution, commercial litigation and competition. Excellent interpersonal skills, great spontaneity and serious work characterize the Borrel d’Arche firm.’

‘Quitterie d’Arche has great technical skills. She is very serious and very involved in cases. Laurence Borrel is a very well-known figure in the world of law in Paris, and has great intuition.’

BORREL d’ARCHE Avocats is an independent French law firm dedicated to competition law, distribution law and commercial litigation.

 Founded in 2008 by Laurence Borrel-Prat, the firm has solid expertise in all aspects of litigation related to competition law, distribution law, and commercial negotiation. The firm, composed of five lawyers, represents French and foreign companies involved in any type of activity sector (food, telecom, aeronautics, services, insurance, automotive, etc).

The specificity of the firm lies in its knowledge of the requirements of the business world and its ability to adapt immediately to the needs of its customers by offering a service tailor-made for complex issues.

Restrictive trade practices: The lawyers of the firm intervene at all stages of litigation infringing the principle of free competition. The firm has developed extensive expertise in disputes related to sudden termination of trade relationships and unfair competition: disorganization of a competitor, parasitic behavior, denigration.

Anti-competitive practices: The firm assists its clients in the framework of inquiries carried out both by the French Competition Authority and by the European Commission in Brussels (abuse of dominant position or anticompetitive agreement) and their consequences.

Distribution / contract negotiation: The firm assists its clients in setting up their distribution network, in this context, the lawyers of the firm assist their clients in their annual commercial negotiations.The firm is also very active in negotiating distribution contracts (commercial agent, exclusive distributor, selective distributor, etc.) at both the national and / or international level.

Franchise: The firm assists its clients in setting up their franchise networks and / or in related litigation.

Alternative dispute resolution – arbitration: The firm has developed specific experience in alternative dispute resolution within the framework of CMAP mediation but also within the framework of ICC arbitration.

Department Name Email Telephone
Laurence Borrel-Prat 0033 1 53 63 47 60
Quitterie d'Arche 0033 1 53 63 47 60
Photo Name Position Profile
Laurence Borrel-Prat photo Maitre Laurence Borrel-Prat Partner Lawyer Founder of the law firm BORREL d’ARCHE Non-permanent member of…
Quitterie d'Arche photo Maitre Quitterie d'Arche Partner Lawyer
Partner : 2
Partner : 5
Association des Avocats Pratiquant le Droit de la Concurrence (APDC)
Association Française d'Etude de la Concurrence (AFEC)

TESTIMONIAL: BORREL d’Arche is a leading firm of experts with great technical agility and an exceptional ability to think outside the box to support us in the implementation of our industrial projects.

TESTIMONIAL: BORREL d’Arche is an experience put at the service of the search for innovative solutions.

TESTIMONIAL: Laurence BORREL-PRAT has great professional and human qualities, inherited from her dual role as a lawyer and entrepreneur, which make her a valuable asset in the management of our litigation.

TESTIMONIAL: Laurence BORREL-PRAT’s negotiating skills deserve to be highlighted. The firm offers us tailor-made support, far from standardised solutions.

TESTIMONIAL: The firm has extensive expertise in all aspects of commercial litigation in relation to competition law. The firm assists us in the implementation of our strategy, considering the specific requirements of our business sector.

TESTIMONIAL: The combativeness and technical agility of BORREL d’ARCHE make it one of our preferred partners for the efficient implementation of our projects

TESTIMONIAL: The firm is one of our trusted partners. The responsiveness of the firm’s team deserves to be highlighted.