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Leading Silks: Child Law (Public And Private)

Elizabeth Isaacs KC - St Ives Chambers She is clever creative and very hard working. Her written work reflects this and her advocacy is thorough and persuasive. Many expect her to be on the high court bench soon. I agree with them.
Sara Lewis KC - St Philips ChambersSara is extremely empathetic and her client care is second to none. Her written work is of a high quality and she is particularly skilful in cross-examining witnesses.
Elizabeth McGrath KC - 3PBElizabeth is able to make clients feel at ease and understood. Clients really feel that their case has been fought.
Vanessa Meachin KC - 3PBVanessa is a stellar advocate with an unerring ability to distill the most complex of cases into an easily digested, straightforward, and persuasive narrative.
Stefano Nuvoloni KCNo5 Barristers' ChambersStefano is a breeze to work with. His communications skills are excellent. He keeps in regular contact with me and my legal assistant and provides clear, easy to follow advice and guidance.
John Vater KC - Harcourt ChambersOne of the best public law children silks in the country. Excellent on the science and medicine in NAI cases who fights hard for parents but is fair and balanced when acting for local authorities.
Aidan Vine KC - Harcourt ChambersAidan is a pleasure to work with. He is kind, patient and took more time than any other barrister I have ever worked with to allow my client to put his statement in his own words. His medical knowledge and understanding of complex issues arising in NAI cases is second to none.

Leading Silks: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Elizabeth McGrath KC - 3PBElizabeth is able to make clients feel at ease and understood. Clients really feel that their case has been fought.
Vanessa Meachin KC - 3PBVanessa is a stellar advocate with an unerring ability to distill the most complex of cases into an easily digested, straightforward, and persuasive narrative.

Leading Juniors: Child Law (Public And Private)

