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The first Russian full service law firm to open office in Helsinki

May 2014 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by Capital Legal Services.

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Capital Legal Services has announced the opening of its Office in Helsinki, and it will be the first Russian full service law firm to do so. The Helsinki office is a logical next step for Capital Legal Services, which regularly assists major Finnish companies doing business in Russia. The team has vast experience in trans-border projects and is focused on increasing support of the companies coming into Russia from Finland.


Vladislav Zabrodin, Managing Partner of Capital Legal Services, commented: "This is an exciting moment for us. Finland is a key market and an important area for growth. We pride ourselves on innovation and are delighted to be the first ones on the ground. We are driven by the idea of becoming closer to our clients and help them to be successful on the Russian market. Russia is not considered to be a simple market but we strongly believe that this experience can be very successful and this is confirmed by the experience of our existing clients. We also believe that this international integration will be beneficial for all countries and parties involved."

Eero Mörä has joined Capital Legal Services as Partner Specialist in Helsinki Office. Mr. Mörä has extensive experience as an in-house counsel for a major Finnish corporation and Chairman of the Finnish Industrial Lawyers Association.

Eero Mörä commented: "The mission of Capital Legal Service is to build a bridge over the troubled border between Russia and Finland and to open new horizons for the Finnish companies that are still hesitant to cross it. Helsinki office shall provide significant level of comfort for Finnish enterprises coming over the border. I am really proud to be able to work together with very talented, motivated and goal oriented lawyers of Capital Legal Services."