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Getting the Deal Through: e-Commerce Law in Belgium

September 2009 - Finance. Legal Developments by ALTIUS (in cooperation with Tiberghien).

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The attitude of the Belgian government can be described as positive and their approach is proactive. In 2003, the Belgian authorities announced the introduction of  Ľe-government ľ. The most important initiatives were the introduction of electronic identity cards (e-ID) for all Belgian citizens over 12, and the federal government ľs information web-portal. The e-ID cards are smart cards that can be used by Belgian citizens to electronically identify themselves and authenticate their identities. The e-ID cards are also equipped with electronic-signature software, an attempt by the government to encourage e-commerce. Recently the Belgian government launched the site where Belgian citizens can sign documents electronically using their e-ID and check the validity of electronic signatures on documents they receive. By the end of 2009 every Belgian citizen living in Belgium should have an e-ID. Therefore the Belgian government will shortly launch a site containing all e-ID applications on government level. In 2009, the Belgian government also started issuing kids-e-IDs for children younger then 12, that, among others uses, can be used for chatting safely on the internet.

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First published in Getting The Deal Through -- e-Commerce in Belgium 2010 - Gerrit Vandendriessche


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