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  • Q. How do I get login details to send you a submission?

  • Q. How do we access The Legal 500 Portal (submissions site)?

  • Q. Will ConvertNow handle everything in my Chambers submission?

  • Q. How do we get ConvertNow?

  • Q. Do we have to use ConvertNow?

  • Q. What is ConvertNow?

  • Q. We have done a Law Firm Submission for Chambers. Can we send you that instead?

  • Q. Data Protection: is our confidential information safe?

  • Q. Will there be any new practice areas in the upcoming editions?

  • Q. What are panel appointments? What do we insert in that section of the Word template?

  • Q. Do you interview all firms who provide a Law Firm Submission?

  • Q. Can we withdraw a Law Firm Submission?

  • Q. Can we update a Law Firm Submission?

  • Q. If we send you firm and partner profiles, do we also need to send an editorial Law Firm Submission?

  • Q. Can we include one work highlight in submissions for two or more different practice areas?

  • Q. We have a publishable work highlight, but the client’s name is confidential. What do we do?

  • Q. How many work highlights should we include in our Law Firm Submission?

  • Q. How do we send you a Law Firm Submission?

  • Q. Must we use your pre-formatted Word template?

  • Q. Where can we find the Law Firm submissions templates?

  • Q. What is a Law Firm Submission?