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Legal Market Overview

Burundi’s political situation remains volatile following the 2015 crisis, which saw President Pierre Nkurunziza win a controversial third term, despite laws limiting Burundian presidents to two five-year terms. Out of a population of ten million, it is estimated that around 1,700 people have been killed, and approximately 400,000 people displaced, since the crisis began.

The recent turmoil has seen economic growth stagnate. Burundi finally recorded a sizeable 1.6% upturn in GDP during 2018 but the next set of elections, scheduled for May 2020, are expected to hamper its fragile recovery. Despite Nkurunziza originally announcing that he would not run for a fourth term in 2020, a referendum in 2018 amended the constitution, paving the way for him to run for two more terms.

Burundi houses a compact but robust legal market, which is comprised of tightly organised firms with relatively flat structures to insulate against market shocks. The two most sophisticated players in the market are Mabushi Chambers and Rubeya & Co – Advocates, where lawyers regularly handle a diverse portfolio of work.