Christopher Adams - St Philips ChambersChris has an incredibly calm manner and is unfazed by any challenge. He is polite, professional and friendly at all times. He is insightful and recognises the challenges and stressors that other opponents face and brings a common-sense approach to the case.
Matthew Brookes-BakerHarcourt ChambersMatthew is very conscientious and will go the extra mile for clients. He is able to put parents at ease which is needed in public law cases. Matthew is well prepared and puts his client’s position to the court in a focused manner.
Timothy Bowe - St Ives ChambersTimothy Bowe is an elegant and persuasive advocate. Often acting for Guardians, he is used to appearing against silks but is not outclassed. He brings a maturity and balance to a case which judges find attractive.
Kristina BrownNo5 Barristers’ Chambers 'Kristina is intelligent and insightful, with exceptional client-care skills and a tremendous determination to succeed.'
Adreeja ChatterjeeNo5 Barristers' ChambersAdreeja is particularly good in cases with a complex international element.
Victoria CliffordNo5 Barristers' ChambersShe is a fearless advocate with a robust approach. She is excellent with clients and solicitors and does not shy away from giving realistic advice.
Michele Friel – No5 Barristers' ChambersShe is an extraordinary individual who not only knows her area of law inside and out, but she is able to advise the clients pragmatically and practically whilst retaining compassion and understanding. She is an exceptional advocate and is meticulously prepared.
Kirsty GallacherNo5 Barristers' ChambersKirsty is very measured in her approached and attentive to the concerns of the client and their needs. Extremely competent and a strong, skilled advocate.
Orla GrantNo5 Barristers' ChambersOrla is an incredibly dedicated, diligent and tenacious barrister. Orla always goes the extra mile for her clients and is not afraid to take on difficult cases.
Tom Harrill - St Ives ChambersTom is an impressive, reassuring, and commanding advocate. He has a meticulous attention to detail and is thoroughly prepared with a confident presence. Authoritative and eminently sensible.
Carolyn Jones - St Philips ChambersIf I was a parent in care proceedings, Carolyn is the barrister I would want. Carolyn is utterly fearless and totally dedicated to the clients.
Matthew Maynard - St Ives Chambers 'He is a silk in the making.'
Hannah Mettam - Senate House ChambersHannah is a magnet for serious public law work in the Midlands. She has the trust of solicitors due to her detailed preparation, astute client care and confident advocacy.
Lianne Murphy - Senate House ChambersLianne has an incredible approach with clients. This is a particularly emotional area of law and the clients often require a sensitive approach whilst others may require a more robust approach due to the issues they need to address. Lianne is able to adapt her approach to each individual client and most of my clients ask for her to continue to represent them at future hearings.
Yolanda Pemberton - St Philips ChambersYolanda is a first rate advocate whose attention to detail is second to none. She brings a calmness to her client's case; a sense that her client is in safe hands and will do all that can be done to achieve the best outcome.
Maria Savvides  – Northampton Chambers 'Maria is an extremely brilliant advocate. She is very knowledgeable on points of law and also very confident which in turn gives the client assurance.'
Kathryn TaylorNo5 Barristers' ChambersExceptionally well-prepared, a fascinating advocate to watch, very calm and persuasive, fearless in court and amongst peers, very approachable.
Christopher Watson - St Philips ChambersChris is always extremely well-prepared to represent clients at meetings and hearings. Underlying this is a thorough understanding of family law, but the more distinguishing quality is the ability to represent clients compellingly and assertively while remaining cordial, calm and reasonable.
Moira Ashton-Walsh - KCH Garden SquareShe is very thorough and engaging. She is very articulate and a highly persuasive advocate who fights fearlessly for her lay client but is also very skilled at negotiation.
Gemma Bowes - St Philips ChambersGemma is a specialist child law barrister. She is compassionate, pragmatic and strategic approach taken, excellent advocacy and forensic preparation in complex public law cases.
Nicholas BrownSt Philips ChambersNick is very thorough, well prepared and a highly effective advocate. His drafting is also exceptional. Highly respected by all of the Judges on the Midlands circuit, as well as in the High Court.
Judy Claxton - St Mary's ChambersJudy is the go-to barrister for complex care proceedings in this part of the country. She is meticulous in her preparation and is a tenacious advocate.
James Cleary - KCH Garden SquareExceptional ability to explain complexities to a client with learning difficulties and who required the use of an intermediary.
Kirstie DantonSt Ives Chambers 'An excellent advocate, who is approachable and handles matters in a calm and collected manner.'
Sara Davis - St Mary's ChambersSara is a very focused, trusted, and tenacious advocate. She adopts a very thorough approach to her cases and prepares well. Great client care skills, empathetic and provides clear straightforward advice.
Aimee Fox3PB Aimee has great empathy with clients, a tremendous advocate and has technical knowledge. That is an amazing combination to have as a barrister and as a result I frequently instruct her to represent my clients.
Claire Howell - St Mary's ChambersClaire approaches clients with care and respect, she is methodical in her preparation and dogged in her aspiration to ensure that her client's have fair representation at final hearing.
Tracy Lakin - St Ives ChambersTracy's preparation for a case is beyond describable. Her grasp of matters and understanding of the law are impeccable. To be able to instruct Ms Lakin is always a honor and she goes above and beyond to assist you as the Instructing Solicitor where she can.
Justine LattimerSt Ives Chambers 'Justine is utterly dedicated to her clients. She has an incisive eye for the key issues of a case, and provides excellent advice in a poised manner.'
Nicola Martin3PBI have nothing but praise for Nicola Martin. She is truly a wonderful barrister. She has helped me with some really tricky cases and she always goes above and beyond what could reasonably be expected from her.
David Payne - St Ives ChambersDavid is such a calm influence on proceedings and is able to grasp a difficult case quickly, even if instructed late. David's advocacy and cross-examination style are the same. I am constantly impressed too with David's written work and his position statements and skeleton arguments are always impressive and persuasive.
James Picken - St Ives ChambersJames is a consummate professional. He is always calm, remaining un-flustered, rational and strategic irrespective of how difficult the case.
Daniel Sheridan - Senate House ChambersDaniel is very clear with clients, ensuring that they understand the evidence and the procedure. He ensures that he has the clients' full instructions and will put the client's position forward before the court in a clear and concise manner.
Rachel Watkins - Senate House ChambersRachel is calm but assertive when dealing with other advocates. She explains legal matters in terms that can be easily understood and her knowledge of the law is excellent.
Stephen Abberley - 3PBIncredible legal knowledge and research ability. Stephen superb detailed and highly persuasive written documents. A thorough and careful advocate with real attention to detail.
Amy Beddis3PBMy clients are happy with the service Amy provides. She is an amazing advocate and a true fighter for my clients.
Poonam Bhari - 3PBPoonam is a brilliant and effective communicator, not just on a professional level with Instructing Solicitors and the other parties but also with the lay clients and any relevant support networks that they have.
Nathalie Bull - 3PBNathalie is extremely pofessional at all times. She is well prepared, highly knowledgable and presents her well reasoned arguments calmly but firmly. She immediately grasps the issues and presents a case plan that can be followed.
Samuel Coe - KCH Garden SquareSam’s attention to detail is second to none. He has a very professional and sympathetic approach with clients and his advocacy is highly skilled. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.
Suzanne Coleclough - 3PBAlways very well prepared to the point she has impressed our, professional, client with her thoroughness.
Mark Cooper - St Ives ChambersMark is adept at grasping big cases quickly. His ability to distil a complex case is impressive and indicative of his intellect.
Lucy Fairclough - Senate House ChambersLucy is excellent at identifying the issues promptly and having a clear vision of how to progress matters. She is robust, but has an excellent manner with clients, inspiring confidence and able to give them clear advice on likely outcomes.
Matthew Fiddy - St Ives ChambersMatthew is an excellent all round barrister with a particular strength in his advocacy and client care skills. I have seen first hand how he explains matters to clients in a careful and thorough manner, whilst being understanding to their needs and worries.
Emma Griffiths3PBExcellent advocate with impeccable preparation. Generous with her time and supportive of vulnerable clients.
Louise Sapstead - KCH Garden SquareLouise is very good with the clients. She is extremely knowledgeable, has a lovely approach and provides clear feedback after hearings in a timely way. She is very accommodating.
Lisa StephensNorthampton Chambers 'Lisa is very passionate about the work she does. Solicitors love the pragmatic approach that she has and it is always to solve matters in the best interest of her client without hostility.'
Stephen Williams - St Mary's ChambersStephen is meticulous in his preparation with an eye for detail. He has a sound grasp of the law but is also pragmatic and sensible in his advice and advocacy. Stephen relates well to lay and professional clients alike.
Stuart Yeung - Senate House ChambersStuart is an excellent advocate who represents his clients with zeal. His experience and knowledge puts both clients and instructing solicitors as ease. Stuart is always well prepared and is able to pick up on the smallest of details that others may miss.

