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Legal Market Overview

Kenya has suffered from political instability and disappointing economic performance, leading to a slowdown in foreign investment and a series of corporate failures. The nation faced a constitutional crisis in 2017 with the courts overturning a general election due to allegations of corruption and voting manipulation. Droughts have also significantly impacted its crucial agricultural sector. The difficult environment has not been kind to the legal sector, but law firms have demonstrated robustness in the face of tough challenges and many have chosen to look beyond Kenya for roles elsewhere. In this regard, Anjarwalla & Khanna is ahead of the market through its Africa Legal Network and its especially close association with ATZ Law Chambers in Dar es Salaam. Bowmans too works closely with colleagues in Dar es Salaam and Kampala, and benefits from the African firepower and extensive resources of Bowmans in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Moreover, Bowmans expanded its international expertise with the hire of Stephen Matthews, the former head of banking at Allen & Overy LLP in Moscow. He is one of a number of top international lawyers that have decided to practice in Kenya, where the legal regime is based on English law.