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Legal Market Overview

Jordan’s economy has plateaued in recent years due to a combination of geopolitical issues within the region, notably the Syrian crisis, and a government-imposed austerity regime. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has only added to the kingdom’s macroeconomic uncertainty. Nevertheless, those law firms with strong international clientbases stayed relatively busy. Jordan remains an attractive regional hub for several multinationals, thanks in part to the country’s political stability. The high quality of Jordan’s top commercial lawyers is also a major asset. There is something of a Jordanian legal diaspora spread throughout the Gulf region, and those lawyers operating out of Amman have strong international links, often having served time at major global law firms. Several multinational firms have significant offices in Jordan, including Al Tamimi & Company, Safwan Moubaydeen Law Firm in association with Dentons, and Sanad Law Group in association with Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP. They are up against a cadre of impressive independent local firms, including Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates & Legal Consultants, Khalifeh & Partners Lawyers, and International Business Legal Associates (IBLAW) . Another top ranked firm, Obeidat & Freihat, split in 2020, with the Obeidat side now operating as Obeidat Lawyers, and the Freihat side more focused on dispute resolution.