Leading Juniors: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Leisha Bond - St Philips ChambersShe is a great negotiator and a forceful advocate but also relates to her clients and is skilled at putting them at ease.
Stephanie BrownNo5 Barristers' ChambersShe is a powerhouse of perseverance, showing determination to achieve the best possible solution for the client.
Andrew Day - St Ives Chambers 'A first-rate senior junior. He is tactically astute, always planning one step ahead, and clients find his calm approach reassuring. An outstanding advocate; he is tenacious and articulate.'
Michael George - 3PBMichael is a robust negotiator and an excellent advocate and drafts-man, who repeatedly achieves excellent outcomes for clients.
Gareth Jacques - St Mary's ChambersGareth is incredibly committed with a very pleasant and empathetic client manner. Nothing is too much trouble. He works incredibly hard and is not afraid to “think out of the box”.
Katie LangdonNo5 Barristers' ChambersA committed advocate specialising in financial remedy work. A worthy opponent.
Jayne MullenSt Ives Chambers 'A forensically brilliant junior. She is great in court, always thoroughly prepared and provides pragmatic advice.'
Jonathan Nosworthy - St Philips ChambersJonathan combines his incredible intelligence with charm and gravitas making him a first-class operator. He is meticulous in his preparation and polished in his advocacy without being unnecessarily tendentious. Jonathan has it all.
Nigel Page - St Mary's ChambersNigel is very experienced, thorough in preparation and an excellent advocate. He give straightforward advise to clients and is particularly helpful in cases where there are complex business and/or pension issues and in matters where there is considerable wealth.
Nicholas Starks - St Ives ChambersExtremely knowledgeable, able to assimilate complex facts, with a very down to earth manner which clients find reassuring. Nick is able to explain complex legal arguments clearly and simply without talking down to clients.
Juliet Allen - St Philips ChambersBrilliant with clients, sharp and technically excellent in complex matters requiring forensic focus, supportive of team approach, tenacious as required in court. I never hesitate in recommending Juliet for high-value, complex financial matters.
Aimee Fox3PB Aimee has great empathy with clients, a tremendous advocate and has technical knowledge. That is an amazing combination to have as a barrister and as a result I frequently instruct her to represent my clients.
James Picken - St Ives ChambersJames is a consummate professional. He is always calm, remaining un-flustered, rational and strategic irrespective of how difficult the case.
Davinia Riley - St Philips ChambersDavinia’s paperwork is first-class and ahead of time. She establishes an early rapport with clients.
Amy Beddis3PBMy clients are happy with the service Amy provides. She is an amazing advocate and a true fighter for my clients.
Nathalie Bull - 3PBNathalie is extremely pofessional at all times. She is well prepared, highly knowledgable and presents her well reasoned arguments calmly but firmly. She immediately grasps the issues and presents a case plan that can be followed.
Victoria Edmonds - St Philips ChambersVictoria is smart and practical as well as being open to discussion on the correct legal and strategic path to follow.

