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Bill to ban smoking introduced

May 2007 - Employment. Legal Developments by Norrbom Vinding Law Firm, member of ius laboris.

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The Danish Government and a number of the political parties represented in the Danish Parliament agreed in late 2006 to ban smoking in Danish workplaces and the resultant Bill was recently introduced.


The Bill proposes to ban smoking in indoor workplaces, public as well as private, with the following exceptions:

1. Smoking will be permitted in rooms in which only one person is working at any one time and where others are not exposed to passive smoking. An example of such rooms would be a one-person office or a truck driver's cab.

2. Smoking will be permitted in designated areas (smoking cabins or rooms) which may not serve as a passageway or be used by staff in their daily work such as photocopying or storage rooms.

Stricter rules will apply to certain workplaces such as schools and institutions for under-16s, where smoking will also be banned outdoors. In private-home day-care facilities, smoking will be banned in the daytime and the children's rooms must be strictly non-smoking.

The Bill proposes to impose an obligation on all employers to produce a written smoking policy and distribute it to all employees. The smoking policy must specify whether and, if so, where smoking is permitted and the consequences of non-compliance. The employer will be responsible for enforcing the rules and any non-compliance will be punishable by a fine.

If enacted, the Bill will take effect from 15 August 2007.

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