Rising Stars: Child Law (Public And Private)

Ben Chapman - KCH Garden SquareExtremely good with clients, understands their concerns and ensures they understand even the most complicated of circumstances. Excellent attention to detail in a case.
Rebecca Cross - St Ives ChambersRebecca is pragmatic in her approach, realistic, prepared to argue the client's case strenuously and has a good manner with clients. She's bright and I think is one to watch for the future in terms of financial remedy as she develops her practice area and takes on bigger cases.
Frida Dahlqvist - KCH Garden SquareFrida has a calm, unflappable and approachable manner that is a strength when working with both professional and lay clients. Frida has a keen eye for detail which has been an asset in complex care proceedings cases concerning factitious illness and allegations of sexual abuse.
Naomi Dean – No5 Barristers’ ChambersKind and compassionate towards the clients. Excellent drafting skills. Always well prepared. Approachable. Excellent after care, she will always give advice on the next steps, and a clear note on what happened at a hearing.
William Horwood - St Philips ChambersGrasp of key issues in complex proceedings are excellent.

Family and children law in Regional Bar

No5 Barristers' Chambers

No5 Barristers' Chambers is regarded as a ‘high-quality set of public law family practitioners who are highly skilled and effective’. Covering both public and private children law and financial remedy, the set offers practitioners able to take on some of the more complex cases and disputes. Ashley Wynne heads the practice group, which includes a significant number of juniors who regularly and comfortably deal with complex, high-value cases. The public children law contingent is headed by Lorna Meyer KC, and also includes at silk level Stefano Nuvoloni KC, whose expertise in this area crosses over with Court of Protection matters. Adreeja Chatterjee is also recommended for international child law matters.



‘No 5 Chambers provides an excellent all round service, meeting clients needs across the generations and at every available level of work – from very junior to leading silks.’

‘No 5 has a high-quality set of public law family practitioners who are highly skilled and effective. They have good strength in depth and all counsel I have instructed have been very skilled.’

‘No5 is an excellent set of chambers. The quality of barristers is high and as a consequence barristers from this set are in demand. That said there is often availability at short notice which is helpful for those urgent cases.’


‘The clerks are all extremely helpful and get back to you straight away.’

‘The clerks are always helpful and well organised. They are excellent at juggling diaries to ensure availability wherever possible.’

‘The clerks are excellent and have been particularly helpful in lockdown. Adam Wadley in particular is really helpful.’

St Ives Chambers

St Ives Chambers has a large and powerful presence in the Midlands family law sector, with  a wide range of expertise in public and private child law. Elizabeth Isaacs KC deals with complex child cases and care proceedings, and acts for both local authorities, parents and children. Family finance and divorce focussed members of chambers regularly work with across all values of cases: head of group Jayne Mullen regularly works for high net-worth individuals in matrimonial finance alongside colleagues Nicholas Starks and James Picken, who in addition has a private law children practice which includes cross-border cases. Jeremy Weston QC, as was, is now a Circuit Judge.



‘St Ives Chambers is my go to set, rightly acknowledged for the quality of its family barristers. Their annual public law children conference was the highlight of the CPD calendar pre-pandemic.’

‘St. Ives are always my first call and they are always on hand to assist. The breadth of their experiences is impressive and a number of their juniors are essentially silks which is always useful to have. ‘

‘St Ives Chambers have become my go to chambers in Birmingham. Real strength in depth for family finance and children cases.’


‘Excellent service clerks always approachable and if you are told they will get back to you they do.’

‘David Walters offers a service like no other clerk, is so attentive and regarded very highly.’

‘The clerks are friendly and accommodating and will make every effort to find you someone suitable for your case. The relaxed atmosphere belies the hard work and effort that goes into providing an excellent service for instructing solicitors.’

St Philips Chambers

St Philips Chambers’ family law practice group is split between the children team and the financial remedies team and continues to offer ‘excellent options in terms of barristers for all areas of family law’. The financial remedy team is regularly instructed in cases concerning pension arrangements, personal assets, and company assets both domestically and internationally. Juliet Allen  and Davinia Riley  have particular experience acting in cases involving large asset portfolios. In matters regarding children, members are involved in sensitive cases concerning disputes over children’s quality of life, neglect, and child death. Nicholas Brown is regularly instructed in care proceedings, representing local authorities, parents and children. William Horwood  continues to build his rising star status acting unled in cases involving allegations of extremely serious child abuse. In August 2022 Jack Redmond was appointed to the circuit bench.



‘St Philips have some stand out counsel involved in some weighty complex matters. There is a reason why they produce so many barristers who go on to become judges!’

‘St Philips Chambers has an outstanding family team. It is the one of the largest family teams and has extensive depth and lots of immensely talented advocates.’

‘St Philips have an excellent public law family set, with highly experienced and respected counsel across the board, mixed with skilled juniors. ‘


‘The clerking team is superb, led very well by the vastly experienced Mark Mansell with outstanding junior clerks in Kelly Fullwood and Anthony Burgess who are efficient, effective and very helpful. They have an excellent manner and provide an excellent service.’

‘The clerks are always helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble.’

‘The clerks at St Phiilips endeavour to ensure that you are offered counsel with the appropriate seniority for a case. They also ensure that you are happy with the service provided and offer a good level of client care.’

Harcourt Chambers

As a set, Harcourt Chambers is home to a number of practitioners well-versed in the intricacies of care cases involving complex medical issues and allegations of serious harm to babies and children. Among the set's silks John Vater KC and Aidan Vine KC have had recent instructions involving child deaths, complex head injuries, and sensitive cases with challenging medical evidence. Alex Forbes  regularly deals with cases involving parental alienation both in the UK and internationally, while Matthew Brookes-Baker is regularly instructed in cases relating to serious sexual abuse and parents with significant learning disabilities.



‘Chambers are very user friendly in terms of being arranging counsel and dealing with any problems/queries which may arise.’


‘The clerks are great and extremely efficient. All correspondence was dealt with in a prompt, courteous manner.’

Senate House Chambers

Joint heads of Northampton's Senate House Chambers, Lianne Murphy and Michelle Christie lead a group of ‘well-respected’ specialists able to advise and represent local authorities, parents, guardians, and children in complex and sensitive care proceedings. Daniel Sheridan and Rachel Watkins recent instructions have involved serious non-accidental injuries and sexual and psychological harm to children in several complex and unusual cases. Samantha Reddington continues to act on behalf of children, parents, guardians, and local authorities in cases involving allegations of sexual abuse, among others.



‘Senate Chambers are a well respected chambers in the area that we work in.’

‘Members of Senate House Chambers are my go-to Chambers when I am looking to instruct counsel on Children Act matters.’

‘I have instructed barristers from this set for a number of years and they have always been very knowledgeable and experienced.


‘Chambers are brilliant. Elaine Christie is a brilliant clerk and will do her absolute best to accommodate finding you counsel.’

‘The clerks will try and assist in finding suitable barristers for each matter. They are respectful and will do their upmost to assist.’

‘All of the clerks are always very helpful and are very quick at responding to any queries that may be raised. They will also go above and beyond to try and accommodate any last minute requests.’

St Mary's Chambers

St Mary's Chambers are considered by many as a ‘first choice’ for cases involving matrimonial finances, cohabitation matters and private child law. Leading juniors Nigel Page and Gareth Jacques represent high-net worth and high-profile individuals, including in cases related to agricultural estates. The children law team is regularly instructed by local authorities, parents, and guardians, with recent instructions including cases involving forced marriage and female genital mutilation. Judy Claxton and Sara Davis recently both acted for local authorities in cases involved in allegations and findings of serious sexual abuse and trafficking of children.



‘I have found St Mary’s to be a set of chambers that is approachable with counsel taking pride with their work and also taking the time to discuss cases in detail.’

‘St Mary’s is a strong set of family counsel with a good breadth of expertise and experience.’

‘St Mary’s Chambers are in my view a Chambers that are excelling within the family sector. Clerks and counsel alike are accommodating and excel in the quality of advocates that they are able to provide.’


‘The clerks at St Mary’s are incredibly helpful. Their practice manager Scott Baldwin, is very proactive and very accommodating.’

‘The clerking service is outstanding. SMFLC’s approach to the new working remote regime under the ‘lockdown’ was impressive.’

‘Head clerk Kamla Chall-Bange provides excellent and swift response to all enquiries.’


3PB ’s family and child offering has a strong group of counsel, covering both the full range of matrimonial work as well as complex public and private law child work, including cases involving the most severe allegations of abuse. Elizabeth McGrath KC’s recent instructions include parental alienation and cross-border private law issues. while group head Vanessa Meachin KC also has a balanced child and financial remedy practice, frequently acting for individuals with large asset portfolios and in cases where there are accusations of harm. Aimee Fox has a specialised and praised niche practice of disability-related children disputes, with recent instructions featuring cross-border elements.



‘3PB is a spectacular set of chambers with so much strength and depth.’

‘Very good set for family law, with some very experienced counsel. A number of training programmes have been provided and these are always very engaging and informative.’

‘The set exudes calm, personable professionalism. Second to none training and CPD programs for solicitors.’


‘The clerks are always keen to work within client’s budgets whilst ensuring the client maintains an excellent level of service. ‘

‘Extremely good service from the clerks and especially Ian Charlton there who is always there to assist and discuss cases to find the right counsel for the job.’

‘Superb customer care and going the extra mile to support my clients. Very responsive, friendly, and helpful.’

KCH Garden Square

KCH Garden Square is one of the largest chambers in the East Midlands with a strong family and child contingent. Moira Ashton-Walsh regularly represents parents in a wide range of child law cases, including ones regarding international relocations. Zoe Henry is also a name to note, developing a specialism in cases involving parents with personality disorders, learning difficulties and mental health conditions. In September 2021 Karen Kabweru-Namulemu moved to 1GC.



‘Chambers are always efficient and professional. They will always do whatever they can to assist us in securing representation for clients, even at very short notice.’

‘The chambers are very highly recommended as they are easy to contact and response accordingly. If counsel is booked and they are part heard, chambers will ensure that instructing solicitors are contacted with alternate counsel.’


‘The service is exceptional and the clerks are very efficient. Most notably, Stuart Walker, has been of great assistance on a number of cases, finding counsel at late notice and liaising well with us.’

‘KCH have very efficient clerks, they offer a good service.’